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Los Ausoles: Geothermal Springs in El Salvador You Need to Visit

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If you know us, then you know we love a good hidden gem. El Salvador is full of them, and one of our favorites that we stumbled upon is "Los Ausoles".

El Salvador has tons of volcanic activity, and that creates beautiful natural phenomenons like crater lakes, hot springs, and black sand beaches. Another intriguing beauty that they created are geothermal springs, otherwise known in Spanish as Los Ausoles.

In this article we will let you know about the different ones we found, how to get there, and everything you need to know. So let's dive right in and discover the geothermal springs of  El Salvador!

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The Different Geothermal Springs in El Salvador

When we first added Los Ausoles to our list, we didn't realize that there was more than one set! There are actually several apparently, but we are going to focus on the two different ones that we personally experienced.

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Los Ausoles BioParque

This is the more popular, better marked of the two, It is off of a main highway, and is pretty easy to reach. On the other hand, it is a little less impressive than the second set.

Los Ausoles Bioparque, El Salvador

Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya

This was one that we reached by pure accident. It is truly off the beaten path, and we are probably one of the only tourists to have ever made it here. It is not easy to get to, but is definitely worth it for those who love adventure.

Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya

Click on the photo to see a video of the springs!

Where are Los Ausoles?

Los Ausoles BioParque is located on a side street off the main highway from Concepcion de Ataco to Ahuachapan. This is part of the famous "Ruta de Las Flores", and just 5 minutes off the main route. It is a 25 minute drive from Ataco, and a short 10 minutes from Ahuachapan.

Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya are in a tiny village just outside of Atiquizaya. It is a half hour (14 km) from Ahuachapan, or 45 minutes (30 km) from Santa Ana.

how to get to los ausoles Bioparque
Los ausoles de Atiquizaya

How to Get To Los Ausoles

Now this is the tricky part! Maybe not Los Ausoles Bioparque, but definitely Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya are quite the adventure.

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Los Ausoles Pin
Los Ausoles Pin
Los Ausoles Pin

We definitely suggest having a car for either one, and a 4x4 for Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya, If you don't have a car, you can get a taxi from Ahuachapan to Los Ausoles Bioparque, but definitely not to Atiquizaya.

Rent a car in San Salvador:

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How to Get to Los Ausoles Bioparque

This is the easier of the two to get to. If you are driving just go along "La Ruta de Las Flores" which is the highway CA 8W. The part of the highway is the stretch between Concepcion de Ataco and Ahuachapan. You will see a large blue sign that says Los Ausoles.

Turn here onto Calle a la geotermica, and you will arrive in less than 10 minutes.

Los Ausoles Bioparque entrance

Los Ausoles BioParque has a small building and a gate.

How to Get to Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya

Do not- we repeat- do not attempt to go here with a car unless you have a 4x4 or a high clearance vehicle. The road here forks in two from the tiny town of Turin, and is a painfully rocky road that took a good 30 minutes in our small sedan.

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Not to mention the entire bottom of the car was ripped to shreds, and we had to pay a lot for our rental car (but that's another story).

destroyed car in El Salvador

This is what happened to our car driving to Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya.

We took the fork to the left on the way there, and the fork on the right on the way back. Unfortunately we can not recommend either, as both are equally horrific. Expect giant sharp rocks, farm animals, and zero people around.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Once you get to where Google maps will bring you, you will want to park in the village where your car can be seen, and ask a local. Luckily for us a nice old man walked me up the steep hill to make it to the geothermal springs. In just a few minutes you will find the stunning view of the steam rising through the ground.

road to Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya

The yellow highlights the two rocky roads to get there.

Price and Timetable of Los Ausoles

Los Ausoles Bioparque shows to be open 24/7. However, there was a wooden gate there, and someone manning the property, so we aren't really sure if they keep it open, or close it at night. We would suggest coming in the late morning or sometime in the afternoon.

We ordered some pupusas and fresh orange juice, and the man there walked us down to the geothermal springs, We weren't given a ticket or anything, and paid just a few dollars for the experience.

Restaurant Los Ausoles Bioparque

Los Ausoles Bioparque has a small restaurant.

Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya were straight in the middle of nature. This means that they are free of charge, and open 24/7 to visit. However, we suggest visiting with plenty of daylight, because driving here in the dark would be a nightmare.

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Other Things to Know About Visiting Los Ausoles

Make sure to be extra careful and not walk around the geothermal springs without a local. The ground is extremely hot, and nothing is marked. Wear sneakers and light clothing, as of course it is extra hot to visit these areas.

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Bring some cash if you are going to Los Ausoles Bioparque, as they don't accept credit card. Also if you are going to Atiquizaya be prepared to be without any cell phone service, or restaurants or bathrooms in the area.

road to geothermal springs

The road to the geothermal springs is not great (most of it is much worse than this) but they are definitely worth it!

We hope that this has helped you with finding "Los Ausoles" in El Salvador! They are truly a unique piece of nature, and something to explore if you want something off the beaten path.

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