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25 Hidden Gems in Mexico You Need to See

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Want to see some hidden gems in Mexico?  Nowadays with Instagram, it seems like the same places are becoming more and more popular. 

Tulum is no longer off the beaten path, and cenotes are visited more than some of the beaches! That's why we've worked hard to uncover some new and cool spots that you most likely haven't heard of yet! Here are 25 different hidden gems in Mexico to check out.

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Hidden Gems in Mexico #1: Cascada Cacalotenango

We're a big fan of chasing waterfalls, and this is one of those hidden gems in Mexico that only the locals know about.

Cascada Cacatolegango is a small set of falls on the side of the road outside of the Pueblo Magico of Taxco Guerrero. This is a spot we would have never even knew about if it wasn't for a local telling us to take an alternate route back to Taxco from the small town of Atzala. 

Cascada Cacalotenango Taxco

The entrance is free to go see the falls, but there are locals that stand at the front asking for donations.

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Hidden Gems in Mexico #2: Mirador Cuatro Palos

This is one of the most stunning and underrated views in Mexico! Mirador Cuatro Palos can be found 15 minutes outside of Pinal de Amoles. It can only be seen with a reservation, where a guide will take you on the trail up to the viewpoint.

The tour is about 1 hour, and the trail is very simple. Go early, and you will find a blanket of clouds down below! Go later on, and you will find a giant green mountain jutting from down below.

Mirador Cuatro Palos, Pinal de Amoles
Pinal de Amoles, hidden gems in mexico
Cuatro Palos, hidden gems in Mexico

Mirador Cuatro Palos is one of the best views in Mexico.

Reservations can be made in advance by contacting +52 14411212269. You don't need to pay for the guide, but it's nice to leave a tip. It can be chilly in the morning, so bundle up if your reservation is early.

Hidden Gems in Mexico #3: Presa Zimapan

Presa Zimapan is one of those spots that was truly off the beaten path. It isn't really near any big landmarks. But it was something we decided to add to our route on the way to Pinal de Amoles from Hidalgo.

This giant reservoir is surrounded by hills, and filled with dark blue waters. We definitely suggest making a stop at "El Mirador" for some of the best Diablo shrimp you'll ever have. We also suggest sticking around the area for a magical sunset.