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Petra: The Most Stunning Wonder of the World

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The Treasury in Petra is hands down one of the most magical places on Earth. Due to its history and architecture it earned the title of one of the seven wonders of the world. And let us tell you, that it sure holds up to its name.

Not only will we share everything to know about visiting in the treasury in Petra, but there is so much more. We're here to share everything that you need to know about visiting Petra Jordan. So let's dive right in!

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Exactly What is Petra?

When most people think of Petra, they automatically think of the picture above. This is the treasury in Petra.

But there is so much more to Petra than just this iconic location. Petra is actually a complete ancient city!  Dating to around 300 B.C., it was the capital of the Nabatean Kingdom, and now lies in southwestern Jordan.

Petra is known as "the rose city", and also goes by "Wadi Musa". It is accessed by Al-Siq, which is a narrow canyon about one mile long.

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Where is the Treasury in Petra?

Petra is found in the town of Wadi Musa, which is in a desert in the south west of Jordan. It is 230 km south of the capital of Amman, and takes about 3 hours in car to get to. If you are going straight from the airport it takes 2 1/2 hours.

Where is the treasury in Petra Jordan

Petra is located in the south west of Jordan.

When is Petra Open?

The entrance to Petra is at the visitor's center in Wadi Musa. The visitor's center opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm in the summer. In the winter the hours are reduced from 6 am to 4 pm since it gets darker earlier.

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The only other time that Petra is open for entry is for the "Petra by Night" event, which we will explain further in the article.

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The treasury in Petra Pin
The treasury in Petra Pin
Treasury in Petra Pin

How Much Does Petra Cost?

The entrance of Petra is sold in 1-3  day packages. The days of entrance must be consecutive, and it is much cheaper to buy multiple days then to go day by day. The price for a one day visit is 50 JD, for two days is 55 JD, and for three days is 60 JD.

If you have the Jordan Pass however, the visit to Petra is covered. The different Jordan Passes actually only differ by the amount of days that you would like to visit Petra. Here are the different types of Jordan Passes:

The Different Types of Jordan Passes

There are three different types of Jordan passes that you can choose from:

The Jordan Wanderer

Price: 70 JD (about $99 USD)

What's Included:

- Entrance to over 40 tourist locations

- Fee for visa to visit Jordan waived (40 JD)

- Free downloadable digital brochures

- One day visit to Petra

The Jordan Explorer

Price: 75 JD (about $106 USD)

What's Included:

- Entrance to over 40 tourist locations

- Fee for visa to visit Jordan waived (40 JD)

- Free downloadable digital brochures

- 2 day visit to Petra (consecutive days)

The Jordan Expert

Price: 80 JD (about $113 USD)

What's Included:

- Entrance to over 40 tourist locations

- Fee for visa to visit Jordan waived (40 JD)

- Free downloadable digital brochures

- 3 day visit to Petra (consecutive days)

Basically, if you are visiting Petra, it only makes sense to get the Jordan Pass, as it also includes the visa to get in to visit Jordan which is 40 JD. Buying just the two separately would cost 90 JD for a one day visit, and getting the Jordan pass for this would cost 70 JD, already saving you 20 JD! (about $30 USD).

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How Many Days to Spend in Petra

Petra is enormous! We spent an entire morning in just the treasury in Petra, which is only the first major part of city. It takes a few hours (about 3) to get to the Monastery, and it can only be reached on foot.

Petra-visit Jordan

This is a large city, and there are tons of other things to see than just the Treasury in Petra.

If you only are interested in the treasury in Petra, or are able to dedicate a full day to exploring, then one day would be sufficient. However, if you would like to focus on different areas and really spend some time in each, then we suggest definitely going for a second day.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Petra By Night

One of the most magical things you can ever experience is "Petra by Night'. This is an event that takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 8:30 pm-10:30 pm in front of the treasury. 

After the 20-30 minute walk through the canyon you will arrive at the treasury in Petra where you will have a carpet to sit on. There is tea served, as well as live music. The entire place is covered with lanterns lighting up the area. We have heard it is a truly magical experience.

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Tickets are 17 JD (on top of the regular entrance fee) and cannot be bought online. This is something you will want to purchase in advance on site. If you have the Jordan pass then you will just pay the 17 JD for your ticket.

Important Info: Due to Covid, the event has been cancelled every day for the past two years. This is due to low demand. It is important to inquire upon arrival, as whenever there are enough tickets sold, they will start up again.

