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20 Unbelievable Experiences in Mexico

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What are the most unforgettable things to do in Mexico? Well we decided that we would take you all over the country to discover how many awesome things there are to do and see here!

With a diversity of landscapes, food, and activities, you can never get bored in this country. Here are 20 unbelievable experiences and things to do in Mexico!

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Cool Things to Do in Mexico #1: Visit One of the World Wonders

If it's one thing you need to check off your bucket list while visiting Mexico, its to visit Chichen Itza. Not only is it one of the wonders of the world, but the architecture and history behind it is intriguing.

The closest place to visit from is Valladolid, although it can still be a day trip from Cancún, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or even Cozumel!

Chichen Itza, things to do in Mexico

Staying for just a day in Cozumel and want one of the coolest things to do in Mexico ever? FlyCozumel actually does a tour where they take a tiny plane and fly into the local airport, getting you there in just 15 minutes! Not only that but you'll be able to get there super early to beat the crowds.

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Cool Things to Do in Mexico #2: Celebrate Día de Los Muertos

The best time to visit Mexico in our opinion, is during Día de Los Muertos. Not only are there plenty of festivals, parades, and celebrations, but the entire month of October is magical. Head up north towards Puebla, Mexico City, and Michoacan and you will see fields of orange Cempesuchil flowers, as well as towns covered in them as decorations.

Another great place to celebrate is in Oaxaca, where you can really experience the traditional customs around this holiday on November 1st.

dia de los muertos, things to do in Mexico
dia de los muertos in Mexico
dia de los muertos, things to do in Mexico

Celebrating Día de Los Muertos is one of the most amazing experiences in Mexico.

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #3: Save a Turtle

This is not only one of the cutest experiences in Mexico, but so rewarding. In certain places along the Riviera Maya such as Playa del Carmen and the island of Cozumel, there are programs which allow you to assist in the journey of sea turtles making their way into the world, from the sand to the sea.

save the sea turtles, things to do in Mexico

Saving baby turtles is one of the most special things to do in Mexico.

Turtle Hatching season goes from May until November, the best months being during July and August.

Here are a few excursions that include the turtle sanctuary:

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #4: Swim with Whale Sharks

Don't have time to read the whole article and want to save it for later? Just pin it!

things to do in Mexico Pin
things to do in Mexico Pin
things to do in Mexico Pin

For those of you who are dare devils, this is a great opportunity to get a rush of adrenaline. Every year, many whale sharks visit the coast of the Riviera Maya and you can dive with them.

So get an oxygen tank and a mask to ready to experience one hell of an experience by diving into the sea to meet your new gigantic-sized friends! You can find this activity in Isla Mujeres, Holbox, and on an excursion from Cancún or Playa del Carmen.

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #5: Walk Along the Top of an Aqueduct

This was one of favorite experiences in Mexico. Not only could you admire this 3-tiered aqueduct from afar, but you could actually walk across the top of it!

Arcos del Sitio is situated an hour and a half north of Mexico city, and is great to spend a few hours. The archaeological site dates back to the 18th century, and also has a suspension bridge across it for those adventure lovers.

Arcos de Sitio. things to do in Mexico

You will also find vendors selling snacks and souvenirs, as well as families flying kites (as the wind makes it the perfect spot to do so). Grab your camera and enjoy the beauty of this fun spot!

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #6: Kiss On Opposite Balconies

Head over to one of our favorite cities in Mexico, for another one of our favorite things to do in Mexico.

Guanajuato is home to a tale where a young couple lived across from one another, with balconies that almost touched. Each night they would hide from their parents and kiss from opposite balconies, until one day to girl's dad found her and stabbed her.

Callejon del Beso, things to do in Mexico

Kiss on the red step below for good luck, and walk up to the opposing balconies to get a fun photo kissing like the two used to!

