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25 Hidden Gems in Mexico You Need to See

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Want to see some hidden gems in Mexico?  Nowadays with Instagram, it seems like the same places are becoming more and more popular. 

Tulum is no longer off the beaten path, and cenotes are visited more than some of the beaches! That's why we've worked hard to uncover some new and cool spots that you most likely haven't heard of yet! Here are 25 different hidden gems in Mexico to check out.

Hidden Gems in Mexico #1: Cascada Cacalotenango

We're a big fan of chasing waterfalls, and this is one of those hidden gems in Mexico that only the locals know about.

Cascada Cacatolegango is a small set of falls on the side of the road outside of the Pueblo Magico of Taxco Guerrero. This is a spot we would have never even knew about if it wasn't for a local telling us to take an alternate route back to Taxco from the small town of Atzala. 

Cascada Cacalotenango Taxco

The entrance is free to go see the falls, but there are locals that stand at the front asking for donations.

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Hidden Gems in Mexico #2: Mirador Cuatro Palos

This is one of the most stunning and underrated views in Mexico! Mirador Cuatro Palos can be found 15 minutes outside of Pinal de Amoles. It can only be seen with a reservation, where a guide will take you on the trail up to the viewpoint.

The tour is about 1 hour, and the trail is very simple. Go early, and you will find a blanket of clouds down below! Go later on, and you will find a giant green mountain jutting from down below.

Mirador Cuatro Palos, Pinal de Amoles
Pinal de Amoles, hidden gems in mexico
Cuatro Palos, hidden gems in Mexico

Mirador Cuatro Palos is one of the best views in Mexico.

Reservations can be made in advance by contacting +52 14411212269. You don't need to pay for the guide, but it's nice to leave a tip. It can be chilly in the morning, so bundle up if your reservation is early.

Hidden Gems in Mexico #3: Presa Zimpan

Presa Zimapan is one of those spots that was truly off the beaten path. It isn't really near any big landmarks. But it was something we decided to add to our route on the way to Pinal de Amoles from Hidalgo.

This giant reservoir is surrounded by hills, and filled with dark blue waters. We definitely suggest making a stop at "El Mirador" for some of the best Diablo shrimp you'll ever have. We also suggest sticking around the area for a magical sunset.

Presa Zimapan, Hidden Gems of Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #4: Hacienda Mucuyche

No trip to any place in the Yucatan Peninsula is complete without checking out at least one cenote. For us, our absolute favorite  is this one. Why? Because it is one of the hidden gems of Mexico when it comes to cenotes.

The hacienda (ancient residence) takes reservations for tours that last two hours, and costs 480 pesos ($14 USD). The guide takes you through the ruins and tells you about the history of the hacienda. They finish off and take you to a series of cenotes. They are connected with caves, and even feature a waterfall at the end!

Hacienda Mucuyche, Hidden Gems in Mexico

We love this spot because it is not nearly as well known as some of the other cenotes that are around Tulum. There is also a restaurant on site, with a pool, showers and fitting rooms. Additionally, they have a small shop that sells local crafts and jewelry.

Want to make a reservation or get more info? Click here for the official website.

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Hidden Gems in Mexico #5: Arcos de Sitio

This three tiered aqueduct is one of our favorite day trips from Mexico City, and one of the coolest hidden gems in Mexico. Not only can you admire this giant structure from afar, but you can actually walk across the top of it!

You'll find families here flying kites, or dare devils walking across the suspension bridge across from it. There is a safe parking lot here, as well as some vendors if you'd like to grab a snack.

Arcos de Sition. Hidden gems in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #6: Animas 15

San Miguel de Allende is one of those cities that is home to plenty of hidden gems in Mexico. One of our favorites, being this small café that is covered from top to bottom in pink!

This small and cozy café is not only one of the most Instagrammable places. But it offers a great selection of baked goods, teas, and delicious coffee concoctions. Ironically, this adorable place's address is the same as the name, which makes it a lot easier to find!

Animas 15, Hidden gems in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #7: Laguna Alcichica

This was one of our favorite lagoons in Mexico, and with some of the clearest waters you could find. This place is such a hidden gem, that there wasn't even another person in sight when we visited.

From the side of the road, the lagoon is deceiving. Get closer and you will see why there is so much beauty in this spot. Laguna Alcichica is a great day trip from Puebla,  and is also near another of our favorite lagoons in Mexico, Laguna Atexcac!

Laguna Alchica, hidden gems in mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #8: Stairs of Atlixco

This piece of art is like none other we have seen before! Now we've witnessed plenty of rainbow stairs in Puerto Rico and Colombia, but these stairs are so much more.

Admire the artwork done by a local artist. It depicts two characters of a local folklore of the town of Atlixco. This Pueblo Magico is located just 25 minutes from Puebla, and is well worth the visit!

