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How to Travel to Suriname From Guyana

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Traveling through the Guyanas isn't the most common or easiest of trips, but it's really something we recommend! Originally we had a problem finding reliable information to travel to Suriname from Guyana, so that's why we're here to help!

We originally did  the trip from Guyana to Suriname, and so on, because we were looking for a cheap way to get down to Argentina from New York. We looked on Skyscanner for the cheapest place to fly to in South America, and stumbled upon Guyana!

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For just $200, we had gone half the distance, and figured we'd have an adventure on the way! Suriname was our favorite country of the three, and we were so glad that we made it there. Flights to Suriname are pretty expensive, so going by land was the way to go. Being that there isn't much info out there, it seemed that it would be pretty tricky,

Although it is not the fastest or easiest way to travel, we are so happy that we did this! For one, it was quite the adventure, and gave us many stories to tell. And another bonus, now we can share our knowledge with those who want to do the same! Here is all you need to know when to travel to Suriname from Guyana.

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Travel to Suriname from Guyana: Before You Go

First things first- there are many countries that need visas to travel to Suriname. It's important to know if you need one beforehand, so that you can make sure that you don't hit any bumps along the road.  Here is the list of countries who need a visa for Suriname.

The Visa Process

The visa costs $45 (with a $15 convenience fee) and is easily obtainable online. Make sure to apply for your visa a few days before traveling, as it could take a few days to process.

When applying for the visa, you must put the exact date that you plan on traveling, because if the date is different, you could be denied entry. The visa must be done online as of the beginning of 2020. Even if you go to an embassy in person, they will redirect you to the website.

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Travel to Suriname from Guyana: The Journey

travel to Suriname from Guyana

When it comes to the travel to Suriname from Guyana, you will need to plan for it to be pretty much your whole day, and to make sure that you start early. Because of this (and due to the hours of customs), all of the vans plan to pick you up at your hotel very early.

The Van to the Border

The van told us to be ready for 3:00, as they do all of their pickups between 3 and 4 am. They came to pick us up at 3:30, and we picked up one more person, getting on the road for 3:40.

transportation Guyana to Suriname

This is the service we used to travel to Suriname from Guyana.

The road was pretty straight, and passed through some interesting places. Stay awake to see some really unusual town names, and a lot of colorful houses on stilts. We found that the towns on the way to the border were much cleaner, with better architecture, so we really enjoyed the ride.

Arrival at the Border

We arrived at the border at 7 am, to a line of cars all waiting for the ferry. The ferry wasn't for a couple of hours, so we were very confused as to why we had to come so early. They explained that it was due to the line for the ferry, but we think that the companies do this so that they can get back to Georgetown earlier.

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When we booked, they told us everything was included, which was a lie. When we got there we found out that we had to pay separately for the ferry, and no one includes this fee, but this is good to keep in mind. Your transportation for the rest of the journey however, will be waiting for you on the other side of the Surinamese border. 

travel to Suriname from Guyana by ferry

The ferry dock at the border can take a while due to the cars and customs.

Customs and the Ferry

Once you pay your driver, it is time to get in line for customs. You will also purchase your ferry ticket, and then sit in the waiting area. The ferry is supposed to come at 9, but everyone knows that this never happens. We ended up boarding the ferry at 9:35, and left at 9:50.

The ferry is double decker, with cars on the bottoms, and an open top. The ride is just a half hour, and is pretty pleasant.

ferry Guyana to Suriname

The ferry to travel to Suriname from Guyana has an area for cars and an open deck.

Arrival into Suriname

Upon arrival into Suriname, keep in mind that there is a one hour time difference, and the country is an hour ahead of Guyana. We arrived into Suriname at 11:20 am, and finished going through customs at 11:45. Don't stress, as the van will be waiting on the other side, and won't leave until the whole group is accounted for.

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travel to Suriname from Guyana Pin
travel to Suriname from Guyana Pin
travel to Suriname from Guyana Pin

Upon arrival, you will see everyone frantically rushing to the building of customs so that they can beat the crowds. We were at the front, so we got through rather quickly, but we ended up waiting in the van for just under 40 minutes, due to the others being well behind us.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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The Ride from the Border to Paramaribo

While waiting, make sure you get some food, as you will still have a few hours ahead of you, and the kiosks at the border have some seriously good food for great prices! The ride was about 3 1/2 hours, and depending on traffic usually ranges from 3-4 hours. The driver will bring you to where you are staying, as long as it is within the center.

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Yay! You've arrived in Paramaribo! Look at our guide below for all the great things you can do in this awesome city. Definitely stay for a few days to enjoy the capital, and the lush rainforest that this country has to offer. 

Travel to Suriname from Guyana: Time & Price Breakdown

3:00 am Ready for Pickup

3:40 am Left Georgetown, Guyana

7:00 am Arrival at Guyanese border- paid transportation of both vans $40

(customs + purchasing ferry ticket) $15

9:50 am Departure of Ferry

11:20 am (10:20 am Guyana time) Arrival into Suriname

11:45 am Finished with Customs

(lunch at the border while waiting) $6

12:25 pm Left Surinamese border

4:00 pm Arrival into Paramaribo

Total Time Spent: 12 hours

Total Money Spent: $55 transportation & $6 lunch

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The travel to Suriname from Guyana is very time consuming, but it is definitely an adventure. Going by land instead of air had really saved us a lot of money, and we learned a lot along the way. We hope that this can help you while planning your travels through the Guyanas!

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