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Is 3 Days Enough in Bermuda? Everything You Need to Know for Visiting Bermuda on a Cruise

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Welcome to a tiny slice of paradise that is just a quick trip away from New York! Turquoise waters, and white (and pink!) sands await in the middle of the Atlantic, without having to go so far away. You can visit Bermuda on a cruise right from Manhattan, or take a direct flight to this stunning island!

Having worked on cruises, and also going on family vacations out of New York, Bermuda is a place that we have visited many times, and truly love. Due to its convenience and sheer beauty, it is no wonder it is such a popular places for Americans to visit.

In this guide we're going to share everything we have learned while visiting on our various trips. Whether you plan to visit Bermuda on a cruise, or fly there, we're here to share the best recommendations on things to do, and share those hidden gems that we always seek out wherever we go.

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Where is Bermuda on a Map?

Have you ever heard of the Bermuda Triangle? Well, this infamous area is between Miami, the Caribbean, and you guessed it- the island of Bermuda.

Being a popular cruise destination, most people actually assume Bermuda is part of the Caribbean. Actually though, this beautiful island is in west of the Atlantic Ocean, 650 miles east from the coast of North Carolina.

Which Country is Bermuda in?

When counting our countries, we have mixed feelings about whether we should be counting Bermuda or not. While locals consider it their own country, technically it is a British overseas territory. This means that it is park of the United Kingdom, but it is self-governing.

Is Bermuda Considered the Caribbean?

While Bermuda shares a lot of physical characteristics with the Caribbean, it is actually 900 miles north of it! So no, Bermuda is not considered the Caribbean.

where is Bermuda on the map

Bermuda is located in the west of the Atlantic Ocean.

How do You Get to Bermuda from the US?

Bermuda is one of the easiest vacation destinations to visit from the US, especially from New York or Miami! You can either visit Bermuda on a cruise, or you can easily fly there on your own.

Flying to Bermuda

Bermuda has one international airport, which I have flown into once to start one of my contracts working on a cruise ship. The airport is very small, and super easy to fly into.

Bermuda International Airport is formally known as L.F. Wade International Airport (BDA), and is located in the parish of St George's, which is the north of the island.

You can find flights to Bermuda from either the US, Canada, or the UK. The cities that fly direct to Bermuda include Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Farmingdale, Fort Lauderdale, London, Montreal, New York, Philadelphia, Raleigh, Teterboro, Toronto, Turks & Cacios and White Plains.

flying to Bermuda

Bermuda is a beautiful place to fly into.

Flight Tip: Using Skyscanner you can use the calendar option to see which are the cheapest dates for flying to Bermuda from your city.

Search for a flight to Bermuda:

Visiting Bermuda on a Cruise

Visiting Bermuda on a cruise is definitely one of the best ways to experience this island, especially if you are in the NYC area, Boston, or near Miami. Companies that cruise to Bermuda include Carnival, Celebrity, MSC, Norwegian, Oceania, Regent Seven Sea, and Royal Caribbean.

We normally go on Royal Caribbean's ship out of Bayonne, NJ, or from one of NCL's ships straight out of Manhattan (this one has incredible views sailing out!).

The shortest cruise to Bermuda you can find is 5 nights, leaving from Bayonne, Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Baltimore, giving you 2 days/one night in Bermuda. The most common itinerary is a 7-day cruise, which has 3 days/two nights in Bermuda, which is the one that we recommend. You can also find longer cruises up to fifteen days, on the more luxury ships of MSC or Oceania. These cruises leave from NY or Boston, and pair Bermuda with Caribbean islands on the itinerary.

Bermuda on a cruise
Bermuda on a cruise

Visiting Bermuda on a cruise is very popular from the US.

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Entry Requirements for Visiting Bermuda on a Cruise

Visiting Bermuda on a cruise and visiting via flight have different requirements, so here is everything you need to know.

What do U.S. Citizens Need to Travel to Bermuda?

US citizens who are flying to Bermuda will in fact need their passport.

Do You Need a Passport to go to Bermuda on a Cruise Ship?

If you are visiting Bermuda on a cruise ship, you actually do not NEED a passport (although we recommend it). In the case that you do not have a passport, forget it, or it is expired, you can bring your birth certificate along with your driver's license.

When you get off the ship, you will need to bring a government-issued ID with you. We suggest bringing your license, and leaving your passport on the ship.

