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Jagueyes de Mayascon: The Perfect Day Trip from Chiclayo

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Jagueyes de Mayascon are a series of turquoise pools and waterfalls in Northern Peru. Also known as "cataratas de Mayascon" (waterfalls of Mayascon), or "aguas turquesas" (turquoise waters), this magical place makes for the perfect day trip from Chiclayo.

We decided to go on our own, as this place truly is a hidden gem. If you're on a budget like we were, we've also outlined the details for getting there cheaply with public transportation. Here's all you need to know about visiting Jagueyes de Mayascon.

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Where Are Jagueyes de Mayascon?

Jagueyes de Mayascon are located in the small town of Mayascon, Peru, which is located 65 kilometers away from the city of Chiclayo. It is an hour 1/2- 2 hours of a drive inland, and is a true hidden gem of the country.

where are jagueyes de mayascon

Jagueyes de Mayascon are the perfect day trip from Chiclayo.

Need a place to stay in Chiclayo? Just refer to the map below:

How to Get to Jagueyes de Mayascon

In order to get here, it's actually quite easy! Here are the two different options:

How to Get to Jagueyes de Mayascon with Public Transportation

There are plenty of colectivos (small buses) that leave from the center of Chiclayo to Mayascon. Head to Terminal EPSEL and just tell them that you want to go to "Jagueyes de Mayascon" and they will lead you in the right direction.

You may hear the names "Ferreñafe", "Lambayeque", or "Mayascon", all of which are different names for the region that you will find these in. Mayascon is the town, and Lambayeque is the particular region, and Ferreñafe is the direction.

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The Ride to Mayascon

The bus ride will take about 2 hours, and will leave as soon as it is full. They are small vans, and yes, they will pack them to the brim. There usually isn't air conditioning, although the windows are left open, so we suggest trying to get next to a window. 

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Jagueyes de Mayascon PIn
Jagueyes de Mayascon PIn
Jagueyes de Mayascon PIn

Getting to the Falls

Mayscon is actually a tiny town, so it is impossible to get lost. Right where the bus drops you off, it is just a minute walk away.

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Renting a Car to Visit Jagueyes de Mayascon

If you want a more comfortable ride, then you can rent a car to visit Jagueyes de Mayascon. You can easily get one by booking online from the airport.

Just ask a local the direction, but make sure they don't try to shake you down for money for their "tips". Once you arrive there will be a friendly local collecting the entry fee, as well as checking your bags.

Jagueyes de Mayascon, unique places to visit in Pero

Jagueyes de Mayascon are a true hidden gem, and a great day trip from Chiclayo.

Food is not allowed to be brought in, as they are working hard to make sure that there is no trash behind, and that the natural beauty is kept in place. So make sure that you eat before, and are ready to fully immerse yourself in these turquoise pools.

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The Hike to Jagueyes de Mayascon

The hike up to the pools is very moderate, and a nice scenic trail. On the way you will find a giant rock shaped like a lion, making for a nice photo stop. After just 30 minutes you will arrive at the first pool. This place is yet to be discovered by many, which is amazing, because it isn't overcrowded, allowing you to really enjoy this place.

Jagueyes de Mayascon rope climbing

Some pools are reached by a short climb, or with the help of a rope.

Each pool is just a short climb to the next, some just a few steps walking along the rocks, and some with the help of ropes. There are a total of 8 pools, one prettier than the next. Enjoy!

Jagueyes de Mayascon pool 1
Jagueyes de Mayascon
Jagueyes de Mayascon

There are several different pools to enjoy with turquoise waters.

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Preparing for Visiting Jagueyes de Mayascon

Here are some of the things you'll want to have with you while visiting:

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Jagueyes de Mayascon Price Breakdown

Going to a place this beautiful, you may think that it would cost a pretty penny. However, going to Jagueyes de Mayascon is extremely affordable! Here is the breakdown:

Bus to Mayascon: $2

Entrance Fee: $1

Bus back to Chiclayo: $2

Total spent: $5

Remote places like this do not accept card- so remember your cash!

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