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What to Do in Bucharest for the Perfect Trip

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Are you wondering what to do in Bucharest, Romania? This city has a ton to offer from delicious brunch spots to some of the world's best thermal baths. While many cities in Eastern Europe can't quite compare to cities like Barcelona or Rome, there is plenty of beauty to be explored, and reasons for visiting Bucharest.

The capital of Romania is home to some really cool attractions, as well as plenty of history and culture. We started and finished our three month Eastern European tour here, so got to experience quite a bit, as well as learn the best things to do in Bucharest, what to eat, and how to best get around.

In this article we are going to share everything there is to know for visiting this city for the first time, and what to do in Bucharest for both locals and tourists alike. Let's dive right in!

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Where is Bucharest in Romania?

Bucharest is located in the south of Romania, close to the border of Bulgaria. Located inland, it is about 220 kilometers from the coast of the Black Sea. Romania is located in Eastern Europe, north of Bulgaria, east of Serbia and Hungary, south of Ukraine, and west of Moldova.

Where is Bucharest

Bucharest is located in the south of Romania.

How to Get to Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is a pretty well connected city to the rest of Romania, as well as the surrounding countries. Here are the different options for visiting Bucharest.

Flying into Bucharest

Bucharest has an international airport that is located just 20 minutes north of the city center. Domestic cities that fly directly to Bucharest include Baia Mare, Cluj Napoca, Iasi, Oradea, Satu Mare, Suceava, and Timisoara.

Other European cities that fly direct to Bucharest include Alghero, Alicante,  Amsterdam, Antalya, Athens, Barcelona, Bari, Beauvais, Belgrade,  Billund, Birmingham, Bologna, Brussels, Budapest, Castellon, Chisinau, Copenhagen, Dortmund, Dublin, Dusseldorf, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Genoa, Istanbul, Liverpool, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Mallorca, Malta, Marseille, Milan Bergamo & Malpensa, Munich, Naples, Nice, Nuremberg, Oslo, Paris,  Pescara, Rome, Santander, Sevilla, Sofia, Stockholm, Stuttgart, Thessaloniki, Torino, Treviso, Warsaw, Valencia, Vienna, and Zurich.

Other international cities that operate to Bucharest include Dubai, Doha, Hurghada, and Tel Aviv.

Flight Tip: Using Skyscanner you can check the calendar to see which are the cheapest dates for flying to Bucharest.

Search for a flight to Bucharest:

Taking the Train to Bucharest

Another great option to get to Bucharest is by train. The main station is right in the center, and connects to many different domestic and international destinations. We used the train to get from Bucharest to Budapest, and had an overnight route. We suggest  upgrading to having bed for long journeys, and to make sure to bring plenty of food and drinks, as our train did not have a cafe or restaurant onboard.

It's also important to buy your tickets in advance, as there is limited seating, and prices tend to get more expensive when getting them the last minute.

Driving to Bucharest

When we did our three month road trip through the Balkans we actually decided to rent a car in Bucharest, starting and finishing our road trip there. We found that driving through the Balkans and Carpathians was pretty seamless, and crossing borders never gave us any issues or took too long. So if you are planning on visiting from a nearby country, it could definitely be worth it to drive, especially as you can explore plenty of great spots  along the way.

Other Options for Visiting Bucharest

If you're not keen on renting a car, and also can't find a super cheap flight or train ticket to Bucharest, then there are other options! One of them is to take a bus. This is definitely the most affordable way to travel in Eastern Europe, and there are plenty of bus routes that connect to Bucharest from the surrounding major cities.

Another great option for visiting Bucharest is to take a Bla Bla Car. This is a popular carpooling app that is used widely throughout Europe. It's great because you can search for your route and see which drivers are doing the trip, and at which times. Often times Bla Bla Car is even cheaper than taking a bus, is more comfortable, and can be a fun opportunity to make a friend along the way. Additionally, you're helping someone pay for the gas used on their trip- win win!

Want to prebook a bus to Bucharest? Here are a few options:

flying into Bucharest

Bucharest has plenty of flights around Europe, and the airport is just 20 km from the center.

