You are currently viewing Oeschinensee: A Stunning Lake & Mountain Coaster in Switzerland to Add to Your Bucket List

Oeschinensee: A Stunning Lake & Mountain Coaster in Switzerland to Add to Your Bucket List

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Oeschinensee, also known as Oeschinen Lake, was one of our favorite places we visited while in Switzerland!

The stunning lake boats turquoise waters, and is surrounded by a set of breathtaking mountains. But it's not just a body of water to admire, it's a place where you can spend an entire day enjoying all that it has to offer.

We spent a half day enjoying Lake Oeschinen, and are here to share all the details for getting there, getting around, and all of the fun things to do while visiting Oeschinensee.

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Where is Oeschinensee in Switzerland?

Oeschinensee Lake is located in the Bernese Oberland of Central Switzerland. It's tucked away in the Oeschinen Valley, and east of the town of Kandersteg.

where is Oeschinensee in Switzerland

Oeschinensee is located in central Switzerland near Bern.

How do I Get to Oeschinensee Switzerland?

Now that you know where Oeschinensee in Switzerland is located, let's get you there!

What is the Closest Airport to Oeschinensee?

The closest airport to Oeschinensee is Sion Airport, which is 41 km away. The closest big airports to Oeschinensee are Milan (Malpensa) and Zurich, which are both 123 km away.

Flight Tip: Using Skyscanner you can put from "your city" to "Everywhere". This way you can see which is the cheapest airport in the area to fly. Also, you can check the calendar to see which are the cheapest dates for each one!

Can You Drive to Lake Oeschinensee?

Lake Oeschinensee can only be reached by cable car or by hiking. You can drive to the town of Kandersteg, where the trailhead and cable car are both located to get to Oeschinen Lake.

Oeschinensee Switzerland

Oeschinensee is in the mountains, and can only be reached by foot or cable car.

Where to Park for Oeschinen Lake

There are a few lots that you can find in Kandersteg, which can all be paid by the app Easy Park.

How Do I Get to Kandersteg Switzerland?

We decided to rent a car and do a road trip around Switzerland. So we drove to Kandersteg, but you can easily reach there by train as well!

What is the Nearest Station to Oeschinensee?

The nearest train station to Oeschinensee is Kandersteg, which is just a 15 minute walk from the cable car station and the trailhead.

How to Reach Lake Oeschinensee from Interlaken

Interlaken is about 2 hours in public transportation from Kandersteg. The train from Interlaken to Kandersteg has a connection in Spiez, which is a town along Lake Thun. If you drive, it's about 40 minutes to get to Kandersteg from Interlaken.

* Another option is to take this tour from Interlaken to Oeschinensee on a day trip.

How to Get from Grindelwald to Lake Oeschinen

The train from Grindelwald to Kandersteg is a bit longer of a trek, as it adds one more leg to thejourney. You'll have to first take the train to Interlaken, and then connect there. This ride in total typically takes around 3 hours by train, or an hour by car.

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The Hike to Lake Oeschinensee

When we went to Oeschinensee, we decided to skip the cable car and just hike up! Despite getting caught in the rain, we're glad we decided to take the journey up there.

How Long in the Hike to Lake Oeschinensee?

The hike is quoted to take an average of an hour and 20 minutes to complete. It took us a total of one hour to hike, and has great views along the way.

hike to Oeschinensee, Switzerland
hike to Oeschinensee, Switzerland
hike to Oeschinensee, Switzerland

The hike to Oeschinensee has amazing views.

How Hard is the Hike to Oeschinen Lake?

We found the hike to be pretty moderate. It is an easy path to follow, and part of it is even along a paved road. Some parts get a bit steep, but we'd say it's pretty suitable for even kids and pets to do.

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Oeschinensee Switzerland pin
Oeschinensee Switzerland pin
Oeschinensee Switzerland pin

Things to Do at Lake Oeschinensee in Switzerland

One of the things we loved about visiting Oeschinensee is that you could easily stay the day enjoying the different activities around the area! Here are a few ways you can spend your time at Lake Oeschinen.

Rent a Boat

There's no better way to expereince this beautiful lake than getting to slowly row around it. Right on the left shore of the lake you can find a local man renting out wooden boats, which you can get for a half hour or a full hour. (dogs are also allowed!)

