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8 Reasons to Visit Taxco Guerrero

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Of all of the Pueblos Magicos in Mexico, we have to say that this was the one that really blew us away. Located just 2 1/2 hours South of Mexico City, this picturesque town has plenty to offer, and is the perfect day trip or weekend getaway. Taxco Guerrero should definitely be added to your bucket list if you're in the area, as it has so much to offer! Here are 8 reasons for visiting.

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Reason to Visit Taxco Guerrero #1: The Architecture

The first thing that really blew us away about Taxco was just how it looked. Right when you drive into town you feel like you are in a different time period.

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The matching white and brown buildings are preserved extremely well, and really add to the character of the city, We loved just getting lost in the streets and admiring the architecture.

Taxco Guerrero, best places to visit in Mexico
Taxco Guerrero architecture
Taxco Guerrero. architecture

Taxco Guerrero will make you feel like you've stepped back in time.

Reason to Visit Taxco Guerrero #2: Mil Cascadas

This is one of the most magical places and one definitely not to miss in Taxco Guerrero. Located off the beaten path, make sure you have a car that is ready for the bumpy road.

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The entrance fee is just 40 pesos ($2 USD) and is open 24/7. There is an area for camping, a restaurant, and picnic tables for those that want to bring their own food.

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The hike down to the series of falls is just a few minutes. Make sure you bring a bathing suit if you'd like to swim, and good sneakers for the hike down. There are also people that can take you on a guided tour that includes repelling down the falls!

Mil Cascadas, Taxco Guerrero

Reason to Visit Taxco Guerrero #3: Pozas Azules

These turquoise pools are found in a nearby town to Taxco Guerrero called Atzala de Asuncion. They are a great place to relax and enjoy the pure crystal waters. Due to COVID they are currently closed, but we have seen plenty of pictures and heard that once they reopen they will definitely be worth it!

Reason to Visit Taxco Guerrero #4: Aguas Paraiso

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Taxco Guerrero Pin
Taxco Guerrero Pin
Taxco Guerrero Pin

Right around the corner from Pozas Azules is a hidden gem that we were taken to by a local. There is a restaurant, a trail down to an area where you can enjoy the cascades, and even cabins that you can rent to stay the night, The entrance fee is just 65 pesos (about $3 USD).

Aguas Paraiso, Taxco Guerrero

Reason to Visit Taxco Guerrero #5: Cascada Cacalotenango

When we arrived in Taxco Guerrero we actually had no idea that this place even existed! A local told us about it, and it was such a nice surprise. We stopped here on our way back from Atzala de Asuncion  and it was just 15 minutes outside the center of Taxco.

cascada Taxco Guerrero
cascada Taxco Guerrero

Located literally right off the side of the road, you can see this beautiful waterfall that is simple, but definitely worth a stop. There are a few locals that sell souvenirs, beverages, and snacks, and there is no entry fee, although they do ask for a "donation of your choice".

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Reason to Visit Taxco Guerrero #6: Magical Sunrises and Sunsets

Because this small town is located all along windy roads, there are so many great places to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. We just drove up and down the road to the entrance of Taxco and enjoyed the sunrise from the side of the road. The sunset can also be enjoyed more on the other side of town.

Taxco Guerrero sunrise

Reason to Visit Taxco Guerrero #7: Hotel Cielito Lindo

Speaking of views, the Hotel Cielito Lindo has pretty much the best views in town! We definitely suggest staying here so you can wake up to a stunning panorama, as well as enjoy the delicious homemade food they have at their restaurant, with a patio to enjoy the views of the city while you're eating.

Hotel Cielito Lindo, Taxco Guerrero

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Reason to Visit Taxco Guerrero #8: Teleferico

As if the views weren't stunning enough in Taxco Guerrero, you can get an even better look at them! Take a ride on the teleferico (cable car) to see the city from a different perspective. A one way trip is 6 minutes and 50 pesos, or you can go roundtrip for 100 pesos, and you will stop at a cute area with a café and shops.

Teleferico Taxco Guerrero

Taking the cable car gives you great views of Taxco Guerrero.

Taxco Guerrero is a magical place, and no wonder that it has been names a Pueblo Magico. We suggest spending 2 full days here to be able to experience all of the different swimming spots and to enjoy the center of town.

Want to book a tour to visit Taxco Guerrero? Here are a few options from both Mexico City and Acapulco:

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