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The 6 Best Places to Travel in October

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Are you looking for the best places to travel in October? Although this month may not be one of the most popular  to travel, it is certainly one of our favorites! 

With temperatures cooling off in some parts of the world, and warming up in others, it's a great month to travel for those who want to visit those normally hotter destinations. We also love it because crowds are much smaller, and prices are the best at this time.

There are some great places to travel in October, so we're here to share some of our top picks. Here are our favorite places to travel in October.

Best Places to Travel in October #1: Mexico

Mexico is one of our favorite places to travel in October for quite a few reasons. The first reason is because of the weather. 

While a lot of other spots around the globe are getting colder, Mexico actually has perfect temperatures all over the country. The Caribbean spots are still hot, so it makes for a great tropical getaway, while the middle of the country has beautiful sunshine and warmth during the day, and a little cooler weather at night. 

Mexico, travel in October

We also love this time because it is still early enough to experience turtle hatching, and hurricane season has come to an end by this point. 

But the number one reason why Mexico is part of our list for top places to travel in October, is because of Dias de Los Muertos. The entire month you can find beautiful fields of flowers, decorations, and finish off the month with one of the best holidays to experience around the world.

La Gruta cave restaurant Mexico, best places to travel in October
San Andres Cholula, Mexico, best places to travel in October
Cempesuchil Fields, Mexico, best places to travel in October

In October you can enjoy the Cempesuchil flowers in bloom.

The Best Places to Travel in October #2: Germany

Germany is one of our favorite places to travel in October because of Octoberfest! Despite what it may sound like, this festival actually starts at the end of September, but goes into the first week of October.

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Not only can you enjoy the giant parties and festivities of Octoberfest, but you can also enjoy the middle of October for a more quiet trip, as the crowds disappear once the festival ends.

Oktoberfest, travel in October

Octoberfest is one of the most exciting festivals in the world.

Munich is our personal favorite area to celebrate, as it is the center of the biggest celebrations. After celebrating Octoberfest, we also love exploring the beautiful nature of Bavaria, as autumn is in full swing, and the trees are all changing colors.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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The Best Places to Visit in October #3: New England, USA

Speaking of the leaves changing colors, this may just be the best spot in the whole world to experience fall.

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best places to travel in October Pin
best places to travel in October Pin
best places to travel in October Pin

The North East of the US including upstate New York, Vermont, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire, and a few other surrounding states offer the best colors in the country. You could spend days just driving and admiring the Autumn colors, but there is still more to experience!

Fall in New York

New York has some of the best fall colors in the world! Head upstate and check out the stunning fall foliage.

October is perfect for apple picking, hiking, and pumpkin picking. As the US gets ready for Halloween, there are so many things to enjoy. The month of October is officially pumpkin season, and you can find anything pumpkin flavored, from muffins and pies, to coffee and other hot drink specialties.

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Another great reason to visit the US in October is because of the Halloween festivities. While many countries celebrate, there is quite no other experience than attending the different parties in the US, as they are not just on Halloween, but can start running from the weekend before, all the way until the weekend after!

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Best Places to Visit in October #4: The UAE

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are definitely fascinating places to visit. With it's luxury hotels, manmade islands, and jaw-dropping buildings, it's no wonder it has become increasingly popular. 

National Aquarium of Abu Dhabi, best places to travel in October
Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi, best places to travel in October
Abu Dhabi Desert, best places to travel in October

The UAE experiences hot temperatures year round, but temperatures cool off in October.

Being in a desert though means temperatures rise pretty high. While the summer months are unbearably hot, they start to finally cool down enough in October for you to be able to walk outside. It's also not yet high season, so you can get more affordable prices and less crowds.

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The Best Places to Visit in October #5: Greece

The Greek Islands are extremely packed in the summer, and can't really be enjoyed to their fullest in the winter. We love Greece as one of the best places to travel in October because the crowds are gone, but the weather is still nice enough to enjoy the outdoors.

Prices are also much cheaper at this time for both hotels and flights! This is definitely the perfect time to still enjoy the beauty of Greece, without being bombarded with tons of tourists.

Seitan Limania, best places to travel in October
Balos Beach, Crete
Best things to do in Chania, Crete

In October the Greek Islands still have great weather, but without all the crowds.

The Best Places To Travel in October #6: Georgia

Last October we went to a truly underrated country, that is now one of our favorites! Georgia was a place that truly blew our minds. Between gorgeous landscapes, friendly people, and cheap prices, we definitely suggest you to add it to your bucket list.

One of the reasons we think that Georgia is the best place to travel in October is because it was the one area that we could experience all 4 seasons in just one week (sometimes even in a day!)

Autumn in Georgia. best places to travel in October
flower field in Georgia, best places to travel in October
snow in Georgia the country

In October you can experience every season throughout Georgia.

Experience sunshine on the coast, snow in the mountains, and colorful leaves along the winding country roads. There is so much to explore in the country of Georgia, and October is the best time to experience a bit of it all.

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October can definitely be a hit or miss when it comes to the weather. We suggest always having a back up plan, and packing layers. Days may be warm and the temperatures can definitely cool off quite a bit in the afternoons.

Want to learn more about great places to travel around the world? Well, we have plenty of articles for you to explore across the globe! You can simply click the map on the front page of our site to choose your destination.

Pink Dot Thessaloniki Greece

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