Are There Any Covid Requirements for Bermuda?

All Covid-related requirements have now been lifted for visiting Bermuda. If you are going on a cruise, be sure to double-check with your cruise line if they require anything. Most of them by now do not require vaccinations or a negative Covid test. However, it's important to check, as every cruise line is different.

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Visiting Bermuda on a Cruise: Local Adjustments

Whenever you travel somewhere new, there are things to keep in mind such as differences in language, electrical outlets, tipping, and water potability. Here are some of the things to keep in mind if you are visiting Bermuda.

What Language is Mostly Spoken in Bermuda?

The official language in Bermuda is English. The accent is actually quite unique, as it feels like a mix between the British and the American accent.

Currency Used in Bermuda

Despite being part of the UK, Bermuda does have its own currency, which is the Bermudian dollar. It is equal to the USD, so every price you see will be the same in local currency or in US dollars.

Can You Use US Dollars in Bermuda?

Being frequented by so many Americans, it is pretty common that US dollars are accepted, so you will not need to exchange your money. However, if you use USD, a lot of times change will be given in Bermudian dollars. We would suggest using your credit card when you can, and bringing small bills with you if you are paying for anything in cash.

What Type of Plug is Used in Bermuda?

Bermuda uses the same electrical outlets as the UK, which is the for the plug that has three rectangular prongs in the shape of a triangle. If you are taking a cruise to Bermuda, the cruise ships typically have both European and American outlets, but if you are visiting Bermuda by flight, you'll need to get a travel adapter.

Is the Water OK to Drink in Bermuda?

The water in Bermuda is clean, and is perfectly safe to drink from the tap. We would suggest bringing a reusable water bottle, and filling it up rather than purchasing plastic water bottles.

Is Tipping Expected in Bermuda?

The tipping culture in Bermuda is actually more similar to the US than it is to the UK. It is pretty common to tip between 15-18% or up to 20% if you've had great service. There are many restaurants that will add a service charge to the bill, so check this before adding an extra tip on top.

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Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise

Now you know almost everything you need to know about visiting Bermuda. If you plan on visiting Bermuda on a cruise, you will be limited on time, so will need to narrow it down to what exactly you'd like to do! Here are the best things to do in Bermuda:

Don't have time to read the whole article and want to save it for later? Just pin it!

Bermuda on a cruise pin
Bermuda on a cruise pin
Bermuda on a cruise pin

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #1: Check Out the Iconic Horse Shoe Bay

If you are visiting Bermuda on a cruise for just one day, then this is a typical go-to decision for cruisers.

Horse Shoe Bay, Bermuda on a cruise
Horse Shoe Bay, Bermuda on a cruise
Horse Shoe Bay, Bermuda on a cruise
Horse Shoe Bay, Bermuda on a cruise

Horse Shoe Bay is the most iconic beach in Bermuda, and is definitely a must-see! It has those quintessential turquoise waters, paired with Bermuda's stunning pink sands, and gorgeous cliffs surrounding it.

Growing up going on cruises to Bermuda, this is the exact spot that my family would go each year. You can easily spend the day enjoying this beach swimming in the calm waters, exploring the small coves, and jumping off the cliffs. Just be ready for the crowds, as this is the number one tourist spot on the island! This time, we decided to go there for sunrise to escape those crowds, and actually doing that this is the time you will find all of the locals enjoying it!

Horse Shoe Bay, Bermuda on a cruise

Horse Shoe Bay is an incredible place to witness for sunrise.

Want to know more about visiting Horse Shoe Bay? We have a full guide coming up!

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #2: Relax at Tobacco Bay

Another one of the most popular beaches in Bermuda is located in the north of the island, in St Georges. Tobacco Bay features stunning hues of turquoise waters, and is actually one of the best places to snorkel on the island! With unique rock formations and amazing waters, it's no wonder this spot has become so popular amongst tourists.

You can rent a chair and umbrella, or simply sit on the rocky areas for free. There is a restaurant as well, and you can rent snorkel gear to check out all of the unique marine life in this stunning cove!

Tobacco Bay, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
Tobacco Bay, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
Tobacco Bay, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise

Tobacco Bay is one of the most beautiful swimming spots in Bermuda.

