21 Great Things to do in Tallinn, Estonia

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The Old town in Tallinn is one of the most well preserved medieval sites in Europe. It is the capital of Estonia, and one of the most beautiful and unique cities we've ever been to. Charming streets, delicious food, and old traditions, make this a city that anyone should add to their bucket list!

Here are 21 great things to do in Tallinn, Estonia:

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The Best Things to Do in the Old Town in Tallinn:

First let's check out some of the best things to do in the center of the old town in Tallinn.

1. Visit Raekoja Plats

No visit to Tallinn is complete without visiting Raekoja Plats. This is the main square of the old town, and where all of the fun happens in the old town in Tallinn.

There is always something happening, whether it is a concert, celebration, or fair with local crafts. This is the center of the city, and there are plenty of restaurants, bars, and shops to take a look at.

main square Tallinn

Raekoja plats is the main square of the old town in Tallinn, and is where all the action happens.

2. Explore Within the Walls of Tallinn

The old town in Tallinn will make you feel like you are in a medieval fairy tale. Each street you walk down will enchant you more and more. Wander around to take in all of its beauty.

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3. Eat Like You’re in the 16th Century

Olde Hansa a must! This medieval restaurant is located right next to the main square of the old town in Tallinn. Although a little more expensive than the surrounding restaurants, it is worth every penny! Serving boar, bear, and elk, you will be sure to surprise your taste buds.

The atmosphere of this place from the decor to the service, really make you feel like have teleported back in time. To top it off? They have homemade honey beer, which is the best beer you will ever try.

Olde Hansa Tallinn

Olde Hansa has incredible medieval cuisine, and the best homemade honey beer!

4. Head up to Toompea

This castle from the 9th century sits on a limestone hill in the center of old town in Tallinn. Not only can you marvel at the castle itself, but there is a stunning viewpoint of the city.

Toompea view Tallinn

The viewpoint at Toompea is one of the best views of the old town in Tallinn.

5. Look at the city from the Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform

Located on the northern end of Toompea hill, Kohtuotsa Viewing Platform is a large Terrace area that offers stunning views of the whole city. There is also a cute pink wall with the words “The times we had”, for a cute photo opp.

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6. Visit the Kadriorg Art Museum

This art museum is special because it is inside of what used to be a palace. Its colorful exterior and beautiful gardens make this a great place to check out in Tallinn. 

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7. Climb the Observation Tower at St. Olaf’s Church

This church used to be the tallest building at one point, and is one of the the sights not to miss. Open from April 1st-October 31st, its viewing platform is open in the winter for some great views. The church is free of entry, and just 3 euros to go to the top of the observation tower.

best view in the old town in Tallinn

St. Olaf's Church (located in the back) has a tower offering some of the best views in Tallinn.

8. Stop at the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

This Russian Orthodox Church, lies right in the old town in Tallinn, and has beautiful architecture. It is open from 8:00 am- 6:00 pm, and there is no need for a ticket.

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old town in Tallinn Pin
old town in Tallinn Pin
old town in Tallinn Pin

9. Climb the Patkuli Stairs

These 157 steps connect Toompea to the town below, with the stairway coming out in Toompark by the Snelli pond. The views from here will allow you the marvel at all of the orange roofs through the old town.

view of old town in Tallinn

Climb the Patkuli stairs from some of the best views of the old town in Tallinn.

The Best Things to Do in Tallinn (Outside the Old Town of Tallinn)

Here are some other great things to do outside of the old town in Tallinn, including some awesome day trips.

10. Check out the Creative Area of Telliskivi

Let's head a little outside of the old town in Tallinn, to the creative area of Telliskivi.

