Everything You Need to Know to Travel to Mexico Right Now

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Are you looking to travel to Mexico right now? Traveling during these times can be tricky and uncertain for a lot of people. Times are changing and travel isn't quite as simple as just purchasing a flight ticket! Luckily some countries are starting to open their doors, and one of them is Mexico

After 8 months apart, we were able to reunite because this amazing country welcomed both of us from different countries. 

In this article we are going to share everything we learned from our two month trip, so that you can have a safe a hassle-free trip. Here is all you need to know to travel to Mexico right now.

Is It Safe to Travel to Mexico Right Now?

First things first, let's talk about safety. We're not talking about general safety, but safety about health and the virus. (Although if you want to read about safety in Mexico you can check out our full article here.Mexico was one of the countries with extremely high numbers, which makes people very wary about visiting. 

We can tell you that the virus is all over the world, and while you should be extremely cautious anywhere you go, it shouldn't stop you from experiencing new places! If you are continuing to go to the grocery store in your home town, what makes it different going to one in another country?

Travel judging is real, but we need to realize that we instead of banning travel completely, we just need to do our part to stay as safe as possible and do our part to keep clean and healthy so that the virus doesn't spread more.

Cholula Puebla
sunrise Isla Mujeres, best things to do in Cancun
Follow that dream, Instagrammable Spots in Tulum

Now travel is coming back, so let's celebrate and travel to Mexico right now!

Travel to Mexico Right Now: Covid-19

Yes, cases may have been high, but they are high in many places! We have been to many places in the US for example where the numbers are high, and people aren't even wearing masks, parties continue, etc. We have to say that Mexico takes a lot of precautions when it comes to the virus, and we felt very safe traveling through the country.

Small towns and cities alike have been doing their part to prevent the spread of the virus. We will get into the safety protocols further into the article about how to travel to Mexico right now.

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Travel to Mexico Right Now: Entry Into the Country

One of the biggest uncertainties while traveling right now is actually getting into a new country. Will they let me in? Will I need to quarantine? Do I need to present a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival? There are many things to consider right now, which is why we are here to answer your questions!

Do I Need a Visa to Travel to Mexico Right Now?

Some countries are now requiring an extra visa to enter the country due to these unprecedented times. Luckily, Mexico is not one of them. This does not mean all visas are exempt though! If Mexico normally requires that a citizen from your country needs a visa, that will still be applicable.

Make sure you check with the Mexican embassy in your country to make sure you don't need a visa. If you don't need one normally, than you are good to go! For more information on restrictions for specific countries click here.

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Do I Need to Be Vaccinated to Travel to Mexico Right Now?

While many countries make it mandatory to be vaccinated in order to enter, Mexico is not one of them. Yay!

Do I need to Quarantine to Travel to Mexico Right Now?

As of now (March 2022) there is no mandatory quarantine required. Once you have arrived in the country, you are free to travel in Mexico right now without having to stay inside your hotel. This makes traveling in Mexico much easier, especially for those that don't have a lot of days available to visit.

For a long time cruises were affected by the pandemic, but now they are back in service! This is another great way to travel to Mexico right now.

catamaran in Cozumel, Mexico

Mexico is open again, and even cruises are back in service!

Do I need to Present a Negative COVID-19 Test to Travel to Mexico Right Now?

Many countries require a negative COVID-19 test. When we entered in the end of September 2020, the test was not required entering into the country. As of today, the test is still not required. However, it is important to check as there has been a second wave throughout the world, where many places are changing their protocols.

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Health Screening

When you travel to Mexico right now, a health screening must be filled out. We were informed that we must do one electronically before the flight, so we highly suggest doing so before checking in. It only takes a minute, and you will receive a QR code to show to the gate agent. Click here to complete the questionnaire.

Additionally, upon arrival there are paper questionnaires that are given out to be filled out and handed to immigration. Temperatures make be taken in some airports, and masks are required at all times.

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Traveling to Mexico Right Now Pin
Traveling to Mexico Right Now Pin
Traveling to Mexico Right Now Pin

What do I need to Know Before Traveling to Mexico Right Now?

When traveling to Mexico, getting in is pretty easy. Fill out the health questionnaire beforehand, and make sure you have a roundtrip flight or plan to leave the country! Carry hand sanitizer with you and wear a mask whenever in public areas, and just keep in mind that you will need to follow the safety protocols.

The good thing is that most of the beautiful things that Mexico has to offer are outside. It is very easy to stay socially distanced, and stay safe while traveling to Mexico right now.