Entry Requirements for Romania

When it comes to traveling somewhere new, it's important to make sure you know the requirements of entry. Here's all you need to know for visiting Romania.

Visa Requirements for Romania

For traveling in Europe, it can get pretty tricky with the Schengen Zone, European Union, Etc. Luckily Romania falls outside the Schengen Zone, so it's a great place to visit if you've already expired your time in the other European countries. Many countries can enter Romania visa free for up to 90 days, the majority being from the Americas and Europe. There are however some countries that need to obtain a visa to enter Romania, if they don't have a Schengen Visa. Most of these are countries in Africa and Asia, and the full list can be found on the official website.

Covid Entry Requirements for Romania

Luckily Covid is now a thing of the past in most European countries, and you no longer need a Covid test or vaccination card to enter Romania. Masks are now also no longer mandatory in public areas like they were when we visited in May.

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Local Adjustments for Bucharest, Romania

Whenever you travel there are things that you may forget about, that could be different from the place you are coming from. Here are a few of the local adjustments to have in mind while traveling to Bucharest, Romania.

Language in Bucharest

The official language in Bucharest is Romanian. Unlike the nearby Balkan countries, this is the only country in Eastern Europe that has a Latin-based language. 

Romanian has a lot of similarities with languages such as Spanish and Italian. So if you speak one of these then you'll probably be able to pick up a bit of Romanian, as well as understand the basics of signs and menus.

Do They Speak English in Bucharest?

There are plenty of people in Bucharest that do speak English, but if you are from a country that speaks one of the latin-based languages then you may want to try to communicate in your own language over English.

What is the Best Currency to Use in Bucharest?

The currency used in Romania is the Lei. Currently (April 2023) 1 USD or 1 Euro is equal to about 4.5 Romanian Lei. 

Do I Need Cash in Bucharest?

In Bucharest you can use credit card for most restaurants, and many hotels. However, we do suggest taking out some cash at an ATM for smaller mom and pop shops, tipping, street vendors, and if you're staying at a budget hostel.

What Adapter Do I Need for Bucharest?

Romania uses the same plug types as the rest of Europe, which are types C & F. The standard voltage in Romania is 230 V and a standard frequency of 50 Hz. If you are from the US, make sure to buy an energy converter to ensure your electronics can safely be plugged in there.

Is the Tap Water in Romania Drinkable?

The tap water in Bucharest is not completely safe to drink, and it is advised to drink bottled water. Many restaurants will give you bottled water when you order water, as this is typical throughout most of Europe. I personally still drank tap water without any problem, but my local friends did say it's better not to do so.

Romanian Tipping Culture

The tipping culture in Romania varies depending on the service. We suggest tipping 10% on meals for standard service, and a bit more for great service. This is because servers don't make high salaries, and tipping is very typical in restaurants. Services such as salons we suggest 10-15%, and taxis and hotel staff you can leave 5-10 lei to appreciate their service.

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Things to Do in Bucharest, Romania

Now is the fun part- what to do in Bucharest on your trip! This city can be explored within a few days, but has plenty to offer. Here are the best things to do in Bucharest, Romania.

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What to Do in Bucharest Pin
What to Do in Bucharest Pin
What to Do in Bucharest Pin

Roam the Old Town

One of the things that we love about traveling in Europe is that the majority of cities have a blend of modern and old. The old town in Bucharest is small and quaint. We suggest spending some time to simply wander the cobblestone streets and admire the beautiful architecture of the buildings, interact with locals, and check out the shops and restaurants.

Old Town in Bucharest, things to do in Bucharest
Old Town in Bucharest, things to do in Bucharest
Old Town in Bucharest, things to do in Bucharest

The Old Town is the most fun area of Bucharest to explore.

