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10 Epic Things To Do In El Salvador

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This tiny country tucked away in Central America is one of the most underrated that we have been to! There are so many awesome things to do in El Salvador, and yet it is a place that often gets overlooked.

With a lack of tourism and reputation for being "unsafe", most skip this hidden gem. However, after visiting for a few weeks we can confirm that not only is it super safe, but it is full of incredible nature and experiences.

Here are 10 epic things to do in El Salvador. We're sure you will want to visit after reading this article!

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Epic Things to Do in El Salvador #1: Climb a Volcano

El Salvador is one of the countries with the most volcanoes in Central America. In total there are 23 active, and many are extremely accessible.

There are a ton of places where you can enjoy the view of several volcanoes lined up one next to each other. The town of Juayua on La Ruta de Las Flores offers gorgeous panoramic views, as well as the highways around San Miguel.

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But head over to Santa Ana and you can actually climb one of the many volcanoes in the area! Our personal favorite is Santa Ana volcano (also known as Ilamatepec). You can hike to the top in just an hour, and there is a view of two different lakes (one that is bright green).

Santa Ana Volcano, things to do in El Salvador
Santa Ana El Salvador Volcano view
Izalco Volcano Santa Ana, El Salvador

El Salvador is full or awesome volcano hikes. (top 2: Sant Ana Volcano/ bottom: Izalco Volcano)

Another one of our favorite things to do in El Salvador is seeing the views from the top of Conchagua Volcano. This one is reached by 4x4 as opposed to hiking, but offers views of 3 countries at once!

Conchagua Volcano, things to do in El Salvador

The view from the top of Conchagua Volcano

Want to take a tour to one of the awesome volcanoes in El Salvador? Here are some great ones to choose from:

Book your place to stay in San Miguel:

Epic Things to Do in El Salvador #2: Visit a Black Sand Beach

Central America has some pretty amazing beaches, yet the beaches in El Salvador never get recognized.

We think this is crazy, because one of our favorite things to do in El Salvador is to go to the different beach towns.

Black sand beaches in El Salvador
Best Beaches in El Salvador

Due to the volcanic activity in the country, the majority of the beaches in El Salvador actually have black sand! Some of our favorite include El Tunco, Mizata, and El Zonte. Want to read more about the best beaches in El Salvador? Check out our full article below.

Central America is known for having stunning beaches, yet El Salvador hardly ever makes on anyone's list. However, we love the beaches in El Salvador, because they simply aren't like the others in the surrounding countries!Did you know that the majority of the beaches in El Salvador have black sand?

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Epic Things to Do in El Salvador #3: Slide Down a Rainbow

Have you ever played the Mario Kart level with the long rainbow? Well this place really reminds us of that, but in real life!

Don't have time to read the whole article and want to save it for later? Just pin it!

Epic Things to Do in El Salvador Pin
Epic Things to Do in El Salvador Pin
things to do in El Salvador Pin

Picnic Steakhouse is just outside of San Salvador. And aside from having a delicious menu and great views, this restaurant features a long rainbow slide that you can take a tube down! Just make sure that you get a ticket before 5:00 as that is when the line gets cut off. It is just $5 to go down, and is one of the most epic things to do in El Salvador.

Want to see a video of this? Just click on the picture below!

Rainbow slide in El Salvador

Rainbow Slide at Picnic Steak House

Epic Things to Do in El Salvador #4: Discover Typical Villages

One of the top things to do in El Salvador is to visit La Ruta de Las Flores. Here you will find 5 different villages that are in the western highlands of the country.

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Each village has something to offer, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the culture and cuisine of El Salvador. La Ruta de Las Flores is the perfect weekend trip to discover the beautiful art, delicious food, and colorful towns here.

ruta de las flores, places to visit in El Salvador
maze in Ataco, ruta de las flores
Food festival Juayua, ruta de las flores

La Ruta de Las Flores is full of flavor and color.

Local markets, stunning viewpoints, and creative murals are just some of the great things you will find along La Ruta de Las Flores. The region is also known for its tasty coffee, and great nature. 

If you'd like to read more about La Ruta de Las Flores, take a look at our full travel guide:

El Salvador isn't particularly known for its booming tourism. However, the country has so much to offer, and should not be missed when traveling through Central America. One of the most popular (and one of our favorite) areas to explore in the country is La Ruta de Las Flores.You may

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Want to experience some of the highlights? Here are some excursions you can look into:

Epic Things to Do in El Salvador #5: Go Waterfall Chasing

One of our favorite parts of El Salvador is the nature. Not only are there tons of volcanoes, but there are also some pretty spectacular waterfalls in El Salvador!

