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The Very Best Places to Travel in August

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Are you looking for the best places to travel in August?

This month is the end of summer in some places, and the end of winter in others. Regardless of the area though, August is a pretty popular month to travel.

We personally like traveling towards the end of the month, as temperatures are a little better, and places are less crowded. Come see which are the best places to travel in August.

Best Places to Travel in August #1: Iceland

Iceland is one of our favorite places on the planet! This is definitely one of the best places to travel in August, and there are so many reasons. 

Iceland doesn't experience the warmest of temperatures throughout the year, but in August you can still experience plenty of warmth and sunshine (especially in the beginning of the month). It cools off at night, but isn't so cold that you can't enjoy a nice hot tub outside.

iceland, best places to visit in August

Travel in August to Iceland and you can still see the end of the puffin season, but also have a chance at the beginning of the season for the Northern lights. In our opinion, traveling to Iceland in August gives you the opportunity to experience all of the best things that the country has to offer!

Iceland, best places to travel in August
Iceland- best places to travel in August
Best Places to travel in August - Iceland

Iceland is the perfect place to travel in August to experience its amazing landscapes.

Best Places to Travel in August #2:  Buñol, Spain

Every August the small town of Buñol hosts one of the most unique festivals in the world. "La Tomatina" is a festivity that happens on the last Wednesday of August each year.

Thousands of people travel to this Valencian suburb to party in the streets and participate in the world's biggest food fight. Trucks go up and down the streets pouring out tomatoes that tourists and locals alike will pick up and throw at each other,

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best places to travel in August Pin
best places to travel in August Pin
best places to travel in August Pin

After a few hours of the madness , you will find the streets of Buñol flooded in tomatoes, with tipsy travelers swimming through the juices. It is chaotic and messy, but a super fun and interesting event to attend at least once in your life. This is one of the best places to travel in August if you want to experience something unique,

La Tomatina, best places to visit in august

Buñol is home to the world's biggest food fight.

Best Places to Travel in August #3: Budapest

Travel in August to Budapest and you will have the opportunity to attend one of the biggest festivals in Europe. Sziget Festival has been happening since 1994 and brings half a million people from across the globe every year.

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If music festivals aren't your thing, then not to worry- there are plenty of other types of interesting festivals held in August in Budapest. Some of which include the film festival, folk arts festival, and flower festival.

Additionally, there is another activity that may seem odd, but is pretty interesting! For one night in August there is bat mating that occurs in a long cave in Budapest. Something for all if you travel in August to the capital of Hungary.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Best Places to Travel in August #4: Belgrade

This Eastern European city is home to some of the best festivals in Europe, many of which occur in the summer. Belgrade is definitely one of the best places to travel in August for special events.

Lovefest is a three day long event, which is the largest cultural festival for music, art, and urban culture,

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Book cover 2021

Beer fest is the largest beer festival in Serbia. Not only can you try over 100 different types of beer, but it is actually a completely free event! Serbians really do know how to have a good time.

Finally, there is Tesjnar's Night, which is a ten day long festival held in Valjevo. This is one of the oldest festivals in Serbia, and it features a variety of exhibitions from local artists, classical visual arts, lectures, dance performances, theater, and films.

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Best Places to Travel in August #5: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the best places to travel in August for many reasons. Summer is coming to an end, and the weather is just perfect. You can enjoy sailing down the canals, go to boat parties,  or pedal your way through the city drinking beer with your friends.

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Amsterdam is a great party city, and is also home to the longest running festival in the world! Mysteryland is a two day festival at the end of August for music, art, & culture. In addition to being famous for all the talent it shows, it is also known as being the most sustainable. That's a double win in our book.

Amsterdam- best places to travel in August

Amsterdam has perfect weather in August.

Traveling in August is great for those who want to experience big parties, good weather, and just simply enjoying life. Just make sure to save up your money and book in advance! The best places to travel in August are usually much more expensive, and not great for last minute trips. So do plenty of planning beforehand.

We definitely suggest heading to Europe for August so you can experience one of the many amazing festivals throughout the continent. Want to see other cool places to travel in the summer or perhaps in September? Well we have plenty of other fun destinations to share with you.

Pink Dot Thessaloniki Greece

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