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A Trip to Isla de Lobos: One of the Best Things to Do in Fuerteventura

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Wondering one of the best things to do in Fuerteventura? One of our favorite activities that we did was take a trip to the nearby island. We loved Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura, and we know that you will too.

In this article we're going to share with you everything you need to know on a day trip to Isla de Lobos from Fuerteventura. From how to visit, to the different amenities, let's jump right in!

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Where is Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura?

Isla de Lobos is a small island that off the northern coast of Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. It is just 5 km away, making it the perfect day trip while you are visiting Fuerteventura.

where is Isla de Lobos

Isla de Lobos is located off the north east tip of Fuerteventura.

How to Get to Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura

There are two different ways to get to Isla de Lobos, through a ferry on your own, or through an excursion. Here are the differences:

Taking the Ferry to Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura

When we wanted to visit Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura, we found a lot of confusing information online about the Isla de Lobos ferry schedule. When you put into Google "Isla de Lobos ferry" you will actually come across a page that looks like the official ferry page to visit the island.

The reality is, that there are many different companies offering this service, and they are all round trip transportation.

The pier of Corralejo is where you will find several kiosks lined up one after the other, all offering the same exact trip.

Isla de Lobos ferry tickets

There are plenty of booths selling tickets for the Isla de Lobos ferry.

Taking an excursion to Isla de Lobos from Fuerteventura

If you'd like to book in advance, you can get ferry tickets online, or you can also set up a private sailing excursion. This is great if you'd like a little more flexibility and control over your time there, or if you'd like food and drinks included while visiting.

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Price and Timetable of Visiting Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura 

Every company has different timetables, so basically every 10-20 minutes you will be able to find a ferry leaving to go to Isla de Lobos. 

Because Isla de Lobos is a national park, you can't actually go for as long as you'd like. Roundtrip ferry tickets are all between 4 and 5 hours, and every company charges the exact same price, which is 12 euros.

Ferries start to run from am, with the latest coming back at pm. You can get them right on the spot. Some places may have card, but the one we chose only accepted cash, so make sure to have some euros on you. If you purchase an excursion ahead of time, you can go ahead and skip this step, and end up finding a way to stay a bit longer there.

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Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura: What to Expect

You'll need to show up just a few minutes before the Isla de Lobos ferry leaves. The ride takes about 15 minutes, and takes you through gorgeous turquoise waters.

There are no cars or places to stay on the island, as it is a national park. When you arrive you will find a few different trails, so that you can start exploring the island. There was an information kiosk right at the port, but it wasn't open when we were there.

boat ride to Isla de lobos Fuerteventura

The Isla de Lobos ferry ride is super scenic.

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Things to Do on Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura

You may feel overwhelmed that you can only visit the island for a few hours, but if you want, you definitely can see everything within the 4-5 hours on the island. Here are the different ways that you can enjoy Isla de Lobos:

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Enjoy the Beaches

One of the best parts of Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura is the stunning beaches that the island offers. There are a couple to check out, and are very easy to access.

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Isla de Lobos Pin
Isla de Lobos Pin
Isla de Lobos Pin

The most popular beach is the one that is a 5 minute walk to the right of the pier. There are a couple of different areas to enjoy the gorgeous teal waters, including a long boardwalk where you can jump in.

The other best beach to visit in Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura is located to the left of the pier. This one we weren't actually able to make it to, as we simply ran out of time. However, the locals said really good things about it, and it definitely has less people than the right side.

Isla de Lobos, Canary Islands
Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands
Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura

The beach on the right side of the island.

Have Some Beers

Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura really invites you to have a drink while soaking up the sun. There aren't any shops on the island, but there is a small family-run restaurant located at the beach on the right, that sells cans of beer that you can take with you to the beach.

Eat a Local Lunch

You may be thinking that there are a tons of restaurants on the island. However, there is actually only one that is located on the beach to the right. They have local specialties such as fresh fish, as well as sandwiches and burgers.

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Walk the Trails

There are various trails that go around the island. Isla de Lobos is actually very dry and hilly, but will make you feel like you've just teleported to a whole new place (kind of like Lanzarote).

All of the trails are marked with the length, so you can just wander and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature around you.

As the area is very rocky, we do suggest bringing a good pair of sneakers.

trails of Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura

There are plenty of trails around the island of Isla de Lobos.

Hike the Hills

Want to get some beautiful views of the island and the beaches? There are a couple of different hills that you can climb up.

There is one large one that takes a half hour to climb, located on the left side of the island. The one we climbed up was much smaller, and just a minute from the pier. We're sure it would've been nicer to hike the large hill, but the one pictured below only took us a minute or two to climb, and definitely was still beautiful.

Isla de los lobos view

This hill took only a minute to climb, and had amazing views.

How to Prepare for a Trip to Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura

Now that you know all there is to do and enjoy on Isla de Lobos, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you want to do the trails you should bring sneakers.
  • Apply sunscreen regularly, as the sun is quite strong.
  • Bring cash to purchase your tickets at the pier.
  • A swimsuit is necessary, as the water is too beautiful not to take a dip in.
  • beach Isla de lobos, Fuerteventura

    Don't forget your swimsuit, and plenty of sunscreen!

    Finally, there are plenty of other great things to do around the area of Corralejo, where the pier is to visit Isla de Lobos. Add some of them to your list to check out before or after your trip to Isla de Lobos.

    Some of our favorite spots include popcorn beach, the town of Corralejo, and the sand dunes of Corralejo.

    Packing List for Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura

    • Sunscreen 
    • Reusable Water Bottle (we use this water bottle from Cafago because it holds the temperature)
    • Flip Flops (we personally always get Havaiana flip flops, as they are comfy and long lasting)
    • Sneakers (for the hikes)
    • Zippered Bag or Backpack - take a look at these backpacks for travelers!
    • Power Bank (we use Anker power banks, as they are super long lasting and sturdy)
    • Bathing Suit
    • Towel
    • Drone (We use the Mavic Mini Pro 3 because it's super light and doesn't sacrifice quality)
    • Action Camera (we use the Insta 360 X3 because it's small & waterproof)
    • Waterproof Phone Pouch (we use the Cafago Waterproof Phone Pouch)

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    Isla de Lobos, Fuerteventura is a beautiful island, with some of the best beaches in the Canary Islands and Spain. We know you'll love this day trip from Fuerteventura, and wish you could stay longer!

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