You are currently viewing 11 Reasons to Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico (and two bonus!)

11 Reasons to Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico (and two bonus!)

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Do you know all you can do if you travel to Oaxaca, Mexico? This Mexican city not only has a lot of history in its architecture, but great day trips for you to enjoy.

Whether you enjoy being constantly in the move, or walking around the same area, Oaxaca has something for you. Let's check out why you should travel to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #1: Hierve el Agua

If there's one thing we're always crazy about is finding unique spots around the world. Hierve el agua is, without a doubt, one of them. This natural site has several incredible spots. The main one consists of a set of petrified waterfalls formed by calcium carbonate.

You can also find a natural thermal pool and a complex irrigation system and terraces built around 2,500 years ago. This is definitely one of the best things you can do if you travel to Oaxaca Mexico.

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[2021 update: Hierve el agua is now closed to the public, due to political reasons. Hopefully, this will come to an end at some point (like it once did in 2006) so we can all go back!]

[2022 update: Hierve el Agua is now back open to the public! Yay!}

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Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #2: Visit the Widest Tree Trunk in the World (Árbol de Tule)

Many times, when traveling, you run into self-claimed big or important spots. Things like "the best plaza of the Americas" or "the tallest building of the region" is read more often than you may want to. But in this case, you will literally see the widest tree trunk IN THE WORLD.

Árbol de Tule is located in Santa Maria de Tule, a few kilometers away from Oaxaca. It's so wide, you literally need around 30 people holding hands to circle the whole tree.

Abrol de Tule, travel to Oaxaca, Mexico

The Árbol de Tule is the widest tree in the world.

Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #3: El Mitla Archeological Area

For those of you who are history fans, you will love Mitla. The main characteristic of this area is that the facades of the rooms and their interior walls are richly decorated with limestone rock mosaics forming frets.

The name refers to the word mictlán, which in Nahuatl (native language) means "place of the dead". the Zapotec name is Lyobaá, which means "resting place".

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travel to Oaxaca Mexico Pin
travel to Oaxaca Mexico Pin

Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #4: The Colorful Art

Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico and you will be surprised with a world of color. Head to Jalacatlo and you'll be welcomed with bright walls, colorful flags, and stunning murals. This is our favorite area of the city, and definitely one that you shouldn't miss out on!

colorful streets of Oaxaca, Mexico
murals in Oaxaca, Mexico

Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico and you will find brightly colored buildings and beautiful murals.

Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #5: Monte Alban Archeological Area

Another incredible archaeological zone nearby Oaxaca Mexico is Monte Alban. It will make you travel to the past with its constructions and legends.

An interesting fact is that the original name of this Zapotec ceremonial center is not yet known!  Although several have pointed out that it could have been “Cerro del Tigre” or Danibéeje, but no one has said anything definitive so far. 

This city dates back to the year 500 BC, and was the Zapotec capital from its construction until the year 800 AD. In it lived at least 35 thousand people who were dedicated to agriculture and lived on the slopes of the hill.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #6: Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzmán

This temple not only has breathtaking interior designs, but it also has a lot of history. Throughout time, It became a military warehouse first. Then it was a stable closed to Catholic worship in times of the Jacobin secularism of the governments emanating from the War of the Reform later. And finally, it returned again to the Church.

In 1979 it received the visit of the Catholic pontiff John Paul II. Then later was declared a Cultural Heritage of Humanity. (Along with the entire Historic Center of Oaxaca)

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Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #7: Teatro Macedonio Alcalá

If you're into architecture, this theater will be an incredible stop for you. Built during the period 1903-1909, Teatro Macedonio Alcalá has been home to plays, boxing fights, and movie performances. Originally it was only used strictly for culture use. Then that changed after the remodeling that occurred in the late 1990s, following the 1999 earthquake.

Its location, in a big corner in the middle of the city center, gives the building a powerful presence for those who travel to Oaxaca Mexico.

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Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #8: Ethnobotanical garden

It doesn't matter if you're into plants or not, these gardens will make you love them. With hundreds of plants, all natives from Oaxaca Mexico, there's an interesting mix of species and weather.

The Garden represents the great diversity of climates, geological formations, and types of vegetation that characterize the city. You will see endless types of cactus available, and a "water mirror", reflecting all of them. This is definitely a cool thing to see if you travel to Oaxaca Mexico.

Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #9: Historical Center

Oaxaca was one of the first Spanish cities in Mexico. The historical center of Oaxaca still preserves the image of a colonial city, whose monumental heritage remains almost intact. This adds to it the quality of the buildings built in the 19th century; together they create a harmonious urban landscape.

The Historical Center is now a World Heritage Site by Unesco, and a great reason to travel to Oaxaca Mexico.

historical center, travel to Oaxaca, Mexico

The city of Oaxaca, Mexico is full of history and beautiful architecture.

Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #10: Walk through Flower Fields

Día de los Muertos is one big celebration in Mexico. The day after Halloween, families get together to remember their family members who aren't around anymore. What's incredible is that the whole country gets covered by flowers.

Because of this, a lot of people grow fields of flowers before the celebration, so they can sell them for decoration. If you happen to be around during this time, you will love walking through the fields.

flower fields in Oaxaca, Mexico
flower fields in Oaxaca, Hidden gems in Mexico
Flower Fields Oaxaca

Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico in October for the beautiful flower fields.

Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico #11: Try Tlayudas

Tlayudas was a great surprise when we visited Oaxaca, Mexico. Being in a country that completely dominates the classic tortilla, we weren't sure if this was going to be another variation of it.

What they do in Oaxaca is to make the tortillas way wider than normal ones, they cook them and then treat them like pizza dough. They add lots of ingredients and serve them in a big tray. It's crusty, crunchy, and delicious. We strongly recommend you try them.

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Reasons You Should Travel to Oaxaca, Mexico

Bonus: Where to Stay

Hotel Parador San Agustin

When you travel to Oaxaca Mexico, accommodation can definitely be a game-changer. If you enjoy nice experiences, then you will love Hotel Parador San Agustin. The building is from the 16th century, and after some time of being a residential (huge) house, it became a hotel.

The main design of the building has remained untouched, yet tech upgrades have been made. Staying in places with such a history can really enhance your travel experience, so we totally recommend it!

Parador San Agustin, places to stay in Oaxaca Mexico

Hotel Parador San Augustin has a beautiful patio area.

If you are looking for something a bit more modern but with a boutique touch (and affordable prices), Ayook will definitely be something you want to keep in mind. This is one of the nicest places to stay in Oaxaca, Mexico. They not only have wide, comfortable rooms, but their food is beyond good!

The location of the hotel is pretty convenient, and their excellent service is really something you won't forget. They even have a cute small terrace that lets you enjoy your coffee in the morning, while getting vitamin D from the rising sun.

Ayook, places to stay in Oaxaca Mexico

Hotel Ayook has a great breakfast.

Travel to Oaxaca Mexico, and you will find that it has something for everybody. Whether you're a big fan of its local food, center or what's around it, you will always find something to do.

The best part? There's so much more to see in Mexico, that we figured we couldn't leave you craving for more. So click here and check out all the incredible destinations you can visit when traveling to Mexico!

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