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20 Unique Places to Visit in Georgia

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Georgia was one of the most surprising and fantastic countries we have ever been to. From the variety of landscapes and adorable villages, there are so many unique places to visit in Georgia.

We spent two weeks traveling from West to East, starting in Kutaisi, and ending in Tbilisi. We found that in two weeks we were able to cover almost all of the highlights that we wanted to hit, finding plenty of hidden gems along the way.

We're here to share all of the unique places we found throughout the country, so that you can fall in love with Georgia just as much as we did! So without further ado, here are 20 unique places to visit in Georgia. 

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Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #1: Orbeliani Baths, Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia, and one of our favorite capitals in the world! One of our favorite areas of the capital is the bath area. The whole zone itself is unique because it is heated naturally, and therefore has thermal waters. 

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Visit here and you will see a variety of baths to visit. Our personal favorite was Orbeliani. It is particularly Instagrammable from the outside, and the experience on the inside is next level. We spent our anniversary here, and had a private suite with a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, and amenities.

After walking up and down the hilly city, this is the perfect way to relax and enjoy a relaxing afternoon. Just make sure you book in advance!

Orbeliani Baths, Tbilisi
Orbeliani Baths, things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia
Orbeliani Baths, places to visit in Georgia

Orbeliani Baths are one of the highlights of Tbilisi.

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #2: Blue Houses of Tbilisi

The architecture in Tbilisi is simply stunning, and one of the most unique characteristics are the typical blue houses. You can find them scattered throughout the city, and are really worth searching for.

Blue Houses of Tbilisi, places to visit in Georgia
blue house in Tbilisi, places to visit in Georgia

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #3: Clock Tower, Tbilisi

One of the most unique structures in Tbilisi is the clock tower, due to its wonky shape. Visit here on the hour to witness a unique show that gathers groups of tourists all day long.

Clock tower, things to do in Tbilisi, Georgia

The Clock Tower has a special show each hour.

Want to take a tour around Tbilisi? Here are some options for you:

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #4: Chronicles of Georgia, Tbilisi

As far as monuments go, this is one of the most breathtaking ones that you'll ever witness. Chronicles of Georgia is another great spot located in the capital of Tbilisi, and is definitely one of the best spots to see in Georgia.

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The monument features 16 pillars with depictions of kings and queens at the top, and different stories along the bottoms. Climb the stairs and admire the magnitude of the Chronicles of Georgia at any time of the day, free of charge.

Chronicles of Georgia, places to visit in Georgia

Want to see Chronicles of Georgia and some other fun spots? Here are a few tours that you can choose from:

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #5: Mtatsminda

Mtatsminda is an interesting place to visit in Tbilisi, as it is the highest point in the city. There is an amusement park at the top, restaurants, and of course beautiful views of the capital. You can drive to the top, or you can take the funicular.

Mtatsaminda Park, things to do in Tbilisi
Mtatsminda Park, Tbilisi
Mtatsaminda viewpoint

Mtatsminda Park is an amusement park and the highest point in Tbilisi.

Want an organized tour to Mtatsminda? Here are a few we found:

Unique Places to visit in Georgia #6: Prometheus Caves

This was one of the most impressive set of caves we have ever seen. Prometheus caves are just outside Kutaisi, and are unique due to their colorful lights inside, and the opportunity to sail through them on a boat.

Want to know more about tickets and what to expect? We've outlined everything on our guide of Kutaisi that you can read by clicking down below.

Prometheus Caves, places to visit in Georgia
Prometheus Caves, places to visit in Georgia

Want to take a tour to Prometheus Caves and some other cool spots in the area? Here are a few great ones:

Want to visit Prometheus Caves from Tbilisi? Here are a few different tours:

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #7: Yellow Fields of Kutaisi

Driving around Kutaisi we found some beautiful nature, and one of our favorites were the large fields of yellow flowers. You can find them quite often while driving in the region. Some may be private, but there are also ones that you can find that are open to visit by making a quick stop on the side of the road.

flower fields in Georgia

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #8: Martivili Canyon

If you're a waterfall lover then you will really love Martivili Canyon. This is another great area of nature found outside of Kutaisi, and can be visited for a couple hour tour, or by spending a full day.

