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Everything to Know About Visiting Jordan

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Jordan is ready for tourism, and is where you should plan your next trip! Why? Well, not only is is home to one of the wonders of the world, but it has tons of amazing places to explore, without the mass crowds. Visit Jordan and you will reach the true heart of the Middle East.

With friendly people, rich culture, and varied landscapes, you will see why Jordan should be your next dream destination. But before we tell you all the amazing things to do in Jordan, we will share some tips for preparing for your trip. Here is everything you need to know to visit Jordan.

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Where is Jordan?

Jordan is considered to be the "heart of the Middle East". It borders Syria to the north, Iraq to the east, Saudi Arabia to the east, and Israel to the west. Amman is the perfect place to start your travels throughout the Middle East, and is a great introduction to the culture of the region.

where is Jordan

Jordan is in the heart of the Middle East.

Entry Requirements

First things first, let's see what you need to actually enter the country! With everything going on since Covid started, things are constantly changing. Here are the current restrictions:

Covid Requirements to Visit Jordan

This was an area that was not very clear to us, and neither to plenty of other passengers! There are some sites saying if you are vaccinated you don't need a Covid test, and some that say you need one to fly out, but not necessarily to get in. 

Do I Need A Covid Test To Enter Jordan?

After some tragic events of not getting on our flight, we can confirm that you do need a Covid test to enter JordanTravelers must take the test within 72 hours, and it must be a PCR test.

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The Jordan Entry Form

In addition to the test, there is a form that needs to be filled beforehand. You will receive a QR code, as well as specific instructions for what you need depending on where you are coming from.

What Is The Difference If I am Vaccinated?

The form will ask if you are vaccinated or not, and ask you to enter your details. Despite being vaccinated, you will still need a negative PCR test. So why do they ask then? 

The reason is actually that there are two different lines, one for those that are vaccinated, and one for those that aren't. The ones that aren't vaccinated will also have to take a Covid test upon arrival, while those that are vaccinated will have expedited entry.

Biolab Jordan

If you aren't vaccinated, Biolab will test you upon arrival.

Visa Requirements to Visit Jordan

Now that you are covered Covid-wise, let's not forget the normal entry requirements to visit Jordan!

How Much Is A Visa to Visit Jordan?

Visas are 40 JD (about $60 USD). Travelers purchase their visa upon arrival, and can pay with cash or card.

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Who Needs A Visa to Visit Jordan?

Jordan requires that most visitors purchase a visa. There are actually only 11 countries that are exempt from getting a visa. These countries include Bahrain, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Tunisia, and the UAE.

If you purchase the Jordan Pass you are exempt from purchasing the visa. (Keep reading for more info).

The Jordan Pass

The Jordan pass is one of the top things that tourists look into! Here's everything you need to know about the Jordan Pass.

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Visit Jordan Pin
Visit Jordan Pin

What Is The Jordan Pass?

The Jordan pass is an initiative that the tourism board of Jordan put in place to enhance the experience of tourists who visit Jordan. It is a set price for a pass to various touristic locations throughout the entire country, You can purchase your Jordan Pass by clicking here.

The Jordan pass to visit Jordan

The Different Types of Jordan Passes

There are three different Jordan passes that you can choose from:

The Jordan Wanderer

Price: 70 JD (about $99 USD)

What's Included:

- Entrance to over 40 tourist locations

- Fee for visa to visit Jordan waived

- Free downloadable digital brochures

- One day visit to Petra

The Jordan Explorer

Price: 75 JD (about $106 USD)

What's Included:

- Entrance to over 40 tourist locations

- Fee for visa to visit Jordan waived

- Free downloadable digital brochures

- 2 day visit to Petra (consecutive days)

The Jordan Expert

Price: 80 JD (about $113 USD)

What's Included:

- Entrance to over 40 tourist locations

- Fee for visa to visit Jordan waived

- Free downloadable digital brochures

- 3 day visit to Petra (consecutive days)

Keep in mind the Jordan Pass does not include Petra by Night.

Petra by night is an upcharge of an additional 17 JD (about $24 USD)

What Is Included In The Jordan Pass?