Want to do a tour around the city of Bucharest? Here are a few options:

Admire the Stunning Architecture

While you're exploring the old town, you'll notice there is some amazing architecture. But there are so many gorgeous buildings scattered around Romania's capital to see! Grab a scooter or put on your walking shoes and simply scope out the beautiful buildings around you.

architecture in Bucharest, things to do in Bucharest
architecture in Bucharest, things to do in Bucharest
architecture in Bucharest, things to do in Bucharest

Bucharest has such beautiful architecture to discover.

Check Out the CEC Palace

Another cool building to check out in Bucharest is the CEC Palace, which is so beautiful that you can even find couples taking wedding pictures there!

CEC Palace, things to do in Bucharest

The CEC Palace is right in the heart of the old town.

Visit the Palace of the Parliament

Also known as the people's house, The Palace of the Parliament is the seat of the Romanian Parliament. It is actually known to be the heaviest building in the world, weighing a little more than 4 billion kg! Not only that, but it is the second biggest office building in the world after the Pentagon.

This massive building is definitely one of the things to do in Bucharest when it comes to sightseeing. The grand structure can be appreciated from down a long road with fountains and gardens in the middle.

People's Parliament, what to do in Bucharest

The People's Parliament weighs more than 4 billion kg!

Check Out the Romanian Athenaeum

Wondering what to do in Bucharest for culture and art? Well, the Romanian Athenaeum is a gorgeous theater and concert hall in the center of the city that we highly recommend visiting. It's beautiful both inside and out, and truly a pleasure for those that love photography. Also, if you get the chance make sure to check out what shows are playing during your stay!

Romanian Atheneaum, what to do in Bucharest
Romanian Atheneaum, what to do in Bucharest
Romanian Atheneaum, what to do in Bucharest

The Romanian Atheneaum is stunning inside and out.

Visit the National Theater

If you're looking for a fun and local activity, then make sure to check out one of the shows at the Theater. Not only do they have plenty of great shows, but the interior is just gorgeous!

National Theater, what to do in Bucharest
National Theater, what to do in Bucharest

The National Theater is so beautiful inside.

Bonus: The National Theater Statue

Another thing we loved about coming to the national theater is the fun statue located right outside of it!

National Theater, what to do in Bucharest

The statue outside the national theater is super fun.

Stop by Stavropoleos Monastery Church

Right in the heart of the old town is a beautiful monastery that you can check out. With detailed architecture and a quaint garden area, this place is definitely worth popping in for a few minutes.

Stavropoleos Monastery, what to do in Bucharest
Stavropoleos Monastery, what to do in Bucharest
Stavropoleos Monastery, what to do in Bucharest

This is one of the top spots to check out in the old town of Bucharest..

Admire the Arcul de Triumf

When people think of the Arc of Triumph, they automatically think of Paris. But did you know that there is also one that is almost identical in Romania? Right in the north of the city center you can find this beautiful monument, making you really feel like you've teleported to Paris!

Arc de Triumf, what to do in Bucharest

Explore King Mihai Park

While you're checking out the Arcul de Triumf, you can also explore the great park right next to it. King Mihai park is a great place to enjoy open green spaces as well as the Japanese gardens inside. This isn't a huge highlight, so we wouldn't include this for what to do in Bucharest as far as main attractions. However, if you want a relaxing day you can have a nice picnic here.

Another great thing that you can do is take the ferry around the lake, or dine on the lake. It is super cheap, and rides last about an hour giving you beautiful views of the entire park.

King Mahai Park, things to do in Bucharest
King Mahai Park, things to do in Bucharest
King Mahai Park, things to do in Bucharest

The ferry gives you great views of the entire park.

Watch the Bucharest Fountain Show

Located between Alba Iulia Square and Constitution Square is a huge area of 44 beautiful fountains. If you happen to be traveling to Bucharest between the months May and October, you can witness the magical show that is held. Every weekend there are dancing water displays which have music, lights & 3D projections.

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Check Out the Beautiful Bookstore Cărturești Carusel

Right in the heart of Bucharest is one of the most beautiful book stores you'll ever see. With winding white staircases and a well-lit two story building, this place is definitely worth popping in for a quick browse.

Cărturești Carusel, what to do in Bucharest
Cărturești Carusel, what to do in Bucharest

This beautiful bookstore is located in the heart of the old town.

