You are currently viewing Kayaking Perito Moreno Glacier: Getting Up Close and Personal

Kayaking Perito Moreno Glacier: Getting Up Close and Personal

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Are you looking to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Then kayaking Perito Moreno is something that you will want to add to your bucket list!

Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most famous glaciers in the world, and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Argentina. Located outside the city of Calafate, the glacier lies in the biggest national park in the country, and has tons to offer.

We spent 5 days in Calafate, and had the chance to do some pretty amazing excursions to Perito Moreno glacier, as well as some other cool spots around Calafate. This was one of the most unique experiences we have ever done, and will truly take your breath away. So without further ado- here is everything you need to know about kayaking Perito Moreno.

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Kayaking Perito Moreno: How to Book

There are a ton of different ways to book the kayaking excursion. You can book online with an agency, in person at one of the various agencies in Calafate, or directly on the website.

Kayaking Perito Moreno is a highly demanded excursion, and one that should definitely be booked in advance. We think the best way is booking directly through the company, as if there are any special requirements or questions it is much easier to get in touch.

Booking Perito Moreno Kayaking

You can book kayaking Perito Moreno through an agency, or directly on their website.

If you'd like to book Kayaking Perito Moreno, you can simply go to their official site, or check out the other options offered online below:

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Kayaking Perito Moreno: Price

When it comes to kayaking Perito Moreno, you are doing a truly unique experience. This isn't really something you can do on your own, or cheaply for that matter.

How Much Does Kayaking Perito Moreno Cost?

Without the transportation the tour costed us 19,000 pesos per person, which is $95 USD if you pay in cash, and $190 if you pay with a credit card. (The reason for this is everything is half the price if you pay with dollars due to the shortage).

With the transportation included the price of the excursion is 22,000 pesos per person, which is $110 USD in cash, and $220 if you pay with credit card.

Keep in mind that this is a tour you will most likely need to book in advance, due to limited capacity. We were able to pay half the price because we have both an Argentinian credit card, and cash USD.

The reason it is so expensive is because of the permits to kayak next to the glacier, the expensive equipment, and the lunch and photos included.

The only thing that is not included is the price of the park, which the price varies depending on your residency. Keep reading and we will show the different daily prices for entering Perito Moreno National Park.

Kayaking Perito Moreno equipment

One of the reasons the excursion is so pricey is because of the expensive equipment.

Kayaking Perito Moreno: When to Go

Kayaking is possible next to Perito Moreno from spring to fall. The reason is because the winter is pretty intense, and tourism is at its lowest in the winter. 

The official season to visit Perito Moreno Glacier is from mid October (spring in Argentina) and goes until around Semana Santa (Easter) from mid April to early May. Most businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and tour agencies will close during the winter months of May to October.

Kayaking Perito Moreno

We went kayaking in the summer, and it was still a bit chilly.

December to February are the most popular months to visit Calafate, as the weather gets much warmer during the summer. We experienced a variety of weather (we just visited in January).

One day it was cold and rainy, and the next was warm and sunny. If you don't mind the cold and would like to skip the crowds then we would suggest going in November or March.

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Kayaking Perito Moreno: What to Expect

All of the excursions in Calafate are full day activities. The reason for this is that the park of Perito Moreno is 45 minutes away, and the glacier is another half hour into the park.

Many companies combine their activities with time to visit the "pasarelas" (the boardwalks next to Perito Moreno). Some will give lunch, and some will give time for coffee or for a snack. We're going to tell you step by step exactly how the kayaking Perito Moreno tour went:

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Kayaking Perito Moreno Pin
Kayaking Perito Moreno Pin
Kayaking Perito Moreno Pin

Traslados (Transfers)

The kayaking Perito Moreno tour is sold with two different tickets- with or without transportation. While we usually like to go on our own, we found that choosing the one with the transportation included was the way to go.

One reason is because there is not a huge difference in price, and it ensures that you are on time. We also found out that the public buses running to the park were not in service, so it wouldn't be possible to get to the park without either having a rental car, or by getting a taxi which would be much more expensive.

If you don't want to get the transfers, then you should definitely look into a getting a rental car in Calafate.

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The Itinerary of Kayaking Perito Moreno

Here is exactly what our itinerary looked like with the transportation included for our kayaking Perito Moreno excursion:

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8:00 Pickup

We were picked up directly from the kayaking company in a pick up truck. It was just the two of us, and the three guides that do the excursion.

8:45 Entrance to the Park

We arrived to the park and had to pay the entrance. This is typical of an excursion that is sold in Calafate. Below you can see the prices of park entry to Perrito Moreno Glacier.

Glacier Park entry fees

If you plan on going a second day to the park, you can get 50% off.

9:15 Arrival to the Kayaking Center

The drive through the park to the entrance of the kayaking facility is located right next to the side entrance of the pasarelas. We arrived at 9:15, and had 45 minutes to have coffee, and take pictures down by the water while we waited for the rest of the group to arrive.

10:00 Start of the Tour Kayaking Perito Moreno

At 10:00 everyone gathers all about the excursion of kayaking Perito Moreno. They explain the rules, safety, and about the equipment used during the tour.

