The 7 Most Popular Things to Do in Grand Cayman

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Are you going on a cruise and want to know some of the best things to do in Grand Cayman?

The Cayman Islands are a set of beautiful islands in the Caribbean, and Grand Cayman is the main one. This slice of paradise is a very popular stop for cruise ships. Famed for its 7 mile beach and colorful reefs, there are some great ways to enjoy your time on this Island. 

Let's jump right! Hera are the top 7 best things to do in Grand Cayman, plus a few other things to know!

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The 7 Best Things to Do in Grand Cayman

Working on cruise ships, we have been to the Caribbean islands quite a handful of times. Here are the seven most popular things to do in Grand Cayman.

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1. Swim with the Stingrays

Hands down one of the most unique things to do in Grand Cayman is to swim with the stingrays. Every cruise ship offers this tour, but you will also find a flood of people who will be in and around the port offering it as well.

The boats leave about every hour, taking you out to a sand bar to feed, play and even kiss a stingray! Definitely bring your GoPro or underwater camera for this one.

Swimming with the Stingrays in Grand Cayman

Swimming with the stingrays is a unique experience, and the most popular in Grand Cayman

2. Visit 7 Mile Beach

Despite its name, here lies 5 ½ miles of white sand and crystal clear waters. On seven mile beach there are several areas in which you can go, so make sure you specify to your driver where you plan on visiting.

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There are fancy beach clubs available for paid entry, and public beach areas as well. The most popular area, with a beach bar and restaurant, is called Calico Jacks. There are also of course more empty areas, but without any nearby food or drink options.

Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman

Going to Seven Mile Beach is one of the most popular things to do in Grand Cayman.

At the beach of Calico Jacks, there are water sports offered as well. We don’t recommend jet skiing though, as it’s one of the most overpriced places in the Caribbean to get one.

Taxis will take you from the port for $4/person. However, it is half the price to catch the local bus, which is located right outside the port of the left hand side.

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3. Go to Hell

Hell? That's right. You'd never think that one of the best things to do in Grand Cayman would be called Hell.

Well there is in fact a place called Hell on Grand Cayman and it is definitely worth a stop. Marvel at the large, black, limestone formation, or head to the post office right next door. Buy a post card and write friends and family from Hell. 

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4. Try Snorkeling or Diving

One of the best things to do in Grand Cayman is to take advantage of its beautiful waters. The Reefs in the Cayman Islands are stunning, and full of marine life, making them amazing for snorkeling and diving.

Sign up for an excursion onboard your cruise ship, contact a local operator, or grab your own gear if you have it. Dive in and check out all the beauty that Grand Cayman's waters have to offer.

snorkeling in the Caribbean

Grand Cayman is a great place for snorkeling and diving.

5. Check Out Turtle Farm

This place isn’t exactly one of our top picks, as we don’t like turtles being captivated. However, it is definitely one of the most popular things to do in Grand Cayman, and is very family friendly. At Turtle Farm you can swim with, feed, and interact with the cutest turtles ever.

Turtle Farm

Turtle Farm is a place where you can interact with turtles of all sizes.

Note: In the past people we able to hold the turtles. This is no longer available, for the comfort and well-being of the animals.

Disclaimer: This picture was taken in 2016. We no longer participate in activities that have captured animals.

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Things to do in Grand Cayman
Things to do in Grand Cayman
Things to do in Grand Cayman

6. Discover the Crystal Caves

Newly discovered on the island, these caves are covered with gorgeous stalactites and stalagmites. Just having opened in 2016, this place is relatively new spot worth checking out.

To arrive you can hop on a local bus to the North side of the island. Make sure you give yourself an hour there and hour back of time to play with.

Cave in Grand Cayman

The cave in Grand Cayman was only opened to the public in 2016.

7. Head to Rum Point

Already seen the most typical things to do in Grand Cayman? Well If you’re looking for a beach and to escape the crowds of seven mile beach, this a nice alternative. A small resort like area, with a pier, beach bar, and lounge chairs- this makes for a nice day to relax. 

You can also hop on a bus here, but getting back can be tricky as the buses run far & few between. The cool thing is there are ferry services that you can take as well! Just make sure you take into account the times going there and back if you are on a cruise.

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Things to Know About Visiting Grand Cayman

Here are a few other things you might want to keep in mind on your visit to Grand Cayman.

It is a Tender Port

Tenders are small boats that cruise ships use to bring passengers from ship to shore. Tender operations are used in places where the waters are too shallow, or full of reefs and marine life. When a ship needs to tender, instead of being able to walk easily off the gangway onto the pier, you will need to take a boat instead.

This takes quite a bit of time away from your port time, and needs to be calculated into whichever activity you decide to do.

The tender operation in Grand Cayman tends to take much longer than some ports. There are usually long lines to leave the ship, or there are reservations for getting off. While the ride isn't too long itself, embarking the boats and disembarking the boats take a while. So make sure to leave yourself plenty of time, and try to be the first off the ship if you can.

It is a Very Expensive Island

Some of the islands in the Caribbean such as Cozumel or Roatan can be very budget friendly. Unfortunately, that is not the case for the Cayman Islands. 

The good thing is, that many of the items on our list of things to do in Grand Cayman are not too pricey. However, if you plan to eat out, hire private transportation, or do water sports, then you can expect to drop quite a bit of cash.

They Use the Cayman Dollar

Speaking of cash, don't forget that the Cayman Islands belong to the British. So that means they have a different currency. Unfortunately for the Americans out there, the Cayman dollar is worth more than the American dollar, which means any price you see is usually more expensive.

Just make sure to keep this in mind when paying with your credit card, as the price you will see on your bill will in fact be much higher than you are thinking.

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These 7 things to do in Grand Cayman are all perfect for your limited time in port. Whether its relaxing at one of the beautiful beaches, checking out the marine life, or venturing through the caves, there is plenty to do on this small island.

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