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8 of the Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico

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One of our favorite parts of this Caribbean island is the great vibes that it has. There are so many colorful spots in Puerto Rico to discover! So grab your camera and come explore all of these bright and fun places with us.

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The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico #1: Yaucromatic, Yauco

This is hands down the most extravagant of the colorful spots in Puerto Rico. This neighborhood after the hurricane looked sad and dull. So artists came together and brought the neighborhood back to life. Now it is one of the coolest spots to check out on the island.

The houses are brightly painted in all different colors, and you can walk up to find different designs and quirky art pieces every corner you turn.

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Yaucromatic is completely free of charge to visit, and can be seen at any time. We think the best time to come is early in the the morning or closer to sunset. This way you can beat the crowds (and the heat).

Yaucromatic, colorful spots in Puerto Rico

The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico #2: Casas de Colores, Aguadilla

Aguadilla was another neighborhood that was affected by the hurricane, but got a nice paint job from the local artists in town. You can find fun murals all over Aguadilla. However, our personal favorite is 'Casas de Colores', which features brightly colored homes (and a hostel), as well as rainbow stairs.

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Casas de Colores is also free of charge to visit. There may be some people in the area that don't look that welcoming, but they are harmless.

Casa de Colores, Aguadilla, colorful spots in Puerto Rico

The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico #3: Avion Abandonado, Aguadilla

This is one of the coolest and most uniquely colorful spots in Puerto Rico! This abandoned airplane can be found right off the side of the highway, and is quite a site to see.

Not only is there cool graffiti on the outside, but there's more!  The locals have even put a wooden ladder up so that you can climb right into the plane, and see the inside (which also has some art!).

abandoned airplane in Aguadilla Puerto Rico
abandoned airplane in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico
Abandoned airplane in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

The abandoned airplane can be appreciated both inside and out.

There is no charge to visit the plane, but there is an old man (who we believe lives there), who watches the property. They have a donation box there, so we think it's nice to add to small tip for exploring this awesome piece of art.

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The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico #4: Bandera Reyes Magos, Aguadilla

This is the third one of our picks for colorful spots in Puerto Rico, and it also happens to be located in Aguadilla!  You can see why we loved this town so much, right?

Don't have time to read the whole article and want to save it for later? Just pin it!

The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico Pin
The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico Pin
The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico Pin

Bandera Reyes is a building that had been painted of the Puerto Rican flag, including the three wise men. This piece is extremely creative, and also has two swings attached for a little extra fun!

Aguadilla swings, colorful spots in Puerto Rico

Make sure you hang out in this plaza and check out the other cool murals nearby. Also, get some pinchos (shish kebab) from the guy cooking in front of the convenience store! They are just a few dollars and are super tasty.

Looking for accommodation in Aguadilla? Simple refer to the map below for different options:

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The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico #5: Colorful Stairs, Utuado

Our next stop: Utuado! This small town is just a little over an hour from San Juan, and just inland from Arecibo, where our favorite waterfall is located.

Utuado has a few streets of some cool local street art. But our favorite part is the set of stairs called "escaleras de colores pasteles". 

The stairs are located on the corner of Calle Washington and Calle Dr Ashford, and are free to visit anytime.

Utuado Colorful Stairs, colorful spots in Puerto Rico

The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico #6: La Bandera de Utuado

Continue to walk down Calle Washington and you will find another one of our favorite colorful spots in Puerto Rico!

On the corner of Calle Washington and Calle Antonio R. Barcelo you will find a building that is completely painted from top to bottom as the Puerto Rican flag. 

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Of course to get a picture here you will actually need to stand in the middle of the road. Luckily this wasn't an issue for us, as the locals were so friendly that they would encourage us to take a picture and didn't even rush us! Everyone also drives so slow so you don't have to worry about anyone whipping around the bend .

Utuado flag building colorful spots in Puerto Rico

The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico #7: Salinas de Cabo Rojo

While most of the colorful spots in Puerto Rico are colorful from being painted, this one is actually a little bit different!

Head over to Salinas de Cabo Rojo to see the salt mines. Here you will find various man-made pools with different shades of pinks and blues. It is free to visit and is just off the side of the road.

Pink Dot Thessaloniki Greece

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You cannot swim in the water, but you can walk between the pools along the path. Also keep in mind that we have gone various times, and sometimes the pools are more saturated in color and sometimes the colors are very faint.

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The Most Colorful Spots in Puerto Rico #8: Boqueron

Boqueron does not have a specific spot, but actually is sprinkled with color and artwork. You can find this small beach area in the province of Cabo Rojo. Walk around to enjoy the cool graffiti, murals, and even a boardwalk that has been painted like the Puerto Rican flag.

Boqueron, Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico

Boqueron has tons of street art, and even a Puerto Rican flag painted boardwalk.

There are an endless amount of colorful spots in Puerto Rico, so we encourage you to also find some on your own! Don't forget a camera because you never know when you will find a cool mural, set of painted stairs, or an interesting piece of artwork by a local.

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