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How to Hike Cadini di Misurina: The Most Gorgeous View in the Dolomites

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Looking for the most stunning hike in the Dolomites? Well, Cadini di Misurina is one of the most iconic, and is truly breathtaking with its striking rock formations and unique natural platform facing it.

This popular hike is also one of our favorites because it is short and rewarding! So don't miss out on this incredible activity while visiting the Dolomites. 

In this guide we're going to outline everything you need to know for reaching Cadini di Misurina, from how to reach the trailhead, to tips for having the best experience. Let's jump right in!

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Where is Cadini di Misurina?

Cadini di Misurina is located in the southern part of the Dolomites, which are in the north of Italy, near the province of Venice. The hike to get there starts from Refugio Auronzo, located in Auronzo di Cadori. It is about 20 minutes from the town of Misurina, and about 35-40 minutes from Cortina d'Ampezzo.

where is Cadini di Misurina

Cadini di Misurina is located in the Dolomites mountains of Italy.

How Do I Get to Cadini di Misurina?

In order to get to the start of the trailhead (the Refugio Auronzo parking lot) you can either drive or take a bus.

Driving to Cadini di Misurina

The most popular way to get around the Dolomites is by renting a car. This is because a lot of the highlights are spread out, and having a car gives a lot more flexibility for getting to places on your own time.

If you are driving you will have to put Refugio Auronzo in the GPS. There is a toll road that leads there, which is 30 euros, and can be paid with cash or credit card. 

The hike for Tre Cime di Lavaredo also starts from Refugio Auronzo, so you can combine the two at once and save money!

Taking a Bus to Cadini di Misurina

We definitely suggest having a car while in the Dolomites. However, if you don't feel comfortable driving, or are on a tight budget, you still can get there by bus!

The buses that go to Refugio Auronzo leave from Lago di Dobbiaco, and take about 45 minutes to get there. The bus number is 444, and you can also grab the bus from Dreizinnenblick, Durrensee, Bivio Misurina, Misurina Genzianella, or Lago Antorno.

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The Hike to Cadini di Misurina

Now that you know how to get to Refugio di Auronzo, let's walk you through how to hike to Cadini di Misurina.

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Cadini di Misurina pin
Cadini di Misurina pin
Cadini di Misurina pin

Where is the Start of the Cadini di Misurina Trailhead?

We were a bit confused when we first arrived, as the parking lot has a few different trailheads leaving from it. There are two that lead to Tre Cime di Laveredo (as it is a loop trail), and the third is the one that goes to Cadini di Misurina. 

To find the start of the Cadini di Misurina trailhead you'll want to go to the end of the parking lot on the right, underneath the Refugio. The trail starts on a grassy path, and goes to the right of everything else in the area.

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How Long is the Hike to Cadini di Misurina?

The hike to Cadini di Misurina took us only 25 minutes each way, and was actually very easy!

In the beginning there is a bit of up and down hill parts, but nothing that is too intense. You'll have beautiful views of the valley and river below on your left hand side, and then you'll start to follow a trail along the mountainside. Continue on this trail, and all of the sudden you'll start to have views of the iconic mountains in the back, with people waiting in line to have their shot at going along the natural platform that juts out in front of them.

valley under Cadini di Misurina

There is a valley to the left when you start the hike.

Taking Pictures at Cadini di Misurina

As soon as you arrive you'll notice that there may be a lot of people, but that only a couple will be on the iconic platform. This is because it is understood by everyone that people take turns to go onto the platform. While some argue this "takes the magic away", we think this is great! Here's why:

1. There is not a ton of room to walk along the path to get there, so it is much safer this way.

2. People can get the content they dreamed of without having to fight the crowds.

3. Even if you go alone there will be someone who can help you get a photo or video.

Cadini di Misurina
Cadini di Misurina
Cadini di Misurina

The only downside to this is that you will have to factor in a wait time. As the path takes time to walk, and it is quite a breathtaking view, each set of people take quite a few minutes, so you could be waiting easily 20-30 minutes, or more depending on what time of day you go.

