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Pozo Azul: a True Hidden Gem of Panama

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Ever head of Pozo Azul Panama? Chances are you haven't but should definitely visit! There are certain things and places in this world that are worth adding to your bucket list. Many of them (actually, 7 to be precise) were voted a few years ago as 7 natural wonders. 

But there are hundreds of thousands more around the globe; some of them still undiscovered, Hidden Gems are hard to come by nowadays, but Pozo Azul is one of them.

There are still some spots out there that aren't full of tourists and that's the beauty of traveling the world: to be able to enjoy (and why not to discover) all of the natural wonders that are out there!

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What is Pozo Azul Panama?

Also known as "Los Chorros de Pozo Azul", there are a group of small waterfalls that are seriously prettier than any word or picture that we can show you.

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Each waterfall becomes a natural crystal-clear pool, and each pool becomes a new waterfall. All of this beauty is covered in lush vegetation, making you feel like you're inside of a fairytale.

Pozo Azul,  Panama

Los Chorros de Pozo Azul Panama are a set of turquoise pools and waterfalls.

Where is Pozo Azul, Panama?

Los Chorros de Pozo Azul are located in a small town in Panama, appropriately called Pozo Azul, which is in the central area of the country, just a few hours from the capital. The closest big city is the city of Penonome.

where is Pozo Azul

Pozo Azul is located in a small town in the middle of Panama.

How to Get To Pozo Azul, Panama

To get here, depending on where you are coming from, you will have to go first to Penonomé. We came from Santiago, which is the largest hub that can easily connect to this area. 

Where to Fly to Visit Pozo Azul

The most accessible airport to fly into is Panama City, which is the capital of Panama. The closest airport to Pozo Azul though, is Santiago (which is also where we visited Pozo Azul from).

Flight Tip: Using Skyscanner you can out from "your city" to "Panama". This way you can see which is the cheapest airport in the area to fly to. Also, you can check the calendar to see which dates are the cheapest for your destination!

Search for a flight to Panama:

Pozo Azul waterfalls

The falls of Pozo Azul Panama are a bit of a trek, but worth every minute.

Taking the Bus from Penonome

Once you're in Penonome you will need to get a 45 minute mini bus that will drop you in Pozo Azul. You'll be dropped off at a small corner where there is a school, and seems to be in the middle of nowhere. Just make sure to let the driver know where you are going exactly so that s/he can let you know exactly when to get off.

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Pozo Azul Panama Pin
Pozo Azul Panama Pin
Pozo Azul Panama Pin

Don't want to go on your own? You can also sign up for a tour, by clicking on the link below:

Renting a Car to Visit Pozo Azul

If you happen to be coming from a big city such as Panama City or Santiago, it'll be much easier to rent a car to get to Pozo Azul.

Search for rental cars in Panama:

The Hike to Pozo Azul, Panama

Here is where you will have the beginning of your 45 minute to 1 hour hike on a very hilly road. It is extremely hot, so we suggest bringing plenty of water. The road doesn't have much more than a few homes, and one small shop in the beginning of the hike.

Shop Pozo Azul, Panama

In the town there is a tiny shop. Make sure to stop here for snacks, water, or one of their refreshing ice pops.

We suggest that if you don't already have some, grab a drink and some snacks, because you won't find any after this. Make sure you have cash, because this tiny town does not accept cards. We suggest getting the ices there, as they are tasty and only about 50 cents a piece!

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After going up and down a few hills (with great views along the way) you will see a gate on your right with a sign that says "Pailas de Loma Grande" (this is another name for this magical place). Go in and find a built path going down a set of stairs and follow the sound of the water. In just a few minutes you will find what awaits at this stunning spot.

trail to Pozo Azul, Panama

The trail to Pozo Azul, Panama is very hilly, but also very scenic.

Price to Enter Pozo Azul, Panama

Although time consuming, Los Chorros de Pozo Azul, Panama are extremely affordable to get to! The bus rides are no more than a dollar or two each to get there. When we arrived there was no one there at all so we actually went in for free. When we left there was a child there asking $1 for the entrance. This is no official price, but if you would like to contribute it doesn't hurt.

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The Waterfalls of Pozo Azul, Panama

You'll be greeted with a few different set of falls going one into the other. At the bottom you'll find a large natural pool with turquoise waters, and large rocks that you can climb up.

Pozo Azul jump

Pozo Azul, Panama has boulders you can climb up for a great view of the pool s below, or to jump from.

There is plenty of space to lie out in the sun, as well as trees for shade. Climb up on top to get a great view of the place, or take a jump inside for some extra fun!

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Preparing for A Visit to Pozo Azul Panama

Being that Pozo Azul is out in nature, there aren't any amenities there. Here are some of the things we suggest bringing with you:

Finally, make sure to have some cash to pay in case someone is guarding the gate, or if you want to grab a snack at the kiosk on the side of the road.

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We have had the privilege of visiting many places in the world so far, and believe us when we tell you that Pozo Azul, Panama will leave you speechless. We tried to take as many pictures and videos as possible, but we think there was no way of transmitting what we felt when we first saw it.

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Pozo Azul in Panama

Pozo Azul is a serious hidden gem, and there's a great chance you'll have it to yourself!

One of our favorite things is to seek hidden gems. We have tons of other great ones that we found through the world. Some of the best ones we've found you can check out in our guides throughout the country of Mexico.

Not only that, but we also found quite a few right nearby in Central America! Traveling through Central America and want to see some other hidden gems? Check out our article "18 Must Visit Place in Central America"!

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