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The Best Things to See in Miami For Every Type of Traveler

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Miami is one of the most southern cities in the US, and is one of the most famous! From its tropical beaches to its crazy nightlife, it's no wonder that tourists flock here. In this article we're going to cover the best things to see in Miami, how to get around, and some fun day trips.

So let's jump right in! Here is everything you need to know abut visiting Miami.

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Where is Miami?

Miami is the southernmost point on the mainland of Florida in the US. Florida is also the southeastern most state in the continental United States, and Miami is one of the biggest and most touristic cities in the whole country. It is very well connected both domestically and internationally, with plenty of ways to visit.

Where is Miami

Miami is the most south eastern city in the continental US.

Getting To Miami, Florida

Miami is a huge hub in the US, and very easy to get to. Being well connected with both the US and the rest of the Americas, there are plenty of direct flights right into Miami.

Cities That Fly to Miami

Domestic cities that fly direct into Miami include Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham, Boise, Boston, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fayetteville, Greensboro, Greenville, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Key West, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Louisville, Marsh Harbour, Memphis, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Newark, Norfolk, Orlando, Pensacola, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Richmond, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Juan, Savannah, Seattle, St Croix, St Louis, St Thomas, Tallahassee, Tampa, and Washington.

International cities that fly direct to Miami include Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Barbados, Barcelona, Barranquilla, Belize City, Bermuda, Bogota, Bonaire, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, Cali, Camaguey, Cancun, Cartagena, Casablanca, Comayagua, Cozumel, Curacao, Doha, Dominica, Dubai, Dublin, Eleuthera, Frankfurt, Freeport, Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Grenada, Guatemala City, Guayaquil, Havana, Holguin, Istanbul, Kingstone, Liberia, Lima, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Managua, Medellin, Merida, Mexico City, Montego Bay, Monterrey, Montreal, Munich, Nassau, Panama City, Paris, Pereira, Pointe a Pitre, Port of Spain, Port-au-Prince, Providenciales, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Quito, Rio de Janeiro, Roatan, Rome, San Andres, San Jose, San Pedro Sula, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Santiago (Chile), Santiago (Dominican Republic), Santo Domingo, Sao Paulo, St Kitts, St Lucia, St Maarten, St Vincent, Stockholm, Tel Aviv, Toronto, Varadero, Warsaw, and Zurich.

If you're having trouble finding cheap flights into Miami you can also look into flying into Ft. Lauderdale, which is just less than an hour away.

Cities That Fly to Fort Lauderdale

Domestic cities that fly direct to Fort Lauderdale include Aguadilla, Albany, Asheville, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus,  Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Gainesville, Grand Rapids, Greer, Hartford, Houston, Hudson Huntington, Valley, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Key West, Knoxville, Latrobe, Las Vegas, Lexington, Long Island (Islip), Los Angeles, Manchester, Memphis, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Myrtle Beach Nashville, New York, Newark, New Haven, New Orleans, Orlando, Pensacola, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Plattsburgh, Providence, Raleigh, Richmond, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Seattle, San Francisco, San Juan, South Bend, St Louis, St Thomas, Syracuse, Tampa, Washington, White Plains, and Windsor Locks.

International cities that fly direct to Fort Lauderdale include Abaco Island, Aguadilla, Andros Island, Armenia (Colombia), Aruba, Berry Island (Bahamas), Bimini, Bogota, Calgary, Cancun, Cap Haitian, Caracas, Cartagena, Cat Island (Bahamas), Chub Cay, Dubai, Frankfurt, Freeport, Georgetown, Governor's Harbour, Guadalajara, Guatemala City, Guayaquil, Halifax, Havana, Kingston, Montego Bay, Montreal, Nassau, N. Eleuthera, Lima, Oslo, Ottawa, Panama City, Port Au Prince,  Punta Cana, Quebec, Quito, San Jose, San Pedro Sula, San Salvador, San Salvador Island (Bahamas), Santiago (DR), Santo Domingo, St Maarten, Toluca, Toronto, Treasure Cay, and Viracopos.

Getting from Fort Lauderdale to Miami

If you're flying into Ft Lauderdale and want to go to Miami, there are actually both buses and trains that you can take. There are train stations in downtown Fort Lauderdale that go directly to Miami airport, and there are also buses with Flixbus that go from FLL to downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and Miami Intermodal Center. There are several departures a day, and they usually run for around $10.

