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Our 16 Favorite Instagrammable Places in NYC

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New York City is full of amazing places! Make sure to come with plenty of room on your camera, because every corner you turn you will want to take a picture in this beautiful city. Which is why we’ve created for you our 16 favorite Instagrammable places in NYC.

As a bonus we’ve also included the best times to shoot, wardrobe recommendations, and other photo tips. Grab your camera and enjoy!

Instagrammable Places in NYC #1: Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is not only one of the most beautiful spots in New York, but one of the most iconic bridges in the world! No matter what hour you come here, you will find foreigners and locals alike walking, jogging, and biking from Brooklyn into Manhattan, or vice versa.

What to do in New York- visit the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most iconic bridges in the world.

Best Time to Shoot

For the best time to shoot we suggest the earlier the better. Even at 6 am you will find plenty of people jogging and cycling here, but they pass pretty quickly, so you can shoot between them passing. If you go midday you will end up finding so many tourists that it will be impossible to get a clear shot.

Wardrobe Suggestion

Keep in mind that often it is pretty windy on the bridge. This can be a pro and con all at the same time. Although I can pretty much give up on my hair here, I compensate by wearing long flowy dresses to compliment the wind blowing.

Other Photo Tips

Grab a wide lens so that you can have more coverage of the bridge while getting closer to the middle.

Make sure that if you set up your tripod that you keep it out of the biking lane! The last thing you want is your camera getting knocked over, or potentially hurting someone in the process.

Brooklyn Bridge, Instagrammable places in NYCBrooklyn Bridge. Instagrammable Places in NYCBrooklyn Bridge, Instagrammable places in NYC

The best time to go to the Brooklyn Bridge is early in the morning.

Instagrammable Places in NYC #2: The Oculus

The Oculus is one of the modern and beautiful architecture in all of New York. This Mall and subway station is located right next to the Freedom Tower and is just as jaw-dropping on the inside as it is on the outside.

NYC, best places to visit in December

Best Time to Shoot

Because the Oculus is always lit up inside, really anytime will look the same lighting wise. However, the earlier (or late) you go, the less people there will be.

Wardrobe Suggestions

We would say that any color other than white would be ideal here. The darker or brighter the better!

Other Photo Tips

For the best way to capture the Oculus, you will want to make sure that you center yourself perfectly. Our favorite spot is right when you walk in from the street, as it’s up high and overlooks the entire mall.

On the bottom floor where all the shops are tripods are not allowed. We used ours at the top and didn’t have a problem, but we aren’t 100% positive if it’s allowed, or just that no one stopped us.

The Oculus, things to do in NYC for free

The Oculus has stunning architecture, and a mall inside.

Instagrammable Places in NYC #3: The Edge

Not even a year old, this is one of the hottest spots to check out in the city. The Edge is located right in Hudson Yards, and features the highest sky deck in the Western Hemisphere! This awesome area has almost 360 degree views of NYC, and a glass bottom area for some unique shots.

This is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in New York, and for that reason tickets are limited. We suggest heading here for golden hour so that you can enjoy the sunset and watch the skyline light up right in front of your eyes.

Book in advance here online, as tickets for certain time slots can sell out weeks in advance!

The Edge, Instagrammable places in NYC

The Edge has one of the best views of Manhattan.

Best Time to Shoot

The best time to shoot at The Edge in our opinion, is at sunset. Tickets are for one hour, so we would suggest going a half hour before sunset, as it takes at least 15-20 minutes to check in.

That being said, no one actually kicked us out, so we suppose you could try to go a little bit earlier. This way, you can see the view in all different scenarios- the day, sunset, and with the entire city lit up at night.

Wardrobe Suggestion

It can get extremely windy at the top, so don’t wear any short skirts or dresses that can fly up (unless you want that Merilyn Monroe shot of course).

There are a few cool spots to take photo spots to take advantage of- one of them being a glass window on the floor. We suggest having something comfortable and flattering while you lie down.

If you go in the winter make sure to have gloves and a hat so that you don’t freeze!

Other Photo Tips

The place can get crowded so have patience. There are also lines, so make sure you plan your poses before you’re up! There are even security that will rush you along.

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Instagrammable Places in NYC #4: Top of the Rock

When it comes to Instagrammable spots in NYC, Top of the Rock is one of the most famous.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas in NYC

Top of the Rock has one of the best views in NYC.

Best Time to Shoot

Our favorite time to shoot here is around sunset. That being said, it is slightly more expensive ($10 extra). But it is beautiful to see the buildings start to light after after the sun melts away.

Wardrobe Suggestion

Because all of the buildings are greyish, we love using a pop of color to stand out such as red or purple.