Some of our favorite waterfalls include Cascadas de Tamanique, Cascadas de Don Juan, and Siete Cascadas.

Siete Cascadas, El Salvador
Cascadas de Tamanique, waterfalls in El Salvador

El Salvador is full of beautiful waterfalls.

Want to see more? Below is our article to check out some of the best waterfalls in El Salvador!

Central America is known for having incredible nature, and waterfalls are a big part of this! El Salvador may be small, but there are endless amounts of beauty in this underrated country. We've traveled from North to South to find the best waterfalls in El Salvador to share with you,

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Want to book an excursion to see some of the best waterfalls that El Salvador has to offer? Check out a few of these:

Epic Things to Do in El Salvador #6: Check Out Geothermal Springs

Another thing that the volcanic activity brings to El Salvador is a beautiful natural phenomenon of geothermal springs.

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Watch the hot steam rise from the ground, and be mesmerized by the beauty of mother nature. 

Los Ausoles Bioparque, El Salvador

Los Ausoles BioParque

Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya, things to do in El Salvador

Los Ausoles de Atiquizaya

The name "Los Ausoles" refers to different sets of geothermal springs, and we were lucky enough to see two sets of them. Head to the full article below to read all about the two different locations, and chooses which one is right for you.

Epic Things to Do in El Salvador #7: Learn How to Surf

One of the things to do in El Salvador that brings the most tourism is surfing. The waves in this country are great, and are perfect for learning to surf.

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The most popular spot in particular is El Tunco. This backpackers paradise is home to "Surf City" which is one of the biggest surfing competitions in the Americas! There are plenty of great places here that offer surfing lessons, so now is a great time to try.

beaches in El Salvador

El Zonte is another popular surf spot in El Salvador.

Want a surf lesson in El Tunco? Check out the tour below:

Want to stay in El Tunco? Just check the map below for the different accommodation options:

Epic Things to Do in El Salvador #8: Bathe in a Hot Spring Waterfall

This is not only one of our favorite things to do in El Salvador, but one of the most unique spots in the world!

Salto de Malacatiupan is no ordinary waterfall. The volcanoes naturally heat the waters around them, creating hot springs. But this spot not only has a river that feels like a giant hot tub, but also has a set of waterfalls! Talk about a natural spa- this is a true hidden gem.

hot spring water, things to do in El Salvador
hot spring waterfall, things to do in El Salvador

We stumbled upon this spot by accident actually, but wanted to share it with the world. That's why we wrote a full article about how to get here, and what to expect.

Epic Things to Do in El Salvador #9: Learn How to Make Pupusas

One of the most iconic foods of El Salvador is the pupusa. These tortillas are stuffed with cheese and accompanied by any other ingredient that you could think of. Pupusas are a typical street food that you can find almost anywhere, and usually cost just 50 cents to a dollar!

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We had the pleasure of learning how to make them. We are sure there are cooking classes out there, but we simply asked one of the locals to teach us how!

making pupusas in El Salvador

The locals taught Danni how to make pupusas.

Once you watch the locals making them, just ask for them to let you try. They are easy to make, and will definitely be something that you will want to make at home. Our personal favorites are the jalapeno, as well as the loroco (an edible flower).

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Epic Things to Do in El Salvador #10: Swim in a Crater Lake

Here is another great thing to do in El Salvador thanks to its many volcanoes. Lake Coatepeque is a giant lake that is situated in the crater of a volcano!

The turquoise waters invite you for a swim to beat the Salvadorian heat. There are plenty of water activities offered, as well as restaurants hanging over with great views of the lake. 

Lake Coatepeque, things to do in El Salvador

Want to stay a night? There is an awesome hostel called Captain Morgan which is affordable, and is located right on the lake. Lake Coatepeque can be easily reached by bus from Santa Ana (although we prefer renting a car to get here).

Want to book a tour to Lake Coatepeque? Here are a view that you can check out:

Rent a car in El Salvador:

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Now you can see some of the reasons that we love this country so much! There are so many epic things to do in El Salvador, making it a truly underrated place in Central America.

We have so many other cool things to share with you! So make sure that you check our other guides for El Salvador below. Plan on visiting other countries in Central America? Well we have guides for Roatan, Honduras, as well as several spots in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama. Buen viaje!

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