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17 Things to Do in Morocco to Add to Your Bucket List

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Morocco is a dreamy place with more to explore than you could even imagine. This country isn't just one big desert. Between the bustling cities to a variety of landscapes, we've made a list of the 17 best things to do in Morocco.

Jump into the culture and immerse yourself in all that Morocco has to offer. Shoppers, beach bums, and adventurers alike flock to the diverse cities that lie just south of Europe.

So let's dive right in and check out these 17 best things to do in Morocco.

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Best Things to Do in Morocco #1: Get Lost in the Medinas

If you want to get the true feel of this North African country, than the first places that you need to explore are the medinas.

What is a Medina exactly? It is the cultural and religious center in each city, where the true history of the location is. Medinas are found through Northern Africa and Malta, and are a portion of the center normally located in the center. The medinas are often walled, and maze-like with their hundreds of small winding streets.

Moroccan Medina

The medinas are full of small alleys, and are pedestrian only areas.

But what makes the medinas in Morocco special? Well first of all, this is where all the action happens! The medinas are packed with locals hanging around, endless shops, and the most stunning hidden gems. Wander through the narrow streets and you'll get to know the true essence of Morocco dive right into the rich culture of this fascinating country.

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Best Things to Do in Morocco #2: Learn About Art of Leather Making

One of the things Moroccan's pride themselves on most is the quality of leather they make. Yes in particular is known for its tanneries, which is where the leather is created, colored, and sold in various forms.

The tanneries in Morocco not only have shops with anything you could ever want to buy, but you can actually learn about the art of making leather! It surely isn't glamorous, but it is definitely intriguing, and a must while visiting Morocco,

The most famous tannery is the Chouara Tannery, right in the Medina of the city of Fez.

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Important Things to Know About Visiting the Tanneries:

Visiting the tannery isn't as easy as going into Google Maps, walking in, and taking a bunch of photos. It can be, but you definitely need to keep your wits about yourself! Here are a few things to know before you go:

People Will Bombard You

Once you get anywhere close to the tannery, there will be a ton of locals looking to either "guide you" or sell to you. The salesman are extremely persistent, and even may make you feel uncomfortable. The second you walk in, make sure that you admire things, but don't jump to ask prices.

The Salesman at the Tanneries

A common thing you will hear is "do you like it?" when of course your answer will be yes. This will be followed with- "okay let us show you everything and then we will talk about price", or "don't worry we'll make you a good/happy price".

These are in fact all ways to keep you shopping more. At the end they will throw out an insanely high price, hoping for you to say "great I love it. Here's my money". 

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DO NOT, we repeat DO NOT let them get away with this. Whatever price you may hear may sound okay, as there is nothing to compare it to. But the reality is that they are looking to get as much money as possible, hoping that you will agree.

 While factories and places of production are often cheaper, in Morocco the leather is much more expensive at the tanneries.

Best things to do in Morocco: Chaoura Tannery in Fez

Choaoura Tannery in Fez

You Do Not Need a Local Guide

When entering the tannery there will be tons of locals eager to show you around. It is common to be told that you "can't enter the tannery without a guide". This I did not actually find to be true, as there were plenty of Moroccan tourists without guides.

Of course if you don't look or sound local you will be a target. We suggest that you either 1- tell them that you don't have cash (I actually didn't have any when I went), or 2- get a reputable guide by booking online in advance.

Here are a few tours you can take if you'd like to visit the tannery in peace:

The Prices Aren't as Expensive as Quoted

Buying leather in Morocco is definitely a great idea! The work they do is stunning, and you can find really unique things to take home with you.

That being said, it is important to know the power of bargaining. Prices quoted will always be at least 2-4 times what they should be, and it is completely normal in Morocco to bargain back and forth to agree on a price. Always start on the lower end, as they will usually try to get to a middle point. 

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If you still aren't super happy with the prices you find, than don't worry, There are plenty of markets throughout the country where you will find a lot of the same leather goods being sold, for a fraction of the price.

It is Not a Glamorous Area

The tannery is seriously mind blowing. It is a must see while in Morocco, and it is also super Instagrammable. That being said, it is more beautiful from the outside.

