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Create personalized Google Maps that save you time and energy.
Learn the 3 easy steps to make your travels easy and breezy.

Why Should You Build A Customized Map?

Nobody likes to waste money, time, nor energy. The customized maps are designed to get you places without the hassle. They're easy to set up, and easier to use!

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See more places in the same time

It's been proven that customized maps increase the amount of activities you can do in one day. The visual elements make your travels smooth.

Avoid headaches trying to find directions

Looking things up on Google, then on Google Maps, and trying to find the fastest route takes effort. Why would you waste your energy when you can have everything ready?

Discover hidden gems

Getting guidance from the  'Opinions Websites' can misguide you into basic places. The ebook will show you how to find reputable sources for the best spots, anywhere.

Try the best local food

Don't just settle for the one restaurant everyone is talking about in popular forums. Find the best locations, and create an itinerary that guarantees you get to try it all!


What they say

"Simple and to the point. The ebook does exactly what it says!"

Mikayla Harris - Photographer

"This is SO GOOD! I use to lose my mind going back and forth between Google and my map. Now I have everything in one place. Thank you!!!"

Anna Morgan - Blogger

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Is Google Maps customizable?

Yes! Actually, maps are extremely customizable. On Google My Maps you can change regular pins to customized icons with a variety of colors. If you want to add your own symbol that is not already there, you can also upload your own design! You can even add a description to go along with the pin, as well as photos for reference.

Can you add custom icons to Google Maps?

Google Maps does not allow you to do customizable icons. However, Google My Maps allows you to customize your icons, which is why that is what we use to create customized Google Maps for different cities.

Can I plot multiple addresses on Google Maps?

Absolutely! That‘s the beauty of creating customized Google Maps. You can add establishments, as well as coordinates to your map.

How do I create a Google Map with multiple locations?

If you’d like to create a customized Google Map with multiple locations, you can simply add each location one by one. If you’d like to have the same location in two categories, you can add it once to each layer. This way it will pop up with different icons, if you are hiding sections.

Can you add anything to Google Maps?

Google Maps is limited to saving a location, but Google My Maps allows you to add locations, as well as photos to your customized Google maps.

How do I add a picture to Google Maps?

In order to add a picture to Google Maps you need to click on the pin, and then click on the small camera icon in the bottom right corner. You can also add several photos!

Why do i need a customized Google Map?

Traveling can be as stressful as joyful. Looking up all the main highlights of a city takes time and energy. To help you avoid this, we did the work for you, gathering all the most relevant spots you need to see.

PLUS we added a few 'hidden gems' that regular travel sites don't usually include.

Which devices does the Customized Google Map work on?

The map can be accessed on any device that supports Google Maps. We suggest downloading the app to your phone, so that you can always easily access it.

How This Book Can Help You

Easy To Follow

The book takes you step by step, so you don't feel overwhelmed with the info.

Features of pins

Visual Guidelines

The book is packed with images to help you better understand everything. No need to be a tech savvy.

Google results for travel blogs

Practical Examples

You will see exactly what to do and what to avoid, so your roadmap to success is smooth.

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