The train is just $3.75 which goes from the city of Ft Lauderdale to Miami Airport, and the ride is around 50 minutes.

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Entry Requirements for the USA

Before taking a trip anywhere, it's important to know the requirements for entering your new destination. Here is what you should keep in mind before booking your trip to Miami.

Visa Requirements for USA

If you are from the US, you can go ahead and skip this entire part. However, if you are from a country outside the US, it is important to be aware if you need a visa or not. The US unfortunately isn't the most warm and welcoming place when It comes to foreigners, so getting your visa (if you do need one) is a must.

If you want more information about how to get a visa to visit the US, or to check if you need one, then you can simply check the official website.

Covid Entry Requirements for USA

Up until 2022, a negative Covid test was required to enter the US, no matter who was entering. However, we're excited to announce that there are now no longer any additional requirements due to Covid in order to enter the US.

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Local Adjustments

While traveling, there are things that you may forget about, that may be different from where you are coming from. These are a few of the local adjustments to keep in mind while traveling to Miami.


The official language in the US is English. However, Miami seems to be a world of its own. There are so many people that don't speak a lick of English, and will automatically speak to you in Spanish.

The good news is that if you speak English or Spanish, you'll get by fine in Miami. Also, if you'd like to practice one or the other, here is a great place to do it.


The currency used in Miami is the USD. It may seem obvious, but we like to cover certain aspects in each and every one of our articles.


The outlets in Miami are the same as the rest of the US, with two flat prongs. The standard voltage is 120V and 50 Hz, so if you are coming from Europe, you'll have to get an energy converter (it is different than an adaptor).

Water Potability

The tap water is potable and totally safe for drinking in Miami. We suggest bringing a refillable water bottle that can hold the temperature, as it gets very hot in Miami.

Tipping Culture

The tipping culture in the US is very particular. A standard tip for arund the country is 15-20%, (20 is for good service). In the US we tip for everything from cabs to nails.

Many restaurants  cover themselves by adding a service charge in there automatically. So make sure to check your bill to see if its added  or if you'll have to leave your tip separate.

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Things to See in Miami

When visiting Miami, there is no such thing as boredom! From tropics & nature, to art & culture, there is surely something for everyone. Check out some of the most popular things to see in Miami, and all it has to offer.

Things to See in Miami: Tropics & Nature

Being located right near the Caribbean, Miami is the perfect tropical getaway if you are looking to stay inside the US. Here are some of the great ways you can enjoy the outdoors in Miami.


South Beach

South Beach is pretty much the most famous area of Miami, and for a good reason. This is where are the craziness happens. Here you will find plenty of restaurants, bars, hotels, and clubs. The beach has white powdery sand, and turquoise waters, unlike most other places in the US.

miami south beach

South Beach is one of the top highlights of things to see in Miami.

For a fun photo opp, take some shots with the colorful lifeguard stands! The beach is free of charge, and has plenty of areas to relax.

beach in Miami, things to see in Miami
beach in Miami, things to see in Miami
Miami Beach, things to see in Miami

The beach in definitely one of the best things to see in Miami.

South Pointe Park

This area is not nearly as busy as South Beach, or the rest of the small island of where most of the action happens in Miami. However, we love this place because it is the tip of the island, and is where you can find the cruise ships sailing out from. 

Here you can enjoy a little bit more nature, as the beach is set against some green rolling hills, and escape some of those crowds in the rest of Miami. Not to mention, you can watch all the ships sail away during sunset!

best places to travel in January

This is a great spot to appreciate the cruise ships sailing by.

Fairchild Tropical Botanical Garden

If you're looking for something with a little more greenery, the Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens are the perfect spot. This 83-acre tropical garden is full with extensive collections of rare tropical plants, and is located in the Coral Gables area.

The gardens are open every day from 10 am to 4 pm. Adult entry fee is $25, seniors are $18 (65+), and students are $16. Children 6-12 are $12, and children that are 5 and under are free of charge.

Venetian Pool

Also located in Coral Gables, make sure to check out the Venetian pool., which is a Venetian-style lagoon carved out of coral rock.  The historic landmark and swimming pool includes caves, stone bridges and waterfalls.

The Venetian pool is open each day from 8 am to 6 pm, and the daily admission rate is $15 for adults, and $10 for children from ages 3 to 12.