The leather making process is pretty unappealing, as the dyes are made from pigeon poop. So you can only imagine the horrendous smell of this place. 

It is also pretty slippery, with mud and water all around. So make sure to wear something you don't treasure too much, as well as some comfortable shoes. And most importantly, watch your step while walking around.

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Best Things to Do in Morocco #3: Stay in A Luxurious Riad/Hotel

Have you ever scrolled through social media and seen pictures of these glamorously decorated rooms full of plants with a pool in the middle? Well these are actually from hotels!

Before visiting Morocco I had a ton of photos saved of what I wanted to see in Marrakech. Little did I know that every place I had bookmarked, was actually one hotel after the next. The annoying part of this, is that you can't see them all. But the good thing is, that they are so common to come by!

Es Saadi, best places to do in Morocco
Es Saadi Spa pool, best things to do in Marrakech
pool in Es Saadi, best things to do in Morocco

Es Saadi is one of the most beautiful resorts in Morocco.

Riads are distinguished by their beautiful gardens perched in the middle. There are hundreds of riads in Morocco, and more commonly found in the city of Marrakech, There are riads that range anywhere from $15-$300 a night. The luxury hotels will make you feel like you've stepped into a palace, while the budget friendly ones will still be a treasure to stay at.

Accommodation is rather affordable in Morocco, so we would suggest staying at a mid-range riad, or maybe even splurging a bit for one of the more expensive ones for just a night.

Riad, things to do in Marrakech

Riads have central gardens or pools in the middle of them.

Best Things to Do in Morocco #4: Go Shopping for Spices

Moroccan cuisine is full of flavor, and it is all because of the great variety of spices they use. Walk through the colorful medinas and you will be sure to find a local trying to lure you in with the intoxicating smells of their shops.

Moroccan Spices

Spices are colorful, aromatic, and very affordable in Morocco.

Pretty much any kinds of spice you could imagine is sold in Morocco, and they have plenty of their own specialties. 

Not only do the spice shops sell spices, but they also have herbal medicines, handmade cosmetics, and fresh tea. We spent hours going from shop to shop, as the bright colors and delicious fragrances are so hard to pass up.

The most famous spice market in the country is located in Marrakech. Also known as "Souk Semmarine", this is a square in the center of the Medina where you will find a variety of spice shops, as well as one extremely Instagrammable one that you can take photos in.

Spice Market in Marrakech

Souk Semmarine is the most famous spice market  in Marrakech.

If you want to take a photo, we urge you to at least buy something. Spices are cheap, and the owner works hard to keep the shop looking the way it does.

Best Things to Do in Morocco #5: Browse the Textiles

We aren't usually big shoppers, but in Morocco it is just impossible not to browse the hundreds of local shops in each city,

Typical Moroccan clothing is really something special, and you can find the most stunning pieces, for very reasonable prices. We both got typical clothing to enhance our photos on Instagram. However, if you don't have intentions of buying, it is still fun to browse around and admire the intricate detail of their handmade textiles.

Moroccan Dresses

Morocco has amazing shopping. It's better to browse on your own than to be brought in by a local.

Carpet shops are also very valued in Morocco, and are fascinating to step foot into. They are all handmade, and ship internationally, Maybe even if you're lucky you'll learn how they make them like we did!

Best Things to Do in Morocco #6: Take a Trip to the Desert

We know what you're thinking- Morocco= one big desert. This is actually something we found not to be so true! Deserts aren't found everywhere you turn. In fact, there are beaches, mountains, and greenery scattered throughout the country!

That being said, a visit to the desert is still a must, and one the best things to do in Morocco.

Sahara Desert, best things to do in Morocco
Sahara Desert, best things to do in Morocco
Sahara Desert, best traveling in Morocco

The Sahara is a must while traveling in Morocco.

Where to Go to the Desert

There isn't just one desert in Morocco. There are quite a few, but here are the two most popular:

Agafay Desert

The most common desert to visit in Morocco is the Agafay desert, as it is located just 30 minutes from the city of Marrakech. There are tons of day trips offered from local tour companies, as well as camps that you can stay overnight.

