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8 Reasons You Need to Travel to Georgia (the country)

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Have you ever been somewhere that totally surpassed your expectations? Well, Georgia was that place for us. We've traveled all over the world together, experiencing a variety of cultures, landscapes, and cuisines. We've chased waterfalls, climbed mountains, and bar hopped through cities. It takes a lot to impress and surprise us, but our experience of travel to Georgia the country did just that.

A tiny country tucked away in the east of Europe, the entire country felt like a hidden gem to us. Every time we told our friends or family that we were going to Georgia they looked at us oddly and asked, "buy, why?". Well, we'll be honest, when we decided to travel to Georgia we didn't really have an answer, but now we do!

We're here to tell you just how much we loved visiting Georgia, and why. Here are 8 reasons that you need to travel to Georgia the country.

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Reasons to Travel to Georgia the Country #1: 

They Have Stunning Landscapes

The landscapes in Georgia were seriously some of the most beautiful that we have encountered in the world! We were blown away by the snow capped mountains, gushing waterfalls, and natural hot springs throughout the country.

We rented a car and drove everywhere you could think of. One of our favorite parts of traveling in Georgia was simply admiring the views along the drive. The country is super mountainous, and has tiny villages made of stone towers, making you feel like you've stepped straight into a fairytale.

reasons to travel to Georgia the country: the landscapes
reasons to travel to Georgia the country: the landscapes
reasons to travel to Georgia the country: the landscapes

One of the best parts of traveling to Georgia is the variety of landscapes.

We visited during October, and were able to appreciate the stunning colors fall colors contrasting turquoise lakes and snowy mountains in the distance. The landscapes of this country alone are a reason enough in itself to travel to Georgia the country.

Adjara Lake, travel to Georgia the country

Shaori Reserve, Adjara Region

Reasons to Travel to Georgia the Country #2:

You Can Experience All Four Seasons (in just one day!)

During the two weeks of our stay in October, we experienced all four seasons- sometimes even in just one day! 

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Due to the variety of landscapes, you could be in the hot sun one second, and it could be snowing just moments later.

Being able to experience sunny beaches, bright fall colors, and a magical snowfall all in one trip made our travel to Georgia the country truly special. Just make sure you are prepared with plenty of layers!

flower field in Georgia in Europe
snow in Georgia the country
travel to Georgia the country- autumn

Georgia experiences all four seasons, sometimes all in one day!

Reasons to Travel to Georgia the Country #3:

They Have Awesome Food

The food in Georgia was next level. We heard from Ukrainian friends that we were going to love the food, but it really exceeded our expectations.

Don't expect to lose weight in Georgia, as the cuisine is pretty heavy, and not on vegetables. The Georgian diet uses a hefty amount of carbs, cheese, and red meat. Dishes are very substantial, and super filling. 

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Travel to Georgia the Country
Reasons to Visit Georgia Pin
Travel to Georgia the Country

The bread is dangerous- like, really dangerous for those that are carb lovers. Georgian bread is cooked just like it was centuries ago, in clay ovens. It's some of the best bread we've had in the world, and is truly addicting. 

Georgian Food- Kachapuri

Kachapuri is a homemade bread stuffed with cheese.

We rarely dedicate en entire article to food, but Georgia deserves it. So stay tuned for our full article of the best foods to try in Georgia. You can get weekly updates of our articles by subscribing to our newsletter here!

Want to learn more about Georgian cuisine? They have some fun cooking classes that you can take while visiting Tbilisi!

Reasons to Travel to Georgia the Country #4:

They Also Have Awesome Wine (and chacha!)

Georgians have a very heavy wine culture, and it's something that really can be enjoyed throughout the country.

From the moment you land, (if you happen to have flown to Georgia), you'll start your trip with a bottle of wine that the airport gives you as a welcome gift! Now if that isn't a reason in itself enough to travel to Georgia the country, then we don't know what is.

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There are tons of great wineries that make their own homemade wine, and will teach about the ancient techniques that they still use today.