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #3: Hop Around the Lesser Known Beaches

While most people flock to Horse Shoe Bay, there are actually so many stunning beaches around Bermuda! I personally prefer to go to the smaller beaches, as this is where you'll find less crowds, and some true hidden gems. 

Some of the beaches that you can add to your list are actually right near Horse Shoe Bay! Warwick Long Bay, Jobson's Cove, Stonehole Bay, and Chaplin Bay are the neighboring beaches with pinker sands, less people, and some really stunning rock formations.

Want to know a few other hidden gems? Buy us a coffee and we will reveal all of the gorgeous spots from the pictures below!

beaches in bermuda, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
beaches in bermuda, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
beaches in bermuda, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
beaches in bermuda, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise

One of the most fun things to do in Paraty is to visit a Cachacaria.

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #4: Go Jet Skiing

As an avid cruiser, jet skiing is one of my favorite activities. While most places in the Caribbean will rent out jet skis by the hour, in Bermuda they actually do jet ski tours. So rather than just riding around, you go on a tour of some of the coolest coastal spots on the island! Jet skis can easily be found right on the pier of Kings Wharf where the cruise ships dock, making it a super accessible activity to do, and definitely one of the most fun things to do in Bermuda.

Jet skis are definitely not the cheapest excursion, but neither are most activities on this island, so it is definitely worth the splurge!

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #5: Charter a Boat

If there is one thing that we loved the most during our time in Bermuda, it was this!

Sailing around Bermuda is an incredible experience, and if you have a big group, then this is truly a must. Most cruise ships offer boat trips, and you can also find them right inside the port area. However, do not do these ones! They are short 1-2 hour cruises that are jam-packed with people, and run anywhere from $90-$120/person.

For that price you can actually charter a private boat for as many hours as you'd like! We did 5 hours, but definitely could have used a few more.

Catamaran, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
Catamaran, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
Catamaran, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise

Here are a couple of boat charters you can use:

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #6: Go Snorkeling

There is a ton of marine life in Bermuda, so snorkeling is definitely something that you'll want to add to your list of things to do in Bermuda. 

You can bring your own snorkel gear and explore the coves of different beaches, you can rent equipment at most beaches, or you can sign up for a boat tour that includes snorkeling.

If you happen to do a charter cruise, then chances are they will offer you the gear to snorkel, so it's a two-in-one. However, if you are traveling with a small group, you can find some fun boat trips that include snorkeling. We still suggest doing this outside of the cruise line, as they are cheaper online, and the tours tend to be longer.

snorkeling, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise

Bermuda has incredible waters for snorkeling.

Here are a few excursions we found that include snorkeling in Bermuda:

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #7: Visit Hamilton

Hamilton is one of the cities in Bermuda worth checking out, featuring  pastel-colored colonial buildings, museums, and high-end shops. The city is just an easy ferry ride away from Kings Wharf, and is a lovely place to spend some time in the evening.

Hamilton Bermuda, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
Hamilton Bermuda, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
Bermuda sign in Hamilton

Hamilton is one of the most vibrant towns in Bermuda.

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #8: Experience Harbour Nights

If you plan on visiting Bermuda on a cruise in the summertime, then visiting Hamilton is a must! Every Wednesday from mid April til early September Hamilton has their famous Harbour Nights.

Starting at 7 pm and going until 10 pm there is live music, dance performances, and parades along Front Street. There are also local shops with kiosks to get handmade crafts, jewelry, and souvenirs, as well as a variety of food stalls to try Bermudian food and drinks.

Harbour nights in Hamilton, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
Harbour nights in Hamilton, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
Harbour nights in Hamilton, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
Harbour nights in Hamilton, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise

Harbour nights are full of music, dancing, and food.

This is definitely one of the top things to do in Bermuda, so don't miss out!

Ferries tend to fill up very quickly, and don't run so often. Make sure to get there early so that you get a spot! The ferries you can choose from are the 5:45, 7:00, or 8:00, and are a half hour to get to Hamilton.

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #9: Explore the Crystal Caves

While most of the top things to do in Bermuda have to do with the beaches, that's not all the island has to offer!

The Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves are two stunning spots to experience, and tours to visit are at the same location. You can either visit one, or you can have a combo ticket to save a bit if you decide to visit both.

