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Kosovo, a Country Under the Radar to Add to Your List

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Welcome to Kosovo, a country that struggles to be considered its own, but holds a ton of hidden gems to discover. This is one that has a dark past, but a bright future, and one that's not well known, but has so many great places to explore.

When I found Kosovo on the map, and found so little on the Internet, I knew that I had to go check it out. We're all about showing off-the-beaten-path destinations, and despite the lack of interest from travelers compared to the surrounding countries, we were on a mission to prove that this country has so much more to offer than it portrays. (Ps: we definitely can do that now!)

In this complete guide, we're going to cover where Kosovo is located, what to do in Kosovo for an epic trip, and small details such as the weather for Kosovo year round. In addition, we're here to answer all the questions you may be having, such as "Kosovo is in which country?", "is Kosovo a country?", or "Is it safe after the war in Kosovo?". So let's jump right in and learn about this tiny Balkan gem! Here is everything you need to know about Kosovo, a country hiding under the radar.

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Where Kosovo is Located

You may be wondering: Kosovo is in which country exactly? Well, it's definitely a controversial topic, and depending on who you speak with, will depend on the answer. Technically speaking, Kosovo considers itself to be an independent nation, and is located in the Balkan area of Eastern Europe.

Most people that live in Kosovo are Albanian though, and most locals will actually consider themselves to be Albanian, rather than "Kosovian". Meanwhile. Serbians will claim that Kosovo is part of Serbia, and it is by no means its own country.

Is Kosovo a Country?

We personally see Kosovo as an independent nation, but due to where Kosovo is located, it is definitely a bit tricky. It's a tiny country that is south west of Serbia, and north east of Albania. Other countries that border Kosovo include Montenegro to the north west, and (North) Macedonia to the south.

where Kosovo is located

Kosovo is located inland in the Balkan region of Eastern Europe.

How to Get to Kosovo

Visiting Kosovo is a bit tricky, and this is due to the previous war in Kosovo. Being that Kosovo is not recognized as a country by Serbia, the border between the two is not one that can be easily crossed (unless you are from one of the two countries). But don't worry, we'll cover everything you need to know in just a moment. Here are all of the different options for visiting Kosovo.

Visiting Kosovo via Flight

The easiest way to visit Kosovo without any complications is by flying in. The main airport is in the capital city, Pristina. Cities that fly direct to Pristina include Basel, Berlin, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Dortmund, Frankfurt, Geneva, Hamburg, Hannover, Istanbul, Ljubljana, Malmo, Munich, Munster-Osnabruck, Nuremburg, Oslo, Stuttgart, and Zurich.

If you'd like to visit Kosovo but your city doesn't fly there, you can also take a flight to surrounding big cities, and then take a bus from there. Some of the cities that you could consider looking into are Skopje, Tirana, Skoder, or Podgorica.

Flight Tip: Using Skyscanner you can put from "your city" to "Everywhere". This way you can see which is the cheapest airport in the area to fly. Also, you can check the calendar to see which are the cheapest dates for your destination!

Search for a flight to or near Kosovo:

Visiting Kosovo From Serbia

Kosovo technically can be visited if you are in Serbia. However, you will not be able to get a stamp. So if you plan on going to another country from Kosovo, after entering from Serbia, this is where the problem will occur. If you would like to cross the land border from Serbia into Kosovo for a day trip, it may be possible to go as long as you go back right into Serbia.

Serbia absolutely cannot be accessed straight from Kosovo, and I even got kicked off a bus mid ride from Pristina to Belgrade once they realized I had a foreign passport. So do yourself a favor and just avoid this border completely.

Visiting Kosovo From Surrounding Countries

If you do plan on visiting Kosovo via land border, there are a couple of options. If you are going to be road tripping (like we did the past summer) then there are a number of ways that you can enter Kosovo from the other neighboring countries, without any having to worry about any problems at the borders. Albania, Macedonia, and Montenegro all have land borders with Kosovo, and have buses that connect them, if you don't feel like renting a car.

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Entry Requirements for Kosovo, a Country With a Complicated Past

Now that you know where Kosovo is located, it's important to know the requirements for entering.

Visa Entry Requirements for Kosovo

Due to where Kosovo is located, and the war in Kosovo a few decades ago, you already know that visiting from Serbia can get complicated. However, visiting via another country is pretty easy, and Kosovo grants visa-free access for up to 90 days to all countries in Europe (including the UK), the US, Australia, and many other nationalities. If you're not sure whether you need a visa or not, make sure to check the official website of foreign affairs in Kosovo, or contact your local embassy.

Covid Entry Requirements for Kosovo

There are no longer any restrictions when it comes to Covid-19 for entering Kosovo. Masks are no longer mandatory, and it's also very rare you'll come across anyone wearing one.

