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15 Great Waterfalls in Puerto Rico

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There's nothing like a good waterfall, and Puerto Rico has got plenty of them! With tropical weather and high temperatures year-round, waterfalls and watering holes make the perfect place to cool off. Not only is it great if you want something different than your typical beach, but they are also free to enjoy! Here are 15 great waterfalls in Puerto Rico.

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Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #1: La Coca Falls, El Yunque

La Coca falls are the first stop when entering the official entry point of El Yunque Rainforest. The waterfall is located right on the side of the road. Although not really a place to swim, this spot is scenic and perfect for a photo stop. You can climb along the rocks in front of the falls, or climb up on the left where there are a few large rocks.

Coca Falls El Yunque, waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #2: Juan Diego Falls, El Yunque

Also located in El Yunque, and just a minute drive from La Coca Falls, lies Juan Diego falls. The start of the trail is right off the main road, with a lot across the street to park. The trail is very simple, and is just a few minutes until the first waterfall is reached.

If you go to the right of the falls there is a small dirt trail that leads up to a second larger waterfall. Both falls can be swam in, and are perfect for a quick dip. If you crave a little more adventure, you can climb up on the left side where there is a trail that goes up to further streams of water.

If you plan to take the trail, make sure you are careful as it can get pretty steep. We suggest wearing sneakers or water shoes if you plan to continue up. We didn't see how far it goes, but there are plenty of nice areas to just stop and enjoy the nature around you.

El Yunque SYM waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #3: La Mina Falls, El Yunque

La Mina Falls is the most famous of the waterfalls in Puerto Rico, particularly in El Yunque. This 35 foot drop is surrounded by jungle, and makes the perfect swimming spot. La Mina can be accessed by two different trails- La Mina trail and Big Tree trail. Both trails are on the main road inside the park of El Yunque.


The Two Trails

La Mina trail starts at KM 12 and is the shorter of the two trails, and takes about a half hour to climb down, and a little longer to come back, as you will need to take the stairs up. The trail is pretty narrow and steep, making it a moderate to difficult trail, so we suggest bringing sneakers and water.

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Big Tree trail is slightly longer by just a tenth of a mile. Although it takes about 45 minutes to go down, it is the easier trail, as it goes down more gradually. There are signs along the way in both English and Spanish, so that you can learn about the area along the way.

*The last we heard both of the trails were closed. They were closed after the hurricane, and continue to be closed off due to COVID-19. They are estimated to open back up sometime in 2022.

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Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #4: Rio Espiritu Santo Waterfall, El Yunque

This is another one of the waterfalls In Puerto Rico that is located in the rainforest of El Yunque, but it is outside of the official park area.

Rio Espiritu is about a little over a half away away from the entrance of El Yunque, and makes for a nice quick stop before or after visiting the park. Although it can not be swam in, it is definitely a nice place to pull your car over to admire the falls.

rio espiritu, waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Rio Espiritu is a little outside the entrance to El Yunque.

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #5: Rio Mameyes, El Yunque

Another great area to enjoy outside of the official park El Yunque is Rio Mameyes. Just a few miles down the road before the park, you will find a signs leading you off the main road, which will lead to a less visited area of the rainforest.

This are may not have any large waterfalls, but the river runs here, and there are plenty of natural pools created from the rocks, with small cascading falls running through.

El Yunque, Puerto Rico is the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. National Forest Service, and one of the most popular rainforests in the world. No trip to Puerto Rico is complete without a visit to this beautiful place.With an average rainfall of 120 inches a year, there is a very

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Want to explore other waterfalls in the area? Here is an excursion you can check out!

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #6: Charco Azul, Vega Baja

Located just 45 minutes from San Juan, lies one of the most famous swimming areas on the island. This natural watering hole features deep turquoise waters and caves above. Just a 10-15 minute walk, and a great place where people can swim and jump off the rocks, this makes the perfect day trip from the capital.