We love this area for its fun hipster vibes. They have street fairs, cool graffiti, and quirky restaurants. Our personal favorite is the one that is right next to the train tracks. This is because they have an outdoor window-looking frame with the best view of the tracks.

restaurant in Tallinn
Telliskivi restaurant in Tallinn
Peatus in Tallinn

Telliskivi is a super cool hipster area outside the old town of Tallinn

11. Take a Walk through Pirita

Here is a very unique beach, lined with a giant forest in the back. The tall trees, ocean breeze, and cool waters, make the perfect spot to spend your day. There is also a restaurant or two that you can grab a drink or snack at as well.

forest on beach in Tallinn

This unique beach is accompanied by a massive forest.

12. Let Out Your Energy at Nõmme Seikluspark

This park is actually located right in the middle of the forest behind the beach in Pirita. Here you can find ropes courses, ziplines, and other fun activities!

forest park in Pirita, Tallinn

This adventure park is located in the middle of the forest in Pirita.

13. Take in the Nature at Jagala Waterfall

Just a half hour outside the old town, lies a beautiful waterfall. This is a great spot for some quiet time, a picnic, or a dip in the cool waters. For the quickest way to get there you can grab an Uber or taxi for around $20 USD. Or for just 2.30 euros, you can reach here with the public bus #152b or 154, which takes about an hour.

Jagala waterfall near Tallinn

Jagala waterfall is a great place to enjoy the nature surrounding Tallinn.

14. Party With the Sun Up

Did you know that due to its location, for a large part of the summer the sun only sets for a couple hours? The nightlife is pretty fun in Tallinn, and has a great backpacker vibe about it.

Head out all night long, and you'll find that it's completely bright by 3:00! It's a very odd, but kind of exciting feeling. Having a bright night out is definitely one of the best things to do in Tallinn.

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15. Roam Around an Abandoned Prison

Patarei is an abandoned prison sitting on the Baltic coast, a stone’s throw away from the old town of Tallinn. Here is a window into the brutality of the Soviet regime, sitting right on the beach. To get here you can take the bus to station Lennusadam and it is just a five minute walk from there.

abandoned prison in Tallinn

Located at the beach, you can find this spooky abandoned prison.

16. Buy Local at Keskturg

This is the central market in Tallinn. Here you can find local specialties and a plethora of options, located right near the old town!

Unlike Estonia’s neighbors, this country uses the Euro.

17. Shop Around at Balti Jaama Turg

This Renovated Baltic Station Market is a unique universal market where people can buy and sell food, manufactured goods, antiques and more. There are almost 300 different merchants and shops at the market, with a gym inside as well.

There is also a very unique ice cream shop where you can make your very own special creation! Fede had a lot of fun with this one. He got to go behind the counter and learn how to make his very own rolled ice cream creation. Then it is finished off with tons of sugary goodness.

Ice cream at market in Tallinn

At the market there is an ice cream shop where you can learn how to make the specialty rolled ice cream.

18. Get a history lesson in the KGB Prison Cells

In the heart of the Old Town at Pagari 1 lies the former KGB headquarters in Tallinn. This small museum shows  a basement where suspected enemies of the state were imprisoned and interrogated before they were either shot or sent to labor camps in Siberia.

19. Discover Rummu Quarry & Underwater Prison

Just 50 minutes by car outside of the city (or an hour ½ by bus) lie one of the most unique places to visit! Rummu is a flooded area where you can find a prison that is underwater! For something a little extra, you can take a night tour in rafts that are equipped with electric lights.

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20. Sail Over to Prangli Island

This is a great place to see locals enjoying the summertime. Great beaches and delicious seafood make this island a great escape from the city of Tallinn.

In the summer Tallinn is light for about 21 hours a day!

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21. Take a Day Trip to Helsinki

Did you know that you could go to Finland in just a quick ferry ride? It takes 2 1/2 hours, making Helsinki a great day trip from Tallinn if you start early, or a great weekend getaway!


Helsinki is just a short ferry ride away from Tallinn.

Tallinn is one of Europe's best preserved medieval towns. With most of the city lying on a fortress, there are charming surprises in every corner. Inside and outside of the city, there is so much to explore. With beautiful buildings, great food, and reasonable prices, Tallinn, Estonia should definitely be added to your bucket list!

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