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Visiting Peja: One of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kosovo

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Are you looking for one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kosovo? Well, you've come to the right place.

While most visitors stop in the capital city of Pristina, or the charming city of Prizren, we found some of our favorite places to visit in Kosovo were those that were out in nature.

Peja is a place with gorgeous landscapes, delicious home cooked meals, and super friendly people. It's a place we really fell in love with, and was when we truly changed our expectations of Kosovo as a destination. 

In this guide we're going to share everything you need to know for visiting Peja, and why it should be added to your list. Let's jump right in!

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Where is Peja?

Peja is located in the west of Kosovo, in the region of Rugova. Tucked away in the Accursed Mountains, this small town is actually the third biggest in the country, and is located right by the borders of Montenegro and Albania.

Kosovo is a land locked country, with borders of Montenegro to the north west, Albania to the West, Macedonia to the south, and Serbia to the North and East.

Where is Peja

Peja is located in the west of Kosovo.

How to Get to Peja in Kosovo

The closest airport to all of the top places to visit in Kosovo is the Pristina Airport. From there you can easily get a bus to Peja for just 5 euros, and it is less than an hour and a half away. Peja is also well connected with other places to visit in Kosovo such as Prizren, Gjakove, and Mitrovica.

If flights into Pristina are too expensive, two alternative choices to visit Peja can be by flying into either Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro) or Tirana (the capital of Albania). Both of these cities are 3 1/2 hours away, and you can then get to Peja by renting a car from one of those airports.

Flight Tip: Using Skyscanner you can put from "your city" to "Everywhere". This way you can see which is the cheapest airport in the area to fly. Also, you can check the calendar to see which are the cheapest dates for your destination!

Search for a flight near Peja:

We had a rental car when we visited, which you can also easily find in the airport of Pristina, as well as inside the city center.

Rent a car in Pristina:

Visiting Peja by Tour

If you don't have a lot of time, but want to visit Peja and see the highlights, we highly suggest doing a tour from Pristina or Prizren. This will allow you to explore more in less time, and meet other people along the way.

Here are a few great tours to choose from:

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Entry Requirements for Kosovo

Now that you know where Peja is located and how to get there, it's important to know the specific requirements for entering the country of Kosovo.

Visa Entry Requirements

Kosovo allows visa-free access for up to 90 days for all nationalities throughout Europe (including the UK), the USA, Australia, and plenty of other nationalities. If you aren't sure whether or not you need a visa for Kosovo, make sure to check out the official website of foreign affairs in Kosovo, or to get in contact with your local embassy.

Note: Due to where Kosovo is located, and because of the war in Kosovo a few decades ago, visiting Kosovo from Serbia can be pretty complicated. However, visiting via another surrounding country is pretty easy, and we had no problem crossing the land border via Macedonia.

Covid Entry Requirements

There are no longer any restrictions for entering the country of Kosovo when it comes to Covid-19. Masks are also no longer necessary, and it's even pretty rare that you'll come across anyone who is wearing one.

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Local Adjustments for Peja, Kosovo

Whenever traveling to a new destination, there may be certain things differing from your home country. Some of these things could be language, currency, or even electrical outlets used. Here are a few of the "local adjustments" to keep in mind when traveling to Peja, Kosovo.

What Language Do They Speak in Peja?

The official language in Peja, as well as the other places to visit in Kosovo, is Albanian.  92% of people living in Kosovo are in fact of Albanian decent, which is why they speak Albanian, and not Serbian.

Currency Used in Peja

The currency used in Kosovo is the euro. While some of the other places to visit in Kosovo accept credit card more regularly, smaller places such as Peja are more cash based. We did find a restaurant or two that accepted credit card, as well as the bigger hotels. However, we do suggest keeping plenty of cash on you, as ATMs can be pretty limited in the area.

What Plug Types are Used in Kosovo?

The electrical outlets in Peja, Kosovo are for the same plug types as the rest of Europe, which are primarily for plug type F. The standard voltage in Peja is 230 V with a standard frequency of 50 Hz. If you are from the Americas, we definitely suggest purchasing a travel adapter which converts the energy as well. This way you won't burn out your electronics.

Is the Water Safe to Drink in Peja?

The tap water in Peja is totally safe to drink, so you won't have any issues drinking from the tap. As many of the activities are outdoors, we do suggest having a refillable water bottle to keep hydrated.

Tipping Culture in Kosovo

The tipping culture in Kosovo can be a little tricky, as the majority of websites claim that tipping isn't common nor is it necessary, However, many locals from other areas of the country told us that it is very much appreciated.

It definitely seemed expected in the restaurants that we visited, and we felt better leaving a bit extra for our servers. We personally suggest leaving 10% as a tip (in cash) if you feel that you have received good service while out at a restaurant.

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Things to Do in Peja, One of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kosovo

Now that you know almost everything you need to know about adjusting to the places to visit in Kosovo, Let's check out the best things to do in Peja.