The caves are open from 9 am to 5 pm, but you must take a tour. The first tour is at 9:30 am, and the last tour is at 4:30 pm for either of the caves, and 4:00 pm is the last tour for the combination of visiting both caves. Walk ins have very limited availability, so we highly suggest booking your tour in advance. You can do your reservation right on their website, or if you'd like transportation included, you can book a tour separately.

Crystal Caves, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise

The Crystal Caves are one of the top things to do in Bermuda other than the beaches.

Here are some tours that include the crystal caves in them:

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #10: Discover Hidden Caves

While the Crystal Caves and Fantasy Caves are the most famous caves on the island, Bermuda actually has an extensive cave system, with quite a few cool ones to visit around the island!

Head over to the Blue Hole Park and you will find an area with cliffs and caves to explore, completely free of charge. You can also check out Admiral's cave, which is where you'll find people walking through a passage to a window cave, as well as cliff jumping right next to it.

Finally, there is another incredible cave called Cathedral Cave. It is located on the property of a resort, but they let us in with no issues. It's the perfect spot for a cool dip, and is truly a unique spot for free of charge!

Cathedral Cave, things to do in Bermuda
Cathedral Cave, things to do in Bermuda
Cathedral Cave, things to do in Bermuda

Cathedral cave is a true hidden gem of Bermuda.

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #11: Book a Spa Appointment Inside a Cave

Right next to Cathedral Cave is another cave you need to see. But it's not a cave for swimming, or for touring. It actually has a full spa inside! Natura Cave Spa is seriously one of the most unique spas we have ever seen, and if we had more time (or knew about it beforehand) we definitely would have booked an appointment.

It's part of the resort Grotto Bay, which we also highly recommend staying there if you are traveling to Bermuda on your own. It has a beautiful pool area, restaurants, the Cathedral cave, its own private beach, and a full aqua park!

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #12: Wander the Streets of St Georges

Hamilton isn't the only city worth visiting in Bermuda! St George's is actually the oldest English settlement on the island, and has a ton of great things to see such as churches, fortresses, and streets of beautiful pastel-colored buildings.

St George's, things to do in Bermud on a cruise
St George's, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise

St George's is the northernmost part of the island, but can easily be reached by ferry from King's Wharf in just 45 minutes for $5 each way.

ferry to st George's

There is a ferry right from King's Wharf to St George's.

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #13: Visit the Oldest Church in the Western Hemisphere 

While you're in St George's, one of the top sites to check out is the St Peter's Church, which is the oldest standing Anglican church in Western Hemisphere! We heard from locals that you can also climb up the tower for some great views of the city, but unfortunately it was closed when we visited.

oldest church in the western hemisphere, Bermuda
oldest church in the Western Hemisphere, Bermuda

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #14: Check Out the Unfinished Church

Just up the road from St. Peter's Church is another church worth checking out, which we actually liked even more! The church is actually a set of ruins from a neo-Gothic stone church, which was partially built in the late 1800's and was never actually completed.

unfinished church, things to do in Bermuda
unfinished church, things to do in Bermuda

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #15: Explore the Fortresses

St George's has quite a few forts lined up along the coast, some of which are more of ruins, and some which are pretty we in tact. Some of the ones that you can check out for free are Gate's Fort, Alexandra Battery, and Fort Albert. The biggest and most complete fort is Fort St. Catherine, which has a full museum, and is $7 to visit.

fort in Bermuda
fort in Bermuda
fort in Bermuda
fort in Bermuda

There are a bunch of small forts around St George's.

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #16: Stop at St. David's Lighthouse

Another fun find for us was St David's Lighthouse, a cute red and white lighthouse found on St. David's Island, just under St. George's. Unfortunately you can't climb up, but it does have some pretty views due to its high location on the island.

Lighthouse in Bermuda

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #17: Tour the Naval Dockyard

Alright, let's head back south near King's Wharf! If you plan on visiting Bermuda on a cruise, chances are your final day will be a half one, which means it's perfect for exploring things that are a bit closer to the ship.

Cruise ships dock right in the Naval Dockyard, which is a site in itself! There are tours you can take of the Naval Dockyard, or you can simply wander around and enjoy the dockyard yourself.

King's Wharf, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise
King's Wharf, things to do in Bermuda on a cruise

King's Wharf has a lot of history, and is right next to the ship.