Aguas Azules, Chiapas, Best places to visit in Mexico
Laguna Xul-Ha, Mexico
murals in Oaxaca, Mexico

When you travel to Mexico right now there are so many ways to enjoy yourself outside and distanced from others.

Safety Protocols

Safety protocols are very important during these times! Here's what you need to expect to travel to Mexico right now.

Entry Into Establishments

Mexico is very on top of their protocols for health and safety when it comes to the pandemic. Almost all establishments will have a mat for you to clean your feet, and will make you sanitize your hands before entering. Temperatures are taken, and in many places information is recorded for each person that enters.

Not only do some places make you sanitize your hands, but there are many that actually will spray you down! That's right- not just your hands are being sanitized, but your ENTIRE body.

La Gruta cave restaurant

When entering establishments there is plenty of social distancing, and hand sanitizing.

Entry into Certain Towns

This may not apply to many towns, but there are some towns that have checkpoints upon entry. Here you will have to get out of your car and there will be a team which will sanitize your vehicle inside and out. You will then be sprayed down as well. This may seem extremely bizarre, but it is definitely a smart thing that they are doing!

While some towns may have checkpoints, others will actually have people (some official and some locals) who will block the entire entry to a small town. For example, we tried going to a small island called Janitizio for Dia de Los Muertos, and they completely stopped running the ferries to avoid tourists going.

Dia de los Muertos, bucket list item

Janitzio was completely closed for Dia de Los Muertos in 2020.

In addition, we attempted to go to a nearby town to go to the pier just to see the island, and there were locals blocking the only road to get into this small town. The police have nothing to do with it, but are aware and have no problem with it happening. It seems strange, but also something that we need to accept and respect.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Travel to Mexico Right Now: What is Open?

The country is opening slowly, and it is only expected that not everything will be open to its full capacity with normal operating hours. It is important to consider this while traveling, as you may end up making plenty of mistakes like us (for example driving 2 hours to find that a place is closed.)

Depending on the region depends on how many things you will find open. We found that in Yucatan (such as Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum) almost everything was open, with pretty normal hours of operation. On the contrary, when we went to Oaxaca, it seemed to be that almost everything tourist related was closed.

gran cenote, travel to Mexico right now
matcha mama Tulum, travel to Mexico right now
cenote Suytun, travel to Mexico right now

Most activities are back open if you travel to Mexico right now.

Do Your Research

The best way to know if certain places in Mexico are open right now is to use your tools. It is very important to do your research beforehand, so that you don't end up like us showing up to places assuming that they are open.

Traveling to Mexico right now means that not everything will be open, or hours may change. Here's what we suggest so you don't waste time or money.

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Step 1: Check google maps

Here you can see the hours of operations for businesses. A lot of them will say "temporarily closed" in red. Here is your first indicator that the place is closed due to COVID. 

That being said, just because a place says that it's open, does not mean that it is. If the hours are listed and are in green, you may be in luck- but you should still do a little more research.

Step 2: Check the Website

While trying to find out what is open in Mexico during COVID-19, you may need to continue your research. Many places have official websites. Here you may be able to find if they are operating or not.

Pink Dot Thessaloniki Greece

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Step 3: Call the Establishment

This was the most practical way that helped us. Speaking with someone who works there will help clarify the real hours, as many that we found listed on google maps were inaccurate or has simply changed since the pandemic has started.

This is also important, because we have found that many places actually require a reservation in advance! There is nothing worse than showing up somewhere that is open, only to find out that you still can't enter.

Cuatro Palos, travel to Mexico right now

Mirador Cuatro Palos now requires reservations. It was a good thing we called beforehand!

Step 4: Ask a Local

When all else fails, ask a local. Sometimes there is simply no clarity checking online, or maybe you weren't able to get through on the phone. The best thing to do is ask around, or head to a local travel agency and ask if tours are running there. If there are tours, that means it is open! 

You can then inquire about additional information such as needing a reservation, hours of operation, etc. Now that we have traveled all over the country- we have created a chart of places that you can and cannot travel to, so that it can ease a little of your travel planning! (Keep in mind that these can change at any time and are just from our experience.)

biking over waterfalls, travel to Mexico right now
swing Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico

Traveling in 2021 can certainly be challenging, but definitely not impossible. We are here to help those who want to explore new places in the safest way possible. Mexico is a great country to get away to right now, and there are still many things that are able to be enjoyed. Safe and happy travels!

Want to learn more? We have plenty of other guides about traveling to Mexico, as well as restrictions traveling to different countries.

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