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8 Must-Visit Lakes in Mexico

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Some of the most beautiful spots that we encountered in Mexico were the bodies of water that we found. Incredible cenotes, waterfalls, and lakes are scattered throughout the country, and one is more beautiful than the next.

After a full month in Mexico, we've gathered some of our favorite spots in nature to share with you. Here are 8 must-visit lakes in Mexico to check out.

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Must-Visit Lakes in Mexico #1: Laguna Kaan Luum 

Located just a half hour from the center of Tulum, is an amazing spot to check out. Kaan Luum is one of the must-visit lakes in Mexico because of the unique colors and shape it has.

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When seen from a birds eye view, the lagoon shows a large circle of water in which the color completely changes. They have hammocks and swings in the water, a long pier, lounge chairs, and a platform to get a great view of the lagoon from.

Laguna Kaan Luum, Lakes in Mexico

Closest City: Tulum

Hours: 9 am-5 pm

Price: 100 pesos (approx. $5 USD)

Photography restrictions: There is an extra charge of 150 pesos for the use of drones.

Take a tour to Kaan Luum:

Must-Visit Lakes in Mexico #2: Bacalar

Bacalar is not just one of the must-visit lakes in Mexico, but it's also one of the msot beautiful lakes in the world! The lagoon of Bacalar is also known as "the seven colored lagoon" due to the several different shades of blue that you will find here.

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The water is absolutely stunning, and the best part? It is actually fresh water! Giving you the Caribbean vibes, but without the saltiness. This lagoon is 42 km long and there are so many cool things to do inside of it! Want to know all about how to enjoy Bacalar? Check out our full Bacalar travel guide!

The lagoon can be accessed from many different locations, from private beach clubs  to public piers. So don't worry, because if you don't want to pay, there are plenty of ways to access the lagoon free of charge.

Cenote Cocalitos Bacalar, lakes in Mexico
Swing in Bacalar, lakes in Mexico
Seven Colored Lagoon, Lakes in mexico

Seven Colored Lagoon, Bacalar

Close Cities: Tulum & Costa Maya cruise port

Hours: public areas open 24/7, beach clubs vary

Price: Free public access points, private clubs between 100-500 pesos ($5-20 USD).

Photography Restrictions: Some private areas may have their own restrictions.

Tips: We suggest bringing a waterproof case for your phone, or an action camera for underwater pictures.

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Must-Visit Lakes in Mexico #3: Laguna Xul-Ha

Want to visit an equally stunning lake as Bacalar but want the lagoon to yourself? You can head just 25-30 minutes south of Bacalar to find the gorgeous Laguna Xul-Ha.

This is the lagoon that actually feeds both Bacalar and Laguna Bonanza (which we will mention next). This spot was great because when we went to Bacalar the storm had darkened the waters, but Xul-Ha remained crystal clear!

It is pretty hard to find a restaurant or anything going on here, but if you bring your own food and drinks, this is truly a gorgeous place to enjoy the quiet and beautiful tranquil waters of Xul-Ha. Also, it is one of our favorite lakes in Mexico that is a true hidden gem.

Laguna Xul-Ha Bacalar, lakes in mexico

Xul-Ha is sourced by the same water as Bacalar.

Closest City: Bacalar

Hours: public areas 24/7/ private areas vary

Price: Free

Photography restrictions: Unknown 

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Lakes in Mexico Pin
Lakes in Mexico Pin
Lakes in Mexico Pin

Must-Visit Lakes in Mexico #4: Laguna Bonanza

Right between Bacalar and Laguna Xul-Ha, you can find the other beautiful hidden gem of  Laguna Bonanza. This was one of our favorite must-visit lakes in Mexico Here you can find a small shack where there are friendly locals greeting you.

There is a small fee to enter, but they will include tables, bathrooms, and options to order food and drinks. It is a spot you will only find some locals, and will truly be able to enjoy the calm turquoise waters.

Laguna Bonanza Bacalar
Laguna Bonanza, lakes in Mexico

Closest City: Bacalar

Hours: 10 am-6 pm

Price: 100 pesos (approx. $5 USD)

Photography restrictions: No Restrictions

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Must-Visit Lakes in Mexico #5: Las Coloradas

Have you ever seen a pink lake? well, an hour and a half north from Valladolid you will find Rio Lagartos, a town by the shore from where you can go visit the famous "Las Coloradas."

The pink color of this salt lake is due to the high concentration of salt and microorganisms living in it. Definitely a fascinating experience, and one of the most unique lakes in Mexico.

Keep in mind that this is private property, and there is no swimming allowed. The best time to visit is mid-day between 12 and 3 when the color is most visible.

Here are a few tours that go to Las Coloradas:

Closest City: Valladolid

Hours: No times given

Price: 75 pesos (approx. $3.50 USD)

Photography restrictions: No professional cameras, tripods, or drones allowed.

Other Tips: You will either have to rent a car or take a tour to reach here.

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Must-Visit Lakes in Mexico #6: Laguna Rosada

When people think of the pink lakes in Yucatán, they automatically think of Las Coloradas. If you are looking for a spot to experience the pink waters and want to bring your camera and drone, then this is the place.

La Laguna Rosada is just an hour away from the city of Merida, and a half hour past Progreso. There are lagoons on the side of the highway that look pink/reddish in color depending on how the light hits them, and are free of charge to visit.

Want to see water that is even more pink? There are salt ponds that are right next to the lagoon that are manmade, but are pink from the organisms that put inside to collect the salt, making it a truly unique spot. 

Laguna Rosada, lakes in Mexico

Note: When we went, the salt ponds weren't open. We don't know if this is because of COVID-19 or because of the time we went. It is possible that they will reopen these to the public.

Closest City: Merida

Hours: 24/7

Price: Free

Photography restrictions: No Restrictions

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Must-Visit Lakes in Mexico #7: Laguna Atexcac

Located just an hour and a half away from Puebla, Laguna Atexcac is one of the best must-visit lakes in Mexico and serious hidden gem of the area. This crater lake has a deep turquoise color, and is surrounded by mountains, making it a truly pictures spot. Hike up in just 10-15 minutes to be greeted with some seriously gorgeous views!

Want to head down to the lake? We suggest bringing some good sneakers and plenty of water, as it is pretty steep and goes far down! We didn't personally do this, although it looked like it would have been fun! A plus? We were the only ones there.

Laguna Atexcac, lakes in mexico

Closest City: Puebla

Hours: 24/7

Price: Free

Photography restrictions: No restrictions

Tips: We suggest renting a car to visit here.

Must-Visit Lakes in Mexico #8: Laguna Alcichica

While you're in the area of Atexcac, you should also check out another lagoon called Laguna Alcichica. This salt lake can be found just down the road from Laguna Atexcac, and is just as beautiful, but unique and worth a visit.

You can see Laguna Alcichica from the side of the highway, and it does not seem to be anything special until you actually go right up next to it. Once you are up close you will see crystalized salt, and crystal clear waters. Make sure you go on a hot day to swim in the refreshing waters!

Laguna Alchica, lakes in mexico

Closest City: Puebla

Hours: 24/7

Price: Free of Charge

Photography restrictions: No Restrictions

Tips: We suggest visiting here by car.

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The lakes in Mexico are definitely some of the best spots to add to your bucket list when traveling through the country. Not only that, but there are some really stunning cenotes and waterfalls as well! 

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