You can even row out to a waterfall, which takes about 45 minutes!

Oeschinensee boat ride
Oeschinensee boat ride
Oeschinensee boat ride

Row boats are a great way to enjoy Lake Oeschinen.

Hike Around the Lake

Right as we got to the lake we were so relieved! It looked simply stunning, and we were ready to scout out the photo spot we had saved, with a giant natural window facing Oeschinensee.

Little did we know that there are actually a a bunch of different trails around the area, allowing you to have various views of this beautiful lake and the mountains surrounding it.

The particular hike we wanted to do was 2- 2/2 hours, and it was simply too late for us. But we highly recommend giving yourself enough time to do one or two of the trails!

Oeschinensee Switzerland

Ride the Mountain Coaster

The mountain coaster was definitely the best part of our day at Oeschinensee. It actually closed earlier that day while we were hiking due to the weather, but luckily opened back up! 

The mountain coaster is located right next to the cable car, and is a suprisingly affordable activity (especially for Switzerland!).

Ride in your own cart, controlling the speed of you cart as you wind around and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It's fun, scenic, and a top activity to do while visiting Oeschinensee.

mountain coaster at Oeschinensee in Switzerland
mountain coaster at Oeschinensee in Switzerland
mountain coaster at Oeschinensee in Switzerland
mountain coaster at Oeschinensee in Switzerland

The mountain coaster is one of the most fun activities at Oeschinensee.

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Amenities at Oeschinensee, Switzerland

One thing that's great about the beautiful nature in Switzerland is the amount of amenities you can find at each place! 

Oeschinensee has restrooms, a restaurant, convenience store, and a hotel that you can stay at, as well as a small village at the bottom of the cable car so you can be ready before heading up to the lake.


Right next to the parking lot there is a bathroom that you can use before hiking to Oeschinensee, as well as one at the guest house next to Oeachinensee.

Food & Drink

Right next to Lake Oeschinensee you'll find a convenience store with snacks, ice cream, and drinks. You'll also find a large restaurant that is part of the guest house, which serves a variety of local dishes all day long, and there is another restaurant right next to the cable car.

restaurant at Oeschinensee in Switzerland
restaurant at Oeschinensee Switzerland

Rooms to Stay

There are quite a few hotels that are located in the town of Kandersteg, as well as one guest house that is right next to Oeschinensee. For more variety and luxury options, there are also a few other nearby villages you can check out.

guest house at Oeschinensee Switzerland

Here are some the best hotel options:

cabin at Oeschinensee Switzerland


There are a few parking lots in the area. We parked at the one that brought us to the end of the road, and is next to a set of bathrooms. 

There is parking also right next to the gondola station, which is 9 CHF, and can be paid right on the Easy Park App.


While at Oeschinensee there are two different modes of transportation, which are a cable car and an electric shuttle.

Oeschinensee shuttle

Cable Car 

The cable car goes from Kanderstag, and is the fastest and most pleasant way to arrive to Oechinensee. If you don't take the cable car, it is a one hour hike, which leads you right to the lake.

cable car to Oeschinensee Switzerland

The Shuttle

There is an electric shuttle that goes back and forth from the cable car station to lake Oechinensee. The ride takes just a few minutes, or you can walk for 20 minutes.

shuttel at Oeschinensee from the lake to the cable car
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Oeschinensee Prices & Timetables

Here are the different prices and times to keep in mind while visiting Oechinensee in Switzerland. Keep in mind these are the hours and times for the summer season, and are subject to change.

Cable Car at Oechinensee (8:30 am - 5:30 pm)

  • Single Ticket Adult - 24 CHF
  • Round Trip Adult Ticket - 32 CHF
  • Single Ticket Adult with Half Fare Card/ GA/ Swiss Pass - 12 CHF

  • Round Trip Ticket Adult w/ Half Fare Card/ GA/ Swiss Pass - 16 CHF
  • Single Ticket Child - 12 CHF

  • Round Trip Ticket Child - 16 CHF

Mountain Coaster at Oechinensee (9:30 am - 5:30 pm)

  • 1 Ride - 6 CHF
  • 2 Rides - 11.50 CHF
  • 3 Rides - 17 CHF

Boat Rides at Oechinensee (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)

  • 1/2 Hour - 18 CHF
  • 1 Hour - 29 CHF

Shuttle from the Cable Car to Oechinensee (11:00 am - 5:30 pm Every 30 Minutes)

  • 10 CHF Adults
  • 8 CHF Children

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Safety & Accessability at Oeschinensee

One thing that's great about Oeschinensee is that it's a place that all ages and levels of fitness can enjoy.

