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30 Items For Creative Photography & Better Content Creation on Social Media

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Are you looking for more creative photography or to have better content creation for social media? While there is no equation to have the perfect photo, there are definitely some items that can help! The most important part of photography is certainly the person behind the camera, but there is no doubt that there are plenty of gadgets and products that can immensely help it. 

In the past few years we've been accumulating different things that we have found to be super helpful while creating content, and developing our photography style. We want to help you become a more confident photographer, and spark your creativity. That's why we've compiled a list of our favorite photography gadgets.

Here are 30 items that can help you step up your photography game.

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1. DSLR Camera/ Mirrorless Camera

Camera Canon T7i, creative photography

The first step to creating better content on social media is your equipment. While you can of course take great content with your phone, having a professional camera will make a whole world of a different for creative photography & videography. Other than the quality being better, the settings and lenses are really what can make the different.

Being able to control the lighting is something that you really can't do on your phone (without sacrificing quality(, and can make the world of a difference when it comes to taking a picture. DSLR and Mirrorless cameras also have much higher Megapixel quality, and there is more control when it comes to focus.

phone vs camera - creative photography
phone vs camera - creative photography

You can really tell the difference between using a phone (on the left) and the mirrorless camera (on the right).

Another example is types of lenses, which we will get into further in the article. You can also skip to that part if you'd like.

What we used to use: Canon t7i

What we use now: Sony A7Riii

We found that the Canon T7i fit all of our basic photography needs, and is perfect for those that want to step up their game for content creation on social media, without having to drop a ton of money. There isn't necessarily a perfect camera out there, but we think for a good mid price starting point, this baby has really done the trick.

We've recently changed over to Sony from Canon, and have absolutely fallen in love with our camera. If you are willing to invest a bit more, then this camera is definitely worth it. We have been able to have much more creative photography and stunning quality.

2. Tripod

Tripod Geekoto 79 inches, creative photography

If it's one accessory that has changed our lives, it's the tripod. When wanting to take a picture alone, or wanting to get a shot with someone else, you can't always rely on people around you. We got a tripod because there were so many times that we either had no one around to take our picture, or the result was simply not what we wanted.

Having a tripod eliminates that completely! You can set up your frame exactly how you want, and see what it will turn out like.

In addition, certain shots are really only possible with a tripod, such as long exposure shots, where you need to make sure the camera is still. Two particular scenarios where tripods are key are when shooting waterfalls, or doing astrophotography.

long exposure waterfall shot

If you're looking for the ultimate creative photography tool, and an easy way to step up your content creation on social media, then this is the first step in our opinion.

There are many types of tripods, so it can be overwhelming, but we suggest getting one that is foldable, and has a case so it is easy to carry around. Getting one that extends to at least 60 inches is preferable, so that you can get shots at eye level. You can get a decent tripod for around $50 to meet your basic needs.

What we use: JOBY Rangepod Tripod

This is a bit more of an advanced tripod, as it goes very tall, and has a ball head. The tripod also can get super low, turn 360 degrees, and can even be put upside down.

If you don't necessarily think you'll need all of those features, we've added another tripod that we used in the past, which also was really helpful, and less expensive.

Other options: Sunpak Platinum Plus Tripod

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3. Phone Attachment for the Tripod

phone tripod attachment, creative photography tools

Keep in mind that the tripod isn't just good for professional cameras, but can also be used for your phone if you plan on doing content creation on social media such as Instagram Reels or Tik Tok videos.

For this you'll simply just need an attachment to screw into the tripod head that will fit your phone. 

If you don't have a camera, and will only be shooting with your phone, you can opt for a smaller phone tripod. They are much smaller, and lighter, so you can easily fit them in your purse or backpack.

What We Use: JOBY Griptight Smart

4. Bendable Tripod

bendable tripod, creative photography tools

In most circumstances we use the traditional tripod. However, having a bendable tripod has saved us in a number of times, making this an awesome investment for creative photography! The legs can bend so that you can set up the tripod in hard to reach places such as a tree or railing.

The bendable tripod is great because it is very flexible, and can be used in numerous ways. We also like this tripod because you can use it extremely low to the ground, whereas a normal tripod will not go that low. 