There are over 40 spots that are included in the Jordan pass. These include the most important sites of Petra, Wadi Rum, and tons of museums, archaeological sites, and castles. 

Click Here for a full list of every site that is included in the Jordan Pass.

Petra, places to visit Jordan

The difference between the different Jordan passes is the number of visits to Petra.

Is The Jordan Pass Worth It?

It basically comes down to this: are you visiting Petra? If the answer is yes (which it should be) then the Jordan pass will actually save you a ton of money! If you were to pay for just Petra and just the visa alone, it would cost you more than the Jordan Pass alone (not to mention there are a ton of other spots included).

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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However, if you are not going to Petra, then maybe the Jordan Pass isn't for you. In this case, you can just get the visa upon arrival. Then simply pay for the other attractions separately, as they usually only cost a couple of dollars.

That being said, we highly recommend getting the Jordan Pass, as it is really a no brainer if you want to see the country.

View on top of Petra treasury
canyon to the treasury of Petra Jordan
things to see in Petra, visit Jordan

The Jordan Pass is definitely worth it if you are going to visit Petra.

Local Adjustments

Traveling to the Middle East (or anywhere in the world really) means things will be different. Here are some of the things to keep in mind when traveling to Jordan.


The official language in Jordan is Arabic. Most people spoke enough English for us to be able to communicate without any issues. However, learning some Arabic phrases will definitely help while traveling to some of the more "off-the-beaten-path" places.


The currency in Jordan is the Jordanian dinar, also referred to as JD. The currency is stronger than the US dollar, so for every one USD, you get about 70 vents JD. 1 JD is about $1.40- $1.50. For the simplest conversion, you can multiply the price of something by 1 1/2.


The outlets in Jordan are European, and operate on 230V supply voltage and 50Hz. 

Water Potability

The water in Jordan is perfectly safe to drink. Something important to note is that there is a high scarcity rate of water throughout the country, so we suggest you to be aware of trying to save water when you can brushing your teeth or showering.


Tipping in Jordan is not mandatory, but definitely appreciated. Some larger restaurants will add a 10% service charge. If not, it is recommended to leave between 5-10% extra for the server.

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The Best Places to Visit in Jordan

The three main highlights of Jordan are considered by the locals as the tourist trio. Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea are the three must see spots if you are going to visit Jordan.

the treasury in Petra Jordan
Salt Shores of The Dead Sea in Jordan
Wadi Rum places to stay

The three highlights of Jordan are Petra, The Dead Sea, and Wadi Rum.

Other awesome spots that we recommend are the capital of Amman, Aqaba, Jerash, and Salt as the secondary hot spots. That being said, there are so many amazing places to see in Jordan! Want to know more about the highlights of Jordan? Click here!

Visit Jordan: Getting Around

Now that you are ready to explore Jordan, let's get into how to navigate!

Public Transportation

Public transportation is somewhat limited in this country. There are no underground or train systems, so the only form of public transportation really is bus. This will definitely be a cheap option, but not ideal if you want to make the most of your time.

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Renting a Car

We found that renting a car was definitely the way to go if you visit Jordan and want to see a lot. Renting a car gives you the freedom to stop at anytime to see the gorgeous landscapes through the country. 

Not only that, but truthfully there were so many times where we thought "good thing we got a car or we couldn't have come here". Things tend to be pretty spread out in terms of cities or major attractions, so renting a car will let you make the most of your time.

renting a car in Jordan

This was a random spot on the side of the road we found driving through Jordan.

Stay tuned for a full article coming soon about everything you need to know while renting a car in Jordan.

Visit Jordan: Local Food & Drink

When it comes to food, Jordan has  an interesting mixed cuisine. We found that they had certain aspects that seemed a little Mediterranean, and some that seemed more Arabic. The cuisine includes a lot of meats like lamb and beef, with many different spices.

Hummus, falafel, and some of the dips and spreads felt more Mediterranean, while the meat dishes tasted more Middle Eastern. Some popular dishes to try are Mansaf (the most famous), abud (bread), al-rashoof (traditional soup), and zarb (bedouin barbeque).

food in Jordan

Jordanian Manikish is an Arabic style pizza.