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Things to See in Miami Pin
Things to See in Miami Pin
Things to See in Miami Pin

Take a Boat Trip

Surrounded by turquoise waters, tall palm trees, and stunning villas, it is no wonder that Miami is a great place to get out and sail around. There are a number of different options from catamaran rides to sunset sails, and the best way to see all of the different options for good deals is to check out beforehand.

boat in Miami

Taking a boat trip allows you to enjoy great views of the city.

Want to book a boat trip in Miami? Here are a few really fun ones that we found:

The Everglades

Although not located right inside the city of Miami, the Everglades are definitely one of the main highlights in Southern Florida. The Everglades National Park is the largest sub-tropical wilderness in the United States.

With 1.5-million-acres,  the Everglades is made up of coastal mangroves, sawgrass marshes and pine flatwoods that are home to hundreds of animal species, and most famously the turtles and crocodiles. Boat trips through these wetlands can be a little pricey, but definitely worth it if you are in the area.

Want to book an excursion to the Everglades? Here are some you can choose from:

Things to See in Miami: Shopping Areas

We're not ones for shopping much when we travel, but it is definitely good to note that there are many different areas that are worth checking out in Miami for its shopping. Here are a few of the most popular.

Lincoln Road Mall

Even if you have no interest in shopping, the Lincoln Road Mall is a place you won't want to miss while visiting Miami. This pedestrian road run quite a few blocks, and is east–west parallel between 16th Street and 17th Street. Here you will find an endless amount of shops, as well as some great outdoor dining options.


This is also a very popular area to shop, as it is another outdoor mall. Located right near the cruise ship terminals, this spot is popular for crew members from the ships, as well as locals. 

Bayside is located right on the water, and features a number of shops and dining options, including an awesome row of food kiosks with all different cuisines. You can also find live music, and plenty of boat trips leaving from this area.

The Shops at Midtown

The shops at Midtown are a little further from the beach and the main touristic spots of Miami, but are another great outdoor shopping area. Here you can find plenty of restaurants, as well as larger shops such as Marshalls and TJ Maxx, for those discount shoppers.

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Things to See in Miami: Art & Culture

When people think of Miami they usually just think of the beach. However, this city actually has  plenty of other areas where you can enjoy the diverse Latin culture, as well as the colorful art and decor scattered in different neighborhoods. Here are a few awesome things to see in Miami for those great Instagram-worthy shots.

sunset over Miami

Sunset over Miami

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is a 1916 waterfront estate home with 32 decorated rooms and 10 acres of formal gardens. This national historical landmark is also the former villa and estate of businessman James Deering. 

Admission for Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is $22 for adults and $10 for children ages 6 through 12, and is open Wednesday through Monday from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. 

Want to prebook your tickets and include transportation? You can book it by clicking the link below:

Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls are an Instagrammer's dream. Walk around the streets of Wynwood and admire all of the different artwork and colorful murals that this place has to offer. This creative area is also great as it is completely free of charge.

Want to take a guided tour of the best of Wynwood? Here are some fun options you can book:

Ancient Spanish Monastery

Located right in North Miami, this is a true hidden gem. The Spanish Monastery was built in Segovia, Spain, and brought piece by piece to rebuild in Miami.

To move the building to the United States, each wall and structure was taken apart stone by stone, bound with a protective hay, and packed in more than 11,000 wooden crates. The pieces were all then brought together to create a gorgeous tourist attraction.

The Monastery is open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is $10 admission for adults, and just $5 for students and seniors.

Coral Castle

Coral Castle is an oolite limestone structure created by the Latvian-American eccentric Edward Leedskalnin. Located in Homestead, which is just right outside of Miami, you can explore this elaborate sculpture garden any day from 9 am to 6 pm (and 7 pm on weekends).

Admission rates are $18 for adults from the ages of 13 to 64, $15 for seniors ages 65 and older, $8 for children age 7 to 12, and free for kids 6 and younger.

Little Havana

Little Havana is the center of Cuban culture in Miami, as it is the heart of where Cuban exiles have flocked to. This vibrant area is full with Latin American art galleries, music, and restaurants. Walk up to a local window serving fresh Cuban coffee, or eat at one of the small mom and pop restaurants.

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Things to See in Miami: Bars & Nightlife

Miami is one of the hottest places for nightlife in the US. The city boasts a great variety of options, but here are a few of some notable spots to check out.


This bar is right in the heart of Miami beach, and has two floors. Inside there is fun decor, but the upstairs rooftop is the best part. People watch from the balcony, smoke hookah with your friends, or dance to the fun music, enjoying a more relaxed Miami vibe.