Other Photo Tips

You aren’t allowed to bring a tripod here, so try to see if you can ask someone to take one for you, but showing them the parameters of the picture you have in mind. Our personal favorite spot is all the way at the top, with the empire state building in the background.

View of the Empire State Building

You can get a great view of the Empire State Building from Top of the Rock.

Instagrammable Places in NYC #5: Liberty State Park

Liberty State Park is perfect for those epic views of the skyline! So perfect that it is also a very popular spot for engagement shoots.

There are plenty of spots to photograph. This is one of the closest spots to the statue of liberty, there is a large green area, and a memorial for 9/11. The shot above has been taken right across from the city, next to the memorial.

Liberty State Park NJ, Instagrammable places in NYC

Liberty State Park is actually located in New Jersey, but has some of the best views of NYC.

Best Time to Shoot

We love sunrise and sunset here, as the buildings will have a certain glow to them at these times. If you’re an early riser, we really suggest coming at sunrise so that you can see the sun coming out from behind the skyscrapers.

As far as seasons go, we don’t really have a preference. Summer is nice because you can picnic on the large lawn, and winter you may have a nice blanket of snow. But other than that, the main attraction here is the skyline itself, as well as the statue of liberty.

Wardrobe Suggestion

We think this area can have different styles. This is an area where we love to dress up a little more here. For example, Fede usually wears a simple button up, while Danni is with a long flowy dress (despite what the picture above shows).

Other Photo Tips

Here you are actually so close to the skyline, that you don’t need to zoom in at all to appreciate the buildings. We suggest bringing a simple lens, so that you can zoom in and out a bit.

For the lawn area and stature of liberty you’ll want to zoom in to enhance the structures. While the memorial you will want to capture as much as possible in the frame, requiring a wider angle.

Liberty State Park, Instagrammable places in NYCLiberty State Park, Instagrammabe places in NYCLiberty State Park, Instagrammable Spots in NYCLiberty State Park, things to do in NYC for free

Liberty State Park has some of the Most Instagrammable Spots of the NYC skyline.

Instagrammable Places in NYC #6: Astoria Park

Astoria Park is one of those hidden gems in New York. This is one of our favorite Instagrammable places in NYC because it has hardly been discovered by tourists! Head over to Astoria Queens for this small park that is located right next to the Robert F Kennedy Bridge.

In the summer you can find some food vendors around, and plenty of people hanging out, picnicking, and coming after a long day at work.

Astoria Park, Instagrammable spots in NYC

Astoria Park is a stunning place to see Manhattan from.

Best Time to Shoot

The magic really comes alive here during sunset. During the day is nice, but we definitely suggest coming down this way while the sun is going down. If you want a shot anywhere around the bridge, it gets pretty crowded in during the summer, while winter you won’t see anyone around.

For our secret spot, you can walk down until the bridge is slightly on your left. Look down from the railing and you will see a tree trunk that you can step on to climb over the railing and down onto the rocks and sea glass below. We love shooting right down by the water to have the water and bridge illuminating behind us.

Wardrobe Suggestion

We would suggest wearing anything other than heels, as it’s not pleasant walking along the rocks and sea glass. If you’d like to get close to the water don’t wear anything too long. Other than that, let the landscape do the magic here!

Other Photo Tips

You will definitely want to have your tripod here, so that you can get a still shot to capture the still water and lights here.

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Instagrammable Places in NYC #7: Central Park

Central Park is hands down one of the most Instagrammable spots in NYC! You can actually spend days photographing here. Check out Belvedere Castle in the middle of the park, the waterfall and lake in the North of the park, and the large rocks surrounded by skyscrapers in the South.

Make sure you have plenty of room on your memory card, because every corner you will find more and more!

Central Park- Instagrammabl places in NYC

Central Park has so many Instagrammable spots inside.

Best Time to Shoot

Central park is seriously great at any time! Head there from December to March for a magical winter wonderland. Check out the colorful trees in fall, or the flowers in the spring! Summer is nice if you want to go early or late, but we wouldn’t suggest going in the middle of the day, as it get’s pretty damn hot in July and August.

Every season and every time of day has something to offer, making Central Park one of the easiest Instagrammable spots in NYC!

Wardrobe Suggestion

Being that the park is so huge, we like to take pictures capturing us in bright colors contrasting the large green areas, or in the winter the large blanket of snow.

Other Photo Tips

Grab a Telephoto lens so that you can exaggerate the scenery such as bridges, waterfalls, or trees. If you want to get the skyline in the back, a wide lens is recommended the most.

Central Park, things to do in NYC for freeCentral Park, Instagrammable places in NYCCentral Park, Instagrammable places in NYC

Central Park is great to visit year round.