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Amenities Around Cadini di Misurina 

Unlike the trails for Tre Time di Lavaredo, the trail of Cadini di Misurina doesn't have any amenities along it. Since it is very short, you won't find water, bathrooms, or food around. However, at the parking lot where the trailhead starts there is a refuge where you can grab a bite to eat, fill up your water, or find bathrooms for 50 cents.

If you'd like, you can also spend the night at the refuge. This is a great idea for those that want to do both Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Cadini di Misurina, but don't want to do both in one day. (Keep in mind this is the only option for staying over, as camping is forbidden).

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Price & Timetable for Visiting Cadini di Misurina

The trailhead for Cadini di Misurina is open 24/7, and is free of charge to enter. However, in order to get to the parking lot, you will need to pass the toll road, which costs 30 euros. Since both Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Cadini di Misurina start from the same parking lot, we suggest doing both of the hikes together so you don't need to spend the 30 euros twice.

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Safety at Cadini di Misurina

The trail of Cadini di Misurina is not too demanding, and despite how some pictures and videos may look, it is completely safe to get to. Do keep in ind though, that you will be walking along a mountain, and ext to the trail is a complete drop. So you do need to always watch your step along the way.

Cadini di Misurina trail

The trail for Cadini di Misurina is rather easy.

The small path to the main photo spot of Cadini di Misurina looks quite narrow at one point. It is perfectly walkable, but as it is nature, you do want to always be aware, and don't try to pass anyone along this area. Simply wait for the person in front of you to come all the way back before taking your turn to walk up to the viewpoint.

Keep in mind that if you do suffer from vertigo though, it may be difficult. Cadini di Misurina really isn't for the faint of heart.

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Other Things to Keep in Mind While Visiting Cadini di Misurina

Now you know almost everything you need to know for visiting Cadini di Misurina, one of the most beautiful pales in the Dolomites! But before you go, we have a few other things to share with you.

Cadini di Misurina in the Dolomites, Italy

Weather Conditions at Cadini di Misurina

Being located in the mountains, you'll find that it can get quite chilly in this area, particularly when the sun goes down. When we arrived it was sunny so we were fine with pants and a t-shirt. But after the sun set it got really cold. We definitely suggest bringing a jacket, or layers for when you get to the top.

The Best Time to Hike Cadini di Misurina

The best time to hike Cadini di Misurina is first thing in the morning, or around sunset, so that you can get a beautiful glow on the mountains in the back. 

Sunrise is definitely the easiest time to go, as you can beat the crowds, and not feel rushed for taking photos or videos on the top. During the day, lines can form and it can be super crowded.

We went for sunset, and despite getting there a half hour before the sun set, we missed the great lighting since there was a line. On the bright side though, we were able to have the place to ourselves for blue hour, which was also pretty incredible.

when is the best time to visit Cadini di Misurina

The best time to visit Cadini di Misurina is an hour before the sunrise or sunset.

How to Prepare for Hiking Cadini di Misurina

Here are some of the things we suggest bringing on your hike to Cadini di Misurina:

  • A good pair of sneakers or hiking shoes
  • Light jacket for the wind
  • Poncho in case it rains
  • Tripod to take pictures on your own
  • Long Distance Remote to get shots from far away
  • Telefoto Lens to bring the mountains closer in your shots
  • Water Bottle (we use this water bottle from Cafago because it is insulated)
  • Drone (We use the Mavic Mini Pro 3 because it's super light with incredible image quality)
  • Insta 360 X3 with the extra long selfie stick for drone-looking shots
  • Sandwich or snacks

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Tips for Hiking Cadini di Misurina

Here are a few final tips, and things to keep in mind while visiting Cadini di Misurina:

  • Fill up your water bottle before the hike.
  • Go early to beat the crowds.
  • Plan for extra time to wait in line.
  • Use the bathroom before going on the hike.
  • Bring layers in case it gets cold.
  • There is no camping allowed, so plan to stay at the refuge, or another place nearby.
  • Save time to hike Tre Cime di Laverdo in the same day (if you are not staying in the refuge).
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