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The Most Epic Hike in Puerto Rico: Cerro El Rodadero

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Have you ever been to Cerro El Rodadero? This amazing hike will test your limits. Not only you will get stunning views of "La Isla del Encanto", but you will experience a big adrenaline rush when you step at the edge of a cliff!

El Rodadero is one of the most incredible hikes in Puerto Rico, and there's a reason for it the view is simply breathtaking! To get here you will have to go through some slippery paths, climb rocks, and be very careful along the way. The good thing is that the reward is so worth it.

Let's check out everything you need to know to get to Cerro El Rodadero.

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Cerro el Rodadero: Main Expenses & Data

  • Transportation: Only by car
  • Entrance: Free
  • Hiking time: 20/25 minutes
  • Height (at its highest part): 2,135 meters (2,850 feet) above sea level
  • Timetable: 24/7 (not recommended after sunset)

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Cerro el Rodadero Safety

This is one of Puerto Rico's most popular hikes, but it's not recommended for kids nor the faint of heart. The views you will get are truly breathtaking, but there's a high risk when hiking all the way up. Especially at the end, where you will literally have to climb through a rocky path to get to the top.

Cerro el Rodadero view

This is a safer alternative to get a good view without climbing up on the rocks.

How to Get to Cerro el Rodadero

In order to get to Cerro el Rodadero you'll need to have a car. We suggest renting one from San Juan, and making your reservation in advance for the best rates and availibility.

Here's a site that we use to book our rentals:

The best way to get to Cerro El Rodadero Is through Route 2 to Yauco. There are a few roads to get here, depending on where you're coming from. We recommend you to hop on Route 2 as soon as possible because it will save you (and your car) from destroyed paths that can really challenge the limits of your car.

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Once you get closer to the top, the paved road becomes a dirt road with a dead end. Here's where you should start hiking.

Cerro El Rodadero Parking

Park your car facing the way out, in case other cars come after you. There isn't a lot of room available to maneuver, so you may want to plan ahead of time.

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Cerro el Rodadero Pin
Cerro el Rodadero Pin
Cerro el Rodadero Pin

Cerro el Rodadero: The Hike

The hike is very slippery if there has been any rain. People have tried to create little holes in the ground to work as spots for you to step on. Nevertheless, we recommend you try to walk in the grass (when there's any) to avoid unexpected slips.

The First Viewpoint

After 20 minutes, approximately, you will get to an open space with a big Christian cross. This is your first viewpoint. Here is a wide open space, and has some pretty cool views, but it gets so much better.

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Getting to the Second Viewpoint

From here, walk to the left, when facing the view, or just head east if you're looking at your Map/GPS. Be careful. You're on the edge of a cliff.

There will be a ton of large boulders, and no clear path. Here is where you will need to climb through, carefully navigating over and under each rock. Stay as close to the inside as possible, as there are large drops on your right hand side.

Once you make it through the patch of boulders you will find the iconic rock. This is exactly where you will be greeted with one of the best views of Puerto Rico. 

Cerro el Rodadero viewpoint

You must be extra careful if you dare to climb this rock!

Cerro el Rodadero: Things to Consider

Here are a few things to keep in mind for visiting Cerro el Rodadero viewpoint.

Bring water, sunscreen, and insect repellent

It may be self-explanatory and even obvious, but this is one thing that will definitely make you struggle if you forget about it. Hiking under the sun, surrounded by insects & bugs won't be a pleasant experience if you don't take care proper care of yourself. Stay hydrated, and don't let the sun roast you!

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Use hiking shoes (and bring a stick if possible)

With a slippery hike, the chances of falling are way higher if you're walking without proper shoes. It happened to us, and it can happen to anybody. So make sure to be cautious and use any kind of extra support to avoid falling in the mud or along the rocks.

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GPS in Puerto Rico isn't the most accurate

This is one thing you will notice all across the island. For some reason, there are A LOT of mistakes in Google & Apple maps when it comes to La Isla del Encanto. Asking locals to double-check directions is always a good idea, especially if you're trying to reach a pretty remote spot.

There are two roads that lead to Cerro el Rodadero. One is paved well and gradually inclines to reach the starting point, while the other is quite the contrary.

We made the mistake of following the secondary road to get there (the one that Google Maps took us to) and it was one of the scariest drives of our life. The road is extremely steep, and we even had to push the car uphill at some point because it just wouldn't go any further.

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Packing List for Cerro El Rodadero

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The hike to Cerro el Rodadero will reward you with gorgeous views of the island, and one of the best Instagrammable shots in Puerto Rico. The most important things to remember are to stay safe, and be well prepared.

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