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Jericoacoara Beach: A Hidden Slice of Paradise in Brazil

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Welcome to a tiny slice of South American paradise, Jericoacoara Beach in Brazil. This small town is truly off-the-beaten-path, but is a true hidden gem full of unique landscapes, gorgeous sunsets, and fun beach vibes.

This year we visited Jericoacoara Beach for just 24 hours and truly fell in love with it! We packed in as much as we could, spoke with a ton of locals, and gathered al the info so that you can skip the research, and have everything in one full guide.

Here is everything you need to know for visiting the gorgeous Jericoacoara beach in Brazil!

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Where is Jericoacoara Beach in Brazil?

Jericoacoara Beach is a small beach town that is tucked away behind the dunes of the west coast of Jijoca de Jericoacoara. It is all the way in the north of the state of Ceara, in the north of Brazil.

Where is Jericoacoara Beach in Brazil

Jericoacoara Beach is located in the north along the coast in Brazil.

How to Visit Jericoacoara Beach

Jericoacoara can be reached in a number of ways. So depending on where you are coming from, or your budget, will depend on what is the best way for you to get there. Here are the different options for visiting Jericoacoara Beach in Brazil.

What is the Nearest Airport to Jericoacoara?

Jericoacoara does have a tiny airport that is just 15 minutes away in the adjoining municipality of Cruz. Aeropuerto Regional Comandante Ariston Pessoa has direct flights from Belo Horizonte, Fortaleza, Parnaiba, and Sao Paulo. Flights from Sao Paulo start at around $200, while flights from Fortaleza start at a little over $100, going up to around $500 each way. Parnaiba typically has flights for around $160 with Azul Airlines.

As we were coming from Natal, it didn't take sense for us to fly to Jericoacoara, as it would have been very expensive, and we would have a few layovers. For that reason, we decided to go to Fortaleza, which is the closest large city to Jericoacoara.

Flight Tip: Using Skyscanner you can put from "your city" to "Brazil". This way you can see which is the cheapest airport in the area to fly to. Also, you can check the calendar to see which are the cheapest dates for each location.

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How to Get to Jericoacoara from Fortaleza

Jericoacoara Beach is 300 km away from Fortaleza, and is about a 4 1/2 hour drive. First you will have to rent a car in Fortaleza, and then drive to Jijoca de Jericoaracoara, which is the city that is the gateway to Jericoacoara Beach.

A couple of hours into the ride there is an area with a ton of windmills. Look for the gas station on the left and stop for pastel! They honestly have some of the best we had throughout Brazil.

Most people park in Jijoca de Jericoacoara, and then take a safari bus to Jericoacoara Beach, as you need a 4x4 to take the main road to Jericoacoara beach, and the route it quite confusing. We ended up arriving in Jijoca de Jericoacoara late, so all of the shared safari buses had already left, and we found a local to take us on a private ride there for  100 R.

safari truck to Jericoacoara beach Brazil

Safari trucks are the easiest way to get to Jericoacoara Beach.

Why Do You Need a 4x4 to Go to Jericoacoara Beach?

There are actually two routes that can take you to Jericoacoara beach. One is through the main road of the national park, and the other is along the coast via the the small town of Prea. Both routes you are driving along the sand, and due to the amount of rain, there could be giant puddles you'll need to drive through. The road is also not well marked, so is not advisable unless you are following a local.

Our driver took the coastal route to get there, and we honestly thought that with a regular car you may be able to swing it, but it's of course a risk you'd have to be willing to take. On the way back we took the central route through the national park, and we definitely would not have felt comfortable driving it alone, as there were areas with huge pot holes, and areas that were flooded and our car would not have made it.

Safari truck to Jericoacoara beach
drive to Jericoacoara beach Brazil
drive to Jericoacoara beach Brazil

The road to Jericoacoara Beach I difficult to get through on your own.

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Entry Requirements for Brazil

Now that you know how to get Jericoacoara, it's important to know the basics for any requirements you may need. Here's what you need to know about Brazilian entry requirements.

Visa Entry Requirements for Brazil

In prior years, US citizens were required to obtain a visa before visiting Brazil, but now it is no longer needed, and all you need to visit Brazil is your passport. 

