You are currently viewing The Island of Brac in Croatia: Home to One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Beaches

The Island of Brac in Croatia: Home to One of Europe’s Most Beautiful Beaches

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Looking for amazing spots to visit in Croatia? Well, Brac is an island you'll definitely want to add to your list. Home to one of the most famous beaches in Croatia (and Europe), the island of Brac will blow you away with its natural beauty, adorable villages, and delicious Dalmatian cuisine.

In this article we're going to cover everything you need to know in order to visit the island of Brac, the best things to do, and the best way to get around.

So without further ago, let's jump right in and learn why Brac should be added to your Croatian bucket list.

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Where is the Island of Brac?

The island of Brac is located just off the mainland of Croatia, 7 nautical miles south of Split. It is one of the bigger islands, making it quite frequently visited by both locals and tourists alike.

where is Brac island in Croatia

Brac is one of the biggest islands in Croatia, and is just south of Split.

How Do You Get to Brac Island, Croatia?

Brac is an island, so naturally it isn't quite as easy as just driving over or hopping on a bus. However, there are quite a few options for visiting the island of Brac. Here are the different options.

Traveling to the Island of Brac by Ferry

The easiest way to get to Brac is to get the ferry. Both cities of Split and Makarska have daily ferries that run to the island. 

The Ferry from Makarska to Brac

The Makarska-Brac ferry service is run by Jadrolinjia, one of the most popular ferry companies in the country. They have 5 daily departures in the high season, 3 in the low season, and 4 in the shoulder season.

The ferry goes to the town of Sumartin in Brac, and can take both foot passengers as well as cars. Tickets start at 24 kuna, but vary greatly depending on the size of the car you bring. The ride is about an hour from Makarska to Sumartin.

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The Ferry from Split to Brac

The most frequent ferry service to Brac is from Split. The difference is, that there are 4 different companies that run this service, some going to Bol (where the famous golden horn beach is), while others go to Supertar.

Split to the island of Brac

Split has direct service to the island of Brac with ferries arriving in just an hour.

How long is the Ferry from Split to Brac?

The ferry from Split to Brac is between 50-70 minutes. The companies that run service to Bol are Jadrolinija, Kapetan Luka, Krilo Shipping Company and Adriatic Fast Ferries. These are all smaller boats, and are only for foot passengers. If you have a car, you will have to take the car ferry that is run by Jadrolinia going to Supetar. 

We suggest getting tickets in advance, as specially for cars they do run out of certain time slots.

Jadronlinjia ferry to Brac

Jadrolinjia is the most popular ferry, and is the company that can take cars as well.

Traveling to the Island of Brac by Excursion

If you only want a few hours in Brac, you can easily take a day trip with many different companies in Split, Makarska, and other coastal cities throughout Croatia. It is quite a popular excursion to do a boat trip that stops in Golden Horn Beach, which is the main highlight of the island of Brac.

There are so many boats in the port cities, that you could book excursions right on the spot, or just a day before.

Of course if you're the type to play it safe though, there are some options that you can reserve in advance by clicking on one of the tours below:

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Flying to Croatia

The easiest way to get to the ferry terminals is either by flying to Split, or by flying to Dubrovnik and then getting a ferry from Makarska. We suggest checking prices for flight first, to decide which of the ferries you'd like to take.

Flight Tip: Using Skyscanner you can put from "your city" to "Croatia". This way you can see which is the cheapest airport in the area to fly. Also, you can check the calendar to see which are the cheapest dates to travel.

Search for a flight to Croatia:

Entry Requirements for Croatia

Traveling in Europe can be a bit confusing, as there are different requirements for every country, within the EU, as well as within the Schengen Zone. That's why we're here to clarify a few things.

Visa Requirements for Croatia

In many European countries, the "90/180" rule applies for those that are not European. This means that in a period of 180 days, tourists can only stay in the Schengen Area for 90 days in total.

Some countries are in the EU, but are not part of the Schengen Zone, while some are in the Schengen Zone but are not part of the EU. Some are in both, meanwhile some are in neither. You can imagine that this can be super confusing when trying to calculate your travels! 

The good news is though, that although Croatia is part of the EU, It isn't actually part of the Schengen Zone. This means that you can freely travel here even if you've already expired your 90 days within the Schengen Zone (which is actually what happened to us). Tourists are able to travel to Croatia visa-free for a total of 90 days within a 180-day period, despite whatever other European countries they have visited prior.

Update: Croatia is now part of the Schengen Zone, so you will have to abide by the 90/180 rule.

Covid Entry Requirements for Croatia

While the entry requirements to enter and stay in Europe may get confusing, luckily when it comes to Covid, it is not! Croatia is now open to all travelers, whether you are vaccinated or not. There are also no longer any rules about wearing masks, and you won't find anyone really wearing them anymore.

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Local Adjustments for the island of Brac in Croatia

Whenever you travel there are things that you may forget about, that could be different from where you are coming from. Here are a few of them to keep in mind while traveling to the island of Brac.


