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14 of the Most Instagrammable Spots in Tulum

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Tulum is one of those spots that really catches your eye. The stunning turquoise waters, the crystal clear cenotes, and the chic hotel zone are just some parts of this city that has travelers going again and again. This city is a photographer's dream! Here are the most Instagrammable spots in Tulum.

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Instagrammable Spots in Tulum: For the Quick Photo Stops

These Instagrammable spots are simply locations you have to photograph. The only time you'll need is to pose and snap away. Here are our four top Instagrammable spots in Tulum for a quick photo stop.

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1. The Entrance of Selina

This is a simply, but elegant stop for the first of your Instagrammable spots in Tulum. Selina is a boutique-style hostel located right off the beach  in the hotel zone, and has so many cool photo spots! 

Tulium Hote Zone, Instagrammable spots in Tulum

Don't worry if you aren't staying there and can't get in though, because this straw tunnel is located at the entrance of the hostel. (Although we do highly recommend a stay there!).

2. Follow that Dream Sign

This is a classic when it comes to Instagrammable spots in Tulum. To get here all you have to do is go outside of the Hotel Lolita Lolita and you will find this street sign that says "Follow that Dream". It's not only cute, but a little inspiration to add to your day.

Follow that dream, Instagramable Spotsin Tulum

3. The Entrance at Ahau

This is another one of the most famous Instagrammable spots in Tulum, and with good reason. This spot is located right off the street at the entrance of the hotel Ahau, making it easy for anyone to appreciate!

Here you will find a large sculpture of a women opening her heart, featuring plants inside. Pretty awesome right?! We've read that there that can crazy lines to get a photo here, which luckily we didn't experience.

Ahau, Instagrammable spots in Tulum

Despite going midday and not having any issue, we'd suggest going here early, or expect to wait a bit to get your shot at this one.

Don't have time to read the whole article and want to save it for later? Just pin it!

Instagrammable spots in Tulum Pin
Instagrammable spots in Tulum Pin
Instagrammable spots in Tulum Pin

4. Matcha Mama

Matcha Mama is actually an acai and smoothie joint that is in the heart of the hotel zone. You technically don't have to order anything to take a photo here, although we think that it's worth spending the money.

Matcha Mama, Instagrammable Spots in Tulum

Although it's a little pricey for Mexico, the prices are not too bad for being in the hotel zone where prices are skyrocketed. We got an acai bowl for $11 and it was definitely worth not feeling awkward posing in front of the establishment, and to cool off from the Caribbean heat!

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Instagrammable Spots in Tulum: For the History Lovers

There is something for everyone in Tulum! Here's where the history lovers should head.

5. Tulum Ruins

The ruins are one of the main tourist attractions in Tulum, and are really a site to see. What makes them unique is that they are located right on the beach! Talk about some spectacular views.

Ruins, things to do in Tulum
Tulum ruins, Instagrammable spots in Tulum

Tulum is one of the only places where you can find its ruin perched right along the beach.

You can also climb down to a couple of the small coves and see the ruins above. Unfortunately the last time we went (October 2020) the ruins were still closed due to Covid-19. However, they may have reopened to the public and entrance fees could have also changed.

Instagrammable Spots in Tulum: For the Nature Lovers

Other than its chic restaurants and hotels, people flock to Tulum for the beauty that surrounds it. Tulum has some of the best beaches and cenotes, so here are a few you should check out.

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6. Playa Santa Fe

While the beach near the hotel zone is the best one in Tulum, it can be tricky to get onto if you aren't staying at one of the resorts. So want to see a beach that is equally beautiful but won't cost you anything? Meet Playa Santa Fe.

Head here in the morning for a truly magical sunrise, or go anytime in the afternoon to go up the stairs on the far left of the beach, where you can enjoy some abandoned buildings.

Plahya Santa Fe, Instagrammable Spots in Tulum

When we weren't able to reach the ruins while they were closed, this was the beach that was closest to the ruins of Tulum.

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7. Cenote Calavera

Cenote Calavera is the closest cenote to Tulum, making it one of the easiest Instagrammable spots in Tulum to get to by foot.

This cenote is well known due to the rope extending across it as a swing, and the ladder going into it. Not only that, but there are two small holes that you can jump into for those that are adventurous!

Cenote Calavera, Instagrammable Spots in Tulum

Cenote Calavera costs 200 pesos (about $10 USD) and there is an extra charge for those that want to use professional cameras, tripods, or even GoPros.

8. Gran Cenote

This is another one of the most Instagrammable spots in Tulum, due to its crystal clear waters, located just a little further up the road from Cenote Calavera.

