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Kin Ha Cenotes: The Perfect Day Trip From Cancun

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Have you ever seen a picture of a natural pool that looks like a hidden gem or even not real? Well, let us tell you that these are not only real but very accessible for everybody. Cenotes are literally sink holes formed naturally millions of years ago, and Kin Ha Cenotes are the perfect day trip from Cancun.

There are several types of cenotes- the completely open ones, the semi open, and the underground ones. The age of them is related directly to this, being the mature cenotes are those that are completely open and the younger ones are those that still have their intact dome.

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Kin Ha Cenotes wrecking ball

About Kin Ha Cenotes

Kin Ha Cenotes (which means Sun & water Sinkholes) is a natural park that offers several services, like horseback riding, ATV rentals, and bike riding through the Mayan Jungle. But it’s main feature is that they have 12 cenotes around them, all of which you can visit and swim in.

Kin Ha has a variety of 12 cenotes, both mature and young ones, among many other services for you to enjoy the Mayan Jungle and its beauty to its fullest.

Kin Ha Cenotes entrance
Kin Ha Cenotes bikes
Kin Ha Cenotes Sign

Kin Ha Cenotes is a full-day experience.

Ruta de Las Cenotes

This is part of the famous “Ruta de los Cenotes”, a road that has a great amount of cenotes next to one another. The route can be found right outside Puerto Morelos, a beach town located halfway between Cancún and Playa del Carmen, on route to the town of Leona Vicario.

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Due to Covid, Kin Ha has only kept open the two most impressive cenotes. Still, these two will blow your mind. The best part? They don’t look like each other at all; one of them is an underground cave, and the other one, a swimming hole with various zip lines and platforms to jump from.

Ruta de los cenotes, Mexico

Map of la Ruta de Los Cenotes

How to Get to Kin Ha Cenotes

Kin Ha is located halfway between Cancún and Playa del Carmen (40 miles away from Cancún and 37 miles away from Playa). There are several ways to get here, so no matter what type of trip you’re having you can still find a way.

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Rent a Car

The easiest and fastest way of getting here is by renting a car. Since it’s a bit off of the main road, it’s much easier to get to Kin Ha this way. The good thing about this option is that car rentals are very affordable both in Cancún and Playa del Carmen.

By Bus

This option is a bit slower but more affordable. You will first have to take a bus to Puerto Morelos. Once you get here, there are buses leaving from the main plaza, heading towards Leona Vicario. 

bus service Puerto Morelos

Bus schedule in Puerto Morelos

Buses go every hour, or once the van fills up. The price to get to Kin Ha is 25 MXN (a little more than $1 USD), and the ride lasts only 15 to 20 minutes.

The bus will drop you off at the entrance sign for Kin Ha Cenotes, but you will still have about 4.5 miles of walking (about 1 hour and a half) unless you can hitchhike, which would reduce the time to 9 minutes only. This happened to us, and we didn’t find it very difficult as there is just one straight road in that direction.

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Kin Ha cenotes Pin
Kin Ha cenotes Pin
Kin Ha cenotes Pin

Booking a Tour

Even though we usually don’t recommend tours, if you want to enjoy the cenotes while getting picked up from your accommodation and not having to stress about the planning of your day, this could be a good option for you. 

There are many travel agencies both in Cancún and Playa del Carmen that run daily tours to Kin Ha. Prices vary a lot so make sure to do your own homework before you go.

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Want to stay in Puerto Morelos? Just check the map below for accommodation options:

Main Cenotes at Kin Ha Cenotes

There are several different cenotes that Kin Ha Cenotes offers. At the time we went (October 2020) there were two main ones open.

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1. Underground Cave Cenote

Starting with the closest one to the main area, you will find an incredible natural pool, with a width of 50 meters (around 150 feet) and a depth of 60 meters (around 180 feet). There are two ways to get into here: The first one is the safe option.

Just go down the stairs (which is recommended to be done sideways or backwards but never straight forward) and you will reach a platform from where you can enjoy 360 degree views of the cenote, or jump into the water. 

Kin Ha Cenotes, things to do in Cancun
Kin Ha Cenotes interior
Kin Ha Cenotes interior

The first cenote is located inside of a cave.

