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Saltos del Monday: A Reason For You to Visit Paraguay

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You may not have had a reason to visit Paraguay before, but now you do! It's a little place called Saltos del Monday.

This beautiful set of waterfalls is the top attraction in Paraguay, and you don't have to jump through hoops to get there. It's more accessible than you think, and it's the perfect reason to check off another country from your South American bucket list!

We actually learned about this awesome place from one of our Airbnb hosts, and were so glad sh told us about it! When we looked it up online we found such little information, which is why we're here to spread the word to our fellow travel buddies out there. In this guide we're going to share everything you need to know for visiting Saltos del Monday. Let's dive right in!

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Where are Saltos del Monday in Paraguay?

Saltos de Monday are part of a national park in Presidente Franco District or Paraguay. It is just 11 km south of Ciudad del Este, which is the town bordering the south west of Brazil, and the north east of Argentina.

Saltos del Monday are the perfect day trip for those planning on visiting Iguazu Falls, most easily by the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls.

where are Saltos del Monday in Paraguay

Saltos del Monday are located near the border of Brazil and Argentina.

How to Get to Saltos del Monday

In order to get to Saltos del Monday, first you'll have to cross over to Ciudad del Este, which is the border city of Paraguay coming from Foz do Iguazu, Brazil.

How to Get to Ciudad del Este from Foz do Iguazu

Here are the different ways that you can get from Ciudad del Este from Foz do Iguazu:

Take a Bus from Foz do Iguazu

There are plenty of buses that go from Foz do Iguazu to Ciudad del Este. We caught the bus from the bus stop that is right across from the main bus station, which was jus 12 Real (a little over $2 USD). 

Unfortunately there was a strike happening at the border, so the traffic was insane. Instead, we decided to get off the bus and simply walk across the border. The walk from the center of town to the Friendship Bridge is about 20-25 minutes from the bus station, and then the walk along the bridge is about 5-10 minutes. If you're taking the bus all the way though, you'll get dropped right in the center of Ciudad del Este.

Crossing into Paraguay over the Friendship Bridge
Crossing into Paraguay over the Friendship Bridge
Crossing into Paraguay over the Friendship Bridge

The Friendship Bridge connects Foz do Iguacu and Ciudad del Este.

Rent a Car in Foz do Iguaçu

If you don't want to take a bus, or go through the hassle of taking different forms or transportation, you can easily rent a car from the airport in Foz do Iguacu, If this is what you'd like to do, we suggest booking in advance as there is limited availability.

Book a rental car in Foz do Iguacu:

How to Get to Monday Falls from Ciudad del Este

Once you're inside Ciudad del Este, you're just 11 km away from Saltos de Monday. There are no public buses for getting there, but we have three options for getting to Saltos de Monday.

Option #1: Take a Taxi

The city is chaotic, and full of taxis! So it shouldn't be hard to flag one down. Make sure that you have them use the meter, and to have cash on you to pay.

Option #2: Take an Uber

If you don't have cash, and want to be extra safe, then you can easily order an Uber to Saltos de Monday (which is exactly what we did). It only costs about $5 USD for the ride to get there.

Option #3: Take a Tour

While we usually like going places on our own, we actually wish that we had done a tour, as it ends up being easier, and cheaper!

Tours to Saltos de Monday are usually between 100,000-150,000/ person and include transportation, park entrance, and normally a visit to Itapu Dam. These can be arranged through locals, and you can ask your host/hotel when you are in Foz do Iguacu.

If you'd rather skip doing things on your own, and want everything included from Foz do Iguazu for a full day experience, you can also book the tour that we found below:

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Entry Requirements for Paraguay

Being that you're going to a new country, it's important to know he requirements for entering!

Visa Entry Requirements for Paraguay

If you plan on visiting Paraguay for just a day, you actually won't need to go through customs at all! Americans need a visa for Paraguay, so if you plan on traveling further into the country, you should go through customs and get a visa in advance.

Paraguay has a rule that tourists from anywhere can visit visa-free (and without having to pass customs) as long as they stay within 35 km of the border. There isn't actually anyone checking at the border, but it's good to know in case you wanted to go and thought you needed a visa (or if you do want to explore more of Paraguay).

Covid Entry Requirements for Paraguay

If you are crossing the border via land to Paraguay, you won't need to worry about any regulations in regards to Covid. In addition, all Covid-related requirements have been lifted if you are traveling to Paraguay from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, or Uruguay.

However, if you are flying into Parguay (Asuncion) from any other countries, you will be required to present a negative Covid test result in order to enter the country.

