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There are plenty of shops that sell Flamenco dresses.

6 Ideas for the Best Place to Travel in April

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Looking for the best place to travel in April? This is the perfect time of year to book a trip! While in the Northern hemisphere it is after spring break, but before the summer rush, the Southern hemisphere is now heading into fall and calming down as well.

In our opinion, April is one of the best months to explore somewhere new! With beautiful temperatures around the world, and lower prices than summer and winter, this is the ideal time to get away!

The world is so big, so where to go? Well, we've chosen our top spots around the world so you can decide which is the best place to travel in April for you. So let's begin!

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The Best Place to Travel in April #1: The Netherlands

Spring has hit Europe and there is no better place to experience the season in full bloom than here. Head over to the tulip capital of the world to wander through the colorful fields of tulips in April.

If the flowers didn't convince you, than maybe King's Day will. You won't want to miss out on visiting the Netherlands in April to celebrate the biggest holiday in this country!

the best place to travel in April - Netherlands

The famous Kings Day Festival in Amsterdam, Natherlands

This celebration happens on the kings birthday, which falls on the 27th of the month. This weekend you can find large gatherings, concerts, and boat parties all along the canals of Amsterdam. The city comes to life with everyone covered in head to toe with orange attire, and drinking and eating with friends and family.

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The Best Place to Travel in April #2: Sevilla, Spain

Want to dive into the culture of Southern Spain? Well head over to Sevilla for the biggest festival of Andalusia.

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Also known as the "Feria de Abril", this event is held two weeks after Semana Santa (Easter break). It starts at midnight on Saturday, and runs a full 7 days. The April Fair is characterized by typical Flamenco dresses, fantastically lit streets, and the most desirable parties.

Feria de Abril finishes off with a firework show, and is truly a spectacular experience to add to your bucket list.

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The Best Place to Travel in April #3: Japan

One of Japan's claim to fames is it's gorgeous cherry blossom trees. Not only are the flowers a symbol of the country, but they have great importance. This is because the bloom is a sign for the announcement of the rice-planting season, and  it is used to divine the year's harvest.

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the best place to Travel in April Pin
the best place to Travel in April Pin
The best place to Travel in April PinWhere to Travel in April Pin

Watch the country fill with color and charm with the mass bloom of the cherry blossoms, making tourists flock to the country. The best time to see this is in April, and typically starts the beginning of the month. Not only that, but the weather is perfect to enjoy this beautiful island country.

Japan- best place to travel in April

Japan is one of the best places to travel in April due to its cherry blossom festival.

The Best Place to Travel in April #4: Washington DC, USA

Love cherry blossoms but can't make it over to Japan? Well Washington DC has a beautiful cherry blossom festival held in the US capital, making you feel like you've teleported to Japan.

Washington DC- best place to travel in April

Washington DC has a big cherry blossom festival, making it one of the best places to travel in April.

Typically, the full bloom averages each year around the first week of April. It can go as early as mid April, and start as last as mid April. The height of the bloom lasts about two weeks, and fills Washington DC with beautiful pink and white flowers.

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Book a tour to see the cherry blossoms:

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The Best Place to Travel in April #5:  California, USA

Want to see one of the biggest festivals in the world? Each year in April is the famous festival of Coachella. Held in the desert of Indio, California, this is so much more than just a music festival.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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People travel from all over the globe, and have the most extravagant outfits for this epic event. The Coachella Valley and Music Arts Festival occurs over two different weekends. It may be a little pricey, but definitely one to experience once in your life.

Coachella- best place to travel in April

Coachella is one of the biggest festivals in the world, and happens each year in April.

The Best Place to Travel in April #6: Bolivia

One of the most beautiful places in the world is the salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia. April is the perfect time to visit because it is right after the rainy season. This means that there is still enough water across the flats to enjoy the "mirror effect", but temperatures are better, and there is more sunshine.

Uyuni Salt Flats, the best place to travel in April
Uyuni Salt Flats, the best place to travel in April
Uyuni Salt Flats, the best place to travel in April

Uyuni Salt Flats are one of the best places to travel in April.

There is so much to enjoy in Bolivia, and we found that the weather was truly perfect around the country. Want to learn more about the salt flats in Uyuni? Check out our full guide that we wrote.

April is considered a "shoulder month" and usually isn't one that people jump to travel in. However, there are tons of reasons to travel at this time.

With mild temperatures and smaller crowds there are more opportunities to appreciate places in their most natural state. In addition, there are some really big events around the world worth adding to your bucket list!

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There are tons of great options for the best place to travel in April, and these are definitely some of the top ones. So get ready to book that trip and enjoy all that this month has to offer.

We also have plenty of other guides for where to travel each month, and some epic celebrations around the world!

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