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Peja, best places to visit in Kosovo Pin
Peja, best places to visit in Kosovo Pin
Peja, best places to visit in Kosovo Pin

Browse the Bazaar of Peja

Ready to start exploring all that Peja has to offer? While Prizren has a much more ascetically pleasing downtown area, we do think it's still worth doing one thing in the center of Peja, and that's the Bazaar. Here is where you can really immerse yourself in the culture of Kosovo, and browse through the different shops that they have.


Drive Through Rugova Canyon

Peja is known for its landscapes, and Rugova Canyon is definitely one of the top ones. The highway actually goes right though the canyon, so you can admire the large rock walls with the river right next to you. We even found a restaurant on the side of the road to stop and enjoy the beautiful scenery around.

Rugova Canyon in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo

Rugova Canyon has beautiful views while driving through.

Take a Look at "Hotel Relax"

Want to see one of the most random and unique places to visit in Kosovo? Well, this was something we happened to pass on accident while driving through Rugova Canyon, and decided to stop and check it out.

Right off the side of the highway through Rugova Canyon lies a "hotel" like you've never seen. A local man decided to claim his own spot next to the river, and build an outdoor hotel from things he's accumulated. 

Hotel Relax in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo
Hotel Relax in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo
Hotel Relax in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo

This hotel has been created from random items accumulated by a local man.

While one may initially think it's a homeless man, this guy actually lives in Peja, and comes here to escape and just relax, which is exactly why he decided to call it "Hotel Relax", a place in nature to simply hang out and enjoy what the Earth has provided. We definitely suggest you to stop by and walk over to chat with him. He was so sweet, and down to Earth, and even made some coffee for us while he told his story.

Hotel Relax in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo

The owner of Hotel Relax even invited us for a cup of coffee.

Hike to Kucisko Jezero

One of our favorites things that we did in Peja was to hike to this beautiful lake. Head down the highway towards the border of Montenegro, and you can park at the restaurant Guri I Kuq, where you'll then be able to start your hike.

We had terrible luck and had to hike in the pouring rain. The hike was extremely steep and rocky, so we suggest trying to go on a dry and sunny day if you can. Needless to say though, the views when we arrived were pretty beautiful. The hike up took about 45 minutes, and the way back took a half hour.

lake in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo
Lake in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo

This beautiful lake can be reached by a steep hike.

Visit Resort Ujevara e Drinit

While we normally wouldn't think to put a resort on our list of things to do, we truly loved Resort Ujevara e Drinit. Just 10-15 minutes outside the center of Peja, this gorgeous hotel and restaurant is a slice of luxury in the mountains. Not only that, but right on the property are two very cool landscapes you won't want to miss out on.

Resort Ujevare e Drimit, top places to visit in Kosovo
Resort Ujevare e Drimit, top places to visit in Kosovo

Walk Down to the Waterfall

Right behind the restaurant of the hotel you can find a suspension bridge. Walk across and in just a few minutes you'll find a beautiful waterfall! It's free of charge to visit, and super easy to get to.

waterfall in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo

Explore the Cave

Now walk a little further up and to the left. You'll find a trail that leads to a cave! We truly couldn't believe this was on the same land as the resort right in front of it. For just a couple of euros you can get a guided tour of the colorfully lit cave, and learn a bit of the history of Peja. The guides are super friendly, and had excellent English.

cave in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo
cave in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo
cave in Peja, top places to visit in Kosovo

This cave is located right behind the resort.

Stop at the Patriarchate of Pec Monastery

While the city of Peja doesn't have a ton of things to see, there is one that is worth mentioning. Right outside the city center of Peja you can find a beautiful red painted monastery. We actually couldn't find the entrance, so we suggest asking a local for directions and not attempting to follow Google like we did.

Check Out the Monastery Visoki Decani

On the road between Peja and Prizren there is a small town called Decani (this is also where we found tours going to the following trek we'll mention). While Decani doesn't have a ton to offer, it does have a beautiful monastery worth stopping by.

Note: We suggest only going here if you are driving, and are planning on traveling to Peja from Prizren or Pristina.

Trek to Liqeni I Zemres

This was actually at the top of our list for things to do in Peja. Unfortunately, we found little info on the internet, and didn't know just how much of a journey it would be to get there.

This is a great day trip, if you can plan it right. Liqeni I Zemres is located about an hour outside of Peja, and can be reached via tour from The government office in Decanit, or by having a 4x4. DO NOT follow Google Maps, as we wasted hours of our day attempting to go down a road that didn't lead anywhere.

In order to reach this stunning lake you'll have to drive from the town of Decanit to Junik, and then take the long and windy dirt road for about an hour to Grand Gjeravica, where you can start your hike. Make sure to give yourself the day for this one, or you can sleep at Grand Gjeravica and do the hike in the morning.

Take a Trip to Mirusha Waterfalls

This was one of our favorite places to visit in Kosovo, and can be done as a day trip from Peja, Prizren, or Pristina (it's right in the middle of all three). 

Upon arrival to Mirusha Waterfalls, you're greeted with two restaurants facing a beautiful set of falls. But the best part of this place is what hides behind it all.