Other nationalities whom are exempt from needing a tourist visa to visit Brazil include AndorraArgentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bermuda, Bolivia, Canada, ChileColombiaCosta RicaDenmarkEcuador, Finland, France, GermanyGreece, Japan, Iceland, IrelandItaly, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Morocco, Namibia, The Netherlands, Norway, ParaguayPeru, Philippines, Portugal, San Marino, South Africa, SpainSuriname, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, United KingdomUruguay, and Venezuela.

Those nationalities that are a part of the Mercosur region don't need to bring their passport to enter Brazil, and simply need to bring their ID card. The countries which are included in the Mercosur region are ArgentinaUruguay, and Paraguay.

Covid Entry Requirements for Brazil

Brazil is one of the few countries within the Americas that still have Covid-related entry requirements. Brazil requires visitors to either be vaccinated or to bring a negative Covid-19 test result with them before traveling. 

Masks are no longer required in many places. However, you do need one simply for passing through security in the airport (not before or after). It's important to carry a mask on you (even if it's just for a few minutes that you'll have to wear it), because if not you'll need to purchase one.

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Local Adjustments for Jericoacoara

Whenever traveling to new destinations there are things that may differ from your home town, such as the language, currency, or electrical outlets. Here are a few of the local adjustments to keep in mind when visiting Jericoacoara Beach.

What Language is Spoken in Jericoacoara Beach?

The official language in Jericoacoara and the rest of Brazil is Portuguese. While we did find some people that spoke English and Spanish, we do think it's helpful to pick up some of the basics.

Currency Used in Jericoacoara Beach

The currency used in Jericoacoara is the Brazilian Real. Currently (January 2024) the exchange rate is 5 Real for every 1 USD. Some nicer restaurants, hotels, and tour agencies do take credit cards, but it's also a good idea to carry cash on you, as many places only accept cash.

Which Electrical Plugs are Used in Jericoacoara, Brazil?

Brazil uses the same outlets as Europe, which are for plug types C and F. The country operates on a 127/220V supply voltage and 60Hz.

Is the Water Safe to Drink in Jericoacoara?

The tap water in Jericoacoara is generally safe to drink. However, we suggest asking your hotel to double check if you can safely drink their tap water.

Tipping Culture in Brazil

The tipping culture in Jericoacoara is similar to other areas of Brazil, which is an average of an extra 10%.

Something else to note is that many restaurants around Brazil also charge cover, which is an extra charge for simply sitting down that includes bread, or if the restaurant has a musician playing. This is separate from the tip, so we typically like to ask beforehand to see if there is a cover charge or not.

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Things to Do in Jericoacoara Beach

Now that you know almost everything you need to know about the area, here are the best things to do in Jericoacoara Beach.

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Jericoacoara beach pin
Jericoacoara beach pin
Jericoacoara beach pin

Lagoa do Paraiso

This lagoon is located in Jijoca de Jericoacoara, which is the city that is the gateway to Jericoacoara Beach. The lagoon has crystal clear waters, and is full of hammocks, piers, cute photo opps, and beach clubs. 

Lagoa do Paraiso, things to do in Jericoacoara Beach
Lagoa do Paraiso, things to do in Jericoacoara Beach
Lagoa do Paraiso, things to do in Jericoacoara Beach

The most popular place to visit at Lagoa do Paraiso is Alchymist Beach Club, and this is where almost every tour takes everyone.

There is an entrance fee, but there are public areas of the lagoon if you happen to go on your own, or if you hire a private guide you can request them to go there instead of Alchymist.

Lagoa do Paraiso, things to do in Jericoacoara Beach
Lagoa do Paraiso, things to do in Jericoacoara Beach
Lagoa do Paraiso, things to do in Jericoacoara Beach

Lagoa do Paraiso also has a great public beach you can go to.

Buraco Azul Caiçara

Here's another beautiful lagoon that has bright turquoise waters, and translates to "the blue hole". The place is surrounded by hammocks, lounge chairs, cute photo opps, and has a restaurant on site. There is also a tiny pool on a pier that is inside the lagoon itself.

