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The 16 Most Stunning Waterfalls in Mexico

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When many people think about Mexico, they think about the beautiful beaches. But did you know that some of the most stunning spots we found throughout the country were waterfalls? Here are 16 waterfalls in Mexico you should add to your bucket list in 2023.

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Waterfalls in Mexico #1: Aguas Azules, Chiapas

Chiapas is full of some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mexico, and Las Cascadas Aguas Azules are one of the biggest and most impressive. The entire park of Aguas Azules is covered with what feels like hundreds of falls. There are also plenty of restaurants, as well as souvenir shops, keeping you entertained for hours in this place!

Aguas Azules, Chiapas, Best places to visit in Mexico
Aguas Azules, waterfalls in Mexico
Aguas Azules, waterfalls in Mexico

Aguas Azules are some of the most fantastic waterfalls Mexico.

Want to take an excursion to Aguas Azules? Here are some excursions from different cities that visit there:

Waterfalls in Mexico #2: El Chiflon, Chiapas

While in Chiapas, another great set of waterfalls to check out is el Chiflon. The more you climb up the stairs, the more sets of falls you will experience. Keep walking until the end, and you will reach one of the most powerful waterfalls in Mexico there is! Want an even more intense experience? You can actually zipline across the falls!

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El Chiflon is just 30 pesos to enter (about $1.50 USD), and an additional 200 pesos (about $10 USD) for the zipline. This is hands down the best deal for what you will experience here!

El Chiflon, Waterfalls in Mexico

Don't have a car? You can easily get a tour from San Cristobal de Lasas to El Chiflon waterfall:

Waterfalls in Mexico #3: Misol-Ha, Chiapas

This is one of easiest falls to visit in Chiapas if you are coming from the Yucatan Peninsula. Misol-Ha Waterfalls are located just a half hour outside of Palenque, and one hour from Aguas Azules.

We also love this spot because it is a simple 10 minute trail, that leads to a great view of the fall from afar on one side, and a trail that leads right under the falls on the other. This is one of the Waterfalls in Mexico that you can actually go beneath to feel its true power.

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The falls of Misol-Ha opens at 6:45 am and closes at 7:45 pm each day, and the price is just 20 pesos ($1 USD).

Don't have a car and want to take an organized tour instead? Here are a few that you can choose from:

Waterfalls in Mexico #4: Mil Cascadas, Taxco

This is one of the most magical places in Mexico, and one definitely not to miss while in Taxco. Mil Cascadas translates to "a thousand waterfalls", and while there may not be a thousand exactly, it does feel like it.

Don't have time to read the whole article and want to save it for later? Just pin it!

Waterfalls in Mexico Pin
Waterfalls in Mexico Pin
Waterfalls in Mexico Pin

Located off the beaten path, make sure you rent a car that is ready for a bumpy dirt road. The entrance fee is just 40 pesos ($2 USD) and it is open 24/7. There is an area for camping, a restaurant, and picnic tables provided.

Mil Cascadas, waterfalls in Mexico
Mil Cascadas, waterfalls in Mexico

The hike down is to the series of different falls in just a few minutes of walking. Make sure you to bring a bathing suit if you'd like to swim, and good sneakers for the hike down. Want a little extra adventure? There are locals that can take you on a guided tour that includes repelling down the waterfalls!

Rent a car to visit Mil Cascadas:

Waterfalls in Mexico #5: Cascada Cacalotenango, Taxco

This is another one of the waterfalls in Mexico that was near Taxco, and we actually had no idea that this place even existed at first! We were told about it by a local, and it was such a nice surprise. Located just off the side of the ride, it is just 15 minutes outside of Taxco, on the route towards Atzala de Asuncion.

The waterfall may be simple, but it is definitely worth a stop. Here you will find a few locals that sell souvenirs, beverages, and snacks. There is no entry fee, although they do ask for a "donation of your choice".

Cascada Cacalotenango, Waterfalls in Mexico

Waterfalls in Mexico #6: Grutas de Tolantongo

You may have seen waterfalls before. Big ones, small ones, but nothing like this one. The reason that this is one of our favorite waterfalls in Mexico, is because of how unique it is.  Behind this is that you can enter a cave with water under the waterfall.

At Grutas de Tolantongo, there is a cave which has a large waterfall cascading right over it. The water that falls is actually cold, but the pool beneath is naturally heated! Not only that, but swim further in the cave, and there is even another waterfall inside of it! There is nothing like witnessing a waterfall while getting to soak in thermal waters.

