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10 Reasons You Should Travel to El Salvador Now

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El Salvador is hardly ever on anyone's radar. It has a bad reputation for being unsafe, and is completely overshadowed by the other countries in Central America. But we're here to tell you that you should travel to El Salvador! Why? Well let us tell you that there are many reasons to visit El Salvador.

With the world reopening and restrictions lifting, there is no better time than now. So keep reading to find out why you need to add El Salvador to your bucket list. 

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Reason to Travel to El Salvador #1: It is a Safe Country

We know what you're thinking. El Salvador is safe? Yes!

For the longest time the media has portrayed El Salvador to be a country of crime and violence. However those days are long gone. However, this once dangerous country is seeing much better days.

We have to say that there was never a time that we felt unsafe in El Salvador. Not to say that you shouldn't be careful, as you should traveling anywhere in the world. But you can throw those horrible preconceptions out the window, and go and enjoy this amazing and friendly country.

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Reason to Travel to El Salvador #2: Salvadorians are Extremely Friendly

We absolutely love the people in El Salvador! Every person we encountered was always willing to help, and very welcoming. Life is very relaxed in El Salvador, and there are great vibes here.

We find that the locals are very easy to connect with. Especially being that there isn't an overabundance of tourism, the country isn't tainted with pushy people constantly trying to rip you off like other countries in South and Central America.

Salvadorian People, reasons to visit El Salvador

Locals lent us their flag, and helped us climbing the waterfalls.

Reason to Travel to El Salvador #3: It Isn't Tainted By Tourism

If it's one thing that we can attest to, is that everything is much more pure in El Salvador.

The tourism industry is definitely lacking in this country. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing! On the contrary, things are much more enjoyable, because they aren't completely commercialized. We find that some spots in the Caribbean, and even in Central American countries such as Costa Rica, let tourism take over the natural charm of the place.

Shalpa, places to visit in El Salvador
Best Beaches in El Salvador
Cascadas de Tamanique

Most of the nature in El Salvador is barely touched by tourism.

Travel to El Salvador and you won't find obnoxious signs everywhere, or people pushing to sell you tours. Instead, you have the opportunity to really get a feel for the culture of the country, while discovering places that aren't flooded with tour buses. Pretty awesome right?

That being said, there are some small tours that run, if that's more your style! Here are some fun ones that you can take advantage of:

Reason to Travel to El Salvador #4: It's Super Cheap

With the lack of commercialization, comes more affordable prices. Have you ever noticed that the more touristy the place the more expensive it is? Well, El Salvador hardly has that at all.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Prices are rarely inflated as much as other touristic spots, and people also don't try to rip you off. Bargaining is still a thing in small kiosks and markets. However, there are never drastic changes, as people don't generally try to take advantage of you because you're a tourist.

Buses are usually less than one dollar, so getting around on public transportation is extremely budget friendly. Street food is around $1- 3, and meals in restaurants are around $5- 10. 

Chicken buses Santa Ana

The buses cost less than a dollar.

Want to treat yourself? Salon services are also ridiculously cheap! Imagine getting a haircut for $2, or a pedicure for $5. With prices this low, we could spend the whole day getting pampered.

Price list salons in San Salvador

The salon prices are extremely cheap!

Reason to Travel to El Salvador #5: They Use the US Dollar

If you're coming from the US, there is no need to exchange your money! This is super helpful because it saves you from all of the conversion fees, and potentially getting super ripped off.

Don't have time to read the whole article and want to save it for later? Just pin it!

Reasons to Travel to El Salvador Pin
Reasons to Travel to El Salvador Pin
Reasons to Travel to El Salvador Pin

Even if you are not from the US, this can be a great thing. As a lot of the world uses the US dollar, it is very easy to exchange pretty much anywhere you go. While if you have Guatemalen Quetzales or Honduran Lempiras sitting in your wallet, they aren't as easy to use elsewhere.

Having the US dollar as the national currency keeps the prices stable, and also means (for many countries) that you don't have to do all these conversions in your head to see if something is super expensive or not. (Although it most likely won't be).

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Reason to Travel to El Salvador #6: It Has Black Sand Beaches

Although El Salvador isn't famous for its beaches, there is still something so unique about them. The majority of the beaches actually have black sand! While most people run off to Hawaii or Iceland to witness this, El Salvador holds plenty of them, without the high price tag of the expensive islands that usually have black sand beaches.

We've made a list of our favorite beaches in El Salvador, so make sure to check the full article below!

Central America is known for having stunning beaches, yet El Salvador hardly ever makes on anyone's list. However, we love the beaches in El Salvador, because they simply aren't like the others in the surrounding countries!Did you know that the majority of the beaches in El Salvador have black sand?

Read More

Reason to Travel to El Salvador #7: It's Full of Volcanoes

Wondering where all that black sand comes? Well it's actually from volcanic activity in the area. 

El Salvador has an incredible amount of volcanoes- 23 to be exact! Not only do they provide a stunning backdrop, but they can be climbed for some pretty epic views.

Santa Ana Volcano, things to do in El Salvador
Izalco Volcano Santa Ana, El Salvador
Views while renting a car in El Salvador

El Salvador has tons of volcanoes, all unique in their own way.

Want to take a tour to one of the awesome volcanoes in El Salvador? Here are some great ones to choose from:

In addition, volcanoes bring so much more amazing natural phenomenons that you can find throughout El Salvador. These include hot springs, geothermal springs, and even a hot spring waterfall! Pretty awesome right?

hot spring waterfall, travel to El Salvador

This waterfall is sourced from natural hot springs in the volcanic region of the north.

Reason to Travel to El Salvador #8: The Food Is Really Good

Salvadorian food is definitely not one of the most popular cuisines. However, we found that some of our favorite meals in Central America were in El Salvador!

The very popular street food "pupusa" is a great quick snack that is cheap and delicious. You can find them pretty much anywhere, and add almost any ingredient you could think of.

making pupusas in El Salvador

Learning how to make pupusas with the locals.

When it comes to dishes, El Salvador has quite a variety. Head to La Ruta de Las Flores and you will experience some hearty yucca dishes, and local specialties that are different than the rest of the country. Head to the coast and you will get some great seafood. Wherever you go, you will be pleasantly surprised by the cuisine here.

Salvadorian food

The food festival in Juayua happens every Saturday.

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Reason to Travel to El Salvador #9: They Have Amazing Coffee

We had no idea that El Salvador was known for their coffee until recently! The small region of La Ruta de Las Flores, located in the western highlands of the country, has perfect conditions for making coffee.

Most of the world's coffee is actually transported from Central America, and some of the best comes from El Salvador! So if you can't make it to Colombia, Travel to El Salvador for some amazing coffee.

The Coffee Factory, Salcoatitan

Salcoatitan is one of the best places for coffee in El Salvador.

Want to take a coffee tour in El Salvador? Here are a few that you can sign up for:

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10. It's Easy to Get to El Salvador

San Salvador is offering more and more direct flights, especially with the US. One of the deciding factors for us to travel to El Salvador again was simply because of how easy and cheap it is!

United and Spirit both offer direct flights from New York, Texas, California, and Florida. Not only are the flights direct, but you can get them for as low as $60 a leg! 

Travel to El Salvador

The views flying into San Salvador

Please Note: We have had a tons of problems flying with United, so we suggest booking with Spirit if you want to take a cheap flight to El Salvador.

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So have we given you enough reasons to visit El Salvador yet? If you're not completely convinced, then you should definitely read our article "10 Epic Things to Do in El Salvador".

We also have plenty of other guides for different areas to check out throughout the country, so make sure to check them out below!

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