Revolution Square 

Want to learn about some intense Romanian History? Well, Revolution Square is one of the most historically significant spots in the country. Formerly known as Palace Square, this is where Romanians would gather to listen to Ceaușescu's speeches, until it became a place of revolution. This building is where Ceaușescu and his wife fled via helicopter on December 22nd, 1989 (the day I was born!).

Revolution Square, things to do in Bucharest

This is one of the most historically significant buildings in Romania.

Meander Through the "Pasajuls"

Pasajul actually refers to small streets, but there are a few that are definitely worth taking a walk down. Another thing that we noticed is that there are a couple that are "indoor passageways" which have bars and restaurants lined up inside. Here are some of the Pasajuls to check out.

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Pasajul Victoria

If you're looking for what to do in Bucharest for great photo spots, then this is definitely one for the Instagram. This adorable street has colorful umbrellas covering it, making it great to take a stroll down.

Umbrella street, what to do in Bucharest

Pasajul Victoria îs full of colorful umbrellas.

Pasajul Englez

This is another of the pasajuls to check out if you're into photography. Just one street over from Pasajul Victoria, this grungy alley is complemented by its high arched window ceiling above it.

Pasajul Wilacross-Macca

This is one of the unique pasajuls that we mentioned that has bars inside. Pasajul Wilacross-Macca connects two streets with an indoor area that hosts a number of bars, specifically hookah spots. Crowded and loud, this is a fun way to soak up some of the city vibes of Bucharest.

Pasajul Macca-Villacrosse, what to do in Bucharest
Pasajul Macca-Villacrosse, what to do in Bucharest
Pasajul Macca-Villacrosse, what to do in Bucharest

These indoor passageways have restaurants and bars tucked inside them.

Take a Day Trip to Transylvania

Some of the best things to do in Romania are just outside the city of Bucharest. Transylvania is a short ride away from the capital, and is home to gorgeous castles and quaint towns. There are plenty of tours that you can take to see the highlights on a day trip. Here are a few different ones that you can choose from:

Relax at Therme Bucharest

We saved the best for last for things to do in Bucharest, because we are seriously obsessed with this place.

Therme Bucharest may just be one of the best spas in the world. It is so much more than just some saunas and baths. It is a full experience, and you could easily spend an entire day there. 

Cinema at Therme, what to do in Bucharest, Romania
Therme di Bucaresti, things to do in Bucharest
Therme di Bucaresti, things to do in Bucharest

There are so many great activities at Terme di Bucarest.

This complex has everything from giant pools with revolving doors, to whirlpools, infrared light beds, hydromassage beds, and even a waterpark! There are one 40 activities that go all day long with special seminars and experiences by experts, as well as themed saunas- one of them even being a movie theater! A full beach club and various eateries are two other things that make Therme Bucharest a place you easily spend days at.

This insanely awesome spot is equipped to entertain all ages, and is extremely affordable. Unlike many spas around the world, this is somewhere where all budgets can enjoy, and escape the busyness of Bucharest city.

Termi di Bucarest, what to do in Bucharest

Moving Around Bucharest, Romania

Now let's check out what to do in Bucharest for transportation. We actually rented our car in Bucharest at the end of our stay, so we got to experience all different types of transportation throughout the city. Here are the different options for getting around.

Public Transportation in Bucharest

Bucharest has plenty of trolleybuses and trams that can take you around the city for extremely cheap, as well as 4 metro lines. They run from 5 am to 11 pm, and tickets need to be purchased by loading a transportation card. The two different types are the Multipu and Activ cards, which can be purchased at RATB kiosks at many stations and bus stops.

Private Transportation in Bucharest

If you want to get around a bit faster, you can either call a taxi, or get a Bolt, which is a popular app used for ride sharing (like Uber). Another option is grabbing a scooter. This is personally one of our favorites, as it's a fun way to get around and explore places that aren't necessarily walking distance.

transportation in Bucharest

There are plenty of options for public transportation in Bucharest.