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #7: Sleep in a Castle

Some of the best hotels we have ever stayed at were in Mexico, and two of them were castles! Feel like royalty by staying the night in Castillo Santa Cecilia in Guanajuato, or Hacienda Kaan AC in Valladolid.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Hacienda Kaan AC had more elaborate rooms, while Santa Cecilia had better dining options. Kaan AC also features a pool, as well as art classes, while Santa Cecilia is a little more budget-friendly.  Both are great options though!

stay in a castle hotel, things to do in Mexico
castle hotel, things to do in mexico
Castle hotel in Guanajuato, Mexico

There are two different castles that you can stay in. (photos 1 & 2 in Valladolid, bottom photo in Guanajuato).

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #8 Witness Pink Waters

We love some beautiful waters, and there is nothing like experiencing pink ones! Las Coloradas are famous bright pink lagoons located an hour and a half from Valladolid. You can't swim in them, but you can still walk around to admire them up close.

Las Coloradas no longer allows professional cameras, tripods, or drones. So if you want a place a little off the beaten path with less restrictions, you can head over to Laguna Rosada near Merida. The large lagoon isn't as bright, but there are also small salt ponds nearby that are a brighter hue.

Laguna Rosada, things to do in mexico

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #9: Dine in a Cave

Want a one of the most unique experiences in Mexico? There is a restaurant that has been actually built inside of a cave in Teotihuacan! Actually, there are two, but the most famous one is called "La Gruta", which we highly recommend. 

The colorful tables, lights, and flowers everywhere make this one of the most inviting and Instagrammable spots to eat. Not only is the place extremely beautiful, but the menu is incredible!

La Gruta cave restaurant, experiences in Mexico

All of the dishes are specifically local to this region, and are composed of organic and all-natural ingredients. So each plate is super delicious, as well as healthy! What could be better? We suggest heading over as soon as they open their doors as they get busy fast!

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Cool Things to Do in Mexico #10: Experience Bioluminescence

If you have ever created a bucket list and this is not on it, this is your time to add it. Bioluminescence comes from microorganisms like plankton, and it can be found on the island of Holbox. Due to a chemical reaction, light shines from them when they are moved or touched.

And just like in the movie “Avatar”, it looks like everything has energy and connects to the sea. The best part? It happens almost every day! The only thing that needs to happen is that there has to be literally zero light (not even moonlight). So the best time to experience this is approximately from 4:00 to 6;00 in the morning.

To do this activity, we highly recommend you to book a tour or to bargain with a local. Bioluminescence cannot be found in every spot of the island, so unless you have a boat to move around it, it will be very hard to actually find it on your own (at least on a big scale). This is definitely one of the best things to do in Mexico.

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #11: Sleep in a Tequila Barrel

This may be just one of the most unique places to stay in the whole world, and definitely one of the best experiences in Mexico. Matices Hotel de Barricas features giant tequila barrels all over the property that you can spend the night in!

This is definitely one of the cheapest accommodation options out there, but certainly one that is worth the splurge!

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Cool Things to Do in Mexico #12: Bike Over Waterfalls

This was one of the craziest experiences in Mexico, as well as in our lives! Head to Los Micos in la Huasteca Potosina for one of the best adventures you will ever experience.

Guides will take your group ziplining over the turquoise waters, and finish off the tour letting you bike along a cable. Not only are the views spectacular, but it definitely gets your adrenaline pumping! Don't worry though, it's completely safe, so you cannot fall off.

Biking over waterfalls, experiences in Mexico

13. Jump into a Sink Hole

Ever heard of a cenote? Well cenotes are sink holes that you can only find in the Yucatan Peninsula. Some are open, and some you have to climb into.

Some of the most fun cenotes to jump into are Kin-Ha Cenotes. Here you can jump into a hole that leads to a cave, and the other cenote has several jumping platforms into a large open area of water.

Two other great alternatives are Cenote La Noria (right across from Kin-Ha Cenotes) and Cenote Calavera, located in Tulum.

Gran Cenote, Tulum, things to do in Mexico
cenote la noria, things to do in Mexico
cenote Suytun, things to do in Mexico

Gran Cenote (top left), Cenotes La Noria (top right), Cenote Suytun (bottom)

Visiting the different Cenotes is definitely one of our favorite things to do in Mexico. Want to know some of the top ones we've visited? We have a full article of the best Cenotes in Mexico below!