Grutas de Tolantongo, Waterfalls in Mexico

The entrance to Grutas de Tolantongo is 150 pesos (about $7.50 USD), and this includes access to the hot tubs, waterfalls, and thermal river. There is a second area of security for the falls, where you will not be allowed to bring a bag at all, so make sure to not bring anything of value, or many items at all.

Want to learn more about why this is one of the most beautiful spots on Earth? Check out the link below!

Short on time or don't have a car? Here are some tours that go to Grutas de Tolantongo:

Waterfalls in Mexico #7: Prismas Basalticos

Prismas Basalticas are one of the most fascinating structure in Mexico. Located in Hidalgo, they were created over 2.5 million years ago. The collision of lava and water actually formed them, and resulted in the shape they still have today! 

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Although the waterfall here is manmade, it is still a sight to see cascading over the basalt columns. You can also walk along the hanging bridge to get a good view from above, or walk down to experience the waterfall and columns up close.

Prismas Basalticos are open from 9 am to 6 pm, and cost 100 pesos (about $5 USD) per person. There is a restaurant and a souvenir shop on site as well.

prismas basálticos, places to visit in Mexico
Prismas Basalticos, Waterfalls in Mexico
Hidalgo, waterfalls in Mexico

Prismas Basalticos are a unique formation, and one area has a set of falls.

Waterfalls in Mexico #8: Cascadas El Tuliman, Zacatlan

Cascadas el Tuliman is much more than just one waterfall. Is is actually located inside of an large park, where you can easily spend the entire day! There are a series of trails, waterfalls, restaurants, and even activities such as ziplining, as well as suspension bridges.

This park is located just a half hour south of the city of Zacatlan, and it is best reached by car. The entrance is just 100 pesos (about $5 USD) per person, and it is open from 9 am to 6 pm. Cabanas are also available for rent if you would like to stay a night.

Cascadas el Tuliman, Waterfalls in Mexico

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Waterfalls in Mexico #9: Cascadas San Pedro, Zacatlan

Located right outside the center of Zacatlan, is a beautiful waterfall that is tucked away and hidden away from it all. You can park right on the side of the road and just follow a small dirt path. In just a minute, it will take you to an adorable bridge right before discovering this hidden gem.

When arriving  to Cascadas San Pedro, you will actually reach the top of the waterfall, where you can enjoy the view from above, or even walk along the top. It didn't seem as though the bottom was accessible, but it was a nice stop to admire the water cascading down, and unlike most waterfalls in Mexico, it is also free of charge to visit! 

Cascadas San Pedro, Waterfalls in Mexico

Waterfalls in Mexico #10: Los Micos, Huasteca Potosina

This was one of our waterfalls in Mexico, and experience we had in our life! Not only are the waters extremely turquoise, but the activities that are offered are what make this spot so unique. Not only can you enjoy swimming in the waterfalls below, but you can have an entire adventure right over them!

We joined Adventure Huasteca in one of the most interesting activities we've ever experienced. First, we took a series of ziplines over Los Micos (make sure to get your GoPro or camera ready for the final one because the views are insane), and then we actually took a bicycle on a high wire over the falls! Talk about an adrenaline rush.

Los Micos, Waterfalls in Mexico

Want to do an excursion that includes Micos waterfall? Here are a few that we found for you:

Waterfalls in Mexico #11: Tamasopo Falls, Huasteca Potosina

We think that Tamasopo falls are some of the best waterfalls in Mexico, because they are a great place for all ages! The park doesn't just have a series of different waterfalls, but is also full of other fun activities, making it a full day experience. There are jungle gyms above the water, gardens, natural pools, and so much more.

The entrance is just 40 pesos (about $2 USD) and the hours are from 7 am to 6 pm. Life jackets are provided, and are optional for certain areas, and mandatory for others (such as areas with platforms for jumping into the water). 

Tamasopo Falls, waterfalls in Mexico
Tamasopo Falls, Huasteca Potosina
Tamasopo falls, best waterfalls in Mexico

There are bathrooms, plenty of seating and shade, as well as hammocks to relax in. There is a souvenir shop, and also a snack bar where you can get some food and drinks. Our personal suggestion is getting one of the giant Micheladas!

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Here is a full private tour that includes Tamasopo waterfalls:

Waterfalls in Mexico #12: Cascada Tamul, Huasteca Potosina

This is one of the most powerful waterfalls in Mexico, and it is really worth a full day visit. You can either experience the beautiful falls from above, or visit them below. The easiest way to see the falls is from the top, but the only real way to experience the true power of the falls is from below.