What We Use: JOBY Gorillapod

5. Camera Remote

camera remote, creative photography gadgets

Other than having a tripod, one of the most helpful photography gadgets for content creation on social media is a remote. On the tripod one of the best options you can use is self timer, but having the remote is great because you don't need to run back and forth. With the remote you can quickly link it to the camera and snap as many times as you want.

If you are simply using the remote for relatively close shots, you can get a simple remote for as low as $10-$20. 

Wanting to take super far away shots? You can splurge for a remote that goes very far distances for around $100.

6. Drone

drone, creative photography and content creation for social media

Having a drone is one of our favorite investments we have made when it comes to creative photography and videography! They allow for an infinite amount of perspectives, and can really let you play with your creativity. We use DJI and find that for people using it as a hobby and for  basic photography and video needs, it is truly exceptional.

One of our favorite parts of using DJI is that the app automatically creates reels of videos, making it easy for really anyone to create a cool video! All you have to do is add music and voila! If you want to get more creative, you can manually move around clips, add text, and pretty much anything else you could imagine to create your dream video.

Qalansiya lagoon, Socotra island tour
Grama Bay, Albania, What Countries Were the Balkans
Instagram Spots in Iceland
Vok baths, things to do in Iceland

Drones allow for a unique perspective and super creative photography.

What we use: DJI Mavic Air

We absolutely love this drone. It is a NICE drone, but not an overly expensive one. We feel that the investment is truly worth it. Now the Mavic Air 2 has come out, which is even more advanced, and still has a great price.

What we also have: DJI Mini 3 Pro

If you're looking for a small, light, and advanced drone, then the DJI Mini 3 Pro is a must! This is currently the drone that we are using the most, and it is highly recommended for all of its new features for creative photography and videography which other drones do not have.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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7. Extra Drone Battery

drone battery, creative photography gadgets

Having an extra drone battery can really make a huge difference! Because drones (at least most) use a special type of charger, they are not easy to recharge on the go. Because of that, we invested in an extra battery, so that we can shoot double the material while out,

It may not be necessary for those looking to use the drone once or twice, but the battery of drones drain quickly, and having that extra one has saved us a number of times, making the $100 well worth it.

PS: Not all drone batteries are the same! Make sure you are finding the one that fits your exact drone.

8. Extra Drone Propellers

drone propellers, creative photography and videography

We can say from experience, that having extra propellers is a must while traveling. We have crashed our drone quite a few times, and changing out the propellers has been just the fix we needed.

However, it's not so easy finding a store that carries drone accessories, especially in smaller cities. That's why we recommend having some spare ones, so that you don't miss out on some great creative photography and videography with your drone.

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9. Drone Filters

drone filters, creative photography

When it comes to using a drone, pretty much almost any shot you take will be outside. The downside to this, is that the sun can be very harsh when it comes to photography.

Using filters is like putting sunglasses on your drone camera, eliminating those harsh rays, and giving you crisp photos and videos, perfect for your content creation for social media.

We got a big pack because there are a variety of shades that we can use. This adds to how creative we can get with our shots, and allows us to shoot more effectively in all different kinds of scenarios.

10. Memory Card

memory card, creative photography

When it comes to photography, this is an obvious necessity. But did you know that the type of memory card can have a big impact on not only the storage, but the speed of reading, and overall quality of images? For that reason it is important to invest in a memory card that will support all your needs.

Each device requires a different type of memory card for maximum efficiency, so that's the first step. Attached is a diagram to show what memory cards are best for which type of device:

In addition, there are some companies that will always be cheaper than others. When it comes to photography, you get what you pay for! Stay away from no-name brands. We highly suggest sticking with SanDisk, as they are truly the best quality out there, and have a very good reputation.

What we use: Memory Card Sandisk Extreme 128 gb

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11. Micro-SD Memory Card

micro SD card, creative photography

Some devices don't just take a memory card, but require a Micro-SD card. While they are mostly used for phones, GoPros and drones all require this type of card.

Make sure you get one that includes the adapter, so that you can easily transfer files to your computer, hard drive, or other computer related device. This will help you massively to cut time for your content creation for social media.

What we use: SanDisk Extreme Pro 128 gb

12. Action Camera

go pro, creative photography

Action cameras are so essential for creative photography and videography because they have  aspects about them that other photography gadgets don't have. They are pocket sized, making them easy to carry everywhere, and some are water proof, as well as shock proof.

Action Cameras are great for any kind of water related activity, and are also the best when it comes to videos. This is actually what they specialize in, because they can shoot in the highest settings to capture everything, no matter how fast the camera is moving.

