Skylodge Adventure Suite in Peru: the Million-Star Hotel

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Ever wonder what it would be like to sleep in a million-star hotel? Located in the Sacred Valley of Peru, are capsules hanging from a mountain that you can actually spend the night in! SkyLodge Adventure Suites might be the best place you will ever stay. Come check out everything you need to know about a stay at Skylodge Adventure Suite in Peru.

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Location of Skylodge Adventure Suite in Peru

SkyLodge Adventure Suites are located in Urubamba-Ollantaytambo, which is part of the Sacred Valley, which is about an hour and 1/2 away from the city of Cusco.

There are tons of flights to Cusco from Lima for as low as $29, and flights from the US to Lima for as low as as $117! 

where is sky lodge adventure suite in Peru

Skylodge Adventure Suites are located right outside of Cusco.

How Do You Get to Skylodge Peru?

The good thing, is that you don't need to worry about how to get there! The staff at SkyLodge Adventure Suite will pick you up anywhere in Cusco, then bring you there, and back!

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What to Expect at Skylodge Adventure Suite

Want to know everything you are going to experience at the hanging capsules of Skylodge, Peru? Keep reading for all the details of this incredible experience.

Skylodge Adventure Suite

SkyLodge Adventure Suites are an incredible experience to add to your bucket list.

Arriving to Skylodge Adventure Suite

When you arrive to SkyLodge Adventure Suite, you will have a few minutes to stretch your legs, go to the bathroom, or check out the souvenir shop. The guide will give you all of equipment to climb, and a briefing about the climb.

Once everyone is all geared up, you're ready for the adventure! You will climb the mountain via ferrata, with the entire group (between 10-16 people). The climb is 1,200 feet, and takes about an hour an a half. The group will arrive at the top during sunset. With the mountains and valleys glowing around you, it is truly magical.

climbing to SkyLodge Adventure Suite, Peru

The climb up to Skylodge is an hour and a half of via ferrata.

There is also a photographer on site, who is available (at an extra cost) to take personalized pictures for you the whole way up. Before beginning, everyone is given the option of using the photographer or not.

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skylodge Adventure Suite in Peru pin
skylodge Adventure Suite in Peru pin
skylodge Adventure Suite in Peru pin

Beginning your Adventure to Skylodge Adventure Suite

Depending on timing, you could be finishing the climb during sunset, or enjoying it up at the top. Upon arrival at the top, the entire group will enter the main capsule. This is where everyone will have a delicious home cooked Peruvian meal, paired with wine, and the best views.

dinner at Skylodge Adventure Suite, Peru

At the end of the climb everyone will have a big homemade dinner together.

After the amazing dinner, everyone will part their ways, and have one of the staff personally guide you to your capsule.

You will enter from the top into your capsule, accompanied with a small bathroom, in which the guide will explain how the system works. (it's not the most luxurious, but hey, you're on a mountain.) There isn't a shower, but its not the end of the world since its only 24 hours.

climbing into SkyLodge, Peru

In order to get into your capsule you will climb through the top.

Once you are settled in, jump into bed and enjoy getting cozy. The rest of the night you can take in all the views, and enjoy a gorgeous night stargazing with your friends, family, or significant other.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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The Next Morning

Morning wake-up call is 7:00, which sounds early, but we promise that you will anxiously wake up even earlier. After your wake-up call (one of the staff knocking on your roof) you will be guided back over to the main capsule, where you will have a home-made breakfast with your new friends.

After breakfast, you can take an hour to just relax, or get in all those picture perfect moments. At 9:00 it will be time to say goodbye to your capsule, and get ready for the fun descent.

breakfast Skylodge adventure suites

Before heading back the whole group will have breakfast together.

Once you are geared up, you will take a set of exhilarating zip lines, to take you down to the bottom. Finishing with one last opportunity for the bathroom, or to get yourself a souvenir, before you are on your way back to Cusco.

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What to Bring For a Night at Skylodge Adventure Suite

When it comes to packing for this adventure, you want to pack as little as possible, as anything you bring, you will need to carry up the mountain with you. We suggest bringing a small back pack with a few essentials

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There are no credit card machines available at Skylodge Adventure Suites. It's also important to know that even though the experience is already paid for, you may want a bit of cash.

There is a small shop on site if you would like any souvenirs. Tips are also accepted, so cash is something you will definitely want to bring. Soles are the official currency in Peru, so make sure you exchange some money before going.


You will need two outfits (or 3 if you don't want to sleep naked), as you will spend one afternoon climbing up, and the next day descending. Sneakers are a must, and clothing should be comfortable. It can get chilly at night, so make sure to bring a sweater.

Photography Equipment

With this being a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you will without a doubt want to capture the entire thing to be able to look back on later, and to show your friends.

An action camera (like a GoPro or Insta 360) is a great camera to have, so you can take videos climbing, It is also a good idea to have a chest strap, or head strap, so that you don't need to actually hold the camera while climbing.

If you don't have a GoPro, we definitely suggest a wide lens, so that you can get great shots inside the capsule. Another awesome thing to bring is a drone (if you have one), as you can get a great shot from outside the capsules, and create epic footage.

SkyLodge Adventure Suites

Having a wide lens will allow you to truly capture the full capsule.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that you may be with just one other person in your capsule, and if you want pictures together, a tripod will be your best friend in order get those perfect shots together.

Finally, we highly recommend having a drone! We flew it from our capsule and it got absolutely incredible footage. We use the Mavic Mini Pro 3, but also recommend the Mavic 3 Pro.

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Climbing up a mountain, of course you will need to re-hydrate! Bring a refillable bottle, so that you can get fill up again at the top from the restaurant.

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Packing List for Skylodge Adventure Suite

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How to Book a Stay at Skylodge, Peru

If you would like to book a night with Skylodge Adventure Suite, make sure to make your reservation well in advance, as there are only a few lucky guests per night!

How Much Does the Skylodge in Peru Cost?

The cost of a night is per person, not per capsule, as it is not just a place to stay, but an entire experience. The prices are as follows: 

Via Ferrata + Zipline + 01 night                  S/. 1575 (approx. $405 USD as of December 2022)
Zipline + 01 night                                           S/. 1485 (approx. $382 USD as of December 2022)
Via Ferrata + 01 night                                   S/. 1485 (approx. $382 USD as of December 2022)

Tips for Visiting the Capsules of SkyLodge Adventure Suite in Peru

Here are a few things to keep in mind when booking a stay at the Skylodge Adventure Suite in Peru.

Bring Cash

As we said, SkyLodge Adventure Suite only accepts cash. We suggest bringing between 135-170 soles for the tips, and if you want a T-shirt, postcard, or other small souvenir.

Adjust to the Altitude Beforehand

Cusco and all of the surrounding areas have an extremely high altitude, which need to be adjusted to before doing any extreme activities.

Being that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you wouldn't want to spend it being sick! Give yourself a few days to adjust to the altitude, take altitude sickness tablets, and drink lots of mate de Coca.

mate de coca in Cusco

A great way to help altitude sickness is by drinking Mate de Coca.

Pack Light

Make sure you are not over-packing! You will only be there for 24 hours, and it is not a fashion show. A small backpack will definitely do.

Book Well in Advance

This place is sold out sometimes months in advance! It's very important to get your confirmation of the date and everything, so you can schedule your travels accordingly.

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SkyLodge Adventure Suites are so much more than just a hotel. This experience is full of adventure, delicious food, great views, and new friendships.

If you like the idea of staying in the hanging capsules of Skylodge Adventure Suite, then you'll love some of the other hidden gems we've found throughout the country. If you want to experience more unique spots in Peru, we've got you covered.

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