If you are visiting Saltos de Monday on a day trip from Brazil, you won't need to worry about any requirements at all, and you won't even need your passport as you won't be obligated to pass through customs.

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Local Adjustments for Paraguay

Being that Paraguay borders Brazil and Argentina, it can get confusing changing currencies, languages, and outlets! Here we'll outline all of the different things you'll need to keep in mind while in Paraguay.

What Language Do They Speak in Paraguay?

The official language in Paraguay is Spanish. However, there is also a local language in this region called "Guarani" so if you speak Spanish and don't understand locals speaking to one another, this is probably the reason. At Saltos de Monday and other touristic places, you will find that everyone will speak Spanish, and some may even speak English.

Currency Used in Paraguay

The currency used in Paraguay is the Paraguayan Guarani. Currently (March 2023) 1 USD or Euro is equivalent to 6,913.34 Guarani. You will notice that if you are coming from Brazil that Paraguay is significantly cheaper than Brazil, and has very similar prices to Argentina.

Electrical Outlets in Paraguay

Paraguay uses the same plug type as Europe, which is type C. The standard voltage in Paraguay is 220 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz.

Is the Water Safe to Drink in Paraguay?

The water is not generally safe to drink in Paraguay (in this particular at least), so we suggest sticking to bottled water.

How Much Do You Tip in Paraguay?

The tipping culture in Paraguay is similar to the surrounding countries, which is an average of 10%, or up to 15 if you feel you've received very good service.

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Saltos del Monday: What to Expect

Now that you know the basics for Paraguay, let's get to the details of visiting Saltos del Monday! The waterfalls are accessed by entering a park, which is well taken care of, and has a few different things to do on site.

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Saltos del Monday pin
Saltos del Monday pin
Saltos del Monday pin

Things to Do at Saltos del Monday

The park itself of Saltos del Monday is small, and very easy to navigate. The falls themselves only take a few minutes to walk to, and are accessed by a paved path. 

map for Saltos del Monday
Saltos del Monday path
Saltos del Monday signs

Saltos del Monday has very simple paths, and everything is well marked.

Enjoy the Views from the Top of Saltos del Monday 

Once you get there you'll be at the upper platform, where you can enjoy the views of the waterfalls below. On the upper platform you'll have a small cafe, where you can grab a drink, or snack such as a sandwich or empanadas.

Saltos del Monday sign
Saltos del Monday view
Saltos del Monday
Saltos del Monday sign

Views from the top platform of Saltos del Monday

Take the Elevator Down to the Bottom of the Falls

Right next to the cafe is a glass elevator, that is included in the price of your ticket. The elevator gives beautiful views of the falls going from the top to the bottom. 

elevator Saltos del Monday
elevator Saltos del Monday

Enjoy the Views from the Bottom of the Falls

Once you take the elevator down, at the bottom you'll then have a platform that lets you get up close to Saltos del Monday.

Saltos del Monday
Saltos del Monday

Take the Zip Line/ Do the Ropes Course

In addition to visiting the falls, you can also sign up for a zip line with a ropes course included. The zip line _also known as tirolesa) is 50 meters long, and takes you through the forest on the property. There are also a few things that make up a ropes course that is included this ticket, which is 50,000 Guarani.

ropes course Saltos del Monday

You can also do a ropes course and Zipline at Saltos del Monday.

Have an Amazing Lunch Over the Falls

Right up the stairs from the upper platform of the falls is also a big restaurant, that gives you great views of the falls! We had an awesome steak lunch, which was surprisingly cheap given the surroundings. (But we'll get more into the food/drink in just a moment).

Saltos del Monday restaurant
restaurant at Saltos del Monday
Saltos del Monday restaurant

Don't miss out on an amazing lunch at Saltos del Monday!

Amenities at Saltos del Monday

Now that you know how to enjoy the falls, here are the different amenities to know about.

Bathrooms at Saltos del Monday

There are two sets of bathrooms inside the park. The first one is where the camping is (at the beginning of the park) and the other set is at the cafe that sits over the top of the falls. They are usually locked, so you'll need to ask for the code/key to enter.

Saltos del Monday Cafe

There is a small cafe that sits right over the falls. They have small snacks like empanadas and sandwiches, as well as both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Saltos del Monday cafe

There is a small cafe right over the falls.

Saltos del Monday Restaurant 

As we mentioned earlier, the restaurant was one of our favorite parts about the park. It sits high up above the falls (up the stairs from the cafe) and has a great atmosphere and views of the falls. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and have a large menu of local dishes and a full bar.

restaurant at Saltos del Monday
restaurant at Saltos del Monday

Head up the stairs from the cafe and there is a full restaurant.