The official language in Croatia is Croatian. It is a particularly hard language to learn, and is very similar to the surrounding countries such as Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia

While some of the other countries have less people able to speak English, it is very common to find locals understanding and speaking English well enough to hold a conversation. Brac is a rather touristic island, so you will find menus, signs, and other things written in multiple languages.


The currency used in Croatia is the kuna. Currently (March 2023) the exchange rate is about 7 kuna to 1 USD. However, they predict that by early 2023 Croatia will be changing over to the euro.

Update: Croatia now uses the euro.

Many places on the island of Brac accept credit card. However, we do suggest having a bit of cash to support the smaller local vendors.


Croatia uses the same plug types as the rest of Europe, which are types C & F. The standard voltage in Croatia is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. If you are visiting from the US, you'll need to get a travel adapter which converts the energy so that your electronics don't burn out.

Water Potability

The water in Croatia is very clean and fed by local springs. It is perfectly safe to drink the tap water anywhere in the country, including the island of Brac.

Tipping Culture

Just like many other European countries, Croatia has a pretty standard tipping culture, which is 10%. We suggest tipping in restaurants, as well as for excursions such as taking boat tours.

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island of Brac in Croatia pin
Island of Brac Pin
island of Brac in Croatia pin

Things to Do on the Island of Brac in Croatia

Now it's time to have some fun! Brac is a beautiful island, and there are some great spots to explore. Here are a few of the best things to do in Brac.

Golden Horn Beach (Zlatni Rat)

This is the number one people that tourists flock to the Island of Brac. Golden Horn Beach, also known as "Zlatni Rat" is a stunning horn shaped beach that juts out next to the town of Bol. It's shape is constantly changing, but always is surrounded by the clearest turquoise waters you could imagine.

The beach itself you could actually spend a full day, as there is plenty to keep you entertained.

Zlatni Rat beach on island of Brac in Croatia
Zlatni Rat Beach Brac Island
Zlatni Rat Beach on the island of Brac in Croatia

Zlatni Rat is one of the most beautiful beaches in Croatia.

Amenities at Golden Horn Beach

Zlatni Rat has parking on site, bathrooms and showers for a few kuna, as well as plenty of restaurants and cafes lined up. You can find anything from burgers and tacos, to healthy smoothies and bowls. There are also plenty of chairs and umbrellas available for rent.

beach chair at Zlatni Rat

Zlatni Rat has bathrooms, showers, and plenty of lounge chairs and umbrellas.

Activities at Golden Horn Beach

Not only can you lounge and dine your way through the day, but there are quite a few activities to keep you enjoying your beach day at Zlatni Rat.

You can rent pedal boats for 150 kuna an hour, or get one for 100 kuna for a half hour. There is also a large inflatable obstacle course that is mainly full of children, but definitely fun for all ages.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Want to have the ultimate relaxing beach day? You can also get a professional massage right on Golden Horn Beach. Prices are 450 kuna per hour, 350 per half hour, and 400 for 45 minutes. They also offer facial massages and foot massages for a bit less.

Massages at Zlatni Rat
activities on Zlatni Rat
activities on Zlatni Rat
floating obstacle course on Zlatni Rat, island of Brac

Zlatni Rat has plenty of fun things to do for a full day.

Want to take an excursion to Zlatni Rat? How about take a flight over it? Here are some fun excursions we found for experiencing Golden Horn Beach.

Bol Town

If you're planning on visiting Golden Horn Beach, don't forget to check out the cute town of Bol right next to it. Here you can walk the quaint streets, browse the local shops, or grab a homemade ice cream cone to beat the heat.

Vidova Gora

Want to know one of the best viewpoints on the island of Brac? Well, Vidova Gora isn't only the highest on the island, but also one of the highest in all of Croatia! Drive straight up from Zlatni Rat, and you'll have stunning views of the beaches and beautiful nature below.

You can park and enter for free, and the walk is just a few minutes to the large rocky area where you can enjoy vast and scenic views of Brac.

Zlatni Rat view
best view on the island of Brac
viewpoint in Brac

Vidova Gora is the highest point on the island of Brac, featuring beautiful views.

Blaca Monastery

This is known to be a must visit while on the island of Brac. Unfortunately, we only had one day on the island, and didn't really have time to visit, so we're saving it for the next time we go to the island of Brac in Croatia.

However, we heard fantastic things about the monastery! The drive is a bit rough, so it can take quite long to get to (about an hour from Bol). You have to park and then walk for 30 minutes before arriving to the monastery. We suggest bringing sneakers, and plenty of water for this one.

Dragon's Cave

This is another one of the best things to do in Brac that we unfortunately didn't get to do. The reason is, is that you need to make a reservation beforehand for a tour.

We don't have a ton of details, but we do suggest digging a bit deeper to try to check this out! We saw pictures, and Dragon's Cave looked pretty cool.

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Located on the west end of the island, Milna is one of the most picturesque seaside villages on the island of Brac. Many boat excursions dock here to enjoy the peaceful boat-lined bay against the orange roofed buildings.

Milna, island of Brac

Milna is a picturesque town o the west end of Brac.