Palace Drag Bar

For a truly unique experience, check out this loud and exciting bar located right in South Beach. This drag bar has outdoor seating, and indoor dance floor, and an awesome drag brunch.


This is definitely one of the most popular spots in Miami. With several bar areas, dancefloors, and live shows on top of the bars, you can never be bored in Mangos Tropical Cafe. Enjoy the beautiful dancers and Latin vibes for a true Miami nightlife experience.


The Clevelander is located right across from the beach and has some really fun Spring-break vibes. With a large outdoor area, pumping music, and half naked servers, you will definitely feel the craziness of Miami. Football season is also great here, as they have plenty of TVs showing all of the games.


The Fontainebleau is an exclusive luxury hotel in Miami that has the famous club LIV. While this definitely isn't our favorite spot, it is one of the most popular. Expect to dig deep in your pockets, and wait a long time. There is not official line, as the bouncers pick and choose from the cluster that waits outside.

The club is open all night, and bouncers accept a hundred dollars or even a few to get chosen before others. The dress code is very strict, and the better you look, the better chances you have of getting in.

Bacon Bitch

We love this spot because it is one of the most Instagrammable bars in Miami. This bar is full of neon signs and interesting decor. Grab a cocktail and enjoy the awesome design of Bacon Bitch.

Bacon Bitch, Miami

Bacon Bitch is full of fun neon signs.

Things to See in Miami: Food & Drink

There is nothing like eating and drinking your way through a city, and Miami is a great place to do so! Here are some of our favorites.

Española Way

Española Way is our favorite spot in Miami! This is an entire area where each street is a different country theme. Although it isn't the cheapest area (well let's be honest, it's Miami so nothing really is), it is definitely worth the nice meal.

Want Paella? Head to 'Little Spain'. Want to be served by Italians? Head to 'Little Italy". The choice is yours!

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Española Way has something for everyone, and there is plenty of outdoor seating, lights, and beautiful decor, making it the perfect place for a romantic dinner.



Planta is a plant-based restaurant in South Beach. Although the menu is vegan, we can say it is truly delicious. The recipes are creative and extremely appealing to the eye. Although a little pricey, the lush green environment and tasty dishes make this is a great place to stop, even for those who love meat.


While Bayside Marketplace is known more for its shopping, we love it for the variety of food. There are an abundance of small kiosks that are set up each Sunday that feature all different types of food, mostly of which are some type of South American cuisine.

Want to take a food tour while in Miami? Here are a few that we've found:

Where to Stay in Miami

While this is particularly a tricky thing for Miami, we will just make a suggestion for those who are looking for something more budget friendly. Hotels in Miami are extremely expensive, and more geared towards the luxury traveler, but it is still possible to go to this city if you don't want to spend a crazy amount of money.

Miami Hostel
 is one of the only budget-friendly options in Miami, It is one of the only shared accommodation in the city, and actually in the country (hostels are not a popular concept in the US). This hostel has a fun outdoor area with hammocks, a ping pong table, and bar, making it the perfect spot to meet other fun travelers.

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Getting Around Miami

While Miami doesn't have a really extensive public transportation system, it's one of the better ones when it comes to the US. If you are staying just in the mid-beach and South beach area, we suggest walking as much as you can, because traffic can be pretty horrible, and transportation can be expensive.

If you need to travel longer distances, or plan to visit other areas, here are the different options for getting around the city of Miami.


While we usually like to rent cars, Miami is definitely not the place to do it. You will end up spending more on parking garages or parking meters, and lose a lot of time trying to find a place to park. Although taxis can be pricey, they are still an easier way to get from one place to another.

Uber/ Lyft

If you don't have Uber or Lyft, we definitely suggest downloading it. Prices are much cheaper than those of taxis. This is the most popular way to get around the city of Miami.

Public Bus

Although the system is not very extensive, there are public buses that are connected throughout some of the different areas of Miami. Buses are just $1, and can definitely help if you want to move around for cheaper.

Before going from one area to another (for example Bayside-South Beach) we suggest checking your Google Maps, to see if there is an option for a bus.


The Metromover is actually a public transportation service that is completely free of charge. The mass transit automated people mover train system operated by Miami-Dade Transit serves the Downtown Miami, Brickell, Park West and Arts & Entertainment District neighborhoods. We suggest trying this before anything else!