When it comes to content creation for social media, we love the GoPro, as well as the Insta 360. The GoPro we prefer for underwater, and the Insta 360 we love because of it's "invisible selfie stick" which makes for awesome drone-like shots, and is amazing for vlogging.

There are tons of accessories for action cameras as well, so that you can strap them to your head, your chest, or your wrist! Keep reading for our favorite GoPro and Insta 360 accessories.

13. Go-Pro Filters

GoPro filters, creative photography

Want those crisp underwater shots? Colored filters an be added over the screen of the GoPro or your action camera to help the color difference of underwater photography. If you've ever seen incredible underwater content creation on social media, then this is the secret. 

What we use: Waterproof Housing GoPro 12

14. Go-Pro Dome

GoPro dome, creative photography

This is hands down our favorite accessory for the GoPro! With the dome you can get truly unique shots, that can capture under and above the water at the same time. Here is an example of one of the shots we took with out GoPro Dome:

Ometepe, Nicaragua, best places to visit in Central America

The dome allows you to get shots both under and over the water at the same time.

What we use: SHOOT Dome Port Lens for GoPro

We chose this model because it is a 2-in-1 product. With the click of a button you can add a colored filter to your dome shot, making it one of the best photography gadgets we have used so far for creative photography!

Don't have time to read the whole article and want to save it for later? Just pin it!

creative photography pin
creative photography pin
creative photography pin

15. Insta 360 Invisible Selfie Stick

Invisible selfie stick, creative photography

We've seen some amazing content creation on social media recently, and we found out it was because of this gadget. Insta 360 has a selfie stick that actually appears to be invisible.

SO this isn't the tacky selfie stick you're thinking of- but an incredible tool for creative photography and videography. You can even extend it so far that it makes the perfect substitution for a drone in places where drones are prohibited.

16. Wide Lens

wide lens, creative photography & content creation for social media

One of our favorite lenses that we invested in is the wide lens. Wide lenses are any that go under 20 mm, and allow for super creative photography. The shots taken will look zoomed out and give a larger view of the area. This is great because you can fit more into an image, and it can create the illusion that a place is bigger.

What we use:
 Sony FE 14mm F1.8 GM

This lens is great because it has amazing quality, and also can let a ton of light in for night shots.

Other options:

17. Telephoto Lens

telephoto lens, creative photography

A telephoto lens essentially is what people think of as a "zoom lens". These lenses are anything that include mm from 75 and above approximately. The higher the number, the further the camera will be able to "zoom".

These lenses are great for capturing detail from a far, animals at a distance, and for creating the illusion that a backdrop is bigger than it is.

Images are more powerful when using telephoto lenses, because when taken from far away the subject will look the same size, but the backdrop such as a mountain or building will appear larger. You can make great content creation for social media by using a telephoto lens, and really add more creative photography to your portfolio.

El Salvador, 2024 bucket list

Getting a Telephoto lens lets you bring the background closer in the photo.

What we use: Sony GM 70-200 f2.8

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18. Lens Polarizer

polarizer, creative photography

A polarizer is a small round piece of glass that goes over the lens of your camera to block out the glare of the sun.

This will not only help to make sure your photos don't appear burnt, but it is also great for water shots, by cutting through and making the water extra clear. If you're looking for photography gadgets, this is a great one to add!  

Something you need to consider when getting a Polarizer (or any lens filter) is the diameter of it. You need to make sure it fits the diameter of your lens. The good thing is that, instead of getting a polarizer per lens, you can get a wide polarizer (82mm) and get a filter ring adapter to make it fit into any lens with a smaller diameter.

What we use: Sunpak Circle 77mm UV Lens Filter

19. ND Filters

ND filters, creative photography

ND filters reduce the amount of light that gets into the sensor on your lens. Why is this necessary though? It allows you to make the picture darker, allowing for you to make a longer exposure.

For example: You want to do a long exposure shot for a waterfall in the middle of the day. If it is too bright, you won't be able to capture that silky water look, but if you have an ND filter, you can make the exposure longer, enhancing the effect.

La Planta Arecibo, best places in Puerto Rico to Visit

The water has a much silkier look, because we used an ND filter on our lens.

What We Use: Platinum 77mm ND Filter

20. Hard Drive

hard drive, tools for content creation for social media

Having a hard drive is important when you take a lot of pictures and videos so that you can keep a safe backup of your material.