We drove there, and it was very easy to navigate, as it is basically one main highway that runs through the desert, lined with different camps. 

Agafay desert in Morocco

Agafay Desert is lined with plenty of different camps to stay the night.

Here are some excursions you can sign up for at Agafay desert or to Agafay Desert from Marrakech:


Want to experience a more impressive desert? We suggest heading over to Merzouga. This is a bit further from the main cities that are close to the coast in Morocco. However, this is where you'll find tall sand dunes stretching for miles, making you really get a good feel for the desert,

Merzouga is tucked away in the south western corner of Morocco. Due to its location, we definitely suggest staying at least one night.

Best Places to Visit in Morocco
ideal desert camp, best Things to do in Morocco

Here are some tours you can sign up for to go to Merzouga from either Marrakech or Fez:

Want to stay in the amazing desert camp we stayed at? (pictured above). We've linked it below:

Best Things to Do in Morocco #7: Visit the Blue City

This is hands down the most unique place to visit in Morocco. Also known as "the blue pearl" Chefchaouen is known for it's Instagrammable Medina.

This city center is covered from top to bottom in blue. Blue doors, blue walls, and even blue floors! Get lost in the picturesque streets of Chefchaouen and you will never forget the beauty of this gem of a place.

best things to do in Morocco: Chefchaouen Morocc

Everything in Chefchaouen is painted blue from the floors to the rooftops.

Located just a little over 2 hours south of Tangier, it makes for the perfect day trip from the most northern city in Morocco. Also, it's very popular as a 1-2 day trip from Fes. We'll be honest though, we definitely could have spent one night in this stunning city, so we highly recommend it if you have the time.

Here are some tours that go to Chefchaouen from Fes:

Best Things to Do in Morocco #8: Take a Dip in the Blue Waters

Did you know that Morocco is home to some stunning beaches? With turquoise waters and fine white sand, we were so pleased to hit the beaches of Morocco.

Rabat, Casablanca, and Essouira are all cities that kiss the Atlantic, and boast some beautiful swimming areas. Tangier is another coastal city all the way in the north, that has great beaches just outside of it such as Hajryene & Achakar.

beach in Morocco

This beach is located outside of Tangier, right next to Hercule's Caves.

Want to see some of the best beaches in Morocco? Then head over to the north west where you will find some great spots along the coast of the Alboran Sea. M'diq,  Cala Blanca, and Nador are just some that you should add to your bucket list.

BestThings to Do in Morocco #9: Photograph the Stunning Architecture

If it's one thing that truly wowed us in Morocco is was the architecture. Everything from the mosques to the hotels, or even walls along the medinas just put us in awe. With dramatic arches and intricate designs, the buildings are super Instagrammable.

Make sure to keep your camera handy, as the doors, archways, and walls inside and out of the buildings in Morocco are super fun to photograph.

architecture in Morocco
architecture in Morocco
Moroccan architecture

Morocco has some stunning architecture.

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Things to Do in Morocco Pin
Things to Do in Morocco Pin
Things to Do in Morocco Pin

Best Things to Do in Morocco #10: Cool off at Akchour Waterfalls

Morocco has more water than you think! If you want to escape the heat, but want to experience fresh water, than take a trip to Akchour waterfalls.

These falls are the perfect place to combine with the city of Chefchaouen, as they are just 30 minutes east of the blue city. Tucked away in the mountains, these stunning cascades of water are surrounded by rocks and greenery, truly making you feel like you're in another country.

Take a tour here, or go on your own. You can either take a taxi for 25 dirham each way, or drive and pay for parking which is just 10 dirham.

Here are some tours that go to both Akchour Waterfalls and Chefchaouen:

Best Things to Do in Morocco #11: Dive into the Local Cuisine

One of the best parts about traveling somewhere new is trying the local foods, and Morocco is no different,

Now you know that the spices in Morocco are one of the main marks of they cuisine. Some of our favorite dishes that you should try are one of the many tagines, the couscous, and chicken with preserved lemon and olives,

Moroccan Tagine

Tagine is a must try dish in Morocco.

Alcohol is hard to come by in Morocco, but they have great juices, as well as teas. Definitely save some time in your days to just sit in a restaurant for a while to enjoy the many different plates and courses offered in Moroccan cuisine.