We definitely recommend hiring a local, as we wouldn't have been able to find nearly half of the spots on our own.

Martivilli Canyon, places to visit in Georgia
Martivili Canyon in Georgia
Martivili Canyon waterfall, places to visit in Georgia

Martvili Canyon has waterfalls, rivers, and canyons.

Want to explore Martvili Canyon? Here are a few tours leaving from both Kutaisi and Tbilisi.

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #9: Waterfalls Near Batumi

Some of the best waterfalls we saw in Georgia were in the Batumi area. Just minutes apart, you can visit quite a few that are easily accessible without even having to hike. A few that you can check out are Kapnistavi, Makhunseti, and Mirveti.

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Want to see even more beautiful nature surrounding Batumi? You can also head to Mtirala Nature reserve for plenty of great trails, waterfalls, and greenery.

waterfalls in Batumi, places to visit in Georgia
Waterfalls in Batumi, places to visit in Georgia

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #10: Ali & Nino Statue, Batumi

While our favorite spots in Georgia were normally a part of nature, we couldn't help but appreciate some of the beautiful works of art we found.

Ali & Nino is a statue that is in the heart of Batumi, right along the seaside. The work features two silver humans, that move towards one another until they become one. Head here later in the day at 7:00 and you'll be able to also see a spectacular light show!

The statue is in a public area, and is completely free of charge to appreciate.

Ali & Nino Statue in Batumi, places to visit in Georgia

The artwork has two people moving and merging into one.

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #11: Hot Sulfur Spring in Jikha

If you're planning on visiting Batumi, and want a place to relax, then this is the spot for you. The sulfur springs are naturally heated thermal waters, sourced from a steamy waterfall. It is located right next to a river, so you can enjoy the hot waters of the spring, and the fresh cool waters of the river.

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Locals also use the rocks in the area to create natural jacuzzis that you can relax in. There isn't an official lot or signs, but a local police officer was able to show us the way, and we parked just outside. The spring is free of charge to enjoy, so you can take advantage of the nature that the area provides.

hot springs, places to visit in Georgia the country
Thermal spring in Georgia
Thermal Spring in Georgia

This spring has naturally heated water.

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #12: Vardzia Caves

This is one of the unique spots in Georgia that is a bit off the beaten path. We decided to take a detour on our route from Batumi to Tbilisi, (instead of going via Kutaisi) just to visit here, and we really found it to really be worth it. Not only is it a unique point of interest, but the drive there was simply stunning.

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Vardzia Caves are what was once a medieval town that was completely habitated in hundreds of caves built into the side of a mountain. Tickets are needed to enter the site for 15 GEL, and you can either hike up there, or take a small tram to cut out half of the walk (about 15 minutes). We took the tram on the way there, but really didn't feel it was worth it.

The caves are open daily from 10 am to 5 pm and have some vendors on site selling snacks and souvenirs.

reasons to travel to Georgia the country: the landscapes

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #13: The Town of Ushguli

Ushguli was hands down our favorite of all of the great places to visit in Georgia. This small village is the highest standing settlement in all of Europe, and will make you feel like you've stepped back in time.

Roam the small streets, go on a trek through the mountains, or climb the tower pictured below for one of the most stunning views you'll ever witness. 

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Places to Visit in Georgia Pin
Unique Places in Georgia Pin
Places to Visit in Georgia Pin

Ushguli is not the easiest to reach, but it is truly worth the effort. We rented a car, and even with a 4x4 had to be extremely careful around the bumpy and windy roads that lead there. If you'd like to get there without a car, you can reach there by taking a bus from the city of Mestia, the capital of the Svaneti region.

tower in Ushguli, places to visit in Georgia
Ushguli view, Georgia in Europe
Ushguli viewpoint

Ushguli is the highest standing settlement in Europe.