When it comes to drinks, it is very rare to find alcohol. The Jordanians are very big on tea, and even though it is hot, they use it to cool their body temperatures. Shop owners always have tea on hand to offer to customers, and it is extremely common to receive tea as a welcome. It is served very hot and often very sweet.

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You can only find alcohol in touristy destinations like Aqaba or Amman. It is very common to find cocktails on a menu, but they are actually non-alcoholic. The Jordanian version of "cocktails" is a cold or frozen beverage made from a mixture of several different juices. Most restaurants offer quite a selection with a great variety of mixes.

tea in jordan

In Jordan it is tradition to offer tea to guests and customers.

Is Jordan Safe?

The Middle east has such a bad reputation when it comes to safety. After visiting Jordan, we can say that the media is so unfair to the middle east!

Jordan is an extremely safe country, and the people are super friendly. We like to think of Jordan as the "heart of the Middle East". There is so much love and compassion in this country, and we are so happy to have experienced the opposite of the horrible preconceptions that most have.

One thing we will say though, is the airport is another story. We experienced a rough time when going in and out of the country. We were targeted and treated pretty poorly by the customs officers, and it wasn't the warmest welcome. Being from two different countries, and having a drone did not help our case

Drones are not allowed in Jordan! It will be confiscated, and a small fee will need to be paid for "holding the item" until you leave the country.

Luckily after the airport we realized that that was just an airport thing, and we found no issues with police or locals in regards to comfort or security.

How to Dress When You Visit Jordan

Being in the Middle East, women are definitely treated differently in regards to the way the are expected to dress. You will find most women covered from head to toe, and there will be variations of this.

With younger generations this is changing, so here and there you will see younger women and girls dressing more freely.

bedouin clothes in Jordan

We bought traditional clothes- although Danni's is actually a wedding dress.

If you are a woman, there is no doubt that people will stare, both women and men alike. There is no law in place saying you need to dress a certain way, but you must cover your shoulders and thighs while entering religious sites.

When it comes to how you should dress in Jordan, this is completely up to you. We were informed by local women that as foreigners or dressing different people will stare, but not in a judgmental way. It is simply because you are different. There is no need to feel threatened or in danger if you are not covered head to toe.

Wadi Rum desert, visit Jordan

In touristic areas that are not religious it is common to see foreigners in comfortable clothing.

That being said, if you don't want any attention, or the thought of people staring makes you uncomfortable, then you will want to cover up a bit more. As it was extremely hot in August, I simply brought a shawl with me to cover up a bit in larger crowds or smaller, less-touristy towns.

Weather in Jordan

We were so surprised to learn that Jordan is not always hot! We visited in August, and it was brutally hot and sunny all day every day. However, we were told that in winter it can get so cold it even snows!

October and November have extremely pleasant temperatures, and come the end of November that is when the rainy season begins. This can last until March, and you will find the places with higher elevation such as Wadi Musa (Petra) can experience snow.

Jordan experiences approximately 310 days of sunshine, so even the rainy season isn't as bad as tropical places like the Caribbean or Central America. There are many days where you will also not even see a cloud in the sky!

Dead sea in Jordan

The Dead Sea is the lowest place on Earth, and is much hotter than the mountainous areas.

Things to Pack When You Visit Jordan

As Jordan is such a sunny place, we definitely recommend bringing a good sunscreen, as well as super light clothing and a hat. For religious sites make sure you have something to cover up with, and make it light so you don't get too hot.

Bring a bathing suit if you want to bathe in the Dead Sea, the Red Sea, or enjoy one of the pools that many of the hotels have.

what to wear when you visit Jordan

Make sure to pack light, unless you are visiting in winter.

There also tend to be many flies and other insects, so bug spray is another thing to consider when you visit Jordan. You can also check some of our favorite travel essentials for any trip by clicking here.

Now you are good and ready to visit Jordan! We know you will absolutely fall in love with this country. Jordan can easily be visited from plenty of spots in Europe for super cheap! We got our flights from Italy for just 14 euros, and then flew to Cyprus from there for another 14 euros.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to start planning your trip to Jordan! We have so much more to share about our favorite spots in the country. 

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