We stopped here for lunch, and absolutely loved it! Konoba Gajeta is a locally run restaurant right on the water that locals rave about. We can understand why- the seafood we had was super tasty and fresh!

Milna restaurant

This restaurant in Milna is recommended by all of the locals.

Plaza Likva

Looking to relax on the beach but escape the crowds? Plaza Livka is another Caribbean type beach that is in the north west of the island, and is a small slice of paradise for those wanting a quieter day than Zlatni Rat.


We read numerous articles about Skrip. When we showed up, it looked like nothing more than a tiny town with just a couple of buildings. It takes one minute to see the tiny castle and cemetery here. However, we're here to tell you exactly why this place is worth the trip.

Skrip, island of Brac
Skrip, Island of Brac

Skrip is home to an olive oil museum. Come here and you can have a full tour about the local processes for creating some of the best olive oil you'll ever try. The people that work there are some of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, and have such quality products.

We came a bit late and the tour guide had already gone. We figured we'd just look around and head out. The women there kept apologizing and asked us if we wanted samples. Moments after they came out with a jug of wine, bread, olives, and an assortment of homemade spreads and marmalades. Everything was so delicious, and they wouldn't even accept a dime from us!

Olive Oil Museum in Skrip
Olive Oil Museum in Skrip
Olive Oil Museum in Skrip, Brac island

The olive oil museum has delicous tastings of their local products.


One of the main port areas of the island of Brac, Supetar has small coastal charm. We came here to enjoy just a bit of time before our ferry ride back to Split, and loved the vibe. It's very small, but there is a church, a few restaurants, and some local souvenir shops worth checking out.

Supetar, island of Brac
shops in Supetar, isand of Brac
Supetar, island of Brac in Croatia

Supetar is one of the main ports on the island of Brac.

Bonus: Photo Stops

Looking for some quick stops along the road? Well, being that the island isn't so big, there are only a few main roads running across the island. The road passes through some small towns that are definitely worth a photo stop.

Our two personal favorites were on our route to Milna (just a few minutes away). Loszisca and Bobovisca are just down the road from each other, and the road offers beautiful panoramic views worth stopping for. Lozisca has a cute bench, and Bobovisca has a big red heart for some cute photo opps.

towns on the island of Brac
photo spot in Brac, Lozisca

Lozisca is a cute town to stop by on the way to Milna.

Moving Around Brac Island

The island of Brac is actually bigger than you may think! There are quite a few beautiful areas to check out on the island, so the best way to explore is really by car.

Driving in Brac
views on the island of Brac

Driving allows you to stop at great viewpoints along the island.

Do I Need a Car in Brac?

If you only plan on visiting the island of Brac to go from one main city to the other, then there are public buses that you can take, and a car won't be necessary. However, we do encourage you to get out and explore all that the island has to offer!

Don't forget that if you want to explore by car you will have to get a ferry ticket with Jadrolinia on the car ferry.

Rent a car in Split or Dubrovnik:

Can You Stay On Brac Island?

You can definitely stay on Brac Island! We actually wish we spent a night there rather than doing just a day trip. The best places to stay on the island are either Bol, or Supetar, which are the biggest towns on the island.

Look for a place to stay along the Island of Brac:

Is the Island of Brac Safe?

Croatia overall is a very safe country, and there isn't much to worry about when it comes to crime. Locals are very friendly to tourists, and we felt safe and welcome everywhere that we went.

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Other Things to Know About Visiting the Island of Brac in Croatia

Now that you know all of the things to do on the island of Brac, here are a few other things to keep in mind.

The Best Time to Visit the Island of Brac in Croatia

We visited Brac in the first week of June, and found it to be perfect. July and August are peak season, and truthfully get to be a bit too busy for our liking. May and June, or September and October would be ideal times to enjoy still having good weather, but with less crowds.

Zlatni Rat, Island of Bol in Croatia
Island of Brac in June

Visit the island of Brac before high season, and you'll get to experience a less crowded Golden Horn Beach.

Weather & Packing

The island of Brac experiences some of the most sunshine in Europe! Here are a few things we suggest bringing:

  • Sunscreen 
  • Sunglasses
  • Reusable Water Bottle (we use this water bottle from Cafago because it holds the temperature)
  • Flip Flops (we personally always get Havaiana flip flops, as they are comfy and long lasting)
  • Water Shoes (the beaches have pebbles)
  • Sneakers (for the hikes)
  • Zippered Bag or Backpack - take a look at these backpacks for travelers!
  • Power Bank (we use Anker power banks, as they are super long lasting and sturdy)
  • Bathing Suits
  • Drone (We use the Mavic Mini Pro 3 because it's super light and doesn't sacrifice quality)
  • Action Camera (we use the Insta 360 X3 because it's small & waterproof)
  • Waterproof Phone Pouch (we use the Cafago Waterproof Phone Pouch)
  • Travel Adapter (we use Tessan travel adapters as they are affordable and reliable)
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So are you ready to add the island of Brac in Croatia to your bucket list? We spent one full day, and found that we were able to get a really good taste of it. Next time we will definitely stay one night, so that we can see the island in a more relaxed way.

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