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The Five Best Places to Travel in January

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January usually isn't a very popular month to travel, as it is right after the busy holiday season, and people are trying to be a little bit more reserved when it comes to spending. That doesn't mean you shouldn't travel during this time though! If you're looking to start your new year right and get away, here are some of the best places to travel in January.

The Best Places to Travel in January #1: The Caribbean Islands

While most Americans take their vacations in the summer, they're all doing it wrong.

Sure the Caribbean is beautiful year round. But head there in the summer and the humidity can be unbearable, prices are higher, and you can't truly appreciate the tropical getaway quite as much. Travel in January to the Caribbean and you will experience and entirely different ball game.

best places to travel in January

Flying to the Caribbean or taking a Caribbean cruise is a great way to escape the cold.

The weather in the winter in the Caribbean is just perfect. It is hot enough during the day to soak up the sun, but nights cool off a bit, making it much more enjoyable to walk around. There are great deals in January, as many people don't want to spend after the holiday season. So take advantage and book a quick getaway to the Caribbean!

The Caribbean is one of the most popular destinations for cruise ships in the winter, so this is also a great option, as there are plenty of itineraries to choose from in January.

all inclusive resort, best places to stay in Yucatan
Excaret Park Mexico
Cozumel, Mexico, day trips from Cancun

The Caribbean has the best weather in the winter.

Want to know how to make the most of your time in the Caribbean? Well we have worked there for years, and know the ins and outs of how to enjoy it without spending a fortune. Just click the link below and start getting excited for the Caribbean sun.

Let’s be honest...who doesn’t want to have the best vacation in the Caribbean? The area is full of paradise beaches, crystal clear waters and a relaxing vibe. The list of places to go is huge. But while they are might be amazing, they can be super pricey if you don't

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The Best Places to Travel in January #2: Central America

Just like the Caribbean, Central America has some pretty awesome reasons to visit. If you want a little more adventure than the Caribbean but still want some great beaches, than Central America is tone of the best places to travel in January for you.

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best places to travel in January Pin
best places to travel in January Pin
best places to travel in January Pin

Being close to the equator, the Central American countries all experience some pretty fantastic weather year round. But travel in January and this is the "dry season". So temperatures are still high, but it is less humid, and there are much less storms.

Cerro Chato, La Fortuna, Costa Rica, Central America
best places to travel in January
Best places to travel in January- El Salvador

Central America is the perfect escape from the cold.

We've visited every country in Central America, and have found some pretty epic places to check out. Our personal favorites are Nicaragua and El Salvador. There is something to see in every country though, so we suggest putting your city into Skyscanner and checking to "everywhere". Find the cheapest flight and have a quick getaway to escape the cold.

Want to know some of our favorite spots in Central America? You'll love this article!

Planning a trip and want to some of the best places to visit in Central America? The countries in this area are home to some of the most beautiful nature in the world, delicious food, and Caribbean weather and vibes. Here is our list of favorite spots to check out

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The Best Places to Travel in January #3: Dubai

Let's be honest- the Middle East is always hot! While summer temperatures are absolutely unbearable in Dubai, it cools off a tad in the winter months,

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Due to Dubai being known as a very expensive destination, it is rare that people want to flee there after an expensive holiday season. However, that means that this is one of the best places to travel in January! Sounds weird- but hear us out:

best places to travel in october

Dubai is notoriously expensive, so you'll want to go when it's slightly less expensive- which is in January. Crowds will be smaller, as the busy season hasn't just yet started, and the overall experience will be much more enjoyable. Doesn't it sound a little better now?

The Best Places to Visit in January #4: Eastern Europe

The first time I ever flew to Eastern Europe was in January, and it was purely for price purposes! But after visiting Ukraine the first week of January, I was so happy I chose to go at the time that I did.

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What a lot of people don't know is that while Christmas is ending in most countries, it is actually being celebrated in others. Orthodox Christmas is the first week of the year (the 7th), making these countries some of the best places to travel in January to continue the holiday spirit.

Ukraine, best places to travel in January
Ukraine, best places to travel in January
Ukraine, best places to travel in January

Ukraine and other Eastern European countries celebrate  Christmas in January.

Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, and Russia are some of the ones that you should head over to so that you can experience Orthodox Christmas.

A plus- remember that I mentioned I traveled to Ukraine purely for budget purposes? Well, in January prices were extremely high going to Western Europe, but they were surprisingly low in January going to Eastern Europe! So take advantage of this and head over to one of these great European countries.

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The Best Places to Travel in January #5: Egypt

Want to celebrate Orthodox Christmas but don't want to spend it in the cold? Then head down to Egypt! This is one of the best places to travel in January, as temperatures cool down a bit, but are still warmer than the neighboring European countries.

It may not be warm enough to enjoy the Red Sea, but the sun is shining, and warm enough to be outside with a light sweater or jacket.

So head to Egypt in January to celebrate Christmas, and check out the pyramids and desert without the stifling heat.

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We hope you're excited to start the new year off right and check out some of the best places to travel in January! 

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