Mirusha falls, top places to visit in Kosovo

There are actually several waterfalls here, and each one can be reached by climbing via rocks and ropes. If you're looking for a hidden gem, then this is definitely it.

Mirusha falls, top places to visit in Kosovo
Mirusha falls, top places to visit in Kosovo
Mirusha falls, top places to visit in Kosovo

Mirusha Falls is definitely one of the top places to visit in Kosovo.

Food & Drink in Peja

We really loved the food in Peja, and found it to be very similar to the mountain areas in some of the other places we visited in the Balkans such as Zabljak in Montenegro, and Zlatibor in Serbia. Easy meats, fresh bread, and hearty soups and stews are some of the things you'll find on the menus in Peja.

Here are a few of the dishes we suggest trying:

  • Veal Soup- (our favorite!)
  • Somun- baked round bread similar to pita
  • Tarator- cold yogurt based soup
  • Burek- Flaky, oily pastry rolled and stuffed with meat
  • Flija- dough layered like a crepe with butter and sour cream
  • Stuffed Peppers- (with ground meat)
  • Speca me Maze- broiled peppers bathed in a cheesy sauce
  • Peja- this is the local beer made right in Peja
  • Rakia- homemade fruit brandy that is super strong
Food in Peja, Kosovo

Our Favorite Restaurant in Peja: Guri i Kuq

Tucked away in the mountains (right by the border of Montenegro) is one of the best restaurants we visited in Kosovo. If you're going to eat at one place in Peja, please let it be this one.

We stopped in here quickly to have a bite before our hike. Although we weren't super hungry, we knew we'd be hiking for a few hours so just got a bowl of veal soup. It was so incredible that the only thing we could think of during our hike was having another bowl once we got back.

Food in Peja, Kosovo

We highly recommend the veal soup!

It was pouring rain and the servers couldn't have been kinder when we came in. We ordered local beer and had traditional food, while overlooking the gorgeous surrounding scenery. We loved the people working there, the food, and the atmosphere, and seriously couldn't recommend it enough.

Food in Peja, Kosovo
Food in Peja, Kosovo
Food in Peja, Kosovo

This restaurant has great views and amazing views.

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Getting Around Peja, One of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Kosovo

While you can get to Peja with public transportation, there is little public transport to the different places in the area when it comes to nature. We highly suggest going with a car, and making sure that it is a 4x4. We didn't see any car rentals in the city, so just to be safe we suggest booking online from Pristina.

Rent a car in Pristina:

If you don't have a car though, you can easily walk around the town, as it isn't so big, and then get tours to explore the best things to do in Peja.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Where to Stay in Peja

There are quite a few different options for places to stay in Peja. You can either stay in the city of Peja itself, or you can stay in one of the cabins on the outskirts. If you're looking for a more relaxing getaway, we suggest choosing accommodation in the mountains. We personally recommend staying at Resort Ujevara e Drimit, as it is a beautiful property, has a restaurant, and is home to a waterfall and cave on site as well.

cabin in Peja, best places to visit in Kosovo
cabin in Peja, best places to visit in Kosovo

There are also a lot of great cabins in the mountains to stay in.

If you're looking to be centrally located, and to be close to plenty of restaurants ad shops, then you'll definitely want to stay in the center of Peja. This is also great for those that don't have a car, plan on exploring a lot, or want more convenience during their trip.

Book a place in the center of Peja:

Is Peja, Kosovo Safe?

Being that Kosovo doesn't have a lot of tourism, and it still has turmoil with Serbia, I definitely didn't think that it would be the safest country to travel to. However, after visiting, we found Peja, (along with the other places to visit in Kosovo) to be extremely safe. People are super friendly towards towards, and we never had any issues walking around alone or at night.

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Other Things to Know About Peja & Other Places to Visit in Kosovo

Now that you know almost everything there is to know about one of our favorite places to visit in Kosovo, there are a few last things to keep in mind.

Peja, best places to visit in Kosovo

Weather in Peja

The country of Kosovo experiences all four seasons, with hot summers, and cols winters. Peja is located in the mountains, so nights can get pretty chilly, even in the summer months, and winters get plenty of snow.

Peja, best places to visit in Kosovo
Peja, best places to visit in Kosovo
Peja, best places to visit in Kosovo

Peja is super green in the summertime.

The Best Time to Visit Peja

The best time to visit Peja is in the summer, so that you can experience all of the beautiful hikes, and have warm, sunny weather. We visited in June, and felt that it was the perfect time to go to experience Peja. We also have heard that winter is simply magical in Peja with all of the snow, so we would recommend going there are that time as well.

Peja, beautiful places to visit in Kosovo

Packing For a Trip to Peja

When packing for a trip to Peja we suggest being prepared to explore the outdoors. Here are a few of the things we suggest packing:

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So are you ready to visit Peja and some of the other best places to visit in Kosovo? We spent a couple of days enjoying the stunning nature, and find it to be perfect for a 3-4 day trip.

Want to explore other fun spots around Kosovo? We have our Pristina travel guide, our Prizren travel guide, and a complete guide for Kosovo coming up next week! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the know for all of the other articles we have twice a week.

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