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How to Get to the Treasury in Petra

We rented a car to get to Petra, and think that this is definitely the best way. We highly suggest spending the night in the town of Wadi Musa before visiting, as you can then go first thing in the morning before the crowds start to pour in.

If you would like to visit via public transportation, there is a bus with the company Jett that goes every day at 6:30 am and comes back at 5 pm. You can do a day trip, or come back the following day (which is what we recommend). Tickets cost $15 and take 3-4 hours from Amman.

Once you get to the main visitor's center there will be maps to understand where exactly everything is inside of Petra. The canyon to get to the Treasury in Petra (the main touristic point) is a mile long, and takes about 20-30 minutes to walk. The beginning is open, and once you enter the canyon there will be much more shade.

canyon to the treasury of Petra Jordan

The canyon on the way to the Treasury of Petra.

Where to Stay in Petra

Staying in Wadi Musa is definitely something we recommend! Not only does it allow you get to Petra early, but the town itself is worth a night or two.

There are tons of gorgeous caves and mountains in the area, as well as stunning sunset points.

The place we stayed was called Relaxing Oasis Villa, and it was simply outstanding! It is located just outside of town, overlooking the mountains. Not only is the location is great, but the hotel is gorgeous and affordable.

The thing that really made us want to stay here longer was the hospitality. The staff were exceptional, and made us feel at home. They welcomed us with tea, arranged dinner for us, and let us use the kitchen and all common areas. The rooftop has stunning views for sunset, and is so relaxing.

The staff showed us unique areas of the city, and even went out to pick up local clothing for us! Between the spacious and clean room, awesome service, and location we only spent $29 USD!

Best places to stay in Petra Jordan

When is the Best Time to Go to Petra Jordan?

Despite being in the Middle East, the weather in Jordan is not always super hot! Because Petra is actually located in the mountains, it can get so cold it even snows.

The spring and fall are the best time to visit weather wise, as it won't be nearly as hot as the summer, but warm enough to walk around comfortably.

However, if you ask the locals, they will all say to come after October when there is more rain and snow. This is because the color of the rock actually turns much more red, creating a stunning contrast with its surroundings.

bedouin clothes in Jordan

When it comes to time of day, we highly suggest going as early as possible, or later in the afternoon. These are the windows avoiding the majority of tourists coming from Amman. If you make it before 8 am the lighting is optimal, as the sun hasn't hit the treasury just yet.

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Photography Tips for Petra, Jordan

There are so many gorgeous places in Petra to take pictures. We suggest spending time enjoying the treasury in Petra, the canyon, the monastery, and the various areas in between.

Photographing The Treasury in Petra

The treasury in Petra is hands down the most popular spot to take photos, and is the first major landmark when entering Petra, Jordan.

Get There Early

First and foremost, it is crucial to get here early if you want good photos. That's because between 8 and 9 am the shadows start to hit the treasury in Petra, and taking even photos will be difficult.

View on top of Petra treasury

By 8:30 am the sun is already starting to shine upon the top of the Treasury in Petra.

Bring Different Lenses

We suggest using a wider lens when you are in front of the treasury in Petra, so that you can capture the full thing, For the viewpoints you can use a lens a little more zoomed, to enhance the view of the treasury behind you.

The Different Viewpoints of the Treasury in Petra

When it comes to the viewpoints around the treasury in Petra, you need to pay a local guide to take you. There are several around the area, both to the right and left. Do your research to decide which you like best, as it'll be pretty costly and a waster of money to do every viewpoint.

Guides will surround you like hawks trying to sell to bring you. They always start out with ridiculous prices like 15 JD (about $23) to bring you to the top, and then will continue to upsell along the way. We went for 5 JD each, as we knew it wasn't worth paying such a high amount for a few minute climb up.

photo spots Petra Jordan

This is one of the free spots to take photos around the treasury in Petra.

Other Photographic Locations

There are tons of gorgeous spots. Right after the treasury in Petra there are striking red and other colored rock formations. This is just a few minute walk from the treasury. 

The Monastery is another epic spot, but does take a while to get to. Other places of interest include the royal tombs, great temple, and the high place of sacrifice. This is where you will find the best views from above of the ancient city of Petra.

things to see in Petra Jordan

This area is located just a 5-10 minute walk past the Treasury in Petra.

Now you know everything there is to know about visiting Petra, Jordan! You are ready to go visit this amazing world wonder. We know you will love it, and all of the other great spots that Jordan has to offer.

Want to know other important info about visiting Jordan? We've written a full guide to make your travels easier. 

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