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The 7 Best Things to Do in Pinal de Amoles

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One of the most interesting parts of Mexico that we encountered was Pinal de Amoles. Upon entering this small town, a blanket of clouds covers the entire area, making you feel like you just walked into another realm. Parts of this place will make you feel like you are in a horror film, while others will make you feel like you are in a fairytale!

Being off the beaten path, the area features several hidden gems scattered throughout the area. Here are 7 awesome things to do in Pinal de Amoles Mexico.

Things to Do in Pinal de Amoles #1: Mirador Cuatro Palos

This was one of the best views we had in all of Mexico! About 15 minutes outside of town, it is best to reach here by car. Reservations need to be made in advance by contacting +52 14411212269. Depending on what time you choose to go will depend on the type of view that you will get.

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If you go for sunrise, you will climb up to be above a sheet of clouds. Although you won't get to see the mountain, this is a truly magical sight. Want to see a view of the giant green mountains? Head there later on. If you want to see a mix of clouds and mountains then the best time is early morning.

Visits are guided tours which last about an hour. You don't need to pay for the guide, but it's nice to leave a tip. The walk up is very easy, and doesn't need to be done in any kind of special equipment or clothing. We found it to be very cold in the morning, but warmed up quickly with the sun out.

Mirador Cuatro Palos, Pinal de Amoles
Pinal de Amoles, best places to visit in Mexico
Mirador cuatros palos, Pinal de Amoles

Mirador Cuatro Palos is one of the most beautiful views in Mexico.

Things to Do in Pinal de Amoles #2: Mirador Pinal de Amoles

This viewpoint is actually accessible right from the center of Pinal de Amoles. Stand in front of the colorful letters spelling out "Pinal de Amoles" and overlook the cute little town from above.

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Things to Do in Pinal de Amoles #3: Cascada el Chuveje

Cascada el Chuveje was one of our favorite waterfalls in Mexico, and truly felt like a fairytale. With a beautiful trail through the forest, the area is a gorgeous and relaxing place to visit.

In order to get here you will need to drive just 20 minutes outside the center of town. Right off the highway there will be a sign in which you follow a dirt road until reaching a small stand that will say parking. Here they will tell you that it is the only place to park and that the fee is 60 pesos.

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You can either drive up a tiny bit further for free parking, or you can keep you car there and a walk a few minutes. We bought a few snacks there for 40 pesos and then didn't have to pay the parking. It didn't make any sense really, but hey, it happened a lot in Mexico.

ascada el Chuveje, Pinal de Amoles

The entrance fee is just 20 pesos per person (only about $1 USD). The path to the falls took only about 15 minutes, and was very picturesque. We would suggest expecting to spend a full hour here to really enjoy all the stunning nature surrounding.

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Pinal de Amoles Pin
Pinal de Amoles Pin
Pinal de Amoles Pin

Things to Do in Pinal de Amoles #4: Puente de Dios & Cañon de la Angostura

One of the most beautiful parts of this area of Mexico is the Sierra Gorda. This large ecological region is a reserve that preserves the nature and great biodiversity in Queretaro, stretching out into Guanajuato, Hidalgo, and San Luis Potosi. One of the best places to check this out is right in Pinal de Amoles!

Head over to the area of Puente de Dios to discover mountains, rivers, bridges, and waterfalls. You can truly spend a whole day here discovering this gorgeous scenery, The bridge of Gods is about a 45 minute hike each way, and there are plenty of other hikes and trails to check out as well.

Behind the bridge you can find a 30 meter waterfall, and along the trails you will find the large canyon with thick rock walls surrounding it. Once you arrive there will be signs for parking, and a small stand where they will have a map to show where everything is. We suggest getting here early to really enjoy the full day here.

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Things to Do in Pinal de Amoles #5: Ex Convento de Bucareli

If you're looking for a bit of history, than The Exconvent of Bucareli is a great spot to check out! With a backdrop of the rugged mountains, Bucareli’s first-rate historical monuments are located in a canyon of the Extoraz River.

The church was built in 1797, and it was the last missions constructed in Querétaro during the Mexico’s Viceroyalty period.

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Things to Do in Pinal de Amoles #6: Cueva de los Riscos

This natural cave can be reached on a 2 mile roundtrip trail, and is just a few miles from the town of Pinal de Amoles. The spot is pretty off the beaten path, but definitely a cool place to stop by when in the area, and even features a waterfall!

*The last we checked the cave was closed due to COVID-19. We are unsure of when it will reopen. You can check with locals in the area to confirm if it has reopened before going.

Things to Do in Pinal de Amoles #7: Puerta del Cielo

Right near the entrance of the town of Pinal de Amoles is a place that many stop for a photo. Why? There is a part of the road, where an interesting phenomenon happens. A blanket of clouds covers the area, and appears that you are driving into the clouds!

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Pinal de Amoles was one of the most unique spots that we discovered in Mexico, and every part of it was worth it! In a full two days you can experience all that this peculiar place has to offer. Add Pinal de Amoles to your bucket list to discover some real hidden gems!

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