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The 8 Most Instagrammable Spots In Downtown LA

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LA is on of the most famous cities in the US, and has so many different great spots to visit. Downtown LA isn't usually the most alluring of the neighborhoods in the city of Angels, but we have a few reasons for you to still heck it out! Grab your camera because there are some unique spots. So here are the most Instagrammable spots in Downtown LA.

Instagrammable Spots in Downtown LA #1: Urban Light

This is one of our favorite spots to photograph in Los Angeles. This art installation is located outside of the LACMA museum and consists of 202 vintage lamp posts that were collected by the artist, Chris Burden.

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Not only is the installation completely free of charge to visit, but it is open 24/7! There is security there at all times to limit the number of people inside at once, but we didn't experience a long wait at all.

Urban Light Downtown LA

We suggest visiting before the sun rises or sets to be able to experience the area with different lighting. However, we personally thought it was the most magical when it was completely dark out.

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Instagrammable Spots in Downtown LA #2: The Last Bookstore

This is hands down one of the best book stores that you will ever go to! The Last Bookstore is actually the largest new and used book store in all of California, and is located inside a building that is 100 years old. But that's not the only reason to check out the varied collection. The Last Bookstore is full of funky nooks and crannies.

The books aren't just there to read, but they come in the form of various art displays. Check out the tunnel of books, the mammoth head, or one of the five different art studios. We promise you'll be able to spend a couple of hours in this place.

The Last Bookstore Downtown LA

So go on and get lost in this quirky joint that is placed right in the heart of Downtown LA.

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Instagrammable Spots in Downtown LA #3: Angel's Flight

Here's something that will make you feel like you just jumped back in time. Angel's flight is a vintage 118 year old funicular that takes you on a short ride between Hill Street and Grand Avenue. The 315-foot trip just takes thirty seconds, but is a fun little ride that costs just $1 each way.

Angle's flight, Instagrammable spots in Downtown LA

Instagrammable Spots in Downtown LA #4: Union Station

Welcome to the cultural and transportation hub of Los Angeles. Union Station is not just a train station, but a venue for arts and entertainment, to soak up the vibrant nature of LA.

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Instagrammable Spots in Downtown La Pin
Instagrammable Spots in Downtown La Pin
Instagrammable Spots in Downtown La Pin

We love this spot because it is like the Grand Central of LA. Union Station is full of ornate detail, and is truly a beautiful place to photograph. Not only that, but there are events, dining, and even tours of this stunning train station.

Union Station, Instagrammable spots in downtown LA

Instagrammable Spots in Downtown LA #5: Walt Disney Music Hall

This architectural masterpiece is located on Grand Avenue, and is definitely worth checking out for a one of the best Instagrammable spots in downtown LA.

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Walt Disney Music Hall is home to some of the best performances in classical, modern, world, and jazz music. Entrance is free of charge, and they even offer 60 or 90 minute guided tours of the venue, and the whole music campus.

Walt Disney Concert Hall, Instagrammable Spots in Downtown LA

Instagrammable Spots in Downtown LA #6: Grand Central Market

Looking for the best spot to soak in the flavors of LA? Head to the Grand Central market for a variety of different food and drink options.

Grand Central Market, Downtown LA

The market is a sweet mix of vintage and vibrant vibes, with its old school décor and neon signs. This 103 year old market has fresh fruit, coffee, and plenty of different culinary vendors. You can find everything offered from Tex-Mex to gourmet PB&Js (which we think is a must try).

Pb&J Grand Central Market, Downtown LA

Make sure to try these unique PB & J sandwiches!

Instagrammable Spots in Downtown LA #7: Petersen Automotive Museum

Calling all car lovers. This museum shows automobiles from all different decades, and demonstrates the evolution of innovation in the industry. This non-profit organization is not only visually fascinating, but educational as well!

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The Petersen Automotive Museum is open Tuesday-Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm, and tickets range from just $11 to $16. Want to learn more? Just click here.

Petersen Automotive Museum, Downtown LA

Instagrammable Spots in Downtown LA #8: The Broad

The Broad is not just one of the most Instagrammable spots in downtown LA, but it is also a museum that is free of charge! It offer rotating exhibitions and specializes in contemporary art. As a bonus, the outside has a sleek white honey-comb like design for a great photo opportunity.

The Broad Museum, Instagrammable spots in Downtown LA

Downtown LA is definitely not the most luxurious area of the city, as this is the home to the infamous "Skid Row".

Despite the high volume of homeless people in the area, and the streets not being the cleanest or the most welcoming, Downtown LA still has beauty to it. This is the heart of the culture and history of this bustling city. So make sure not to miss out on the fun that is to be had here!

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