Saltos del Monday Souvenir Shop

Right when you enter the park (where you buy your tickets) there is a big souvenir shop. They have plenty of different gifts to purchase, and the proceeds go to maintaining the facilities of the national park.

Souvenir shop at Saltos del Monday

Right at the entrance you'll find a shop with souvenirs.

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Saltos del Monday: Prices & Timetable

Opening Hours: 8 am- 7 pm summer hours/ 8 am- 5 pm winter hours

Tickets for Locals: 10,000 Guarani

Tickets for Border Cities: $6 USD

Tickets for Nationals: 40,000 Guarani 

Tickets for Nationals Under 12: 25,000 Guarani

Tickets for  Foreigners: 84,000 Guarani ($12 USD)

Tickets for Foreigners Under 12: 42,000 ($6 USD)

Zipline: 50,000 Guarani ($7 USD)

Camping: 150,000 Guarani per person ($22 USD)

Tour to Saltos del Monday: 100,000-150,000/ person ($14-22 USD)

Tickets to Saltos del Monday

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Staying a Night a Saltos de Monday

We actually had no idea that this was an option until we arrived to the park. You can actually spend a night inside the park of Saltos del Monday.

The accommodation is a large tent, and is for 150,000 Guarani per person, and includes breakfast. 

Although we didn't get to do this, we definitely recommend it, as it is a great way to be able to experience the park during either sunrise or sunset. We imagine it would be pretty magical in the off hours, and a very special experience for a reasonable price.

camping at Saltos del Monday
Camping at Saltos del Monday

You can spend the night at Saltos del Monday in the tents that they have on site.

Is Paraguay Safe?

Many cities in South America can get particularly dangerous, and that includes Paraguay. Many people make the day trip to Ciudad del Este, and it will be full of tourists, so not too much to worry about in the middle of the day. If you get a taxi or a tour directly from Ciudad del Este to Saltos del Monday, you won't have anything to worry about though.

The park itself is extremely safe and surveillance by the staff. Everyone working there is very friendly, and the place looks like a resort compared to the chaotic city of Ciudad del Este.

We urge you to not walk around Ciudad del Este at night, and plan to only be there in broad day light. At night the city becomes very sketchy, especially locals knowing that most foreigners are there for shopping high ticket items. Don't wear anything flashy, and have a bag that properly zips (ps we have a list of some awesome travel backpacks to invest in!).

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Other Things to Know About Visiting Saltos del Monday, Paraguay

Now that you know almost everything you need to know for visiting Saltos de Monday in Paraguay, here are just a few other things to keep in mind.

Weather in Paraguay

It never really gets super cold in Paraguay, or in this region in general. Summers are from December to March, and are extremely hot and humid, while the temperatures are a bit more mild in October, November, April, and May.

The Best Time to Visit Saltos del Monday, Paraguay 

The best time to visit Saltos del Monday is early in the morning, or late in the afternoon for the best lighting and most mild temperatures. If you'd like to grab a delicious lunch like we did, then we would suggest going late morning to enjoy the falls and have an early lunch, or to visit late afternoon for an early dinner.

Saltos del Monday
Saltos del Monday

What to Bring to Saltos del Monday

Being that the trail is so easy, and that you can't swim in the falls, there actually isn't too much to bring while visiting Saltos del Monday on a day trip. However, if you plan to spend a night, here are a few things that you should bring:

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How Long Do You Need at Saltos del Monday?

If you only plan on seeing the falls, you really only need a half hour in the park. However, we loved having lunch there, and ended up spending the perfect hour and a half visiting. We would definitely ave liked to spend a night if we had known about it, getting there for dinner, and waking up to see the falls for sunrise.

Are Saltos del Monday in Paraguay Worth Visiting?

The first time we visited Iguazu Falls I was super excited to visit Paraguay! We spent a few hours in Ciudad del Este, and I was not impressed to say the least. The dirty, loud, and chaotic city is a pretty bad representation of the country, and I knew I had to make a trip back to Paraguay to change this image I had previously.

We now came back to Iguazu Falls in Brazil, and our host told us about Saltos del Monday in Paraguay. We were a bit skeptical, especially because the online presence of these falls isn't well established. But we love a good hidden gem, and decided to go for it! 

Honestly, we found Saltos del Monday to be a fantastic reason to visit Paraguay, and completely changed our minds about doing a day trip from Brazil to Paraguay. The falls are stunning, the park is hardly visited (unlike the insanely busy Iguazu Falls), and the value of the place was incredible.

Saltos del Monday

So are you ready to see one of the best places to visit in Paraguay? We know you're going to love this hidden gem just as much as we did!

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