The hike is very easy and well marked, and we saw children and pets along the trail. If you don't have the ability to do the trail, you can always take the cable car up, and then from there do an easy walk along pavement, or take the shuttle.

We saw strollers, elderly people, and different pets enjoying Oeachinensee, which is another reason it's such a great place to visit.

Oeschinensee Danni
hiking to Oeschinensee Switzerland

Everything is very well marked at Oeschinensee.

Can You Swim in Oeschinensee?

While there are some lakes in Switzerland that you are not allowed to swim in, you are allowed to swim in Oeschinensee! It will probably be cold, but if you're feeling brave or it's very hot you can certainly take a dip in the refreshing waters. (It was 18 degrees in August when we went).

The lake is 58 meters deep, and you can also find fish like trout, carp, and char. Make sure to leave them be in their natural habitat.

Keep in mind you can't jump off your boat to swim, and can only do so from the shores of the lake.

Oeschinensee Switzerland

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Other Things to Keep in Mind for Visiting Oeschinensee Switzerland

Now you know all the basics for visiting Oeschinensee in Switzerland! But before you go, here are a few other things to keep in mind.

Weather Conditions at Oeschinensee

Switzerland is pretty wild. One minute it could be warm and sunny, and the next it could be pouring. No matter what the weather app says, the weather can change at any given moment. Because of this, Swiss people actually use their own app, Meteo Swiss. 

It's so precise that you can move the map to any given point and it will show you where storms move at which times. We definitely recommend downloading it, as it can really help you plan when exactly to go.

That being said, it's always great to be prepared for anything! We visited Oeschinsee in the summer, and it started out being really hot and sunny, and then started to completely downpour and was windy and cold.

The Best Time to Visit Lake Oeschinensee in Switzerland

Our motto is- the earlier the better! If you want to take the cable car up, then we would suggest taking the first one up at 8:30. This will ensure that there won't be too many people at the lake. If you would like to experience sunrise at Oeschinen Lake, then you'll need to hike up, which takes about an hour.

Another great option is to aim to get up to Oechinensee for the late afternoon, and spend the night, so that you can enjoy the lake the next morning without any crowds, as well as leisurely do one of the longer hikes around it.

As far as the time of year goes, the absolute best time to do this hike is in summer, when you can partake in all of the activities offered.

Oeschinensee Switzerland

The summer is a great time to visit Oeschinensee in Switzerland.

How to Prepare for Oeschinensee

Here are some of the things that you should bring while visiting Oeschinensee, Switzerland:

  • A good pair of sneakers or hiking shoes
  • Bathing suit
  • Light jacket for the top 
  • Poncho in case it rains
  • Tripod to take the pictures if you are alone
  • Sunscreen (if you are hiking during the day)
  • Reusable Water Bottle (we use this water bottle from Cafago because it is insulated)
  • Drone (We use the Mavic Mini Pro 3 because it's super light with incredible image quality)
  • Insta 360 X3 with the extra long selfie stick for drone-looking shots
  • Sandwich or snacks

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Is Oeschinensee Worth Visiting?

We absolutely loved Oeschinensee, Switzerland, and this it's an incredible place for all ages to enjoy.

With the variety of amenities and activities, you could easily spend a full day or two here.

Oeschinensee, good places to go in Switzerland

Tips for Visiting Lake Oeschinensee in Swizterland

  • Visit early in the morning for the best lighting and least amount of people.
  • Stay a night so that you can enjoy the following morning
  • Fill up your water bottle beforehand. There is no shop before the hike.
  • Use the bathroom in the parking lot before hiking.
  • Download the ParkEasy App to easily add time to your parking.
  • Download the Meteo Swiss App for more precise weather predictions.
  • Regardless, be prepared for all types of weather.
  • Only use the shuttle if absolutely necessary! It's an easy walk between the mountain coaster and the lake.
  • Check the Oeschinensee website beforehand for up-to-date hours of the cable car, restaurant, and activities.
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