Toma's wine cellar, travel to Georgia the country

Toma's Wine Cellar is the perfect place to learn about the art of Georgian wine, and have an amazing meal in Kutaisi.

Not only that, but the grapes used they all make chacha from. This special alcoholic beverage is homemade throughout the country, and is extremely strong. Everywhere you go people offer chacha, and many times as a welcome drink. So get ready to drink, because Georgia is a great place to do it. Cheers!

Want to go on a wine tour while in Tbilisi? Here are a few that you can choose from:

Here are some fun wine tours from the city of Kutaisi:

road to Zabljak Montenegro

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Reasons to Travel to Georgia the Country #5:

The People Are Super Friendly and Generous

When it comes to visiting somewhere new, the people can really make or break the place. When we went to travel to Georgia the country, we really had no idea what to expect.

We have worked with people from over 100 different countries, and yet we have never met a single person from Georgia.

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At just a glance, the people of Georgia may not seem the friendliest, but once you get to know them, they are some of the nicest and most generous people you will meet.

We met so many people, and they were all so interested in speaking with us, and truly sweet and genuine. People were also super giving, and would gift us all the time!

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Here is a great example: We entered a woman's driveway off the side of a highway, and she started to approach the car. We were nervous, as we assumed we would get yelled at for pulling up onto her property. She didn't speak a word of English, as we were in a small town, and she was very old.

We started to get ready to go when she made us wait. She returned with a whole basket of fruit from her garden that she insisted we took with us!

Now I'm not sure about where you live, but I can tell you that this absolutely would never happen in New York. This was just one of many scenarios where we found super helpful, friendly, and generous people during our travel to Georgia the country.

Reasons to Travel to Georgia the Country #6:

It's One of the Most Welcoming Countries 

While we do think that the people of Georgia in general are super welcoming, we are actually talking about the country itself.

Did you know that Georgia allows visa free stays to 100 different countries? Not only that, but there's another unique aspect to this. 

While most countries allow entry for 30-90 days, Georgia allows stays of up to a year! Not only that, but you can travel to Georgia the country to study, work, and live without having to present any paperwork. Pretty cool, right?

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Reasons to Travel to Georgia the Country #7:

It's Not Tainted by Tourism

This is such a hard thing to write. Tourism is what keeps some cities and countries surviving. However, tourism can also kill the spirit of a place. 

We say this because mass tourism encourages large corporation to build, which takes away from the architecture, cuisine, and overall quality of the authenticity of a place. For that reason, we love to look for hidden gems, and if you travel to Georgia the country, you will find so many.

hot springs, travel to Georgia the country
Juta Waterfall, travel to Georgia the country
Visiting Georgia in Europe

Georgia is a country with so much beauty, but is barely discovered by tourists.

Georgia has the perfect set up, as they are prepared for tourism, but aren't yet a place that only survives on tourism. For this reason, you'll have more authentic experiences everywhere you go, and meet people that are truly interested in you visiting as a tourist.

We absolutely love that about Georgia, and some other places we've been to such as El Salvador and Senegal.


Reasons to Travel to Georgia the Country #8:

It's Super Budget Friendly

Our expectations during our travel to Georgia the country were simply surpassed in every way.

Georgia ticked all the boxes for us. It has great food, landscapes, and people. While this is true of some other countries we've been to such as Italy, Greece, and Iceland, Georgia ticked just an extra box- It was super cheap!

glamping in Georgia the country

This amazing glamping site was only $25/night!

We couldn't believe just how budget friendly this country was. While some countries are super cheap in price, it sometimes is also due to quality. However, with Georgia, this is not the case at all.

We stayed in beautiful apartments for $10-$15/night, and had insanely good home cooked meals for just a few dollars. Georgia was a place where we could really feel like we were splurging, without our wallets being affected.

Travel to Georgia the country, and you'll discover a whole new world: one where friendly people cook delicious homemade food, one where wild horses run through valleys in snowcapped mountains, and one where your face will turn into a heart-eyed emoji.

There is so much beauty to discover in the country of Georgia, and we're so excited to share more with you. Stay tuned for plenty of articles coming up about everything this underrated country has to offer.

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