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Local Adjustments for Kosovo

Whenever traveling somewhere new, there will be certain things that are different from home such as the language, currency, or outlets. Here are a few of the "local adjustments" to keep in mind while traveling to Kosovo.

What Language is Mostly Spoken in Kosovo?

The official language in Kosovo is Albanian, which is classified as an Indo-European language. 92% of people living in Kosovo are actually of Albanian decent, while only 6% are Serbian and speak Serbian.

Currency: Does Kosovo Use the Euro?

The currency used in Kosovo is the euro. If you are visiting bigger cities such as Pristina or Prizren, then you may be able to use credit card. However, we found that in the suburbs or rural areas it wasn't as common to find credit card machines. We suggest taking out plenty of cash to keep on you, as it is much more common to pay with cash in certain areas of the country.

Plug Types Used in Kosovo

The outlets in Kosovo support the same plug types as the rest of Europe, which is primarily type F. The standard voltage in Kosovo is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. If you are from the Americas, you'll definitely want to invest in a travel adapter that converts the energy as well, so that you don't burn out your electronics.

Can I Drink the Water in Kosovo?

The tap water throughout Kosovo is generally safe to drink, so you'll have no issues drinking from the tap. We suggest carrying a refillable water bottle with you to stay hydrated.

How Much Do You Tip in Kosovo?

The tipping culture in Kosovo can be a bit confusing, as many websites claim that tipping is not common or necessary, However, many locals told us it is much appreciated and expected in nicer establishments. We personally suggest leaving 10% as a tip (in cash) if you feel that you received good service in a restaurant.

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What to Do in Kosovo/ Where to Visit in Kosovo

Now that you know where Kosovo is located, the entry requirements and local adjustments, here's a list of what to do in Kosovo, and the best places to visit throughout the country. 

Where to Visit in Kosovo (and Where to Base Yourself)

The country of Kosovo is actually quite tiny. We stayed a total of 6 nights, 2 nights in each location. Here are the top places you'll want to base yourself inside the country.


Pristina is the capital of Kosovo, and while it definitely doesn't need much time, we do suggest spending just a night here so that you can experience the food & drink scene. It is also the most well connected city in the country, and has some fun attractions around it.

The city was actually names the "ugliest city in the world" at one point because of it's peculiar library! This city does have some great restaurants and bars though, so we definitely suggest a night to check it out!

Liburnia, what to do in Pristina
Soma book station, what to do in Pristina
Pristina, Kosovo

Pristina is known for the ugliest library in the world, but we love the restaurants and bars there.


When we visited Prizren, we truly thought it deserved much more to be considered the capital of the country. This city has so much beauty, culture, and history to it, and definitely deserves a couple of nights.

Prizren, Kosovo a country under the radar

in our opinion, Prizren is the most beautiful city in the country of Kosovo.

Explore the old town, visit the nearby waterfalls, or stay in a resort on the outskirts. Prizren has a stunning layout, delicious food, and fun nightlife, and is just a couple hours from the three surrounding capitals of Skopje, Tirana, and Podgorica.

Hotel Sharri, where to stay in Prizren
Prizren fortress, things to do in Prizren Kosovo
Old Town of Prizren, things to do in Prizren Kosovo
Prizren, Kosovo a country under the radar

Prizren has a ton of fun things to do for different travel types.


Want to escape the city and enjoy the most beautiful nature of Kosovo? Well, then Peja is the spot for you. Surrounded by mountains, lakes, caves, and more, this small slice of paradise is a huge hidden gem of the Balkans. We spent 2 nights, and definitely could have spent a couple more.

Peja, Kosovo a country under the radar
Peja, Kosovo a country under the radar
Peja, Kosovo a country under the radar

Peja is full of some of the most stunning nature in the country.

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Kosovo a country under the radar pin
Kosovo a country under the radar pin

What to Do in Kosovo: Activities & Other Spots to Check Out

Now that you know the best places to stay in Kosovo, here are some of the other cool things you can check out:


Right after Prizren, this is definitely one of the cutest towns in the country of Kosovo. We visited Gjakove on our way to Prizren from Peja, as it is conveniently located between the two. 

cute town in Kosovo, a country under the radar
cute town in Kosovo, a country under the radar
cute town in Kosovo, a country under the radar

Gjakove is one of the cutest towns in Kosovo.

The town will make you feel as if you've stepped back in time with it's cobble stone streets and old architecture. We also loved the cute shops, and colorfully decorated outdoor eateries, making it the perfect place to spend an afternoon or even a night.

Gjakove, Kosovo, a country under the radar
Gjakove, cute town in Kosovo, a country under the radar
Gjakove, cute town in Kosovo, a country under the radar
Gjakove, cute town in Kosovo, a country under the radar

Gjakove has the cutest restaurants in the center of town.