Here is a Segway tour of the Naval Dockyard in Bermuda:

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #18: Play at One of the World's Biggest Mini Golf Courses

If you're looking for something else fun to do for the family, or simply near the cruise dock, then you're in luck! There is a brand new mini golf course just steps away from the ship, and it is one of the biggest mini golf courses in the world! With 18 challenging courses, this is a fun activity which is convenient and and great for all ages. It is open from 10 am to 10 pm, and they also offer glow-in-the-dark night time mini golf.

mini golf in Bermuda

Bermuda has one of the biggest mini golf courses in the world!

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #19: Play at the Pirate Ship and Aqua Park

Right outside the ship is a fun pirate ship to have a drink on, and we used to always go to jump off the plank into the refreshing waters around it.

Now they have expanded and actually have a full aqua park! My whole family went and had a great time having drinks and playing around there. I hurt my leg so didn't get to participate, but it definitely looked like a great activity for those wanting to do something nearby the ship. It is $30, and the pass is for the whole day.

While I personally prefer to experience more of nature, this is a good option for those who wake up late their last day in Bermuda and just want to have a bit of fun outside.

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #20: Have a Night Out at Snorkel Park

One of the things I always look forward to the most in Bermuda is the night life! Every time we would visit Bermuda on a cruise we would go to Snorkel Park, which is beach club right next to the ship.

Now it has grown so much, and there are massive parties at night, and a variety of activities to experience during the day.

We didn't get to go this last time, as there was an outrageous cover charge ($50) for a private party, but we definitely suggest checking out their schedule and seeing if you can make it to one of the parties at night.

Things to Do in Bermuda on a Cruise #21: Attend a Special Event

Bermuda has a ton of great events that it offers! I have been there during golf retreats, sailboat races, and cricket tournaments. They also have a huge Pride Festival in August, as well as their massive 4-day Carnival celebration every June. There are parades, food, music, parties, and so much more! We suggest checking out the Bermuda event calendar, as there are a ton of great events to experience in Bermuda all year long.

How Do Tourists Get Around in Bermuda?

Bermuda is a small island, making it very easy to get around! You can find a variety of ways to get around such as local buses, taxis, ferries and rentals.

The Different Ways to Get Around Bermuda

Buses in Bermuda

Most places in Bermuda can be accessed by taking one of the public buses. Prices depend on the parish in which you are traveling, and rides are pretty affordable.

Taxis in Bermuda

Taxis in Bermuda are pretty much the same as taking a bus, in that the more people you have doesn't make a difference in the price. Drivers charge per head, and often cram as many people as possible into their vans. Often taxis will hover around hot spots and offer the same routes as buses, but try to get you to go with them to go faster.

The good thing is that you may get to leave faster, and if you have a big group you won't have to wait for the bus. You also might be able to bargain a bit for the price, and get it to a similar price as a bus would be. The downside is that they won't leave until they fill their van, which may mean you won't leave as soon as you would like.

Ferries in Bermuda

As far as public transportation goes, the ferry is definitely our favorite way to get around Bermuda. The ferries have similar prices to the buses, and connect King's Wharf, Hamilton, and St. George's, as well as Rockaway and Warwick. There are also stops in Watford Bridge, Cavello Bay, and Paget, across the four different ferries lines that are offered.

Below is the info for the ferry schedule this summer which we got from the official site:

ferry info in Bermuda
ferry info in Bermuda

Scooter Rentals in Bermuda

This is hands-down our favorite way to get around Bermuda! A scooter gives you the freedom to explore all that Bermuda has to offer, and is perfect for the adventurous should out there, or those that want to see it all while visiting Bermuda on a cruise.

We got our scooter for 3 days for $77. The more days you rent, the cheaper it is, and you can typically fit 2 people on one scooter. 

scooter rental in Bermuda
scooter rental in Bermuda

Rental Cars in Bermuda

For a while it was actually illegal for tourists to rent cars in Bermuda! Now there is actually a company though that rents out tiny electric cars. This is definitely the most expensive option, starting at $130/day, typically for a 1-2 seater. The plus side to having the car over a scooter though is that you have more room for your belongings, and are protected more in case the weather isn't favorable.

rental cars in Bermuda

Bermuda has small electric cars for rent.

Bike Rentals in Bermuda

Another fun way to get around for cheap is by renting a bike. It's super easy, as they are scattered around the island, and you can rent it straight from the app.

bike rental in Bermuda

Bikes are a super cheap and fun way to get around Bermuda.