Gran cenote features two different areas of the cenote, which are connected by a cave that you can swim through. The most popular spot to take photos is in the secondary area, but the primary area is also nice because you can find turtles, as well as an additional cave to go into.

Gran Cenote, Instagrammable spots in Tulum

The entrance is 300 pesos (about $15 USD), and unlike Cenote Calavera, professional cameras and tripods are just strictly prohibited. GoPros are allowed though, and there are lockers you can store your valuables (not your camera gear).

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9. Laguna Kaan Luum

Laguna Kaan Luum is a little off-the-beaten path, but definitely worth the visit! This is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Tulum due to a few different things.

They have a platform that you can get a better view of the whole lagoon, and from here, you can see a large circle of water inside that is much darker than the rest! If you want to get an even cooler shot of this, make sure to bring a drone (an extra charge applies.)

Laguna Kaan Luum, Instagrammable Spots in Tulum

We also love this spot due to the fun swings and hammocks that are scattered throughout the border of the lagoon, making it super Instagrammable, but also relaxing. The lagoon is open from 9-5 and the price is just 100 pesos (about $5 USD).

Instagrammable Spots in Tulum: For the Big Spenders

Some of the most Instagrammable spots in Tulum can be pretty exclusive. Although we didn't make it to all of them (hint hint: we are not big spenders), we have plenty of friends that did! Here are some of the over-the-top spots in Tulum.

10. The Hand at Hun

The hotel Hun has one of the most Instagrammable spots in Tulum, due to it being different than the rest! While most resorts in the hotel zone make the most of being located on the beach, Hun has gone above an beyond to use the other side to their advantage.

The straw hand extends out in to the jungle, and makes you appreciate the greener version on Tulum. In order to visit this however, you must be a hotel guest.

Hand at Hun, Instagrammable Spots in Tulum

Disclaimer: We did not stay at Hun, but we visited while they were still closed doing renovations. We only found out later that we weren't really allowed to be there without staying there as guests.

11. Casa Malca

Casa Malca is the former mansion of Pablo Escobar, and is a true luxury Instagrammer's dream! The good thing, is that you don't need to be staying here in order to experience it.

The bad part? A day pass is pretty pricey and reaches at least $100. The day pass gives you access to a lot of places on the property, but still not all of them. Although an expensive visit, we definitely would have this on our bucket list for when we want to really splurge.

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12. Azulik

Azulik is one of the chicest and trendy spots there is in Tulum. The rooms have exquisite design, and the hotel has gorgeous art installations everywehere!

The price to stay in Azulik is not cheap, but you can visit to dine in the famous birds nests that they have dangling off the side of this beautiful resort.

Unfortunately we didn't have the opportunity to visit here, but have heard and seen a lot about it, making it definitely one of the top Instagrammable spots in Tulum, for those who can afford it.

13. Papaya Playa Project

Papaya Playa Project is an absolute dream of ours. This resort is located right near Azulik, and features chic villas that have jacuzzis on the top. 

This is also another pricey venture, but seems like one that would be fun to splurge on! Keep in mind though, that despite the various drone shots out there, unfortunately you're not actually allowed to fly one over here for the privacy of the other guests.

Instagrammable Spots in Tulum: Bonus!

While we couldn't really find the perfect category for this, we couldn't help but mention this amazing spot.

14. Azulik Uh May

This place is part of the same company as the exclusive hotel on the hotel strip. Good news is though, you don't have to spend a fortune to check it out!

Azulik Uh May is a modern art exhibition tucked away in the Mayan jungle. The design and architecture are simply breathtaking. Tickets are $10 to enter, and they are open from 10 am to 5:30 pm. It is a half hour outside of Tulum, so it's best to rent a car, but it surely is worth the drive.

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How We Capture the Most Instagrammable Spots in Tulum:

All of our photos were taken by us. Here are the different things we use:

  • Mirrorless Camera: Sony Alpha 7riii
  • Drone: We use the Mavic Mini Pro 3 because it's super light and has incredbile quality
  • Action Camera: We use the Insta 360 X3 because it's small & waterproof
  • Tripod
  • Presets: We use our own Scratch Your Mapa Presets (this one with the Life in Color Preset Collection)

The city of Tulum is beautiful and chic, making it the perfect place for all of your photography desires. Make sure to have plenty of battery on your phone and camera so that you can keep snapping away!

We suggest to truly make the most of out this city, to stay for a good week, or even two! The Instagrammable spots in Tulum are just one reason to visit, but there's so much more! Take a look at our complete guide for Tulum to learn more.

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