Don't have a car? You can also take a day trip to Gjakove on one of these tours:

Mirusha Waterfalls

This was one of our favorite places to visit in Kosovo, and can be done as a day trip from Peja, Prizren, or Pristina (it's right in the middle of all three of them). 

Upon arrival to Mirusha Waterfalls, you're greeted with two restaurants facing a beautiful set of falls. But the best part of this place is what hides behind it all. Not only can you climb on the side for a great view from above, but if you continue hiking along the left side of the falls, you'll start to discover more and more.

Mirusha waterfalls, Kosovo, a country under the radar

If you climb on the sides you can great views around Mirusha Falls.

There are actually several waterfalls at Mirusha Falls, and each one can be reached by climbing via rocks and ropes. If you're looking for a hidden gem, then this is definitely it. You'll want to save a few hours at least so that you can fully explore all that this place has to offer.

Mirusha waterfalls, Kosovo, a country under the radar
Mirusha waterfalls, Kosovo, a country under the radar
Mirusha waterfalls, Kosovo, a country under the radar

Mirusha Waterfalls are some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Balkans,

Korishe Waterfall

When we posted about the waterfall in Prizren, we actually had a bunch of locals messaging us wondering where this waterfall was! Korishe Waterfall is truly is a hidden gem, and is just 10 minutes outside of Prizren. Located in the small town of Korishe, this waterfall is tucked away in the middle of nowhere. 

The waterfall is just right next to the parking lot, and there is also a restaurant on site. One thing to note though, is that bathing suits are not permitted on the premises. Right when we were taking the photo below we were actually told we needed to put on clothes because it was a "family place". Truthfully, this is the first time in our life we experienced this, but we were absolutely the only tourists in the area. So make sure to be properly dresses to enjoy this local spot.

Korishe waterfall, Kosovo, a country under the radar

Korishe waterfall is a true hidden gem in Kosovo.


This area was actually at the top of our list for things to do while we were in Peja. However we learned that it really wasn't as close to Peja as we thought, and due to the little info on the internet, and didn't know just how much of a journey it would have been to get there.

Gjeravica is a great day trip to make, if you can plan it right. The area has stunning nature, particularly Liqeni I Zemres, which is a hike from the hotel Grand Gjeravica You can either so this with a 4x4 or via tour from The government office in Decanit. DO NOT follow Google Maps, as we wasted hours of hours of our day attempting to go down a dirt road that didn't lead anywhere.

If you are going on your own you'll have to drive from the town of Decanit to Junik, and then take the long dirt road for about an hour to get to Gran Gjeravica. Make sure to give yourself the day for this one, or you can sleep at Grand Gjeravica and can explore the different hikes in the morning.


This was a bit of a detour from our route, so unfortunately we didn't make it to this one. However, if you plan on visiting the north of the country (and have a drone), you can stop by Sitnice to witness a gorgeous snake-like river, which is a true hidden gem of the country.

Don't have a drone? Well, it is truly a game changer when traveling in nature. We use one to get some of our favorite photos, and use the DJI Mavic Pro 3 as it's super light, and can shoot in vertical.

Gazivoda Lake 

While you're heading up north you can also check a stunning lake that is close to the border of Serbia, Gazivoda Lake. This artificial lake is actually shared by the two countries. and has deep turquoise waters where you can go fishing, boating, or simply enjoy the scenic views.

Jazhince Lake

Another one of the most beautiful bodies of water in Kosovo is located all the way in the south, and is a great day trip from Prizren or Pristina. The trek is a big adventure though! At 18 km, it takes around 5-7 hours of hiking in order make it to this beautiful spot and back.

Gadima Cave

Some of our favorite nature was conveniently located 20-40 minutes outside of the cities, and this is an example of one of them.

The entrance to Gadima Cave is just 2 euros, and the employees working there are super friendly. Another thing that we loved about this place, is that unlike most caves, there aren't any tours required, and you can visit at your own pace. We spent about 20 minutes exploring the different areas, and then ate at the restaurant right next door.

Gadima Cave, Kosovo, a country under the radar
Gadima Cave, Kosovo, a country under the radar
Gadima Cave, Kosovo, a country under the radar
Gadima Cave, Kosovo, a country under the radar

Glamping in Novoberde

Pristina is surrounded by mountains, and has some beautiful Glamping spots, so this was our first stop when driving up from Skopje. The village of Kalaja has a small castle perched on top of a hill, and a tiny town with a few different Glamping spot to choose from. Additionally, there is a great restaurant in Novoberde that has local food and beautiful views that is called Nuovo Monte.

The Glamping site we chose to stay (Villa Kalaja Novoberde) had adorable A-frame cabins with beautiful views, and even a few of them had jacuzzis inside. If you're looking for a unique Glamping experience without spending a fortune, then Kosovo is definitely a great place to do it.