Atlixco stairs, hidden gems in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #9: Cenotes Kin-Ha

There are so many amazing cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula. But some of the best ones, are the ones that barely any people know about! Cenotes Kin-Ha is one of the  hidden gems in Mexico, that is just around the corner from CancĂșn!

Located right between Playa del Carmen and CancĂșn, Puerto Morelos has some of the coolest cenotes. Kin-Ha cenotes have two main cenotes. There is one open, and one closed. Jump into the cave of one, or off a high platform into the other. These cenotes will keep you having fun for hours!

Kin-Ha cenotes offer life vests, showers, a restaurant, and even personalized photography packages. Check out everything you need to know to visit them here.

Have you ever seen a picture of a natural pool that looks like a hidden gem or even not real? Well, let us tell you that these are not only real but very accessible for everybody. Cenotes are literally sink holes formed naturally millions of years ago, and Kin Ha

Read More

Hidden Gems in Mexico #10: Flower Fields in Oaxaca

When we were in Oaxaca, we had some pretty bad luck with things being closed due to Covid. However, we did find some hidden gems in Mexico right along the side of the road!

There is one main highway that leads from the capital of Oaxaca to Mazatlan. While driving here, you can find these stunning fields of pink and orange flowers. The best time to see them is during October, before DĂ­a de los Muertos.

flower fields in Oaxaca, Hidden gems in Mexico

This is someone's private property, so please ask for permission before going into the fields. They ask for nothing more than "money for a drink" which could be just 20-60 pesos ($1- $3 USD).

Don't have time to read the whole article and want to save it for later? Just pin it!

Hidden Gems in Mexico Pin
Hidden Gems in Mexico Pin
Hidden Gems in Mexico Pin

Hidden Gems in Mexico #11: Casa de los Soles

Casa de los Soles is a hotel that is a full work of art This hotel is decorated by different sun pieces that the owners have accumulated. Adding to the walls little by little, the hotel now features over 2,000 suns. They have really created the most beautiful and uplifting atmosphere.

The hotel offers two large terraces, as well as rooms with interior balconies. Casa de los Soles is located right in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, and is definitely a unique place to spend a night or two.

Casa de Los Soles, hidden gems in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #12: Castillo Santa Cecilia

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping in castle? Well now you can at Castillo Santa Cecilia. This former castle in Guanajuato is now fully converted into a hotel! The best part? It won't cost you an arm and a leg to stay here. A night here goes for about $30 USD.

castle in Guanajuato, hidden gems in Mexico
castle in Guanajuato, hidden gems in Mexico
Castle hotel in Guanajuato, Mexico

In Guanajuato you can actually stay overnight in an old castle.

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Hidden Gems in Mexico #13: Laguna Atexcac

Located just by Laguna Alcichica, this is another of the hidden gems in Mexico that we couldn't get enough of.

This lagoon has the most turquoise waters. And it is surrounded by hills in the form of a crater lake. It is free of charge to visit, and takes about 10 minutes to hike up. We didn't have the chance to get close to the water, but we dare you to try!

Laguna Atexcac, hidden gems in mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #14: Faro de Cancun

This is one of the hidden gems in Mexico that is just smack in the middle of the tourist area! Many people don't know about the light house here, as it is actually on the property of one of the resorts.

Faro de Cancun, hidden gems in Mexico

To get here you will actually need to trek through the water. Sounds tough, but it is definitely worth it! The Faro de CancĂșn is best appreciated during sunrise or sunset in our opinion. We love it because it is something different to do than the typical tourist traps of CancĂșn.

Want to experience CancĂșn like a local? Than you will definitely want to check this article out:

What are the best things to do in Cancun? Look this up and chances are you'll find the same info. Many times you will find pictures of people chilling at a huge pool in a resort, or young adults partying in the famous clubs. But we're here to tell you

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Hidden Gems in Mexico #15: Iglesia Señor de Tila

This is the most colorful of the hidden gems in Mexico. Also it is truly off the beaten path! Located in the small town of Balancan, in the state of Tabasco, this church brightens up the entire area. 

Iglesia Señor de Tila looks like it was taken out of a children's book and just placed in the middle of nowhere. This is definitely one of the most colorful spots in Mexico, and one to add to the bucket list!

rainbow church, hidden gems in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #16: La Gruta Spa

This is one of the best hidden gems in Mexico for those who want to relax. "La Gruta" (which means the cave) is an outdoor spa. But this spa features a number of pools sourced by thermal waters.

This spa is located in San Miguel de Allende, and costs 150 pesos (about $12.50 USD) for a day pass. Our favorite part? One of the pools features a tunnel that leads to a cave, which serves as a natural sauna. Not only that, but at certain times there is a man-made waterfall that is right inside the cave!

