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11 Things We Learned Visiting the Dead Sea Lake in Jordan

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When we visited Jordan, we knew that one of the most important places we needed to visit was the Dead Sea lake.

This body of water is shared by Israel and Jordan, and can be visited in either country. While the body of water is the same, there are some things that differ. Here are 11 things we learned about visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan.

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1. The Dead Sea Lake is the Lowest Place on Earth

The Dead Sea is the lowest spot on the entire planet, located a full 414-426 meters below sea level. Now that is just one reason to add this epic spot to your bucket list. But there is so much more! Keep reading to see why the Dead Sea is a spectacular place to visit, as well as other things you should know while visiting.

Dead Sea Lake- bucket list item

The first time I visited the Dead Sea was on the Israeli side.

2. The Dead Sea Lake is Extremely Salty

It's no secret that the Dead Sea lake is salty. But did you know exactly how salty it is? The water has a salinity of 280 parts per thousand. 

Water this salty can be extremely uncomfortable and unsafe to stay in for long periods of time. Due to this, people are advised to stay in for no more than 10-15 minutes at a time. Make sure not to splash, or get any water on your face as it will burn.

Salt Shores of The Dead Sea in Jordan

Salt compounds on the outer edge of the Dead Sea.

The private resorts have showers on site, so that you can wash off before and after dipping into the Dead Sea waters. If you plan on visiting public areas, we highly suggest you bring bottles of fresh water to wash off with.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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3. Nothing Can Live in the Dead Sea Lake

Seems a little silly to mention right? Well the reason that the Dead Sea Lake is called the Dead Sea is because it is so salty that literally nothing can live inside of it! So you won't find any fish, plants, or anything side of it- just water and mud. 

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Dead Sea Lake Pin
Dead Sea Lake Pin
Dead Sea Lake Pin

4. The Mud is Healing

One of the best things to do at the Dead Sea Lake is to give yourself a mud bath. This is because there is a unique combination of minerals like magnesium, sodium, and potassium inside. 

Because of this, you will find plenty of souvenirs around the Dead Sea such as shampoos, soaps, and masks made from the mud in the water.

Mud Bath in the Dead Sea in Jordan

The mud from the Dead Sea is great for your skin!

Have fun and give yourself a bath in the Dead Sea lake, and your body will never feel softer. The easiest way to do this is to visit one of the resorts, as they collect the mud and have them in big tubs to use.

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4. You'll Float Effortlessly

The saltiness of the Dead Sea will make you not only float effortlessly. It will actually make it almost impossible to sink at all. 

This is part of what makes the Dead Sea so fun! A lot of people bring props to take fun photos while having their hands free. Just make sure that you sit upright so that you don't tip over.

Floating in the Dead Sea

It's impossible not to float in the Dead Sea.

5. Not all of the Dead Sea Lake is Public

A large portion of the Dead Sea Lake is privately owned, and can only be accessed by the hotel guests. The biggest area of this is in the northern part of the sea, where large resorts are lined up one after another.

There is in fact a public beach though, and on Google Maps it is shown as "Dead Sea Free Swimming". located further south along the coast.

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The majority of the southern coast of the Dead Sea can be seen straight from the highway, but there aren't many areas that are actually accessible. In fact, there are a lot of signs saying that you can't stop your car in the area. However, there are areas you can visit other than the public beach, they are just a bit harder to find.

If you do want to explore the area more deeply, then we suggest renting a car to visit the Dead Sea Lake.

6. The Dead Sea Lake is Not Open 24/7

One thing that we were dying to do while visiting Jordan was to take a dip in the Dead Sea Lake during sunset. Little did we know that the entire public beach is closed off when we arrived. Before it gets dark the security clear the area, and no one is allowed to go in the water, or even on the beach at all.

We imagine that the reason is because of safety, and to prevent an accidents from happening. If you'd like to watch the sunset you can climb up one of the hills off the side of the highway.

sunset at the Dead Sea in Jordan

View of the Dead Sea at sunset from the top of a hill on the side of the road.

7. There are no Professional Cameras Allowed

When we tried bringing our camera and tripod they were actually confiscated. The reason is because of the location. Israel shares the Dead Sea with Jordan, and because of "security measures to prevent spying" there are no professional cameras allowed at the Dead Sea. 

Also keep in mind that drones are strictly prohibited in the country of Jordan, so photography-wise you're pretty limited.

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8. The Dead Sea Lake is Shrinking

Did you know that the Dead Sea Lake is getting smaller and smaller? Each year the water level is decreasing by a full meter. Since the 1960's, its surface area has shrunk by around a third. This is thought by environmentalists to be because of man-made damage to the region.

If things keep going like they have been, then the Dead Sea surely won't be around forever. It also might be forbidden to even visit at some point, like some other ecologically diminishing tourist attractions around the world.

Dead Sea shrinking

The Dead Sea is shrinking by a full meter every year.

So if the Dead Sea is on your bucket list, than it's better to visit sooner than later! Just make sure that you are taking action to keep the environment of the lake healthy. Shower and scrub off any oils you may have on you body before entering, and don't take any water or mud from the Dead Sea Lake.

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9. The Area is Much More Expensive than the Rest of Jordan

While many parts of Jordan are pretty affordable, the area of the Dead Sea is certainly not. The north shore of the Dead Sea Lake is full of expensive resorts and large hotels. Unfortunately there aren't really any budget options when it comes to accommodation in the area.

We do suggest booking in advance if you want to stay around the Dead Sea lake.

If you would like to do the Dead Sea on a budget, we suggest doing a day trip and staying in either Madaba, which is a half hour away, or in the capital of Amman which is about an hour away. Bring your own food, and visit the public areas if you want to save a little money.

Take a tour to the Dead Sea Lake from Amman:

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10. There are Hot Springs Nearby

If you're looking for a dip in some waters to relax, than you're in luck! Right next to the Dead Sea there are hot springs right next to it.

And if you plan on visiting Jordan in the winter, then Ma'in Resort is definitely a place you'll want to have on your list. This resort sells day passes for those that are not staying, so you can enjoy the hot pool which is sourced by the natural mineral springs and waterfalls in the area

Ma'in Hot Springs Jordan

Ma'in Hot Springs are located in a resort with a pool and waterfalls.

The Ma'in Hot Springs are located right between the Dead Sea and Madaba. They have towels, bathrooms, and restaurants on site, which make for the perfect visit in an afternoon after visiting the Dead Sea Lake.

Want to take a tour to Main Hot Springs? Here are a few to choose from:

Pink Dot Thessaloniki Greece

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How many of these things did you already know about the Dead Sea Lake? We hope you learned something new and are now ready for your visit to the Dead Sea in Jordan!

There are so many other great places in Jordan to visit. That's why we've written a full guide on epic places to visit in Jordan, as well as some other helpful guides for areas to visit in the country,

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