What is the Cheapest Way to Get Around Bermuda?

The cheapest way to get around Bermuda definitely depends on how much you'd like to do! If you plan on staying near the port, or doing just 1 area per day, then the cheapest way will definitely be by taking the local buses.

If you plan on exploring a lot, then the scooter will be well worth it! We drove around the entire island, and only had to fill our tank once for $5, totaling just over $40 each to go everywhere in a 3 day span.


Are There Ubers in Bermuda?

Bermuda does not have Uber, nor does it have a ton of private taxis. If you want to get somewhere fast, then you may have to share your ride with other people, or wait for the taxi to fill up before getting from one destination to the next.

If you do have a specific ride in mind (for example to or from your hotel), you can ask a local to call and reserve a taxi for you.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Where to Stay in Bermuda If You Are Not Cruising

If you are visiting Bermuda on a cruise, you won't have to worry about your accommodation. However, if you plan to visit Bermuda by plane, then you'll need to choose a nice place to stay.

As far as location goes, we would suggest either staying in Hamilton or St. George's. These are the most well-connected, and also have plenty of activities, as well as dining options.

If you plan on moving around by scooter or rental car, then we would suggest staying at one of the resorts that are in the center of the island. We particularly loved the look of Grotto Bay, as it had a ton of amenities, and was nearby a lot of great attractions! 

Want to check out more places to stay? Check the map below for all of the different options:

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Local Food & Drink

One of our favorite parts of traveling is to experience the local flavors of where we go! Bermuda happens to be a very expensive island though, so if you are visiting Bermuda on a cruise, we would suggest spending most of your meals on the ship. That being said, we do suggest saving some room for the street food on front street in Hamilton during their harbor nights!

What Food is Popular in Bermuda?

Bermuda's cuisine has influence from both the UK, and the Caribbean. Fish is plentiful, and codfish is one of the most common which is incorporated into their diet. As far as drinks go, rum is the most prominent, and the native brand is Goslings, which you'll find all over the shops, bars, and restaurants.

Here are a few of the foods that are the most popular in Bermuda:

  • Fish & Chips: this British classic brought its way over to the island
  • Fish Sandwich: a go-to for locals on their lunch break
  • Jerk Chicken: slow-cooked with a slightly spicy sauce
  • Fish Chowder: the national dish, which uses Goslings rum and spicy peppers poured over it
  • Codfish breakfast: boiled codfish topped with a tomato and onion sauce, and seared with boiled potatoes, hard boiled eggs, avocado, and a banana on the side
  • Mussel Pie: a pie made with steamed mussels, often times with curry
  • Fish Cakes: patty of salted codfish, potatoes, and onion, which is fried

What is the Drink of Choice in Bermuda?

The drink of choice in Bermuda is certainly rum! Goslings is the most popular brand that you will find, and can easily be purchased in shops, or found in all bars and restaurants. There are two popular drinks in Bermuda that are a must-try: the Rum Swizzle, and the Dark N' Stormy:

  • Rum Swizzle: the national drink featuring Goslings rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, lemon, Bermuda falernum, and bitters
  • Dark N' Stormy: Goslings rum and ginger beer

  • How Safe is Bermuda for Tourists?

    Bermuda is a very safe island! While the Caribbean has many more dodgy areas,n you'll have nothing to worry about on the island of Bermuda. We've walked around at night, and explored all over before the sun came up, and always felt very safe. 

    If you happen to visit the beaches for sunrise, you'll actually find that this is when all of the locals are out enjoying the places before the sun becomes intense, and before all of the tourists take over.

    We went to Horseshoe Bay for sunrise, and it was very busy with local Bermudians. Everyone was so friendly, and being a small island, everyone is always smiling at one another, and genuinely in a good mood. The vibe in Bermuda is so great, and unlike many Caribbean islands, there is no haggling or harassment, making it so pleasant visiting Bermuda as a tourist.

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    Other Things to Know About Visiting Bermuda on a Cruise

    Now that you know almost everything you need to know about visiting Bermuda on a cruise (or in general), here are a few other things to keep in mind while visiting.

    Weather in Bermuda

    Bermuda has tropical climate, and is pretty similar to the Caribbean. However, unlike the Caribbean islands, temperatures can drop in Bermuda in the winter time. We've heard from locals that temperatures in December and January can drop down to the sixties, or sometimes even as low as the fifties! 