La Gruta Spa, Hidden Gems in Mexico


Hidden Gems in Mexico #17: Cascadas de San Pedro

Here is another one of those hidden gems in Mexico-waterfall edition! Cascadas de San Pedro are located right outside the center of Zacatlan. They are tucked away down a small dirt path from the side of the road, and a truly beautiful! You can even walk across them (just be careful!).

Cascadas de San Pedro, Hidden Gems in Mexico

While you're at it, add the entire Pueblo Magico of Zacatlan to your list. See why this place is so underrated and worth a visit by clicking on the link below.

Welcome to Zacatlan de Las Manzanas! This Mexican town is considered a "Pueblo MĂĄgico", or magic town, due to the preservation of its architecture and customs. There are 121 Pueblos MĂĄgicos in Mexico, and they all take you back to a different time when you walk through its streets.Today, we

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Hidden Gems in Mexico #18: Cenote La Noria

Let's get back to some fun cenotes that you should add to your list. Cenote La Noria is actually located across from another of the hidden gems in Mexico- Kin-Ha Cenotes!

That's killing two birds with one stone. Cenote La Noria is equally as beautiful, but different. Here you can kayak through the caves, jump inside from the top, or hop on the swing for that Instagrammable shot.

Cenote La Noria, Hidden gems of Mexico

Not only is this place super fun, but their food is incredible! Their dishes only feature local ingredients. Also, have all the flavor, without the high price tag.

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Hidden Gems in Mexico #19: Tilted Lighthouse of Puerto Morelos

While you're checking out the amazing cenotes of La Noria and Kin-Ha, don't forget to check out the small beach in Puerto Morelos. There is a cute town featuring local souvenirs, restaurants, and this adorable tilted lighthouse.

Puerto Morelos, Hidden Gems in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #20: Cascada Chuveje

This is one of the hidden gems in Mexico that made us feel like we had just teleported into a fairytale. Located just 20 minutes outside the center of Pinal de Amoles, the path is easy and picturesque.

The price is just 20 pesos (about $1 USD), and if you pass the initial parking lot, you can park for free right outside the entrance. We would suggest expecting to spend a full hour here to really enjoy all the gorgeous surrounding nature.

Cascada Chuveje, Hidden gems in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #21: Hacienda Kaan AC

This is one of our favorite hotels that we have ever been to! Hacienda Kaan AC will make you feel like true royalty.

This 5-star hotel had been transformed from a former castle, and each of their rooms looks just like a royal bedroom. Located just 10 minutes from the center of Valladolid, this hotel also has a pool to beat the Yucatan heat, as well as workshops for art!

castle hotel, best things to do in Valladolid mexico
hacienda kaan ac Valladolid

Hidden Gems in Mexico #22: Festival de Globos

This is not a physical place when it comes to hidden gems in Mexico. However, the experience is one that we found by chance!

Each year in November, the city of Leon hosts a balloon festival, and it is truly magical! But this is not just an ordinary hot air balloon festival. They feature all different kinds of colors, shapes, and even cartoon characters! Don't miss out on adding this to your bucket list for when you visit Mexico.

Festival de Globos, Hidden Gems in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #23: Outdoor Bathtub Playa del Carmen

We actually got tons of messages on Instagram when we posted our photo here. This airbnb features a bathtub out on the porch, and is surrounded by lights! Could you think of anything more romantic?

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Don't worry, because this stay actually only set us back about $25 USD. The room itself is simple, but the bathtub definitely made it one of the hidden gems in Mexico to check out while in Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen bathtub Airbnb, Hidden Gems in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #24: Laguna Bonanza

Laguna Bonzanza is truly on the hidden gems in Mexico we visited. The reason is because we never would have known about it, if it weren't for a random drunk local that we started chatting with! While most visitors flock to the nearby lagoon of Bacalar, Laguna Bonanza is just 15 minutes down the road! It is much less crowded, and with equally stunning waters.

Laguna Bonanza, Bacalar, hidden gems in Mexico
Laguna Bonanza Bacalar in Mexico

Hidden Gems in Mexico #25: Mil Cascadas

When it comes to waterfalls, this is one of our favorite places in Mexico. Mil Cascadas is located outside of Taxco Guerrero, and is an endless flow of waterfalls, that will make you feel like you are in a fairytale.

Mil Cascadas, Hidden Gems in Mexico

You'll find many locals camping here with family and friends. So grab a tent and some food to truly immerse yourself in one of the hidden gems of Mexico!

Of all of the Pueblos Magicos in Mexico, we have to say that this was the one that really blew us away. Located just 2 1/2 hours South of Mexico City, this picturesque town has plenty to offer, and is the perfect day trip or weekend getaway. Taxco Guerrero should

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Some of the best spots we have encountered have been those off the beaten path. These hidden gems in Mexico are just a few of the spots out there waiting for you!

Planning on traveling through Mexico and want to see more? We have plenty of other free guides for you to check out!

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