Instagrammable Places in NYC #8: Dumbo, Brooklyn

This is one of those Instagram classics. For this exact location you will have to go right next to the water, and in front of the Manhattan Bridge. You will find the buildings around  framing the Bridge perfectly, making this a truly one of the most famous Instragrammable places in NYC.

Dumbo, Instagrammable places in NYC

Dumbo is one of the most popular places for Content Creators.

Best Time to Shoot

Dumbo can get pretty busy, so if you don’t want to dodge cars or people every 5 seconds, we suggest going here very early. This spot is hard to see the sunrise or sunset directly above, as it rises and sets on the sides. However, the coloring and lighting is great at these times.

Wardrobe Suggestion

For this area of New York, we like to highlight the Manhattan Bridge. To stand out here we like to use bright colors.

Other Photo Tips

Because of the shadows here, this is a great spot to use HDR. That way you can get three images with different lighting, and merge them. This is so that you don’t overexpose the sky, or underexpose yourself in the pictures.

Instagrammable Places in NYC #9: The High Line

The High Line is a 1.45-mile-long elevated linear park, greenway and rail trail created on a former New York Central Railroad on the west side on Manhattan. We love this place because there is always new art, and beautiful spots to take some photos, making it one of the many great Instagrammable spots in NYC.

The High Line, Instagrammable Places in NYC

The High Line has beautiful views around it.

Best Time to Shoot

Our favorite time at the highline is anytime but the winter. This is because in the winter there is no greenery, and the wind picks up, making it not the most enjoyable experience.

While most spots we prefer sunrise and sunset, we actually like coming here midday. This is because that is when the sun is high and shining bright, as opposed to when it is low there are a lot of shadows.

Wardrobe Suggestion

Because the best photo opps here are capturing the buildings around, we like to have clothing that is exaggerated and will pop.

Unlike the photo that we have pictured above, it would have been much more powerful if we would have worn something to highlight ourselves.

Other Photo Tips

Bring a polarizer so that you can block out some of the harsh rays if you are shooting during the day time. Also this spot is open so it is very easy to set up a tripod.

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Instagrammable Places in NYC #10: The Vessel

This honeycomb like structure is located right in Midtown, and is truly awesome from very angle. Admire the structure from the outside right from Hudson Yards, or from inside the spectacular shopping center right next to it.

Once you’re inside you can play with the various angles, such as walking all the way to the top and shooting down, or vice versa. The Vessel is futuristic, classy, and a great spot to play with perspective!

Keep in mind that tripods and drones are not permitted inside Hudson Yards. You can use your tripod outside the square to capture the outside, but it will need to be stowed away once you are inside the structure. So get ready because you will need to be ready to ask some strangers for those extra creative shots.

The Vessel, Instagrammable spots in NYC

This shot wasn’t even taken with a drone!

Best Time to Shoot

The best time to go to the Vessel is when it just opens. This way, you can run up and get your photos before the place becomes completely packed. Good news though! The Vessel opens at 11 am, so you don’t need to be an early bird.

We love shooting here in the winter the most! As around the holidays they line the outside with tons of lights, and the mall right next to it is extremely beautiful with its decorations. The inside however, is the exact same all year round.

Wardrobe Suggestion

We think the two best color options here are red or white. Having the grey all around, these two colors contrast the background, making the image more powerful.

Other Photo Tips

Our favorite lens to use here is the wide angle lens, or even fish eye if you have it. This way you can capture much more of the inside in one single shot.

The Vessel NYC, what to do in New YorkInstagrammable places in NYCInstagrammable places in NYC- the Vessel

The Vessel is Instagrammable both on the inside and outside.

Instagrammable Places in NYC #11: Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park is iconic, and you may notice it from being filmed is many TV shows and movies. Get a picture under the arch for a romantic shot.

Washington Square, Instagrammable places in NYC

Washington Square is shown many times on TV shows.

Best Time to Shoot

We like going here early morning when the sun is up and shining, but before there are many people around. We also like it at night, because it is lit up, and also not as many people around,

As far as time of year goes, our favorite it when there is snow, because it makes you feel like you are in a fairytale.

Wardrobe Suggestion

We personally like the elegant look here, making us feel like we are in the movies. That’s why we grabbed a gown for Danni, and a button up for Fede, to create our own movie star atmosphere.

Other Photo Tips

We suggest using a wide lens here, so that you can capture the arch up close. If you use a tripod, make sure to keep it close and your eyes on it, as we’ve seen some characters in this area.

Instagrammable Places in NYC #12: Squibb Park Bridge

A true hidden gem of New York! Meet one of our favorite Instagrammable places in NYC. Located in Brooklyn Bridge Park, there is a wooden bridge that goes across the water and gives you some of the best views of downtown Manhattan.