Renting a Car in Miami

If you plan on exploring the outskirts of Miami, having a car is a great way to save. Booking from the airport though can cost a fortune, as the airport fees are extremely high! On a recent trip we were quoted $1,200 from a budget company for our two week trip. However, we then found an amazing solution! 

Kyte is a super affordable rental company that will actually bring the car to you for a fraction of the price of the traditional rental companies. We paid $370 for two weeks, which really saved us, and allowed us to travel around Miami hassle-free. Luckily you can use our discount code to get $50 off on your rental!

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Day Trips from Miami

While there are plenty of things to do in and around Miami, there are a few other great areas that are within a few hours to check out as well!

The Keys

Your Caribbean paradise awaits, as these are some of the most beautiful beaches in the US. Head south of Miami and discover the relaxing atmosphere of Key Largo, or the fun and colorful vibes of Key West. For this, you will definitely need to rent a car.

Ft. Lauderdale

Located just 45 minutes to an hour north of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale is a great place to check out if you want to avoid all of the tourists. This small city features a strip of restaurants and bars along the street, and a large open beach, as well as plenty of shopping options. There is direct bus service from Miami to Ft Lauderdale.


Just a few hours away is Orlando, where you can find some of the most popular theme parks in the world. Take a day trip to check out the Magical Kingdom, Epcot, or Orlando Theme Parks. They aren't the cheapest, so we definitely suggest getting there EARLY, to make the most of it. You will definitely need to rent a car for this one.


Did you know that you can travel to the Bahamas right from Miami in just a few hours? The small Bahamian island of Bimini is a great weekend getaway to experience a little slice of Caribbean heaven. Ferries run directly from Miami and are just a two hour ride!

Bimini Island
bimini beach
Bimini Beach

Bimini is just a short ride away from Miami.

Is Miami Safe?

Overall, the state of Florida is pretty safe. However, like anywhere, there are places that can be more dangerous than others. Being that Miami is such a melting pot, you can of course find some really friendly and trust-worthy people, but also find some pretty shady ones. We luckily never had any issues, as there are plenty of police that patrol the city and beaches around it. Just be mindful of your drinks in bars, and have friends with you while wandering around at night.

Other Things to Know For Preparing a Trip to Miami

Now that you know the best things to see in Miami, how to get around, and more, here are a few things to keep in mind before you take your trip.

Weather in Miami

Being that Miami is all the way in the South, the weather is very tropical and similar to that of the Caribbean. Winter basically doesn't exist, and rarely do temperatures ever drop low at all. At the very most, you may need a light sweater in the dead of "winter" from November to March. 

That being said, don't forget your swimsuit, flip flops, and sunscreen- lots of sunscreen, as the sun is really strong.

things to see in Miami

Miami is tropical year round, so we suggest visiting in the winter months.

The Best Time to Visit Miami

In our opinion, the best time to visit Miami is in the winter, when the weather is still hot and sunny, but much drier than the summer months. Avoid visiting here from June to August, as this is when it is the hottest and most humid. We also suggest avoiding August to October, as this is the height of hurricane season. March is spring break, so this is when you will find the biggest parties, but a very young crowd. 

What to Wear in Miami

Miami is interesting because you can find a little of everything. We can say though however, that you can never be overdressed. The clubs will be full of girls in extremely short dresses and the highest heels. Swimwear is the same, as you can never be surprised with how revealing they will be.

If you own anything that you think you can't normally get away with, now is your time to use it! Make sure you you bring heels as a girl, and nice shoes, pants, and a button up if you are a guy, in case you want to go to any nightclubs, as the bouncers can be very picky.


Another Fun Fact: Miami is one of the biggest cruise hubs in the world! We used to work on cruise ships, so we actually had Miami as our home port very often. You can find great deals when you hop on last minute cruises, and can find Caribbean itineraries from 2-14 days!

Disney, Norwegian, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival are just a few of the lines that cruise out of Miami, as well as the brand new Virgin Voyages!

Want to hear more about some awesome Cruise Ports? Check out our these articles.

cruise ships, things to see in Miami

Miami is home to most big cruise ship companies.

There are so many things to see in Miami, and tons of activities to fill your days. Despite what many think, it is possible to do Miami on a budget.

Do you need help planning your trip? Leave it to us. Stress less, and save money by using Scratch Your Mapa Travel Planning Services. Take a look at some our our travel planning packages.

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