While the top is pretty easy to visit, the bottom of the falls can only be reached by a 30 minute canoe ride. Reservations in advance are required, so if it is something you have your heart set on, you should really take care of it a few days before going.

The canoes cost 200 pesos per person (about $10 USD), and need a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 10. There are also private canoes that are for 1-7 people, and they are 1,600 pesos (about $80 USD) for the canoe (not per person).

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Want to take a ride to Tamul waterfall? Here are some tours you can sign up for in advance:

Waterfalls in Mexico #13: Cascadas de Minas Viejas, Huasteca Potosina

These series of turquoise waterfalls in Mexico are 78 km north of Ciudad Valles, making them a bit more off the beaten path in la Huasteca Potosina, However, Cascadas Minas Viejas are worth the trip!

This is a great spot for those who love adventure, as you can jump from different cascades into the crystal clear pools below them. The falls are open from 7 am to 8 pm, and the entrance is just 30 pesos (about $1.50 USD).

Here are a few tours that include Minas Viejas Waterfalls:

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Waterfalls in Mexico #14: Salto del Meco, Huasteca Potosina

Here is another one of the waterfalls in Mexico a little off the beaten path. Salto del Meco is located North of Ciudad Valles, just like Cascadas Minas Viejas. They are nonetheless equally as gorgeous as those that are more popular! 

Here you can find stunning set of turquoise falls to swim in, as well as a few bungalows along the river that you can rent for a night!

Want to know all about visiting La Huasteca Potosina? Check out our full guide below!

La Huasteca Potosina, Mexico is one of the most beautiful regions of the country. This area is full of lush greenery, cascading waterfalls, and insane nature. It can be difficult to figure out what to see, and the best ways to plan your trip here, which is why we decided

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Waterfalls in Mexico #15: Cascada el Chuveje, Pinal de Amoles

One of the most magical looking waterfalls in Mexico is tucked away in Pinal de Amoles. It is a true hidden gem, and the entire area surrounding it will make you feel like you are in a fairytale.

In order to get here you will need to drive just 20 minutes outside the center of town, and right off the highway there will be a sign where you follow a dirt road until the end (pass the parking sign).

Cascada Chuveje, Waterfalls in Mexico

Waterfalls in Mexico #16: Cascada el Aguacate, Puebla

These waterfalls in Mexico are not so easy to get to, but are definitely worth it for those who want a little bit of adventure! Located just 4o minutes from the city of Puebla, this is a serious hidden gem. More formally known as "las Cascadas de San Agustín Ahuehuetla", the waterfalls can be reached from the town of San Agustin.

When you arrive to San Augustin, you can park and start your journey to the falls. They are a 2 km hike (about 40 minutes) from the town, and although it can be a bit intense, the beautiful waterfall awaiting makes it totally worth it!

The entrance fee is just 20 pesos per person ($1 USD). The path to the falls takes only about 15 minutes, and is very picturesque. We would suggest expecting to spend a full hour here to really enjoy all the gorgeous nature surrounding. 

One of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Mexico, Puebla is definitely one to add to the bucket list! Not only is the city itself full of great places, but its location is great for surrounding museums, small towns,, lakes, waterfalls, and more! Here are 15 awesome things to

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Packing List for Visiting Waterfalls in Mexico

  • Sunscreen (the sun is super strong)
  • Reusable Water Bottle (we use this water bottle from Cafago because it holds the temperature)
  • Poncho (If you don't want to get wet)
  • Flip Flops (we personally always get Havaiana flip flops, as they are comfy and long lasting)
  • Water Shoes
  • Sneakers (for the ones with hikes)
  • Zippered Bag or Backpack (to secure your belongings) - take a look at these backpacks for travelers!
  • Power Bank (we use Anker power banks, as they are super long lasting and sturdy)
  • Bug Spray
  • Bathing Suit 
  • Towel
  • Drone (We use the Mavic Mini Pro 3 because it's super light and doesn't sacrifice quality)
  • Action Camera (we use the Insta 360 X3 because it's small & waterproof)
  • Case Mate waterproof Phone Pouch (we use the Cafago Waterproof Phone Pouch)
  • Dry Bag (for the boat/canoe/kayak excursions)
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We hope you have a great time exploring all of the great waterfalls in Mexico that there are out there! Don't worry, because we explored so many other types of landscapes in Mexico as well that we'd love to share with you. Check out some of our other Mexico travel guides to keep growing your Mexican bucket list!

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