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The Vessel is Instagrammable both on the inside and outside.

The Most Exciting Places to Travel to in December

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December is one of the most magical times of the year! With Christmas and the New Year around the corner, there are so many great places to travel to in December around the world.

Whether you want a snowy Christmas, or a wild beach New Year's celebration, there are great options for everyone. Here are some of our favorite cities and countries to visit during the holiday season.

Best Places to Travel to in December #1: Germany

When it comes to Christmas time, Germany is hands down one of our favorites! This country is known for having the most extravagant Christmas markets. Each year the main squares fill with lights and kiosks serving mulled wine, hearty German food, and much more.

The biggest cities such as Berlin and Munich are much more well known for this, but even the smaller cities have their own Christmas Markets. They happen all month, so what better time to head to Germany than the month of December (other than Oktoberfest of course).

Christmas Market, best places to travel to in December

Germany has some of the best Christmas markets in the world.

If you plan on visiting Germany in December we highly recommend basing yourself in a large city, and visiting the nearby towns so that you can experience the various versions of Christmas markets that there are.

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Best Places to Travel to in December #2: New York City, USA

Speaking of Christmas, New York has one of the most magical atmospheres at this time of year. There's just something about the being in Manhattan in December that sparks a sense of Joy. 

NYC, best places to travel to in December

The streets are dripping with lights, and storefronts have on their best window displays. The city (and other areas around it) even have competitions for who can decorate their houses best!

We have a full article about the best places to check out for Christmas lights in and near New York on our article below.

Head to Rockefeller for the famously lit Christmas tree, go iceskating in Central Park, or visit the Christmas village in Bryant Park.

We promise you won't get bored in New York this time of year. Also, ever since Covid, there have been a great amount of restaurants getting creative with their outdoor seating featuring cozy cabins, and heated globes to eat and drink in.

Don't have time to read the whole article and want to save it for later? Just pin it!

Places to Travel to in December Pin
Places to Travel to in December Pin
Places to Travel to in December Pin

Another plus of also visiting in December? You may get a chance of witnessing some snow!

Dyker Heights Christmas Lights in New York, best places to travel to in December
Instagrammable places in NYC- the Vessel, best places to travel to in December
Husdon Yards Christmas Lights in New York, best places to Tavel to in December

New York is one of the most magical places to travel to in December.

Best Places to Travel to in December #3: London, UK

Another one of our favorite places for Christmas markets and beautiful lights is London. The UK capital has a great mix of what both New York and Germany have to offer, making it another one of our the best places to travel to in December.

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Head to London and you will find various Christmas themed markets like Germany featuring food from around the world. Stroll down the beautifully lit streets, and admire the fantastically decorated storefronts like New York. We think London is definitely one of the places to travel to in December that you'll fall in love with.

Places to Travel to in December
Places to Travel to in December

London is a great place  to Travel to in December for it's Christmas Markets.

Best Places to Travel to in December #4: Brazil

Looking for a bit of a different vibe? Well one of the best places to travel to in December for beach lovers is Brazil.

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This country seriously knows how to party, and the holiday time is no exception. While the other countries we have mentioned have amazing wintery Christmas vibes, our favorite part about Brazil in December is New Years Eve.

rio de Janeiro, best places to visit in December

Brazil is an amazing place to travel for the new year.

New Years Eve is one of the biggest parties of the year in Brazil! People flock to the beach and dress in white for good luck for the year ahead. So if you're looking for an exciting party destination to ring in the next year than Brazil may just be the place for you.

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Deciding to head to Rio de Janeiro or have a short stop there? Well we have a great article below highlighting the top spots to check out in this fun-filled city.

Best Places to Travel to in December #5: New Zealand

Another great summer destination is New Zealand. December is one of the best months to visit this island country, as the temperatures are really warming up. Now is the time to explore the beautiful nature that New Zealand has to offer.

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We love December particularly because there are warmer and sunnier days, but it is before the height of the tourism season.

So grab your sense of adventure, a swimsuit, and some hiking boots, because New Zealand is definitely one of the best places to travel to in December.

December is one of our favorite months to travel. Although places can get a bit more crowded, the vibe is joyful and merry for the holiday season. Whether you're experiencing the wonderful winter atmosphere in New York, or escaping to the heat in Brazil, there is something for everyone in this month.

With holiday breaks from work and school, December can definitely be a chaotic month to travel, and definitely a bit more expensive. So make sure that you book in advance and put money away so that you can splurge a little during your travels.

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