Hard drives are like a giant memory card that you can use that are easy to travel with. It's good to store on your hard drive as well to free space from you computer. Most run from 1-4 TB, and can range from $50-200.

What we use: Seagate External Hard Drive 4 TB

We like to have a smaller hard drive, as if something happens, there is less risk.

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21. Solid State Hard Drive

SSD, content creation for social media

This is similar to a regular hard drive, as it is an external drive to store large amounts of data. The difference is that it is composed of less components, so it has a much lower risk of something bad happening. They are more expensive, but are a much safer option.

What we use: Samsung T5 Portable SSD 2 TB

22. Waterproof Phone Case

waterproof phone pouch, creative photography

There are certain times where if you have a camera, you won't be able to use it, and unless you have a GoPro, then you will need another option. 

Having a waterproof case for your phone can be helpful when you want to take a photo in an area where there is a risk of the phone getting wet, or in places of very high humidity such as a cave or enclosed space.

This is a nice option for having more creative photography, without having to spend a fortune.

What we use: Case Mate Waterproof Pouch

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23. Gimbal

gimbal, content creation on social media

The gimbal is a great tool to use when you want to step up your video game, and so good for content creation on social media.

The gimbal is used to stabilize the camera, making sure that it does not shake when it is moving. Since videos are much more favored now on Instagram and Tik Tok, having something that you can separate yourself from other creators with is key.

Gimbals can be relatively affordable for phones, and a bit pricier for cameras (as they are much heavier).

What we use: DJI OSmo Mobile 3 Phone Gimbal

24. PIVO

PIVO, content creation for social media

If you're looking to create cool content creation on social media, then the PIVO will be your best friend! This small gadget has 360 degree panning for your phone to make for more diverse and stable videos.

It uses AI technology to keep you in the frame, making it seriously a game changer for content creators, especially those that don't have a second person to create with.

There is also a newer version that has a remote, advanced AI, and more speed and control!

25. Arsenal

Arsenal, creative photography

Are you new to photography, or are always shooting in automatic? Well, Arsenal is a super helpful camera assistant.

It can be attached to your professional camera and uses AI to automatically change the camera to have the most ideal settings depending on the environment.

This is a great way to create stunning photos, especially if you don't understand all of the manual settings.

26. Crystal Ball for Photography

Lens Ball, creative photography

If you're looking to create some super creative photography, then this is a great one! It's small and inexpensive, and has a really cool perspective when it comes to landscapes and buildings.

What we use: OMYlens Professional 60mm Lensball

27. Camera Bag

Camera bag, content creation for social media

One of the most important parts of keeping your technology safe is by having it properly organized.

That's why we invested in a bag to make sure that we could safely store all of our gear, and have it easily accessible.

This is the best of all photography gadgets, because without your equipment safely stored, there's no photo that can be taken!

What we use: Peak Design Everyday Backpack 3L

28. Adobe Lightroom

When it comes to content creation for social media, the number one thing that will make a difference is editing.

Our absolute favorite app is Lightroom, as it has so many options for enhancing your photos, and is super easy to use. You can get a free mobile version, or sign up for subscriptions with Adobe to use on your desktop as well.

You can see just how much Lightroom can make a difference on your photos by checking the before and after picture below:

Lightroom Presets, content creation for social media

29. Lightroom Presets

Into The Wild - Lightroom Presets, creative photography and content creation for social media

Editing is so much fun, but it really can take so long! Luckily, Lightroom allows people to save their edits as "presets", so that you can transform your photos with just the click of a button.

For creative photography results, presets should be different for each type of photo, which is why we actually created 3 different sets.

Our first preset pack is "Life in Color" which enhances colorful places, and will brighten up your content creation on social media. Our second one that we created is "City Lights" which is perfect for adding life to night shots, and our most recent collection "Into the Wild" has an array of presets that cover every type of landscape.

Preset - before & after

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30. Adobe Photoshop

Another way to really step up your game for content creation on Instagram is to utilize Photoshop.

This program allows you to make changes to your photo, such as removing people, or adding items for a special esthetic.

We primarily use photoshop to get rid of unwanted items, especially if we are in a crowded place, and for an extra touch of detail for some creative photography.

unedited Photoshop, creative photography
edited Photoshop, creative photography