Marrakech also has some great cooking classes to check out! We've added a few for you to check out:

Best Things to Do in Morocco #12: Learn Arabic

Did you know that Arabic is spoken in 25 different countries? Arabic is the primary language in Morocco, and a great place to learn the language. 

If you plan on visiting other Arabic speaking countries, than this is a great place to do it, as there are plenty of people that also speak English, French, and Spanish. There is a great international community in Morocco, so there are plenty of schools to attend.

Learning Arabic is not only super helpful, but can be a lot of fun, and have you meeting friends from around the world!

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Best Things to Do in Morocco #13: Watch the Sunset at Hassan 11

Being on the west coast of Africa, you can see some pretty magical sunsets on the beach. One of the greatest places we watched the sunset was in Casablanca.

Hassan II is one of the most iconic mosques in the country, and is a must see while visiting the Moroccan capital. Locals flood the area around Hassan II to watch the sun melting into the horizon. The area is also full of street vendors, so you can enjoy a local snack while enjoying this epic sunset point.

Casablanca Morocco

We loved the sunset so much here that we came in the morning for sunrise!

Best Things to Do in Morocco #14: Browse the Chaotic Markets

We've already mentioned how great the shopping is in Morocco, and the reason is because of the various markets that make up the city centers. Visiting one of the many markets is truly one of the best things to do in Morocco.

The markets in Morocco make up the majority of the center, and are a major highlight while visiting any city in the country. Crowded, colorful, and chaotic, they are a full experience in themselves.

el-Fna market, best things to do in morocco
carpet, best things to do in Morocco
Moroccan Markets

Markets in Morocco are super colorful and fun to browse around.

Check out the shiny lanterns, extravagant dresses, or local handmade cooking ingredients. We promise you'll be able to spend hours in each one, feeling a true sense of the Moroccan lifestyle.

 Many shops don't accept credit card, so make sure to carry plenty of cash.

Shopping in the markets is not as simple as seeing something and handing them your credit card. Bargaining is an art in Morocco, so make sure to play with your skills while visiting the markets here. Carry plenty of cash, but never show how much you have.

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Best Things to Do in Morocco #15: Learn to Surf

More than half of Morocco hugs the coast, and most of that is the Atlantic. Head to the south of the country and you'll come across some great beaches, that are ideal for surfing. 

One of the most popular surf spots in Morocco is the town of Essaouira, where the wind really picks up. It is actually named "the Windy City", so you can really imagine just how windy it is. Because of this, you will find plenty of surf camps, as well as kite-surfing!

Essaouira isn't the best for the advanced surfers, but it is great for those who are beginners, which is why you should learn to surf here.

Best Things to Do in Morocco #16: Have Tea with a Local

One of the coolest customs that Moroccans have is inviting each other for a cup of tea. It is common to find locals such as shop owners or staff members from hotels to offer tea as a welcome to their establishment.

This is a gesture of hospitality, and is a great way to connect with the local Moroccans. So make sure to sit and have a cup of or two when you are offered! Diving into the culture is one of the best things to do in Morocco, and tea is a big part of that.

drinking tea in Morocco

It is common for owners of establishments to offer hot tea to their guests or potential customers.

Best Things to Do in Morocco #17: Visit a Massive Cemetery Overlooking the Beach

Normally we don't have "check out the local cemetery" on our lists of things to do, but we couldn't help but mention this rather impressive one.

Perched up on a hill overlooking the deep blue Atlantic waters, is one of the most interesting cemeteries you'll ever see. There are hundreds of headstones lined up practically on top of each other. This was one of the most interesting spots we saw in Rabat, and was also conveniently located next to the Medina and the beach.

Rabat cemetery

The cemetery in Rabat is one of the most crowded ones we have ever seen!

Have we convinced you to visit Morocco yet? There truly is something for everyone in this country, and there are tons of amazing spots to explore. 

Now that you know the best things to do in Morocco, are you ready to learn more? We have a full guide of what to expect including safety, entry requirements, and more in our article "Complete Guide to Visiting Morocco".

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