    The summers are extremely hot and humid, and the sun is very strong in Bermuda. Overall, Bermuda has much warmer weather than most places in the US year-round, and it makes a great tropical escape.

    best months to visit Bermuda
    best months to visit Bermuda
    best months to visit Bermuda

    Bermuda is a tropical island with a lot of sunshine.

    What Month is Bermuda Best to Visit?

    The best time to visit Bermuda is either a little before the summer, or after, when the weather is milder, and it is less crowded. After speaking with locals, we've gathered that the best months to visit Bermuda are in April or May, or in November.

    From June to August the weather is extremely hot, and this is when the island becomes the most crowded, while August to October is hurricane season. March is spring break for Americans, which is when you'll see the most children, and the months of March, July, and August are when cruises are the most expensive.

    If you'd like to escape the crowds, and have the most pleasant temperatures, then the spring and late fall are the most ideal for visiting Bermuda. If you'd like to experience Harbour nights, then definitely make sure you visit between the months of May to August, and if you'd like to experience Bermuda's carnival, June will be the best month to visit.

    Bermuda weather

    Bermuda has warm weather for the majority of the year.

    How Do You Pack for Bermuda?

    If you plan on visiting Bermuda on a cruise, here are some of the things we suggest bringing with you:

    • Sunscreen
    • Aloe
    • Reusable Water Bottle (we use this water bottle from Cafago because it holds the temperature)
    • Flip Flops (we personally always get Havaiana flip flops, as they are comfy and long lasting) 
    • Zippered Bag or Backpack - take a look at these backpacks for travelers!
    • Power Bank (we use Anker power banks, as they are super long lasting and sturdy)
    • Bathing Suit
    • Cover up
    • Light, casual clothing for the evening
    • Drone (We use the Mavic Mini Pro 3 because it's super light and doesn't sacrifice quality)
    • Action Camera (we use the Insta 360 X3 because it's small & waterproof)
    • Waterproof Phone Pouch (we use the Cafago Waterproof Phone Pouch)
    • Dry Bag (for water activities)
    • License (if you'd like to rent a scooter, and as mandatory ID for when you get off the ship)

    Here are a few things you should also bring for your cruise vacation:

    • White outfit (most cruise lines have a white night)
    • Evening wear (for the dining room)
    • Heels or nice shoes (for the evenings)

    Here are a few items you'll want to bring if you are not visiting Bermuda on a cruise, and are flying there:

    • Travel Adapter (we use Tessan travel adapters as they are affordable and reliable)
    • Towel (if you are cruising towels are provided on the ship)
    Pillow Travel Case

    The Travel Pillow Caseā„¢

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    The Travel Pillow Caseā„¢ allows you to store your clothes inside of it, so your luggage is lighter, and your flight is more comfy!

    Travel Planning Tools

    Here are some useful tools that you can use for planning your upcoming trip!

    Skyscanner is our go-to for flights, as it lets you search for "anywhere", the cheapest places in each country, and the cheapest dates each month for your destination. is what we use to book our hotels, as you can collect points and get discounts the more you travel.

    Economy Bookingsthe cheapest car rentals around the world

    Local Rent a Car: for the best local car agencies

    Bus Bud: the most complete site for bus tickets around the world

    Flix Bus US: the cheapest bus tickets in the US

    Train Line: our go-to for trains in a ton of different countries

    Omnio: our secondary choice for train or bus tickets

    Airalo is a company that offers E-SIM cards for almost every country in the world, to keep you connected during your travels.

    Get Your Guide is a site that gathers tours from local tour operators for unique experiences around the world.

    Radical Storage is a company that connects you to the closest luggage storage spots so that you can explore on your layovers, or for hotels that won't hold your belongings.

    Now you are all ready to explore Bermuda! Whether you plan to visit Bermuda on a cruise or fly there, you can now properly plan what to do in whatever time frame you're working with.

    Love cruising? If you'd like to check out some other popular cruise destinations, you can check out our Caribbean travel guides that we have from when we were working on cruise ships.

    If you plan on visiting Bermuda by flying there, we can help you do all the work! Now Scratch Your Mapa offer travel planning services, guaranteeing to save you both time and money on your trip. Check out the packages we offer, or simply email us for more info.

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