Squibb park bridge, Instagrammable places in NYC

Best Time to Shoot

When the sun starts to go down, you can catch the sunset, and have the skyline start to light up all in one! The bridge also gets lit up pretty much right after the sun sets. With the lights and the pink sky, you will sure to have that perfect shot.


Wardrobe Suggestion

For a dramatic effect, we love using big and bright clothing here, as the skyline is a pretty dramatic sight.

Other Photo Tips

Make sure you bring a tripod! That way you can take a few pictures with different lighting and merge them, or use HDR. This will highlight the sunset, and also capture the lights of the bridge and skyline.

We also think this is a great time to use that Telephoto lens! Set up your camera at the beginning of the bridge and stand towards the part where it turns. The zoom it all the way in to make the skyline really pop!

Squibb Park Bridge, Instagrammable places in NYCsquibb park bridge, Instagrammable places in NYC

Instagrammable Places in NYC #13: Hoboken

Did you know that some of the best views of the city are actually over in New Jersey? Well, Hoboken is just across the river, and not only has great bars, but pretty epic views of the city. Take the PATH over from Penn or the WTC and there is direct service, taking only 15 minutes.

Hoboken New Jersey

Hoboken has some of the best views of the NYC skyline.

Best Time to Shoot

This is another great sunrise spot! Head over to the large green area just outside of the train station and the sun will start to peer through the skyscrapers.

Really anytime of the year is great, but we especially love winter! The snow and skyscraper mix is truly magical.

Wardrobe Suggestion

In the picture above, we chose the Elsa look (really because of the snow), but we love the idea of having a color that pops with the skyline in the back.

Other Photo Tips

Here is another great time to use that Tele[photo lens. The lawn is large and flat, making it easy to set up the tripod far away. Also, no offense to some of the places in Manhattan, but we feel much safer in Hoboken when it comes to setting up a tripod and walking far away from it.

Virgin Voyages in New YorkHoboken NJHoboken, Instagrammable places in NYC

Hoboken gets two amazing views of New York.

Instagrammable Places in NYC #14: Stuyvesant Street

This is one of those Instagrammable places in NYC that because Instagrammable just because it started getting reposted. It’s definitely a cute street corner, as it curves around making you feel like you are in a small European City.

It once had a street sign that made it more popular, but unfortunately it’s been taken down. Nonetheless, we still think it makes for a cute shot.

Stuyvesant Street, Instagrammable spots in NYC

Stuyvesant Street is a picturesque corner in Manhattan.

Best Time to Shoot

Because this is one of those spots that is just a place that is tucked away, you don’t really need to plan much for this. It’s never a place that is super busy, and it’s easy to get a shot. The fall is definitely the prettiest time to stop here to appreciate the different colors of the trees lining the street.


Wardrobe Suggestion

For this spot, because of the greenery and European feel, we love a more chic look. Neither of us have a varied wardrobe for this, But this is where those layers, scarves, and accessories really come into play to complement the background.

Other Photo Tips

This is a great spot to use a wide lens. Make sure you situate the camera centered so that you can appreciate both streets lined up with the building.

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Instagrammable Places in NYC #15: John Street Park

If you’re on the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge then this is the spot to go, Just head into Dumbo and you will find a small park right to the right of Manhattan Bridge. There is a boardwalk and some benches, so that you can hang out and enjoy the backdrop of the Manhattan Bridge.

Bridge in Dumbo, Instagrammable places in NYC

The long dress is covering the pole, looking like Danni is levitating!

Best Time to Shoot

We love this spot early morning (a couple hours after sunrise) or for sunset. If you go too early then the sun will still be hiding behind the buildings. The sun will set to the left side of the bridge, so this is also a good place to come, and usually isn’t very crowded.

Wardrobe Suggestion

For this spot Danni loves long dresses. As you can see, her long dress is covering the large pillar, almost making it look like she is levitating!

Other Photo Tips

This is a great place to set up your tripod and try different angles. Walk all along the boardwalk to see the different options. In our opinion, this is a true hidden gem and one of the most Instagrammable places in NYC!

bridge in NYCbridge in Dumbo, Instagrammable places in NYC

This is a great area of NYC that many tourists skip.

Instagrammable Places in NYC #16: Summit OV

This is the newest and most ultimate Instagrammable spot in New York. Summit OV has three full levels of multi sensory experiences. From floating colorful balls to glass platforms, you could spend hours taking pictures here.

Best Time to Shoot

This place gets extremely crowded. We suggest going as soon as they open, at 9 am.

Wardrobe Suggestion

One of our top recommendations is to wear something long. There is a mirrored room, so if you wear a short dress or skirt, chances are people will be able to see underneath.

Other Photo Tips

This is a place you may have problems getting the exact shot you want, especially with the number of people. Have patience and try to get creative.

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