After the talk women and men will separate into their fitting rooms to suit up for the activity. It takes quite some time as the equipment is extremely professional and expensive.

Personal clothes underneath are optional, and is a decision that should be based on just how warm or cold it is outside.. They proved special shoes so you won't be wearing your own.

ready to kayak Perito Moreno

Geared up and ready to kayak!

 The guides will then help with the last parts of fixing everything on you making sure you will be warm and well dressed. This whole process takes about an hour. Before going to the kayaks everyone will place their belongings in the lockers located in the dressing rooms.

11:00 Learning About Kayaking Perito Moreno

Once you are suited up everyone will head down to the water where the kayaks will be waiting. They are all two person kayaks, so you will either choose your partner, or be places with someone if you came alone. Once you are tucked into your kayaks you will then all practice as a team how to kayak before going right in.

The guides will also teach you how to go backwards, stop, or get yourself back up if your kayaking flips (which is extremely rare).

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11:30 Kayaking Perito Moreno

You are now ready to go kayaking! The waters are still and bright blue. The group is small and intimate (ours was 16), making it very easy to stay together. You'll have stunning views of mountains to the side, and the impressive Perito Moreno glacier in front of you.

The group will stop right in front of the glacier and all link kayaks to relax and hear about why Perito Moreno glacier is so special. There will then be time to just row around and take pictures. On the way back there is even a small race amongst all of the kayak teams.

kayaking Perito Moreno

The entire kayaking experience lasts an hour and a half.

The entire kayaking Perito Moreno portion is an hour and a half. It is very easy and a really exciting way to see the glacier up close and personal.

1:00- 4:00 Free Time

Now that the tour is finished the whole group will have free time to enjoy and explore the pasarelas. Once everyone is changed they will get a lunch kit that includes a sandwich, piece of fruit, trail mix, bottle of water, and an alfajor (cookie with dulce de leche). You are free to have lunch wherever you please, or go straight to the pasarelas.

We had a little under three hours, and were able to do all of the trails. The weather was super warm and sunny, letting us really enjoy the time outside on our own.

Pasarelas Perito Moreno

You will have a few hours to enjoy the "pasarelas", which give you stunning views of Perito Moreno Glacier.

4:00 Heading Back to Calafate

At 4:00 we met in front of the pasarelas with our guides. We arrived back into Calafate at 5:30, and were dropped back off at our hotel.

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Kayaking Perito Moreno: How to Prepare

The good things about kayaking Perito Moreno, is that there really isn't so much that you need to bring. Here are a few things that you'll need during your excursion:


It might not feel hot out, but we can promise that the sun is super strong! The only place that will actually get exposure to the sun is your face. So make sure to bring sunscreen particularly for your face


Your shoe choice won't matter, but you will definitely want a pair of socks to bring with you to go under the suit.

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Kayaking Perito Moreno: Other Things to Know

here are a few other things that you should keep in mind for kayaking Perito Moreno glacier.

Have Breakfast Before

They will have coffee and granola bars that you can have right before kayaking. But being that you will need to wake up between 7:00 and 8:00, we suggest you to eat something beforehand.

Don't Drink Too Many Liquids

You'll be in your equipment for a solid two hours. Getting it on takes quite some time, and once it's on, it's not coming off. So make sure to go light on the liquids, and go to the bathroom right before you get suited up.

No Cameras Allowed

This one truly killed us. We brought a professional camera for photos, a GoPro for videos, and our phone for some Instagram content such as stories and reels. Sadly, cameras are not allowed at all.

Actually nothing at all can be brought out on the kayaks. This is to protect the environment, as they need to prevent things from falling in.

kayaking perito moreno

You can't bring a camera for while kayaking, but the guides bring their own GoPro and digital camera.

The good thing is that they will be taking photos throughout the tour, and four days after the tour there is a link with all of the photos from the kayaking Perito Moreno Tour.

There was supposed to be a professional photographer, but he didn't show up. They never said anything, and when we asked they simply shrugged their shoulders.

They did however have a GoPro with one guide, and a small digital camera with the other. This isn't our ideal photo situation, but it's definitely better than nothing!

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There is a Bar/ Restaurant/ Souvenir Shop at Las Pasarelas

The lunch box they gave us was definitely sufficient. However, if you're looking for a different beverage or something to warm you up, there is a restaurant at Las Pasarelas. They also have bathrooms, indoor and outdoor seating, and a shop for souvenirs.

You Can Get a Discount on the Park Pass

Chances are that you'll want to visit the park for more than just one day. The good thing is that the second day you enter is 50% off! Just make sure you let them know if it is your second day so that you can get your discount.

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Well there you have it! That is absolutely everything you need to know about kayaking Perito Moreno Glacier. Want to know some other great things to do around Calafate? You can also check out a few of the other excursions that we experienced in the area.

Want to travel to other areas in Argentina? Well we also have you covered for two more must see places in the country! Check out our full guides to the capital of Buenos Aires, or the stunning waterfalls of Iguazu. Whatever it may be, we have tons of other guides you love around South America, and many other places around the world, that we know you'll love.

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