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Where to Travel in July: The 8 Best Places for Great Prices and Fewer Crowds

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Wondering where to travel in July? While it personally isn't one of our favorite times to travel, it is certainly one of the most popular. With school out, families flee to get in some vacation time and enjoy the summer heat in a new destination.

Americans tend to hop over the Caribbean, and Europeans fill the hotspots like Greece and Italy. However, we like to explore those places in the offseason, as they are way too crowded and overpriced for our liking.

Instead, we take advantage to enjoy some of those places off the beaten path, those spots that are underrated and equally as beautiful. So we're diving into the 8 best places  to travel in July if you want to beat the crowds. From the cheapest place to travel in July, to the best parties, here are our favorite picks for where to travel in July.

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Where to Travel in July #1: Pamplona, Spain

We love Spain at any time of the year, but July has an event that you truly don't want to miss out on. The first week of July there is a festival called San Fermin, or more commonly known as "The running of the bulls".

Although we don't agree with the way the bulls are treated, it is a traditional festival that is worth checking out for many reasons.

Dress in white with red accents, and party all day and night in the streets of Pamplona. The running of the bulls happens each morning for a full week, and the parties go all day, all night, and even until the morning once again.

running of the bulls, unique festivals around the world

Where to Travel in July #2: The Baltics

This is definitely one of our favorite places to visit in July! The countries in Northern Europe such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, and Russia have so much beauty, and are very underrated.

Lofoten Islands in Norway, where to travel in July
Lofoten Islands in Norway, where to travel in July
Lofoten Islands in Norway, where to travel in July
Lofoten Islands in Norway, where to travel in July

Norway is definitely one of the best places to travel to in July.

The Weather

While much of the year these countries experience very cold weather, July is the peak for warm temperatures and sunshine.

While many flock to the Mediterranean, we usually like to save those for the spring and fall. Why? Because the cities are extremely hot in the summer. Not to mention to mass crowds!

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The Hours of Sun

Not only are the temperatures perfect, but this area is special because there are almost 24 hours of sunshine in the summer. The sun usually "sets" around 11 and "rises" just a few hours later. (We put this in quotes, as it never fully gets dark). 

This makes the atmosphere extremely fun, and the parties go all night long. With plenty of festivals, stunning hikes, and booming nightlife, it's no wonder we loved July in the Baltics so much. So make sure to add these countries to your bucket list for some summer fun!

Nyhavn, Copenhagen, where to travel in July
What to do in St Petersburg, Russia, where to travel in July
Toompea view Tallinn

The Baltics have beautiful weather and fewer crowds than other places in Europe.

Where to Travel in July #3: Alaska

Just like the Baltic countries, Alaska is another great summer getaway. Many think of Alaska as always being cold, but the truth is that the temperatures in July are much nicer than you'd think! 

Will you be lying out sunbathing? Probably not. But there are so many fun things to do in Alaska, and one of the best ways to discover this area is by cruise. Sail around visiting all of the different ports of call, and maybe you'll get lucky enough to catch the Aurora Borealis!

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Where to Travel in July #4: Canada

Canada is another country that has pretty short summers, and pretty rough winters. But July has the most beautiful weather, and there are so many great spots to visit!

Enjoy the gorgeous glacial lakes and mountains in the West, or head to Toronto for some city fun. Whatever you choose- you will not regret heading over to this stunning country.

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Where to travel in July
Where to travel in July
Where to travel in July

Where to Travel in July #5: Albania

Want to experience the same stunning waters of Greece for a fraction of the price? Well, Albania is the perfect spot to escape the crowds and enjoy the beautiful Adriatic.

Albania in our opinion is a true hidden gem, and has it all. It is a country with a gorgeous coastline, but also has breathtaking mountains, making it ideal for all types of travelers.

Albania, where to travel in July
beach clubs Albanian Riviera, where to travel in July
Beach in Albania, where to travel in July
driving to Theth Albania, where to travel in July

Albania has the perfect mix of mountains and beaches.

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Where to Travel in July #6: Romania

Want to know one of the most underrated countries we've been to? Romania is full of incredible landscapes, for affordable prices.

July is when one of the most stunning mountain passes opens (or in June at times) and you can experience some true hidden gems of Europe. 

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Swerve through scenic mountain roads, hike through the bluest lakes, and experience magical castles. That's what Romania is all about. Whether you experience the perfect weather in the mountains, or head to the beautiful beach area of Costanza, you'll be so happy you chose Romania as your place to travel in July.

Romania, best place to travel in July
salt mine in Romania, best place to travel in July
mountains in Romania, best places to travel in July
spa in Romania, places to travel in July
landscape of Romania, best place to travel in July

Romania has a variety of landscapes, and is one of our favorite places to travel in July.

Pink Dot Thessaloniki Greece

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Where to Travel in July #7: Croatia

Okay, Croatia isn't necessarily "off the beaten path", but we can't help but add it to our list of where to travel in July. 

July is high season for Croatia, but it is also the month of yacht week! This is an entire season dedicated to groups renting out yachts and island hopping. Between gorgeous beaches and epic parties, this is definitely something to add to your bucket list.

Zlatni Rat, Island of Bol in Croatia
Hvar, where to travel in July
spanish fortress in Hvar, best place to travel in July

Croatia is the best place to travel in July for parties and lavender.

Another reason we love Croatia in July is because the lavender in full bloom. Check out the amazing island of Hvar to see this purple plant in bloom, while avoiding the crowds that flood the south of France.

Where to Travel in July #8: The Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

While we usually don't like traveling to the Caribbean in the summer months, Mexico has quite a few reasons to visit during this time. Here are a few reasons to visit Mexico in July.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Turtles Hatching

One of the reasons to visit Mexico in July is because it is prime time for turtle hatching. In some places you can even be involved in a program where you help the turtles come out by digging into the sand, and making sure that they climb safely to the sea.

save the sea turtles, experiences in Cozumel Mexico

July is the height of the turtle hatching season in Mexico.

It is really one of the sweetest experiences, and definitely one to add to your bucket list while in Mexico!


Another main attraction in the Yucatan Peninsula is the few thousand fresh water sink holes that are scattered across the area.

This is a great time to visit them, as it is before hurricane season, when some of them overflow and become darker in color.

Head there in July and you will find them at their clearest, and the perfect way to cool off in the Mexican heat.

Cenote Suytun, the best places to visit in July

One of our favorite cenotes in Mexico is Suytun, located nearby Valladolid and Tulum.

Another reason this is a great place to travel in July is because it is the exact time where the sun rises right over the hole going into the cenote, which makes a magical sun beam shine straight down onto the platform.

You can only find this to align like this right in the heart of summer, primarily in the month of July.

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2024 will definitely be the year where travelers will flock to the popular spots in Greece and the Mediterranean, but we truly think you will enjoy these places to travel in July a bit more! So dodge the crowds and check out some of these more off the beaten path locations. Happy travels!

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