Did you know that there are a few thousand cenotes in the Yucatán península? With so many to choose from, which are the best cenotes in Mexico to check out? Well we're here to help!First things first: What is a cenote? Well it's something that is truly unique and that

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Cool Things to Do in Mexico #14: Kayak Through Caves

While some cenotes are completely open, there are actually many that are located inside caves. Kin-Ha Cenotes and Cenote La Noria both offer kayaks to their guests. This way you can explore the cenotes by casually paddling through them.

Cenotes Kin-Ha, experiences in Mexico

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #15: Ride in a Hot Air Balloon 

There is no better way to see the pyramids of Teotihuacan then from up above! Soar up high in a hot air balloon for a full hour while admiring the views. 

Teotihuacan is just an hour north of Mexico City, and there are plenty of companies that offer this service. Just make sure you shop around, as prices can vary greatly!

Hot Air balloon ride Mexico

Soar above the pyramids in hot air balloon for the perfect day trip from Mexico City.

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #16: Float in a Thermal River

There is nothing like sitting in bright turquoise waters, but pump up the temperature, and you have one of the coolest experiences in Mexico.

Grutas de Tolantongo feature 70 heated jacuzzis, waterfalls, caves, and a thermal river. Divided into several little pools, the river flows from the top of the park (nearby its waterfall) and borders the whole area.

Thermal River, experiences in Mexico

The river goes downhill, so the division of each little pool (made with rocks) creates a very small waterfall where you can lay and enjoy a free "massage" by the water flow. Talk about the best spa day of your life!

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #17: Ride On the Official Jose Cuervo Train

All aboard for the best ride of your life! The official Jose Cuervo train rides between Guadalajara and the town of Tequila. You will not only have plenty of Jose Cuervo, but you will learn all about the art of tequila! This is definitely one of the best experiences in Mexico to add to your bucket list.

Keep in mind that the trains do not run everyday, and currently only on the weekends. Reservations must be made well in advance, as they sell out pretty quick!

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Cool Things to Do in Mexico #18: Walk Along a Sand Bar

Holbox is already known for having an “endless entrance to the sea”. This means that you can walk up to 600 feet into the sea and it will still be extremely shallow. Cool right?! Want to know other cool things you can experience in Holbox?

There’s a very interesting natural phenomenon on the island of Holbox, and one of the best experiences in Mexico for those beach lovers. Visit here and you will most likely have this opportunity to witness the large sandbar that forms in Holbox. 

Keep in mind that this happens only in morning, when the tide is low. Check the tides beforehand to make sure it's a day where you will find a sandbar come out of the water right next to the shore.

Welcome to Holbox! If we ask you to name a Mexican beach destination, there’s no doubt that Cancún will probably be the top answer. What a lot of people don’t know is that there’s so much more than just the city in the area.This cute island is just two hours

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Cool Things to Do in Mexico #19: Hike Above the Clouds

This was one of the best views we had in all of Mexico! About 15 minutes outside of Pinal de Amoles, this is definitely one you'll want to add to your bucket list of experiences in Mexico.

The hike of Cuatro Palos is easy and guided. If you go during the day you will have a beautiful view of the green mountains. But if you go early enough (around sunrise) you will be able to witness the whole area covered with a blanket of clouds!

Cuatro Palos, experiences in Mexico

Reservations need to be made in advance by contacting +52 14411212269. Guides are free, but we suggest tipping them for their service.

Cool Things to Do in Mexico #20: Experience a Balloon Festival

This was definitely one of our favorite experiences in Mexico, and one that we will go back for in the future.

Festival de Globos, experiences in Mexico

Each year in November, the city of Leon hosts a hot air balloon festival. Not only are there tons of balloons soaring over the city, but they come in all different colors, sizes, and shapes- even some of them being cartoon characters!

You can participate in riding in one of the balloons if you volunteer with a party of 4 and a pick up truck, so make sure to reserve for the next one!

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