Renting a Car in Bucharest

For our three month road trip we rented our car in Bucharest, and had an amazing experience! While you don't necessarily need a car for everywhere in Bucharest, it is definitely helpful having one to go from one end of the city to another, and definitely for reaching all of the amazing day trip locations that the area has to offer.

Rent a car in Bucharest:

Local Food & Drink in Bucharest

One of the best parts of traveling somewhere new is trying out the cuisine. Being that Bucharest is the capital, it also has quite a few unique spots to eat. We're here to share both our favorite spots to eat, and some must try dishes for when you are visiting Bucharest, Romania.

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Our Favorite Restaurants in Bucharest

When it comes to food in the Carpathians, some of our best meals were in Bucharest, especially the brunch options! Here are some of our favorite restaurants in the city.

What to Do in Bucharest for Dinner

Restaurant Hanu lui Manuc

If you're going to try one restaurant in Bucharest, then please let this be it. It's located right in the heart of the city, has delicious Romanian food, and an authentic vibe. Everything from the service to the live music will make you fall in love with your dining experience, and it is definitely one of the best things to do in Bucharest when it comes to culinary experiences.

Caru' cu Bere

This is another great option for dinner in the Old Town. It's a bit on the pricier side, but we definitely think this restaurant lives up to its expectations. The food is incredibly fresh and authentic, and the place is just stunning. We definitely recommend getting a reservation in advance, as it is extremely popular by both tourists and locals.

Il Peccato

Il Peccato is another great restaurant in the center of Bucharest. Serving up fresh fish and Italian cuisine, we think that all-round this the perfect dinner spot. With delicious dishes, great service, and fair prices, you can't go wrong by making a reservation at Il Peccato.

What to Do in Bucharest for Brunch


Frudisiac was one of our go to spots for breakfast in Bucharest. It is small, but has a large table across the cafe that allows everyone to sit together, making it have a great social atmosphere. The breakfast options are simply delicious, and they even are flexible with letting you customize your meal.


Fior di Latte

This may just be one of the fanciest places we've ever had breakfast. With a stunning dining room, every detail at this place will make you feel bad and boujie. Their menu is on a tablet, and one thing looks and sounds better than the next. Fior di Latte also serves lunch and dinner, but we didn't get a chance to get back there. It is a bit of a pricey establishment, so we suggest saving this for one of your "splurge meals".

Maison des Crepes

This place is everything crepes. From delicious savory crepes with eggs or steak, to layered crepe cakes, there isn't anything here that did not blow our mind at Maison des Crepes. The service was incredible, and the place adorable, making it a must for crepe-lovers.

Note: We recently saw that our Google Review shows the place no longer exists. We don't know if this is just a problem with Google, or if the restaurant went out of business. However, we do suggest checking, as it is definitely worth a visit!

Grand Cafe Van Gogh

Now this is one that we were very hesitant on recommending. When we first walked in, we just loved how beautiful this cafe is, decorated from top to bottom in paintings. Unfortunately, feeling like you're in an art gallery is really the only perk to visiting here. The service was amongst the worst we've ever had, and was only staffed by foreigners with zero interest in being there. The food took ages, the waiters were careless, lazy, and uninterested, and the food came out cold. 

That being said, the place is beautiful, so if you are the very first to get there in the morning, it may be worth checking out. However, if you're visiting mid-late morning you'll only find long waits and a huge waste of your time.

Cafe Van Gogh, restaurants in Bucharest
Cafe Van Gogh, restaurants in Bucharest
Cafe Van Gogh, restaurants in Bucharest

While the service isn't great, this cafe is super beautiful.

What to Do in Bucharest for Lunch 

While many of the spots we've already mentioned can also be visited for lunch, we decided to leave these are two of our favorite lunch spots.

Bistro Acuarela

This restaurant is not open for breakfast, but has a nice menu for lunch. The reason we like it for this meal is because the outdoor venue is so quirky and cute, and the menu is simple but tasty. Bistro Acuarela is a great place for digital nomads to go to have a nice workspace while grabbing a bite to eat.