Buraco Azul Caiçara, Jericoacoara beach
Buraco Azul Caiçara, Jericoacoara beach
Buraco Azul Caiçara, Jericoacoara beach
Buraco Azul Caiçara, Jericoacoara beach
Buraco Azul Caiçara, Jericoacoara beach

Jericoacoara Beach

The main beach of Jericoacoara is located right next to the town, and is where you'll find a bunch of hotels, as well as parties at night. While it's not the top beach in the area, it's definitely the most convenient.

Sunrise Jericoacoara Beach
Jericoacoara beach
Jericoacoara beach

Jericoacoara National Park

In order to get to Jericoacoara Beach, you actually have to go through the national park of Jericoacoara, which is the protected area that is between Jijoca de Jericoacoara and Jericoacoara Beach.

Mnay of the tours visit this large area of dunes and pools, and simply riding around is a great way to explore the natural beauty that Jericoacoara holds.

It's important to note that because it is a protected area, you can not simply go here on your own, and will need a tour to experience it, unless you are driving through with a safari truck.

Jericoacoara national park
Jericoacoara national park
Jericoacoara national park

Lagoa do Amancio

Located inside Jericoacoara National Park, this stunning pool has turquoise waters and is surrounded by the sand dunes. Unfortunately when we went it was dried up, but if you happen to be visiting after the rainy season, you'll be able to experience this incredible spot.

Dunas dos Coqueiros

The dunes around Jericoacoara beach are one of the landscapes that defines this beautiful area of Brazil. Dunas dos Coqueiros are located on the west side of the city, and are a great place to walk up and catch the sunrise or the sunset.

Duna do Por do Sol Jericoacoara

Located right next to Dunas dos Coqueiros lies a famous flat sand dune. The tradition is to climb up and watch the sun melt into the horizon, driving hundreds of people daily here to watch the sunset.

Piscina Natural Ananias

This natural pool is formed from heavy rains in the wet season, and is located inside the park of Jericoacoara. 

What makes this pool unique is that it is formed inside the dunes, so there is a great swimming spot tucked away and surrounded by sand! It dries up during the dry season, so is one of those spots you can only witness if you visit at the right time.

Pedra Furada

One of the most beautiful landscapes in Jericoacoara is Pedra Furada, a natural rock arch that is found along the beach. We went for sunset, and definitely recommend visiting at that time.

Before visiting, we read that the walk was 45 minutes to an hour. However, we did the trail in just 25 minutes.

The trail starts right from the town of Jericoacoara Beach, and is pretty flat for more of the way. You can also take a donkey from the trailhead, but we definitely don't love this idea, and think it is much better just to walk.

Pedra Furada, Jericoacoara Beach
Pedra Furada, Jericoacoara Beach
Pedra Furada, Jericoacoara Beach
Pedra Furada, Jericoacoara Beach

Pedra Furada is a great place to visit for sunset.

Jericoacoara Lighthouse 

From the same trail that goes to Pedra Furada, you can also see the lighthouse of Jericoacoara. It's not by any means a huge highlight, but it's just a 5 minute walk from Pedra Furada. All you need to do is fork to the right before heading down the path on the left that goes down to the beach.

Jericoacoara lighthouse
Jericoacoara lighthouse

Arvore da Preguiça

This is one of the last mangler trees that has survived in the area. Known as "Tree Sloth" it's know for its unique form. Arvore da Preguica is along the beach to the east of Jericoacoara Beach, and is often visited on the eastern tours, or by visiting Jericoacoara Beach via Prea Beach.

Jericoacoara, the best places to visit for the first time in Brazil

Praia do Prea

Located to the east of Jericoacoara, is the popular beach of Prea. This is also a small town where you can find restaurants and shops, and is a popular stop while doing the eastern tours of Jericoacoara.

Praia do Prea, Jericoacoara
Praia do Prea, Jericoacoara

Browse the Hippie Market

Right in the middle of the town of Jericoacoara you can find local artisans showing off their arts and crafts for sale. Roam around and support the locals by investing in their creative souvenirs.

hippe market in Jericoacoara beach

Get a Massage

Right next to the hippie market you can also get a massage! They are affordable, and perfect for soaking up the beauty vibe of Jericoacoara.