Don't have a car and want to visit Ushguli? Here are some group tours to help make it easier:

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #14: Tower of Love

The tower of love is an adorable spot on the side of the ride on the route to Mestia, Svaneti. The story is that the tower is where a girl waited for her love who had actually died. Now tourists can visit and climb up the small windy stairs to the top for just 1 GEL.

Tower of Love, Svaneti, Georgia

The Tower of Love can be climbed for just 1 GEL.

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #15: Georgia- Russia Friendship Monument

The Georgia- Russia Friendship was built in 1983 to commemorate the Treaty of Georgievsk Monument, and the ongoing friendship between Soviet Georgia and Soviet Russia.

The monument is covered in colorful paintings, and has stunning views of the mountains around it. It's the perfect spot to stop on the way to Kazbegi, and also is popular for paragliding.

Russia-Georgia Friendship moneument, places to visit in Georgia

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #16: Gergeti Trinity Church, Kazbegi

Another great reason to visit Kazbegi is one of the most outstanding things to see in Georgia, the Gergeti Trinity Church. Perched high in the Caucaucus Mountains, this cathedral has dramatic views around it, and is one of the main reasons people visit the area of Kazbegi.

Want to visit Gergeti Trinity Church and other great attractions in Kazbegi? Here are some great tours you can sign up for:

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #17: Hiking Trails From Juta

The town of Juta is a tiny village lying outside the capital of Kazbegi, another stunning area in the mountains. You won't find much in the town itself, but it is the gateway to one of the most beautiful hikes that we did in Georgia.

The Chaukhi trail starts from the Fifth Season Hotel, and has several trails. The one we chose was a 2 hour out and back trail that took us to a waterfall, lakes, the cutest A-frame bar, and gorgeous snow-capped mountains. You can also opt to do a full day trek leading to another beautiful lake, and hiking throughout the mountains.

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One thing to keep in mind is that the most popular time to visit is in summer. We went in October, and almost everything in the area was already closed for the season (restaurants and hotels), and were not set to reopen until the spring time.

Juta Waterfall, places to visit in Georgia
Juta A Frame Bar, Kazbegi, Georgia in Europe
Juta, Kazbegi, places to visit in Georgia

Juta has beautiful hikes from its small town near Kazbegi.

Here are a few excursions that you can take to explore the best of Juta:

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #18: Bidara Trivertines, Kazbegi

We love finding unique landscapes, and really loved this salty one on route to Kazbegi. The hardened cascades look like frozen waterfalls, but are in fact mineral deposits! Visit here by simply stopping off the side of the road and admiring them for free.

Bidara Trivertines, places to visit in  Georgia

Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #19: Chalet Shaori

This is one of the most unique accommodations that we have ever seen! The tiny chalet is floating in the middle of the stunning Chaori reserve, allowing you to have a relaxing or romantic getaway. Surrounded by snowcapped mountains and turquoise waters, this is definitely a place you'll want to add to your bucket list.

Shaori Chalet, places to visit in Georgia
Adjara Lake, travel to Georgia the country

Chalet Shaori is a remote place to stay in the middle of the lake.

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Unique Places to Visit in Georgia #20: Glamping Tago

Speaking of great accommodation, this is a country that you'll definitely want to book a unique place to stay! If you're visiting Georgia the glamping is super affordable, for as low as $25 USD a night! One of our favorites was Glamping Tago, which is a group of tents perched high in the Adjarian mountains.

Glamping Tago, places to visit in Georgia

There are so many great places to visit in Georgia, all around the country! We found that the variety of landscapes and beautiful architecture made it truly stand out against many other countries that we have been,

If you want to learn more about visiting Georgia, we have a full Georgia travel guide that we've written to cover more about getting around, local foods, and more. In addition, you can check out our articles about Kutaisi and Tbilisi, the two biggest cities in Georgia.

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