Bistro Acuarela, restaurants in Bucharest
Bistro Acuarela, restaurants in Bucharest
Bistro Acuarela, restaurants in Bucharest

Bistro Acuarela is the perfect spot for lunch.

Brewery H

Another awesome options for where to eat in Bucharest for lunch is Brewery H. This place is enormous, and has a ton of different events held here to enjoy. Brewery H has a variety of food options, live music, and both indoor and outdoor seating.

Barakia, where to eat in Bucharest
Barakia, where to eat in Bucharest

Brewery H has plenty of different food options, live music, and both indoor and outdoor seating.

What is Traditional Food in Bucharest? Must-Try Romanian Dishes

Now that you know what to do in Bucharest for restaurant choices, we're going to share some of the local cuisine to try. This cuisine is quite hearty, and has a lot of sour cream, cheese, and meats. Here are some of the must try Romanian dishes to have while in Bucharest.


Sarmale (Cabbage Rolls)

Sarmale is one of the most popular Romanian dishes. Boiled cabbage is filled with meat and then made into rolls. This popular item can be found as an appetizer, side, or main dish.


This is another super popular item that you'll find throughout Romania. Mici is minced meat that are formed into the shape of sausages. They are seasoned heavily, and are full of flavor.


This is hands down my favorite Romanian dish, and is perfect for chilly days. Ciorba is a hearty soup, and there are several different versions. My personal favorite is the veal, but there is also tripe, pork, and plenty of other meats to choose from. Ciorba is traditionally served with bread and a huge chili pepper, creating a bit of more unique culinary experience.


Mamaliga is essentially polenta. This is a very popular side dish in Romania, and is often served with different types of meat, and accompanied by sour cream.


Ready for one of the most typical desserts in Romania? Papanasi is a fried dough made of cottage cheese and semolina flour. It is topped off by sour cream and jam, and is definitely something you'll want to try while in Romania.

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Where to Stay in Bucharest

Our favorite area to stay in Bucharest is the Old Town, as this is where the majority of the best things to do in Bucharest are located. Another great area is Primăverii. This is perfect for those that want a more luxury stay. This is the more upscale area of the city, which has fine dining and boutique shopping.

Want to book a place in the Old Town? Simply refer to the map below:

Looking to stay in Primăverii? Just check the map for the different accommodation options:

Is Bucharest Safe?

We heard a lot of bad things when it came to safety in Eastern Europe, and are so happy to say that most of those things were not true at all, especially in Romania

Is it Safe to Walk Around Bucharest at Night?

We really found Bucharest to be a very safe city, and didn't have any issues walking around solo or at night. Of course being a capital city you'll always want to pay attention to your belongings, as pickpocketing can be common anywhere with high populations.

Other Things to Know About Visiting Bucharest, Romania

Now that you know what to do in Bucharest, how to get around, and the best way to get there, let's discuss some final details! Here are a few other things to know about visiting the capital of Romania.

What is the Best Month to Visit Bucharest?

We personally think that the end of spring and beginning of fall is the best time to visit Bucharest for perfect weather. We went in early May and it was still pretty chilly at night, but June is definitely a great month to visit, as well as September, when the heat isn't as intense. If you plan on visiting the beautiful nature outside of Bucharest, these are also great months as they aren't quite peak season, but all the snow on the mountains will have melted.

Weather & Packing for a Trip to Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest experiences all 4 seasons, so it gets very hot in the summer, and very cold in the winter. Depending on the time of year will of course depend on how you should pack for you trip. We definitely suggest having layers, as even in May it was cold at night.

No matter what time you plan on visiting though, make sure to bring a bathing suit! The thermal baths are definitely something you won't want to miss out on, and can be appreciated all year round.

Packing List for Bucharest, Romania

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There are so many great things to do in Bucharest, Romania, making it a great place to spend a few days. While many locals will say that Bucharest is their least favorite part of the country, we definitely think it deserves a day for exploring the city, and a full day for the baths. It also makes for a great place to rent a car and explore more that this underrated country has to offer!

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