2. Overground Cenote

The second Cenote is the exhilarating one; there are two wooden boards across a hole from where you can literally jump into the cenote. These are 4 and 5 meters high (about 12 and 15 feet, respectively).

Another cool thing they have in here is a surf board that you can use to move around the inside of the cenote, as well as a rope across it for you to be able to touch the side walls of it.

Kin Ha Cenotes interior

Another fun perk of this cenote is that there are bats actually living inside the cave! You can hear them flying and making noises around. It may seem a bit scary at first, but it’s actually very interesting to see and they don’t bother you.

To Note: These two cenotes are actually connected, appearing to really be one cenote. There are several ways to get in, so they were presented to us as separate cenotes.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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3. Exterior Cenote

The second cenote is actually located outside of main area of Kin Ha, and you need to be taken over there.

To get here, you will be transported in a tram for about 10 minutes, and you will arrive to a true hidden gem in Mexico. This massive sink hole is surrounded by greenery, and has 3 different zip lines, and 4 jumping platforms, one higher than the next. They go up to 13 meters high (around 39 feet) and will give you a serious adrenaline rush.

The awesome thing about this place is also that you can appreciate it from a higher level, looking down into the cenote. This will give you an even better feel of how deep and wide it actually is.

Kin Ha Cenotes Zipline
Kin Ha cenotes in Mexico
Kin Ha Cenotes exterior

The exterior cenote has platforms to jump off of, and a Zipline!

You will have a whole 45 minutes to enjoy this paradise, so make sure to try every activity!

Diving at Kin Ha Cenote

Another fun thing you can do is sign up for a diving excursion at Kin Ha Cenotes. Simply check out the excursion below:

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Amenities at Kin Ha Cenotes

When it comes to visiting a place with water, it is only natural to be curious about the amenities that are offered, as there is a lot to consider. Well, at Kin Ha Cenotes, all of those worries can be forgotten.

Don’t worry if you can’t swim.

Life jackets are provided at Kin Ha, so you can still enjoy the cenotes to their fullest without having to worry about safety. Also, there’s always a guide with each group, so you will never be left on your own.

Kin Ha Cenotes life jackets

Kin Ha Cenotes offer life jackets and lockers.

Time for a souvenir? No problem

You will also find on your way out that there’s a little store with different local products that you can take home with you, or bring back for your friends.

If you’re hungry, they've also got you covered

At the main entrance of Kin Ha Cenotes you will find a restaurant with the most typical Mexican dishes. From tacos to burritos, you will find their food both delicious and very affordable.

Kin Ha Cenotes tables

Kin Ha Cenotes has a restaurant on site.

You don’t have to go back wet & dirty

The establishment also has showers available for all its customers, so just make sure to bring an extra change of clothes to get clean and dry after a long & fun day at Kin Ha.

Your stuff will remain safe

While you’re enjoying the Kin Ha cenotes, don’t worry about your belongings. There are lockers available for everyone to keep their stuff safe. So, even if you came on a tour with strangers or if you have a big backpack that you carry everywhere with you, this will be a great option for you.

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Kin Ha offers its own photography services. This way, you can focus on enjoying what nature has to offer while someone else takes care of capturing the best moments for you.

Kin Ha Cenotes flags

Visiting Kin Ha Cenotes: Things to Consider

Here are a few things to keep in mind while visiting Kin Ha Cenotes.


No jumping in With a Camera

This is due to the nature of the cenotes; they have clear and natural water, and there have been accidents before where cameras and/or phones have fallen into them, contaminating its waters. Don't worry, you can still use your cameras in and out of the cenotes!

Avoid Sunscreen & Bug Repellent

As we mentioned before, the cenotes are holes filled with natural water. Chemical products will contaminate and damage forever the purity of them, so please don’t use them while here.

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Mexico is a beautiful country with a variety of natural landscapes that fascinate its visitors. If you are visiting, make sure that you don’t miss out on Kin Ha Cenotes. This is the perfect day trip from Cancun, and it has some of these natural gems that bring value to the country, and lifetime memories to whomever visits them.

For more info, you can check them out at on the Kin Ha Cenotes website.

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