Don't want to go on your own? Here's a tour that you can take to get there:

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waterfalls in Puerto Rico Pin
waterfalls in Puerto Rico Pin

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #7: Chorros del Rio La Planta, Arecibo

This is one of our favorite waterfalls in Puerto Rico, as it hardly ever has any people there! Located in Arecibo, there are a set of small falls that make for a great photo opp. You can park your car just on the side in the dirt as there is no official parking lot. 

Walk just a few steps and you will find this gorgeous waterfall awaiting! But there's more...

Arecibo waterfall, day trips from San Juanwaterfalls in Puerto Rico

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #8: La Planta Arecibo (Second Falls)

You may be enchanted by the beauty of the first falls, but go a little further! Continue up the river just a few minutes (about 5-10), and you will arrive at a giant waterfall perfect for swimming and enjoying a quiet area-maybe even to yourselves!

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We recently discovered that it is also possible to get on top! It's not that easy, but it is definitely worth the climb, and makes it one of the most unique waterfalls in Puerto Rico.

Arecibo waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #9: Charco Frio, Ceibas

Charco Frio is a great spot that the locals like to hang out at, located along the Fajardo river. There isn't any official parking, but just park along the road and join in on the fun. Each set of small falls runs into larger natural pools, and makes the perfect place to hangout and relax. If you want some fun, take a jump off the rocks!

charco frio, waterfall in Puerto Rico

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #10: Charco el Hippie, Naguabo

Charco el Hippie is a true hidden gem and one of our favorite waterfalls in Puerto Rico! We were referred to come here by a family who has a house on the island, and it was really quite the hotspot for locals. With the large Jurassic Park looking rocks, cascading falls, and painted swing, you will feel like you are in another world.

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This spot is definitely a great place to spend the day, and you will even find plenty of families barbecuing! So make yourself a picnic and enjoy this place for a truly special day.

charco el hippie, waterfall in Puerto Rico

Charco El Hippie is one of the most fun waterfalls in Puerto Rico.

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #11: San Cristóbal Canyon, Barranquitas

Located in between Barranquitas and Aibonito, the San Cristóbal Canyon is one of the deepest canyons in the Caribbean. This amazing spot stretches 6 1/2 miles, and is full of waterfalls and natural pools. The canyon also features the highest waterfall in Puerto Rico, Salto La Vaca, which is 300 feet!

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Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #12: Gozalandia Falls, San Sebastian

Gozalandia Falls was another one of our favorite falls, as it is picturesque, and a great area to spend a few hours. The parking is $10, and the lot is very large.

The trail is just 10 minutes down to a set of stairs that lead you to the falls, which you can climb, jump off of, and swim around. There is a great viewpoint on the side of the stairs, and when it is open there is also a restaurant on site.

gozalandia falls, waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Gozalandia has two different sets of falls, one that you can jump from!

Head just 5 minutes past the first of the falls and there is another small waterfall that features a little rope swing and a small natural pool to swim around in.

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #13: Estatal Toro Negro, Cordillera Central

Located in Western Puerto Rico, this is one of the 21 forests that make up the public forests system in Puerto Rico. Toro Negro is also Puerto Rico's highest cloud forest, and features plenty of greenery, trails, and the small waterfall "Charco La Confesora".

Not only can you enjoy this area to swim, but there are plenty of other trails right in the area to enjoy the other beautiful nature of this large state park.

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Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #14: Charco el Ataud, Adjuntas

Located about 45 minutes inland from Ponce, lies a great swimming area called Charco el Atuad. Just near the center of the smaller city of Adjuntas, this area is easily accessible, and has 4 different small waterfalls to enjoy.

Charco El Atuad, waterfalls in Puerto Rico

Waterfalls in Puerto Rico #15: Mango Waterfall, Adjuntas

If you're already in Adjuntas, just a few minutes from Charco el Atuad lies Mango Waterfall. This is a great spot that is well known by locals, but is not super crowded. Park your car on the side of the road, walk down a small trail, and you will find a beautiful group of natural swimming pools and falls.

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You can easily spend days, or even a week or two exploring all of the amazing swimming areas and waterfalls in Puerto Rico. Make sure to bring comfortable shoes, a bathing suit, and your camera, and enjoy all of these great places!

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